Owner smashes his Lamborghini to protest bad service


From Netease | translated by Roy | edited by Key


A Lamborghini owner hired people to break his Lamborghini Gallardo sports car worth 3 million yuan in front of a lamp store yesterday afternoon in Qingdao. He felt that failed to exercise his consumer rights several times after the car had problems, so he decided to express his dissatisfaction in a extreme way on the International Consumers Rights Day (3/15). The process was put on a BBS and broadcasted live on micro-blogs.




At 10:00 a.m. yesterday, a user named “富贵神仙鱼” on Bandao BBS started a topic, telling people he would break his Lamborghini to express his dissatisfaction about the services provided by the car dealer in the afternoon. At the end of the post, he stated, “It’s March 15th, 2011, International Consumer Rights Day. In order to promote awareness of protecting consumer rights, after several failures to communicate with the car dealer, I decide to break this Lamborghini to protest the bad service.

The reporter contacted the owner, Han Nan, who is also the vice manager of the lamp store and confirmed the topic was posted by him.

Han Nan told the reporter, this Lamborghini was a used car, brought from Japan in September, 2010, cost 3 million yuan in total, including the customs. On November, 29th, 2010, the engine failed. Han contacted the service provider of Lamborghini car dealer in Qingdao to maintain the car. After that, however, the engine still had problems. What’s more, the chassis and bumper were damaged. Han suspected that the service maintained his car without qualification, which led to the damage of the car. So he decided to express his dissatisfaction in an extreme way.

Live on micro-blog


In front of the lamp store, a black Lamborghini that seemed new was surrounded by many people.


9 employers in blue, wearing helmets approached to the Lamborghini with hammers and smashed it. Some climbed onto the top, smashing the windshield; the others stood around the car, smashing the body. Several minutes later, the audiences were invited to join in. Some people took photos with cameras or cell phones.


The smashing lasted about 10 minutes, employers and audiences laid down the hammers. The Lamborghini was black and blue,all windshields were damaged entirely; there were marks all over the car, the hood was broken; rearview mirrors,lights and exhausts were all broken off.

According to some netizens, the consuming capacity of luxury goods of China is improving in recent years. Brand of luxury goods laid emphasis on Chinese market. However, Chinese consumers don’t get high-quality service like Europe and America. Buying in large stores and maintaining in small stores, high price leads to consumers’ dissatisfaction and disappointment.

The manager of Lamborghini 4S shop in Qingdao, Bai Xuelei was interviewed. Because the Lamborghini store is still being arranged, he recommended Mr.Han give his car to a salvage shop of the company, which has grade 2 maintenance of quality, can maintain Lamborghini.

To answer netizens’ questions, Bai said,“We sent colleagues to examine the car, it was an old Gallardo produced in 2003.” As Bai said, the car already had scratches ,electrical wiring problems before maintenance. At that time, the owner filled in a maintenance form and signed his name. The owner asked to see this form with several people the next day, but grabbed it at once. He blamed the shop for the problems of the car and threatened workers there. Though the company tried to communicate with the owner continuously, they could not come to an agreement. At last, the owner drove his car away and broke it.

The reporter called Han Nan yesterday evening, but Han’s cell phone was off.

Automobile Lamborghini China Headquarters has made a statement yesterday evening, in the past 3 months, Lamborghini was trying to solve problems and response to the owner’s requests. They’re sorry for the inconvenience during the maintenance and his extreme behavior.

The statement also expressed the final plan provided by Lamborghini, including replacing the bumper for free; sending experts from Beijing to examine and maintain the engine.

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Car owner Mr. Han













  1. Ever since I was a teenager I dreamed of owning this brand of car. I think at my current salary level I can afford one before I am too old to drive. But this super rich assclown smashes his because he is in a bad mood over service. He can kiss my behind.

    1. Silly Gary, I waited a long time to buy a BMW, had it for 2 years and it was so bad I drove it in to a pond in FFL and collected the claim and got a new Benz.

      Big freaking mistake, now I am looking at a Chinese dream, the Audi, father mugger of them all.

      May be they will give me some respect on the roads here.

  2. Lambos are unreliable garbage anyways. Why buy one when you can get a Lexus LF-A. Just as fast and almost certainly more reliable.

  3. This ugly motherfucker thinks he’s so cool. He thinks he’s a hero. He makes me sick to my stomach I want to vomit in my hands.

  4. typical services you’d get in China, delayed, damaged, repeated follow-ups, money, more money, excuses, missing parts, faulty, unexplained problems, in the end you have to pay the double for the parts, service, and transport costs back and forth. After he smashed the car, the chinese employees of lamborghini were smiling, saying “yes, at last he quits. . . now let’s go back and chat in our QQ.”

