Intercepting truck on highway, volunteers rescue dogs from being slaughtered

From QQ:


On 15th March, around 11 am on the highway from Beijing to Harbin, a black Mercedes overtook a truck loaded with dogs, trying to stop the truck. When Mr. Hao, the driver of the truck pulled over, Mr. An, driver in the Mercedes got off the car and accused him of selling stolen dogs. Police were called in and Mr. An also informed the case to an animal protection organization. By 10pm, more than 300 volunteers and citizens hurried to the scene, including celebrities, like Chinese famous actress Sun Li.

The truck was loaded with more than 500 dogs that are kept in cages. Mr. Hao, the drivers said, he was transporting the dogs to butcher in Jinlin Changchun, northern city in China, where the dog meat will be served in some local restaurants. The dogs on the truck were in very poor condition because of dehydration and diseases.

After arriving at the scene, volunteers fed the dog with food and water. Many volunteers burst into tears when they saw some dogs were in such weak condition that they were dying.


Volunteer giving dogs water

After investigation, the police confirmed that the truck has all the legal documentations: transport license, quarantine certificate, etc. For that reason, the volunteers couldn’t prove the dogs were illegally stolen and let alone take away the dogs.

However the organization micro-blogged this news on QQ micro-blog and sina micro-blog few minutes after volunteers arrived at the scene and the entry soon attracted massive attention and triggered a web-based campaign against eating dog meat, which involved even celebrities among others, Xie na (famous Chinese hostess) Fang Zuming (son of Jackie Chen) , Lin Junjie (Taiwanese singer). Many netizens stay online to follow the rescue action.

clip_image002 micro-blogs the whole rescue process and the aftermath


Celebrities Xie Na following the rescue action


Lin Junjie , a Taiwanese pop singer, calling on people lend a hand to the dogs on his micro-blog

The incident lasted more than 15 hours and didn’t end till the early morning of 15th April, when two charity foundations bought the 500 dogs with 10.5 thousand yuan. It took more than 3 hours to release half of the dogs, and there were even puppies that were born on the way, according to a witness.

The dogs are rescued and in good hands now, but there’s still more to follow up. The police warned Mr. An of his interception on highway, which is dangerous and already disturbed the traffic. They also asked the volunteers to act more rationally and don’t let their emotions get the best of them. More than a thousand people are already expressing their interest in adopting one of the dogs. Here’s information of all the rescued dogs that waits for adoption.

  1. dehydrating the dogs should make them easier to peel, just makes me hungry thinking about it now!

    1. When you make comments like that you have no idea how uncivilized you look to us. You are less than the dogs you want to eat.

        1. You rank lower than a rat and higher than an amoeba. You are the worst form of pond like scum.

  2. Dumbass PETA-wannabes. Why don’t they put in some effort to helping their fellow man. I’m going to eat dog next time I visit China out of spite.

  3. I would love to play a highway outlaws and hijacked a truckload of legal food animals, and only get off with a warning. This blogpost should decry this as yet another example of how how effed up is China’s criminal justice system is.

    I’m pretty sure a band of devout hindus intercepting cattle truck on the I-5 would face stiff criminal charges, even if the truck is loaded with stolen Gods most Americans eat on daily basis.

    Forcrissake, each culture have their food animals (people in South cute bunnie rabbits that bring us Easter eggs).

    But then again, if An got what he deserved in court, the western media would have a field day, crowning yet another “China’s most famous dissident”.

  4. 文明國家的公民不會像土匪一樣自己動手, 這些人在美國早就關起來啦.

    一些無知的崇洋文化盲. 美國人吃印度神, 兔子(寵物或食物?); 歐洲人吃馬吃貓(某些奧國人的聖誕節主餐).

  5. Man, I wish I could intercept a truck full of bitches. But they won’t be on the highway. They’d be in some official’s bed.

  6. Korea closed down the dog soup restaurants to get the Olympics. Only greed and pressure from the international community will change Chinese cruelty to animals.

    In any civilized country activist would never have to buy animals that have been abused from the abuser.

    1. Korea is victim of cultural imperalism. Not stop selling beef during Olympics offends Hindus.

      Look, every culture have their food animal, do you really think cattles aren’t abused? Factory farming is far more cruel than anything the Chinese do, both in terms of scale or severity.

