Zongzi Nyataimori in Chinese restaurant

From Sina:


Model of the Zongzi Nyataimori show

Nyataimori, body sushi is a service of eating sushi off a still and naked woman’s body found in Japanese restaurant. The rough translation of the word nyataimori is "Adorned body of a woman."

The coming June 3rd is Dragon Boat Festival in China when people celebrated it with watching dragon boat race and eating Zongzi (made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves). Recently a restaurant in Changsha decided to mix the tradition with something Japanese and launched a Zongzi Nyataimori promotion.

On 26th May, in Hunan province a restaurant was doing a promotion show for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival. Show girls were walking around, holding Zongzi on their hands, like most of the promotion show. Then suddenly, an almost naked woman lied on a long dine table and placed on her belly was a giant Zongzi. The chef went forward and cut the Zongzi on her body. Diners in the restaurant soon formed a big crowd, among them including two young children.




Cook is cutting the Zongzi on the model’s belly

This Zongzi Nyataimori is supposed to present the traditional Chinese food in a creative style to promote the upcoming festival, as explained by the spokesman of the restaurant.

However this practice has caused lot of criticism. Many commented this Zongzi Nyataimori is "disgusting", "tawdry" and some feminists were angry that this is an insult to woman’s body.

This has also put a lot of stress on Xiaorong, the model of this Nyatamori show. She later published a letter pleading for no more criticisms. She explained in the letter that she believed this Zongzi Nyatamori is to promote the traditional food in a creative way and is nothing vulgar.



Xiaorong, model of this Zongzi Nyataimori show writes to express her pressure from this show

Dear netizens!
My performance on May 26 in the restaurant had triggered great debates by many netizens. I am always busy working so I do not go online often. Yesterday I received my friend’s phone call and then found out these criticisms online. I felt great pressure by the public opinions online. Today morning I also received phone call from my parents asking about this incident, they also felt the great pressure because of it. As the person in the performance, I want to clarify to everyone that before the event the restaurant had reviewed and communicated with me, I accepted it because there is no exposing private body parts. To me, this is promoting the traditional culture in a creative way and is nothing vulgar. Therefore, kind hearted netizens please stop the cursing. When my mother called me, I cried, I cried till now, I beg everyone please stop the vicious attacks.

  1. What the hell is wrong with Japanese people? No one should copy their decadent and perverted culture. The child porn rape cartoons are bad enough, now using women as a dinner plate? Leave those radioactive freaks to stay on their horrible little island!

    1. too late, Chinese people had been copying Japanese brands and technology for 50 years, that woman lying there might be fine but those food might be contaminated already been contaminated by her, stop copying from Japan and let those dirty freaks stay on their horrible big trash pit of the world.

  2. It’s actually pronounced “nyotaimori”. It’s considered a fairly rare and kinky thing even in Japan. Good serious sushi restaurants wouldn’t actually serve in this style.

    1. that’s why Chinese style copying is really cheap, they don’t know what they’re doing and have the guts to call it artsy

  3. For ‘almost naked’ substitute ‘nearly fully-clothed’. This is engineered outrage aiming to generate publicity for the restaurant and you’ve been taken in.

  4. What does this have to do with the origin of cutting into a living person and eating them including thin slicing babies and putting pieces into the screaming mouths of said babies’ parents by the Japanese in China as well as doing similar to American POWs in Burma?

  5. According to investigation from a insider,the TV organizer only picked up those with wired ideas, if your words are too common, sorry, you will not be chosen.

  6. Wow,
    All of you are mean spirited. The model has apologized if she offended anyone, has clearly stated what she meant by it. She and the restaurant didn’t do anything that was horrible enough to deserve the mean talk. You can say you don’t like something without being so crude and demeaning.
    shame on those of you with such mean comments. It’s because of mean spirited comments like this that our world is in the mess it’s in. You can disagree without being mean.

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