  5. I can’t decide if this is pure idiocy or just awesome. I can understand his frustration when dealing with these leeches in a system that makes a single consumer powerless, and If he can get just a few potential customers to buy something other than a Lambo, I guess he has succeeded.

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      It only makes sense that considering the population and size differential between Korea and China, that Korea spent alot of effort appeasing the Chinese to ensure they weren’t conquered. Dictated to or dominated maybe, but not conquered.

      This seems to be a HUGE and touchy subject for Koreans. Nationalist sensibilities get hurt easily i guess. Seems to be a problem with most Chinese too, or at least those raised in China.

  7. Seems like a good publicity stunt for mr han, who cares what someone does to their own property… it’s 1 minutes gawking entertainment for us.
    He could have otherwise given his car to a pauper instead I suppose, but type a assholes are rarely benevolent…

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        Actually parts of this statement are factually incorrect. Other parts require more qualification.

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          1. If we include Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Singapore. The largest most powerful tech based company ever created by the 1.7 billion Chinese of the world is Taiwan’s Foxconn which is still only a fraction the size of Samsung.

            The difference between Samsung and Foxconn is that Samsung invents new technologies and products. Samsung has revolutionized the electronics, semiconductor and tech based industry.

            Foxconn however is nothing more then a manufacturer. Companies like Samsung, Apple, Sony etc tell Foxconn to assemble the parts together while those foreign companies are busy being creative. Foxconn is essentially nothing more then a sweatshop for electronics. Just like how China is a sweatshop for furniture and toys.

            The truth is, if Samsung, Apple or Sony decided to manufacturer their products home or elsewhere, Taiwans economy would crash overnight. Much like how Chinas economy would crash if the US and other countries chose to manufactur their products outside of China.

            Chinese race= Unintelligent, not creative and only useful at rote assemblage of parts. Why is it that all over the world no matter what GDP level Chinese rise to, they still cant seem to innovate or create new technologies?

            Its the same reason why a billion Chinese cannot seem to conquer its “tiny” neighbors and was regularly humiliated and conquered by smaller countries. Its because Chinese are of inferior stock. The largest population in the world by a large margin but nowhere near the most technologically advanced, creative and has a pathetic military history. Just goes to show how pathetic your gene pool is.

            1. Samsung is a manufacturer of goods, they didn’t create semi-conductor technology. You have intel, nvidia, etc for that.

              It is of course obvious by now that you are lacking in intellectual capacity. Your choice of words show your lack of formal education and knowledge both of economics, and basic English vocabulary. But still, you impress me for a gook simida.

              Asking me why China manufactures goods rather than invest in R&D is simple in practice. It is even more easier to answer in theory. Such a rhetorical question is simply not worth answering. Economic theory wise – please google the flying geese paradigm.

              Of course, I’m not here to educate you simida. You’d have to pay me for that. Taking you seriously at all is actually credit you don’t deserve. But hey, I only come here when I’m in need of some entertainment and an uneducated gook is always a joke to laugh at.

              The same goes for your economic analysis of what would happen if manufacturing was produced elsewhere. Such a myopic analysis ignores the fact that China holds most of the US debt and arguments branching from there. As well as their need for China as a partner for their own economic interests.

              Try and understand your history hamida. Korea never conquered anything. If anything, you are descendants of Mongolians. Talking to you has been fun. At the end of it though, its still a waste of time.

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          2. Korea has world class brands like Samsung, LG, Hyundai and Kia. As well as K-pop


            World Class??? ROFL

            Why are there over a billion Chinese all over the world yet they cant even create a single tech company that comes close to Samsung or Hyundai? Why?

            Because we own trillions of dollars of debt; can simply buy out brands like Hummer, VW, etc.

            But on the technological side of things, hows asus, gigabyte, billion, as an example of leading edge manufacturers. The same cant be said for Lousy goods or Hyundai trash.

            from inferior stock people

            HAHAHAHAHA Yes, chicken stock is delicious Mmmm….

            Take it easy gook simida. I’m proud you can speak English. It’s not easy for a dirty korean dog 🙂 Just make sure you choose your words more carefully. Some sentences make you sound like a fool hamida.