      1. Japan still butchers whales and dolphin, however most westerners ie wealthy people who buy from China do not keep them as pets. When the wealthy West learns how China treats dogs and cats the damage to China’s image will be severe. China will change not from sudden epiphany about animal cruelty but because of greed and fear of boycotts.

        Every culture has their own food, and every culture has the right to buy from countries that share their values…

      2. “Korea is victim of cultural imperalism”
        I hope the Korean commentators that come on here don’t get offended by this statement. In China, “victim” is a compliment! Why, their own national identity is based on being victims of foreigners! Every Chinese person thinks they are an victim in one way or another and they try damn hard to convince everyone around them.

        1. Hitler worked the same magic on the Germans before WWII. All Germans were victims of Jewish conspiracies and Jewish aggression. Only a matter of time before the Chinese victims start a war with Japan and pretend they are still peaceful.

  7. the thing about dogs are, they are dumber than pigs. I’m sick of people who don’t eat dogs because they are smart, companion animals and then reach for a ham sandwich. :S

    1. I don’t eat either but understand why people would. Whites are generally a very dumb, hypocritical race. Not only do they eat dog themselves, but they eat maggots, shit, balls, and all sorts of other disgusting crap.

      No wonder they’re such a dimwitted and hideous group of people.

  8. thank you for rescuing the dogs…i teared after reading this…Gog bless you 🙂

  9. I’m the decendant of diasporic chinese in South east Asia. I don’t understand why westerners totally believe all Chinese eat dog meat. The only meat my family eat are Chicken, Fish, squid,shrimps, clamps and Pork. My grandmother forbade us to eat Beef due to religious reason. Dogs too are considered sacred because in Buddhist teaching animals that have signs of intelligence are closely related to humans. Therefore killing dogs is half as bad as killing humans.

  10. Hey there,
    Remembe, we all have to die one day! So whatever we believe in
    or whoever we believe in, prayer that the God over your life will be
    merciful in death, prayer you won’t be beaten to death, or boiled alive,
    or electrocuted, or drowned or skinned alive – you hope to die peacfully
    in bed, don’t you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Reading this I wonder what the those people that are either trying to make ends meet on a government pension/benefit and those starving in somalia would rather eat?

    Nothing, cat food, dog food or dog meat if they had a choice?

  12. Enough said. What is desperately needed is birth control for dogs so that this endless killing is reduced. The 600 Million strays dogs need you organization is working on this. We need pictures to use in our mailing and I would like to use some of your pictures. I need you permission to do so. thank you.

    1. Sorry, you don’t have permission to use these pictures for your psychotic pro-pet propaganda parade.

      We don’t need birth control for dogs. The more dogs that are born, the more that I can eat in Guangdong or Yunnan. I can’t wait to eat more dog steak. I fucking love dog steaks!

    2. We need birth control on human beings. This world is so badly over populated and the poorest people are having the most kids that they can’t even feed. What kind of world are we living in? The rich and financially healthy people don’t want to have kids. The poor people want to have many kids. Like what??..

      I say the UN should urge all nations to set up gov’t policy that every person must meet some kind of criteria in order to become parent. If you don’t meet those criteria, you must be sterilized because you are not fit to raise a child and to provide for that child. Why give birth to a child just to starve him to death?

  13. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – Mahatma Ghandi


  15. Ah for those who look after the Poor Dogs and cats In china PEOPLE INT HE U.K THANK YOU! ^_^

    Its soo sad that people eat theses Animals… C’mon Why not just chicken and beef? Like ah seriously… I don’t hate Chinese Myself at all But I find it sad they still eat cats and dogs… :(( CAN’T CARE TO THINK ABOUT IT.. Makes me depressed..

    Please stop. please…

  16. All animals, if they are going to be eaten, should be treated with the respect they deserve – after all the animal (against its will) is providing food for you to live. Unfortnately, many countries, not just China treat animals very cruely with skinning alive and other terrible forms of torture.

    To torture any animal to death is extremely cruel and very very backward. Humans are animals too, and I hear that the Chinese even eat human babies. Animals suffer pain.

    REMEMBER: – “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – Mahatma Ghandi

    Whether you believe in a God or not, how you treat all animals and creatures on this earth – including humans – will affect your karma… while you living on this Earth and, in the afterlife whatever that may be.

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