Car accident turns into murder, college student faces death penalty


A junior of Xi’an Conservatory of Music, Yao Jiaxin, who murdered a woman and fled away, was sentenced to death on 22th April, 2011. The crime happened around midnight on 20th October last year when Yao drove his Chevrolet and hit Zhang Miao, a young mother lived in the local village. Instead of taking her to the hospital, Yao stabbed her 8 times in the chest for the fear that Zhang had seen his car’s license plate and would recognize him.

Zhang Miao was the mother of a 2-year-old baby and worked at the same school as Yao. That night she was on her way back home after working very late. The police said that Zhang only suffered slight injuries from the traffic accident, including a small fracture to her left leg. Yao Jiaxin could have made another choice instead of putting himself into this irreversible situation. He turned himself in after a few days, giving the reason of killing was afraid of the injured farmer woman would harass his parents for money.

Yao’s case has sparked rages on the internet, where most netizens believe that Yao must be given the death penalty for justice. They worry that the “My father is Li Gang” case will happen again. On that similar case a drunk 22-year-old driver Li Qiming shouted "Sue me if you dare, my father is Li Gang" after killing a student and injuring another by car. Li Qiming’s father was the deputy chief of the local public security bureau and he received 6 years in prison finally.

Yao was first characterized as a 2nd rich generation by netizens. But some media reports later that Yao is not necessarily the case since his parents are both retired and his mother only owns a pension less than 1,000 per month. Even his parents are ordinary people, Yao’s verdict was not fully satisfying the public. They criticized that the RMB 45,485 compensation to the victim’s family was not enough. Wu Zuo from Academy of Chinese Culture and Arts said in his micro-blog that the judge was shameful to give the sentence. “If the judge’s wife was killed, is he going to accept compensation like that?”

However, some people still think that the court is somewhat affected by the press and the public which made Yao a “must die” to ease the rage of the public. Some schoolmates of Yao even supported Yao and think that he should not be sentenced to death. The huge debate is just beginning on the media and among public. Poet and scholar Ye Kuangzheng believes that when a clear-cut case becomes a controversial topic, it reflects an abnormal society. People take an incident to express their suspicions towards the legal system and the government.

Source: GZ daily, WSJ

    1. Yea, seriously. I think he lucked out in drawing the death sentence. He looks like a bitch, if he goes to jail he would probably be someone’s bitch.

  1. I’m so glad that he got the death penalty. I was afraid that he’ll get away with it after that moron blamed his forced piano training for the murder.

    And also… this is a bit more serious then the Li Gang case. That guy killed the girl in a car accident, this guy got off the car and stabbed her with a knife.

  2. this is obviously a murder case, the guy hit a women and then “STABBED” her 8 times. last time i heard stabbing someone to death is considered a murder case in EVERY SINGLE country and i also heard that in China murder cases can be given the death penalty in China, so i don’t see what’s wrong with giving him the death penalty.

  3. I can see driving away in panic (not that that’s a good thing), but stabbing? Man that’s beyond messed up.

  4. The real problem:

    giving the reason of killing was afraid of the injured farmer woman would harass his parents for money.

    1. Shanghaier,

      You hit nail on head. This crazy ass sicko provides nothing but twisted reasons for killing an injured person; to kill him is justice.

      What was he thinking, since money is so important people might accept that as a reason for killing her? WTF

  5. Yao Jiaxin should be executed because he is an evil chink that murdered an innocent woman.

    Zhang Miao deserved to be hit by a car and stabbed by Yao Jiaxin because she is a filthy, rude, and dishonest chink.

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    Magnotta, 29, is suspected of killing Jun Lin, a Chinese university student in Montreal, and mailing his body parts to Canadian political parties.”

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      The body parts arrived about an hour apart at two schools, a waterfront public school near Vancouver’s popular Granville Island and a posh private boys school in the city’s west side.

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