Taxi driver connives at rape in his car


A 15-year-old girl, Xiao Wei (alias) was raped by a passenger in the same taxi. Facing the crime, the taxi driver did not stop the car nor called the police, instead he detoured a long way to make this happen. This cold-blooded driver was sentenced to 2 years in prison for rape.

The rape happened on December 31, 2009. That midnight, Li Wenkai, the taxi driver and his friend Li Wenchen were waiting for passengers near the Wen Zhou railway station. Xiao Wei was just getting off the train and tried to go to the bus station. Li only charged her 5 yuan, which seems quite cheap. So she got on the taxi.

Minutes later, the driver pulled over the taxi and looked around the car. According to him, the taxi’s tire had some problems so Xiao Wei was asked to sit in the backseats with Li Wenkai.

Then Li began to ask Xiao Wei to have sex with him. After his request turned down by Xiao, Li pushed Xiao on the backseat and began to rape her.

“Help me!” Xiao Wei shouted at the driver and begged him to stop the taxi. The driver tried to persuade Li to stop, but he was threatened and forced to detour the bus station.

They finally let Xiao Wei get off the taxi near the bus station, and drove away like nothing had happened. The driver simply changed backseat cover and handed over the taxi to the next shift.

Angry citizen offered 20,000 for the driver

Xiao Wei called the police immediately. After a few months, Li Wenchen was caught and sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in prison. But the driver was extremely hard to locate since there is little evidence.

The cold-blooded driver suddenly became the anger of Wen Zhou city. At that time, a citizen was even willing to offer 20,000 Yuan for any clue that can lead to the taxi driver.

Li Wenkai, the driver, was finally caught in December, 2010. When asked why not call the police immediately, Li said he wanted to but his cell phone ran out of battery. And he was threatened by the suspect.

Why sentence him for rape?

According to the judges, Li assisted the rape for detouring and not stopping the suspect. Although he did not have any body contact with the victim, his connivance is also guilty because he knew that the victim was forced to have sex but chose to stand by.

This news sparked lots of views after spreading on internet. The driver was also called “cold-blooded driver”, “brother cold” by netizens. The news has gain over 500,000 views and is the most views news on many websites for several days. As to whether the ruling is just or not, different people have different views.

Many netizens criticized this “cold-blooded driver”, saying that the judge is not harsh enough. One of the netizens said that the taxi driver and the suspect are relatives in the same village and knew each other before. So the driver cannot be viewed as a man being forced, but an accomplice. Thus 2 years in prison is too easy for him.

Some netizens also think that this kind of driver is totally a bitch with no heart and soul, who is not responsible for the safety of his passenger, and should severe punishment.

But there are some netizens think the ruling is justifiable. They say that this driver is indeed a coward according to police. He can barely dare to hold up his head in the process of the trial. And he confessed a lot since he was caught. Although he has a thousand reasons to be hated, he was threatened after all.

Another netizen posted an article saying that lots of people speak justice on internet, but can they stand out and stop crime when they run into such things? The question provokes introspection of many netizens.

Source: ifeng news

and Dong Fang daily

    1. I also got totally confused with the number of people involved in this incident and their identities.
      But one thing is sure – it was Li.

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