Mother passes away before Red Singing performance in Beijing

| June 15th, 2011

“Ringing Red”, singing nationalistic songs, songs that show love to the party love to the country.

From Hualong via Netease


“Here they come!” today 4:48 pm, at Caiyuanba train station, a T9 line train from Beijing to Chongqing slowly appeared in front of people’s eyes. As the doors started to open, the crowd waited at the station burst into cheers. Carrying flowers, our city’s “Singing Group” performed in Beijing has returned home.

4 days, like a spiritual baptism

June 10 – 13, the city’s “Sing Group” (“Singing Red”:   went on a performance tour to Beijing and caused a strong reaction.

During the tour, the city Land and Housing Bureau choir sang a total of four songs, “Song of medley”, “Patio Spring Snow”, “Tsinghua University old school song” and “Song of Yantze River”. Recalled these days, team leader Chen Mang said excitedly, in the Tsinghua University auditorium the choir members sang with 20 students together “Tsinghua Univeristy, the old school song”. The familiar melody filled up the auditorium and a lot of old professors broke into tears. “After each performance, audience’s applause is the best reward, we are proud to be people of Chongqing!”

Singing, laughter, flowers, hugs… the station was filled with joy. Standing in the crowd, carrying a black backpack, 69 year old Yi Ruguo was calm, as if a little out of tune comparing with those happy people around him.

“Before going to Beijing, his 90 some year old mother unfortunately passed away. Yi suppressed his sadness till the end.” A choir team leader said.

Holding flowers, Yi slowly told us, at the night of June 7th his mother passed away. And on 9th, he had to leave home for Beijing. “This performance, I am representing 30 million people of Chongqing. If I were to take days off at this time, the entire team will be affected. Looking the bigger picture, I could not drag the team down.” With such thinking, Yi left everything at home to his relatives and friend. In the morning on June 9th, he sent his mother’s remains to the hearse, and watched it going away, then immediately turned around to board the train to Beijing.

Recalled up to here, Yi’s eyes were filled up with tears, voice shaking. He went silent for couple of seconds, then raised his voice and said, “Looking at the hearse, I thought, Mother, take care! I must complete what Chongqing people have trusted me with! Ensuring the performance a success is my greatest comfort.”

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  1. Meeno says:

    It is so sad on so many levels.

  2. Bo Wang says:

    This guy was probably a Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution.

  3. voiceofchinka says:

    so the fuck what!?

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