New generation’s unconventional graduation photos

From Sina:

Mid June to July is the graduation season in China. It’s a tradition that classmates gather together and take a group photo as the graduation photo. It’s kind of important to most graduates, without a group graduation photo their university lives seem incomplete. In the group graduation photo, graduates put on cap and gown or suite up, line up orderly and the photo shooting is done fast and nicely. However, that’s the conventional way to take graduation photos, this year many graduates have chosen to do something different. Here are some of the unconventional graduation photos:


Graduates suit up and line up, but with a paper board hold in hand, on which written " XX " Ask for/ look for…It’s a humorous way to ask for something, which first gains popularity on the internet. The content of what they "ask for" is different, such as "lose weight", "hug", "pretty boy" and also include some rather controversial issue as "being a kept woman".


Graduates have turned the graduation ceremony into a red-carpet event.


Graduates put on the Chi-pao, the traditional Chinese style dress.


Inspired by the famous five-strip boy, graduates wore a badge with 6 strips.



Graduates put on old-fashioned school uniforms.


Graduation photo inspired by the recent hot 3D erotic film "Meat Futon" (肉蒲团).

While the above photo may only take on a funny look, but take a look at how the old graduation photos was in different eras, especially in 50 years ago, it’s interesting to know how and how much it has changed in recent years.

In the 1920s:


In the 1950s:

Boys had the same crew cut and most girls wore two long plaits. All show a serious faces.



In the 1980s:

There are smiles on faces. Most girls had their hair cut short.



Now in the 21 century:


Graduates dressed up in ancient costume. On the banner " It’s not a graduation photo but a legend we are malking."

        1. These students definitely are not scum. You truly have a narrow world view. Grow up and gain some more experience about society and life before you share your inane thoughts.

  1. this is nothing more than a cosplay, the difference is they haven’t tried putting on anime and manga costumes yet

  2. Let the kids have their fun.

    Soon enough the suckiness of adult life will come smashing down on them.

  3. I prefer the graduation photos with the bad haircuts and square hats. They are worth much more as memory than the current y generation of being so facebookish, cheap and nasty.

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