Youth Festival requires middle school students to kneel down for parents


May 4th is Youth Day in China. This special festival is supposed for youth to memorize and celebrate the May 4th movement which was conducted by youth and was a turning point in China’s democratic revolution.

But a special youth ceremony was held a couple of days earlier in Guangdong Experimental Middle School. All the second grade students were asked to kneel down for their parents. Many students said it was the first time they do such things.


Parents shedding tears

A lot of students do hesitate a while before kneeling down, especially the male students. They looked each other around even the host announced the ceremony began. Finally, the host repeated the encouraging sentence: “Do not hesitate, my students!” Hearing these words, they eventually made up their minds to kneel down.

Most parents were quite moved by this. A father in black was somewhat solemn earlier, but at the moment his daughter kneeled down before his eyes, he cried out loudly. “I’m so moved that I found my little girl grown up. I’m also shamed that I took little care of her before.” said the father.

The daughter besides him was also very touched: “My father never said that before. I’m really shocked.” The daughter said that when she first heard of such thing, most classmates were not willing to do this. “So we were waiting at first but it seems really moving.” said her.

Parents absent, children cried

A girl wept heavily because her parents had to work that day and had no time for the ceremony. She felt very sad about that although her parents had done the family letter for her, which would be carefully read when she went back home.

As to the family letter, some parents printed it, but most parents chose to write by their own hands. “Of course it’s more meaningful to write it by hand.” said one parent.

Idea from students

According to Zheng Zhiqin, the headmaster of the school, this year’s youth ceremony is the first ceremony and the idea of kneeling is from one student’s proposal. “The proposal is very good, and from this year on, we’ll do it every year.” said the headmaster.

Zheng also said the form of kneeling and family letter was discussed by parents and teachers, and the result was unanimous. “We feel that kneeling is the highest etiquette in China. By doing that, we can easily leave students the deepest impression,” said Zheng, “and the leaders of students union all agree with the plan.”




Source: Netease, China News

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  2. What’s the point? It’s an interesting ceremonial event, but the article fails to adequately explain WHY the students were made to do this. Submission? Honor? Deference? And what did the letters say?

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