Kindergartener stripped naked for playing with his penis

From GZ daily and Daily Sunshine


Yesterday morning, Tao Tao was not willing to go to kindergarten no matter how his parents persuaded him. Because one of the teachers took his pants off in front of the class to punish him for playing his penis. The president of the kindergarten has come to apologize for it and agreed to pay back all the tuition fees.

Tao Tao’s kindergarten has over 20 teachers with all the licenses and good qualifications. “Since this kindergarten has good reputation, many parents nearby all sent their children here. But I can never imagine a teacher to do such absurd thing.” Mrs. Zhou, Tao Tao’s mother said madly.

According to her, the teacher told her that Tao Tao made a little mistake that day when she came to the kindergarten to pick up Tao Tao. Mrs. Zhou did not take it seriously at first. But in their way back home, some children in the same class were pointing at Tao Tao and saying “shame on you” to him.

Tao Tao was ashamed and hid behind his mother. Until yesterday morning, Tao Tao was not willing to tell her what had happened.

It happened in the afternoon when the class was taking an afternoon nap, Tao Tao and another boy took their pants off and compared each other’s penis. They were found by the teacher on duty and were told to stop.

They played again in the toilet afterwards and two girls were involved this time. Teacher Ku criticized them both.

The other boy came back to his seat after that, but Tao Tao was not taking the teacher’s words seriously. So teacher Ku took off his pants and shoes and made him stand in front of his classmates.

When the kindergarten heard that Tao Tao was not willing to attend school yesterday, the president with two responsible teachers immediately came to his home to apologize. The president promised that teacher Ku would make an apology to him and the whole class.

Teacher Ku holds a teacher qualification certificate. Shedding tears, she regretted about her “impatient action” and begged for forgiveness. Her best hope now is to reduce the psychological damage on Tao Tao.

Concerning the time for the punishment, President Liu said it was 1 minute, Teacher Ku said it was 3-5 minutes, but Mrs. Zhou insisted that it was at least 10 minutes.

They reached to an agreement after an hour that the kindergarten would pay back all the tuition fees, allowing Tao Tao quitting school and pay his fee to see a psychiatrist. President Liu also promised that all the teachers would be reeducated and this kind of things will never happen again.

Hu Ping, the researcher in East-West Institute of Sexology says that children will try to understand their bodies at the age of four or five. Only through comparison will they know the difference between each other.

According to her, it is understandable that the kindergarten teachers do not know the psychology of sex in children’s minds, because the teacher’s education does not cover the content.

“If you say to children that the private parts are not touchable by others, the children may understand. But if you stress that the sex game is ribald, children will regard sex as a shame in the future,” she said.

She thinks that teacher Ku lacks respect to Tao Tao, which will leave a great shadow in his heart. Tao Tao should be separated from this teacher and needs a period of time to recover.

  1. Not only is this a strange thing to do since traditionally, the Chinese tend to not undress unless getting ready to bathe even as children but I think that this shows how in fear the teachers are of being fired – the customer is always right, apparently. Anyhoo, it hardly matters. The child is a toddler so he should be admonished to keep his clothes on and peepee is for peeing and the lavatory is for peeing and washing one’s hands not private gatherings. He must learn to follow these rules for his entire scholastic career anyway. What are we supposed to do? Not correct him so he can dance naked in front of others and use the lavatory as his private play room?

    It’s not like this is some restrictive religious environment that shames children for sexuality. This is not about sexuality. This is about decorum. Chinese children stay dressed and they do not linger in bathrooms.

    1. Thats not true at all. Chinese boys drop their draws to their ankles and pee in a trough. There is plenty of time for comparison then. Also, being humiliated in front of the class is such a light hearted punishment. Don’t be so thin skinned! American students are often raped and/or beaten by their teachers and get along fine. An we’re the best in the world! No. 1! No psychologist bullshit. What a pussy this kid is.

      1. You are a moron. The reason why American children are getting raped is because people like you treat it in such a light manner. Rape and molestation victims go through years, usually decades, of therapy with a psychologist. I am a graduate psychology student. Any of your idiotic attempts to say I am incorrect is only going to make your argument seem desperate.

      2. I’m an American and I’m ashamed of your idiotic comments. You are a disgrace to your country and a reflection of how far down the tubes our society and culture has gone, not to mention public education system.

      3. That was the worse thing that a teacher or any authority figure could do to a little boy. The teacher should have been fired for forcing a boy to be humiliated in front of his entire class. If that would have happened in the U.S., and it was my child…there would have been hell to pay. Plus other children and girl can be very cruel when they see a boy forced to be in that situation. And since it was sanctioned by a teacher, they would feel an even greater freedom to humiliate the boy in the future.

  2. I disagree with stripping the child to punish him then. Public nudity by force is really bizarre. She should probably get a job as a telephone receptionist far far away from children.

  3. I remember when I was in the 1st grade, my teacher (an old hag) made me take of my clothes (upper part of the body) in front of the class because I kept using the pen to draw on my forearms. I remember that I was very embarrassed and shy for the next couple of years even tho none of the kids made fun of me.
    Although it did affect me quite a lot, I haven’t told my parents and just continued as normal.

    So, I kinda know how that kid feels… but I really don’t think that he needs a psychiatrist for this.

  4. Imagine if this happened in a Western country, say America. How many years would the prison sentence be? In China on the other hand almost all children walk around with the split down their pants and their junk hanging out for all the world to see.

    Now the kid is going to quit school and go to a psychiatrist? Shouldn’t it be the teaching being forced to leave the school, not the 4 or 5 year old kid?

  5. “But if you stress that the sex game is ribald”

    Lol, Now that’s Shakespearean vocabulary!!

  6. Besides the obvious side of this story (that the teacher was wrong), I actually can understand why this kindergarten has a good reputation.
    I mean that in many cases schools react in a very arrogant way and are not ready to recognize their mistakes.

  7. American students are not raped often. It does happen but When caught the teacher is normally thrown in prison for 10+ years. What happen to this child is senseless, The teacherneeds to be forced to strip infront of a grand assembly. just to see how it felt for the child. But from what I have been reading on this website for months… she might like it.

  8. This is all the more proof, that mounts day after day, as to why Chinese teachers/parents to some degree are awful at understand child development.

    1. No shite. Those yellow monkeys can only raise more savage monkeys. They are better off all being aborted and put in a stew. No wonder China and Chinese are so fucked up, they raise their kids to be scum with no decency.

      The only good Chinese are either dead or adopted by Whites.

      1. Hey, are you talking from inside your mom’s womb or sticking your head out of her gangrenous vagina to represent your family and people? What a vile piece of Catholic priest happy meal you are! How can you survive smelling your mom’s arse with your head sticking out of her hemorrhoids? All racists will end up with severed penises, you just wait and see Capitalist Pigs!

  9. That is so interesting, the exact thing happened to me, during nap time. Except I wasn’t playing with it, I was just chatting quietly with a girl I liked who was in the bed next to me. The teacher made me stand up, pulled my pants down, and announced for everyone to look my way. Some kids woke up and looked, others didn’t wake up, but my little girlfriend definitely got an eyeful. Now I find it erotic to be exposed in front of others and enjoy going to nude beaches very much. I’ve had several instances of being exposed when I was young amongst other people.

    1. you are just a mentally sick female, pretending to be a boy. You are fantasizing nudity of small boys, you ar just a paedophile idiot.

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