Health department official flips out during talk show


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"医托" – Yituo are people who make a profit by decoying patients into go to illegal clinic or buying medicine. Usually the Yituo scam is an organized crime. One person pretends to be the victim of a certain disease and others as his family. They approach patients in the hospital, then after gaining the patient’s trust, proceed to recommend the patient to go to certain doctor or buy certain medicine. The Yituo gets the commission from the doctor or the producer of the medicine. Yituo has been a long-time problem in China. There have been many reasons for it to be so rampant. Health department’s inaction is believed to be part of the reasons.

In a recent news talk show in Nanchang TV, a female official (deputy investigator) from the local health department and a lawyer were invited to talk about the Yituo issue. However, the official is obviously not ready to take the lawyer’s questioning and criticizing, as she flipped out in the middle of the recording. Following is clip of part of the news program:

health department official flips out during talk show

Translation of their conversation:

Lawyer : I think her (the female official) attitude represent the attitude of many health department officials’ attitude. This kind of attitude is really terrible. The phenomenon (the Yituo issue) is rampant, what can our government do to stop it? Of course it is the health department’s responsibility. If the problem can exists for such a long time, then means there are problems in the management section of the health department.

Female official : I hope you can first read through these documents before you say anything. This isn’t the way it should be. You must be kidding me. If you continue …no no no, I can’t go on with this.

Anchor : Can you first tell me what the document is about?

Female official: I don’t know who this lawyer is. but I don’t accept the way he talks. You must be kidding me, you (referring to the lawyer) are violating the law by saying those thing. You can’t ask the health department to do anything illegal.

Anchor: (but the question is…)

Female Official: No no no, I don’t want to talk to you.

I am definitely not doing this show. A lawyer say thing like that, You must be kidding me. How could you say I didn’t take any action?

Lawyer: In my opinion, you just sit in the office for too long…

Female Official: How do you call yourself a lawyer? I’m sure you don’t even have the basic knowledge of law.

Lawyer: With so many existing problems, she can’t just shake off the responsibilities… I think the problem is the Health Department, you manage the hospital, whoever has Yituo problem, you revoke their license… I am talking about health authorities, I didn’t say only Nanchang City Health Bureau, this woman is like a SB (stupid bitch), she can’t represent (Nanchang City Health Bureau), look at her, how can she represent…”

Female Official: “You do not know the law and you are using foul language, and you call yourself an intellectual… What kind of being civil, and you are a man… get away, get out, I don’t want to talk to you.”

Lawyer: Dog shit, are you the chief (of Nanchang City Health Bureau)?, You will never be…

Female Official complains to TV station: You are kidding, you don’t know the law then do say anything, you need to study the law first then do this show, you know you are the media…

Lawyer complains to TV station: You should not have invited an official like her to the show.

When the official kept attacking the lawyer about how he was under-qualified as a lawyer, the lawyer finally couldn’t hold it anymore and returned the official with foul language.

After the clip appears online, some think it’s normal since everybody lose their temper now and then; many comment that, the official can’t accept criticism and her flipping out is an exhibition of the arrogant attitude of many government officials nowadays.

    1. Totally agree! It’s a shame when ‘saving face’ gets in the way of officials being accountable for their actions. Go lawyer dude!

  1. There is not enough context to really understand the arguments and what is making this health care rep so angry. I know there is a health crisis of sorts in China that is somewhat comparable to the one in the U.S., but what are health officials not doing? and who is this lawyer to argue? did he represent clients who were wronged by their doctor or clinic? Who does this health official answer to and what can she do if her work is dictated by some higher-ups?

    1. The context is essentially that the lawyer is calling the official out on their reasons for why they (the health dept) hasn’t done squat to stop the yituo scams that are going on. The lawyer has no rebuttal. What can she say? We are incompetent and unable to do our jobs? We are getting kickbacks to make sure those who are corrupt don’t get harassed? The truth is, that the health depmts in China are just as corrupt as every other gov’t agency.

      She has no rebuttal. All she can do is threaten, insult, and be wishy washy because according to her, it’s “against” the law for the lawyer to criticize the health depmt and say such things. “This isn’t the way it should be” refers to her belief that there are certain things the lawyer is not allowed to say…or that the entire thing is supposed to be semi-scripted to put everything in a good light.
      Wouldn’t surprise me if that lawyer is now on a gov’t hitlist of dissidents.
      Maybe even disappear for a bit.

  2. To be fair, it was the lawyer who started swearing, and then lost the moral high grounds, a more more cool headed person might be able to point out the exact problems, the laws related to the problem, and how the officials should have dealt with it but didn’t.

    I’m not a lawyer, but if I were to be him, that’s what I would have done.

  3. What’s this document that she’s going on about like it’s the damned gospel? Bullshit statistics and unenforced regulations put out by the department?

    Good on the lawyer for calling this SB out.

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