44-year-old man takes his 15th college entrance examination

From Sina | translated by Roy | edited by Key


June 7th, Chengdu, the full-time examinee and part-time businessman 44-year-old Liang Shi went to the examination room again. That was his 15th college entrance examination. He was regarded as “the most awesome nail household of the college entrance examination”and even “modern Fanjin”. Takeing the examination with his son, why was he so determined? “I am adding more fire-wood over and over again, to boil water in a pot, which is not boiled for a long time.”Liang Shi said.

Liang Shi is 44 years old. In 1983, he failed in the college entrance pre-examination. He took the college entrance examinations continuously in the next 5 years but all failed regretfully.

In the 1990s, he took some part-time jobs in Neijiang, Leshan and Chengdu. He had tried machine maintenance, cutting timber, clothing business and TV business. But he never stopped his study and registered for the examination on time every year. Around 1995, he foresaw the good market outlook of building materials and invested. With a lot of return, now he had about 200 employees.

As his live was on track, he had more time to review and continued to take the examination, for his obstinate college entrance examination dream.

He was intercepted for several times when going into the examination room because he seemed like a parent or a teacher. His score was always around 300-400. His dream was the department of mathematics of Sichuan University but his math score was 70 in 2002, 50 in 2006, 60 last year.

How about this year? Liang Shi admitted that reviewed not very well, but tried his best.

Liang Shi told the reporter, the college entrance examination dream was like a brand on his body, which couldn’t’t be understood by the young nowadays maybe. “If we got a job for money to do what we want, why can’t I do what I want when I can afford it?”

Some people regarded him as “modern Fanjin”. Liang Shi said, he was not comparable with Fanjin. Fanjin lived in a feudal society, not willing to work to support his family, “but I have my own business. I just want to achieve my dream.”

Liang Shi said, he wanted to study hard last year, but delayed for some reason and couldn’t achieve his goal this year probably. “I am confident now. But if I fail my 15th examination and lose my confidence, I will not take the examination next year probably.”

According to his more than 10 years of experience in college entrance examination, Liang Shi said, it was a unfinished thing just for achieving a dream, “It was like that I want to boil the water. I am adding more firewood over and over again, but it is still not boiled.”

It was understood that Liang Shi took the college entrance examination with his son together this year. His wife supported him although but with anger sometimes. “I am not studying full-time. I take care of my business.” Liang Shi said.

    1. He’s just doing it for himself to prove he can do it.

      What do these numbers mean, anyway? What is a good score compared to his “300-400”?

      And who is this “Fanjin” person? Google in English hasn’t heard of him.

  1. Korean_Guy, shut up you moron!

    This guy is setting a good example and is trying to achieve his dream of passing the entrance exam. Is he doing any harm to anybody? Definitely NO! It does not matter where the person is studying as long as he does it. He has his own business and now spending his hard earned money in education. Much better than those who waste it in beers, drugs & girls!

    1. I agree with you, and he’s setting a good example. He’s basically telling the younger generation not to give up, but keep trying. Sometimes you won’t get it the first few times.

    2. I would like to add, I think he should find someone to tutor him in adult education before he continues to lose money. Obviously his current approach isn’t working. Adult Education can be very effective if done properly, especially if the teachers aren’t bed-wetters.

      China still has a long ways to go.

  2. Poor guy, I’ve got to take my hat off to him for his relentless persistence which is really admirable. Most people would have given up long ago. Hope he makes it can can get some extra support or help to get him on the way.

  3. Best of luck to you, sir, and three cheers for your diligence.

    However, should you not pass this year, I believe the next year might be better as 8*2 = 16… then again, 1+6=7… wut do?

  4. Awesome, I feel the same way and will do the same thing. I get really angry when someone whines about not having had everything handed to them but would rather sit in an office, waiting for profits instead of just going to school. But how do you say that to someone who is whining and feeling sorry for themselves about what might have been?

  5. Everyone needs some sort of goal in life, if his is passing the examination than kudos to him. However it seems he’s having difficulties in achieving this. Nevertheless, continue on.

  6. The only people dumber than Chinese are Blacks – and that’s saying a lot. They both got those monkey genes that makes them incapable of innovation, justice, and humanity.

    I swear, the longer I stay in China, the more I’m reminded of those savage Negros in America.

  7. Wow this korean guy is addicted man. Addicted I tell you. I’ve been away from this site for month, the moment I come back, the guy’s still puking on everything he finds. Amazing. he’s more dedicated than the guy in the article. Fighting for a lost cause, in his own words.

    1. you rant as if both your parents were raped while in china, or something. man… you are like the result of what happens when all the wrong genes goes into one body, which then finds the internet.

      you need help.

      1. Carl, i totally agree with you!

        Korean_Guy, you said “The Chinese knuckle-headedness is one of the reasons why China will never be a super power.” Only time will prove you wrong.

        I appreciate all the opinions given by Korean_Guy but generalising the chinese as a stereotype is a definite NO NO to me. Generalising any race or country as a stereotype is just pure ignorance.

  8. Is there no moderation here? How come that troll named “korean_guy” is allowed to shit everywhere? He’s beyond psychotic.

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