            1. FFS, it’s the same arguments over and over again…from both sides on every single topic, devolving into the same damn thing every time. Stupid arguments even:

              “Chinese are ugly”, no, “Koreans are uglier”, no “Chinese are ugliest” , etc.
              You can’t compare Korea to single Chinese cities ok. Doesn’t work like that. And Taiwan still isn’t part of China no matter what China says.
              Samsung is a pretty successful company btw. Decent products. They’re really lagging behind on new product research nowadays but they are still up there. Hyundai is actually a good car now, as opposed to decades earlier. Kia does still suck.
              Korea does have a superior entertainment industry.
              And a thriving MMORPH industry and the insane addiction that goes along with that.
              China sucks at innovation. But awesome at adaptation.
              Yes, SKorea is America’s “bitch”. There is ALOT of truth here. Too much to deny it outright. The US has an insanely disproportionate say over SKorea’s military matters.
              My language is better and prettier than yours.
              Your country is small and insignificant.
              We look down on you. NO! It’s us that look down on you!
              Are we done yet? 🙂
              I suppose it can be amusing, but it’s the same crap over and over again.

              1. Are we done yet? 🙂
                I suppose it can be amusing, but it’s the same crap over and over again.

                It kills time, and its a lot easier than drafting sale of land contracts.

                Besides, it’s kind of amusing to think that on the other side of the computer there is some kid nerd raging that his dear homeland is being defecated.

                And Taiwan still isn’t part of China no matter what China says.

                Sure it is, one country two systems just like Hong Kong. Legally it will stay that way unless the UN and its constituents states say otherwise.

                Samsung is a pretty successful company

                It is successful. It is successful at cutting corners and catering to the mainstream market. This is an intelligent move.

                The downside is that consumers suffer from sub par products which are generally of poor quality.

                Hyundai is actually a good car now

                Last I heard, it overtook Toyota in Europe as the leading small car manufacturer.

                The truth is however, is that its suitable only for women and poor people. It will always be perceived this way.

                I appreciate the effort to appear impartial but I know you are enjoying this to some extent :).

                I know as you are reading this, you are itching to write a reply. But before you do, let me point out two things:


                I’m not going to argue with you about Taiwan more than this comment below. It should be comprehensive enough to prevent any logical counter argument. Of course, you are still free to make uneducated responses back.

                I’ve decided to leave constitutional law and public international law out of the comments section of a website which incites trolls.

                The majority of posters are not intelligent enough to comprehend, appreciate or debate legal issues in any depth that would add merit to engaging in such a discussion.

                Under international law, the People’s Republic of China is the sole legitimate government of Greater China.

                The reason for this is based on mutual enforceability. The fact that most of the developed world do not recognize Taiwan as a sovereign country, makes it a province of the PRC.

                Most pro-Taiwan supporters stress the eight criterion for statehood by calling the rules of international law. This is a fundamental fallacy used by laymen and journalists.

                Doing so is analogous to reading a guide to a piece of legislation, without referring to the primary source. The fundamental notion for statehood is sovereignty.

                This in effect requires a number of factors which extend well beyond what most online references call ‘the ability power unfettered by another state or what not’ as well as one of the factors known as external recognition.

                Even if we do look at these two factors. We find that Taiwan does not have unfettered power as domestic Chinese law allows a military attack on Taiwan if it declares independence. This indeed does fetter Taiwans exercise of exclusive power regarding its national and international affairs.

                Taiwan is also not recognized by most countries and institutions in the world. And yes, I do understand that Taiwan may communicate through some bodies but not any major ones of any significance.

                While I may agree with you that perhaps Taiwan should be


                to exercise its right to autonomy. But it hasn’t happened yet and will never happen. This is the reality of the matter and re-assuring to the average Chinese.

                Message to the government of Taiwan: life isn’t fair, get used to it.


                Your attempt to sound neutral is fun. But if you want to get a serious message from mindless insults. I’ll give you one below.

                Ok, so aside from the dressing on the cake, the one thing that is true without a doubt is:

                Chinese look down upon gooks as pathetic, ugly, incompetent and laughable.

                I understand that some comments are put in to add emphasis, to exaggerate, etc. But I can say with a straight face that:

                1. Most Chinese feel that Koreans are inferior.
                2. Most people think Koreans are flat faced, short legged, with small mongoloid eyes.
                3. Most people find it absolutely hilarious to laugh at Koreans.

                Aside from arguing whose country is small or whose language is prettier, the above three points are set in stone. Which is why any attempt from gooks to say the same about us is just laughable.

                We Chinese know we are richer, we know we are more attractive and we know we are going to be a world power soon. We know that gooks have nothing on us except jealousy and Lousy Goods! 😀

                1. LOL, enjoy your bantering then 🙂 I suppose it’s a good way to let out some steam for all of you.

                  As for Taiwan, it is “technically” not a country by International Law. I’ll give you that. It passes 5 of the 8 accepted criteria and mostly or “sort of” passes the other 3. The other 3 being blocked by China’s greater power and influence in the international arena.

                  You can’t deny that Taiwan is a “de facto” independent country from the perspective of most of the world’s population (barring greater China of course). The vast majority of the world population has no understanding of Taiwan’s “special” status or even that China lays claim to it. Most will refer to it as a “country”. Americans sure do. I even recall being taught in schools (American) that Taiwan was just another country on the map.

                  BTW, i always considered International Law to be sort of BS, much like the UN itself. Sort of like how the Chinese considered it, until China formally joined the UN. That was when Taiwan was actually a “country” and member of the UN security council until China displaced it in the ’70s.

  9. It’s hillarious to see a black person pretending to be korean, in a chinese-discussing website


  10. Man you guys sure have an axes to grind, funny how you are generalising about cultures which are all fascinatingly complex and dare I say – intertwined.
    Take a chill pill, shake (virtual) hands and try appreciating each others strengths…
    Otherwise, to me it looks like this venom spitting troll festival is simply a reflection of your own petty inadequacies.

  11. Let me guess, the Chinese seller doesn’t want to import the parts for him because it’s expensive and as long as it still runs, seller considers this no problem. The Chinese buyer is pissed off and smashes his own car. I think in this situations, it would be wise if the buyer has lots of money, why not smash it in front of the seller’s store and hire reporters to capture the whole thing. That way he would get some credit for discrediting the seller.

  12. Lamborgini is simply a piece of shit , they should remain selling farming trucks intead of exporting garbage to the world , a wooden cart has more class than that BASURA ,a Lamborghini is and always be a third-world garbage car so let’s get ready to destroy more lamborguinis

  13. LOL look at these pathetic and lonely white guys suffering from micro-penis using fake Asian identities and absurd white-pride racism in this China-phobic corner of cyberspace to stir up and exaggerate controversy between China and Korea. China is succeeding and South Korea is doing fine, while western democracy try to hide their shame and hypocrisy of Islamo-phobia, racial profiling, destruction of native people’s cultures/language (ie America, Siberia, Australia, etc), full body scans, “no-fly zones”, OMG, LOL!

    Ohh……. sorry…………. hush hush here…………….

  14. Why not u Koreans just shut the fuck up?!?! Don’t u slant eye gooks realised that there are more and more anti-korean stuff going around in the world now?!?!

  15. I am from Hong Kong. I agree with Tomo Huang.. We chinese prefer Japanese and the westerners WAYYYY better than koreans. Also, most idiots in the world think that those korean women are more beautiful than us…With plastic surgery it only makes them FAKE. God knows this and he will punish all you evil and korean scums when he comes again to judge the world..

    1. You are right, lets team up with the japanese and the world to wipe out all Koreans.. Fuck Korea China ROCKSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. You are right, lets team up with the japanese and the world to wipe out all Koreans.. Fuck Korea China ROCKSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. korea is just a joke, not only to china but to the whole world.
    and, hahaha, that was a hilarious one.

  17. I would Like to say that none of you are better than each other because you stooped to the same level by insulting each other and then you mention in negativity to the US leave us out of it. and two I cannot believe I read this car article and it transitioned into something as childish as this! UGH! grow the fuck up please 🙂

  18. I’m trying not to be racist here, and I know assholes exist on every corner of this earth by thousands, but some of the Chinese are seriously pissing me off. Its like more riches = more dumbness. Maybe if you dinguses stopped believing that rhino horn powder and tiger tooth could make your cocks stand, Indian tigers and African rhinos and elephants from both lands wouldn’t be going extinct!! And seriously stop using everything that’s alive for one reason or the other without a regard for life. Thanks to you assholes training at the Wildlife Institute makes me feel like a glutton for suicide. Use regular medicine like everybody else, you freaks!!

    Btw, the above post is directed only to people that do use the products aforementioned and eat cats boiled alive or whatever. Yes, I am vegan. And also, I didn’t mentions the violations of human rights because enough is known about that. A little more sensitivity [ this is to everyone] would go a long way.

    1. There is one thing that makes me wonder. Why is it that people in general (besides vegans and vegetarians) react so emotionally distraught towards killing a dog, cat, or rhino, but not the same way towards killing cows, lambs, pigs, or chicken for their meat or skin? They are all living creatures with with a nervous system and a family at some point, so why are there separate standards for them?


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