Chinese people’s complex feeling toward Japan’s catastrophe

Source: MOP


The current catastrophe in Japan is all over the news in China now. It is so predominant that the earthquake in the country’s southern city Yunnan province was eclipsed to some extent. However, behind the attention is Chinese people’s different and mixed attitude toward this tragedy in Japan.

While most people expressing their concern and empathy to the people in Japan in various forms, voice of different opinion are not any weaker.

Above is a video on how 50 technicians brave the radiation and fire and stay in the nuclear power plant to prevent potential catastrophe. Take a look at the comments followed the video, I’m shocked at how the public opinion has been polarized on this issue. I’ve translated part of the comments as below:

sarahzp 发表于7分钟前


” only blessing for them, I’m moved by their spirit…. In the face of disaster, we are equal”

冰峰哇哇 发表于26分钟前


” The Japs are being too greedy and ambitious. It has to pay for its own behavior, sooner or later. Now should be the time for its karma. They know very well it’s the earthquake-prone region but still build so many nuclear power plants on it. The truth is they want to store up nuclear bombs. Let’s see, similar incident will keep happening in the future, they deserve it….

兔王大人 发表于39分钟前



“In face of disaster, all human being are one family… Hope the 50 heroes can live their old age healthily. Go go go, Japan!”


吃顿不用回请的饭 发表于2小时前


” to treat the wolf that once bite you can’t prove your leniency. “

ufo1977 发表于3小时前

那不是地震,是南京三十万的野鬼在颤抖;也不是海啸,是东三省流浪的孤魂在咆哮;更不是什么核辐射,是731部队科技发展的后代找到了根。 你们祈什么样福?他们有靖国神社罩着呢!你们捐什么款?甲午战争的赔款都还没有花完!你们救什么助?他们钓鱼岛都有能力布防! 出来混总是要还的!!

“That’s not an earthquake, it’s the tremble from the 300 thousand ghosts died in the Nanjing Massacre. It’s not an tsunami either, it’s the roar of the lost souls from the northeast China (Japanese troop committed massacre in 3 northeast provinces in China..) It’s much less the nuclear radiation, it’s the Unit 731’s progress in its technological development for its offsprings. What are you praying for? They have the Yasukuni Shrine to take care of them. What are you donating money for? They still have the compensation we gave them in the Sino-Japanese War! Why are you offering rescue to them? They have the ability to deploy troops on the Diaoyu Island. Every one has to pay for his own mistake at the end of the day!

南通人民南通人民 发表于2小时前


The Japanese are only getting caught in their own trap. They deserve it!

忘听着情歌流眼泪 发表于2小时前


” …those who show empathy to Japan prove the Chinese people’s kindness. But please stop and think a bit. what a potential danger they’re posing to China. Have you ever think of it? If all Chinese stop buying Japanese goods, Japan will fall down. Japan’s leader always treat China as an underdeveloped nation. Don’t feel sorry for those who don’t deserve empathy. Do you know how dangerous it is to let a tiger back to the mountain( Chinese saying, means “Save a thief from gallows and he will help hang you” ) I hope our country can become more and more powerful.”

糊涂小法 发表于3小时前

坦白说你可能没有注意新闻,汶川地震时 日本的救援队 是第一个到达的,而且日本全程的参与时8个受损城市的重建工作,日本所有的便利店都有民间募捐箱。。。。捐了很多钱。有时候,我的眼光可以远点,胸怀也可以宽点。。。这次受难的毕竟都是普通人 ,不是政府。。。

Frankly speaking, you probably didn’t watch news broadcast a lot. When the Wen-chuan earthquake happened, the Japanese rescue team is the first one to arrive and they take part in the reconstruction in the 8 affected cities in China. At that time, all the convenient stores in Japan has a donation box….They have donated a lot of money. Sometimes, we should more open mind… After all, Those who suffers in this disaster are all average people, not the government.

小小Free 发表于3小时前

小日本 不能就这样给老子挂了,像男人一样站起来,40年后中国还要找你算账呢

Little Japs, you can’t die in this way, stand up like a man. China is coming back for you in 40 years. ( He’s being encouraging to the Japanese people)

长谷川志保 发表于3小时前


I’m really touched. I didn’t know Japanese can also be so moving. Don’t be too judgmental in terms of people. Those Japanese heroes are great! I’ll pray for you and hope you can all back safe and sound. Because your families are waiting for you!

Part of the reasons for this polarized attitude toward Japan’s disaster is the legacy from the history and the continuous rivalry today between the 2 countries. Another important reason is people are suspecting that Japanese themselves should be blamed for this disastrous earthquake and tsunami that killed so many and threatened not only Japanese life but the life all over the world. In a post on MOP, the author claims that, Japan has a rich resource of solar energy and wind power but keeps ignoring them and instead develops the nuclear power for electricity. Also, they use uranium plutonium mixed oxide fuel in the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station instead of the much cheaper but safer materials, employ the less secure fast breeder ….all for the sake of making plutonium for the production for nuclear bomb. One month before the earthquake, Japan made it clear that they need to make nuclear bomb and was working on it. For a 370 thousand’s territory, Japan has built 57 nuclear power station! Each station has 4-6 reactors, that means almost every counties in Japan has a nuclear reactor for electricity, which is totally absurd!

  1. Ironic how China can hold a grudge against Japan for 70 years but have quickly forgot all the gratitude they owe America for saving their asses.

  2. @vonskippy

    Here here. Though we sure made a mess of it after the fact.

    As for the comments of people in the clip, I am not surprised. So many in the office these days celebrating the death of Japanese people, they should be so embarrassed. It because of people like them that China will never get beyond where it is now. Its China’s golden age, the future….nope.

  3. I want to love China, and in many ways I do, but this black and white narrowmindedness is making it hard. Absolutely disgusting.

  4. I don’t know why people have such cold hearts and vengeful hearts:/

    the shit that happen in Nankin and Unit 731 are of the past so why are the Chinese still furious about it?

    comments like this annoy me and evidentially show that these kinds of people who make such remark are the problems of the world!
    Hundreds of children, women and innocent people are dead yet they comment and say it happened because of the shit Japan did ages ago:/

    When the disaster happened in China, Japanese people donated to them. But why are these people making such remarks?

    1. You don’t understand the history… many of Japan war crime wasn’t get punished… the judgement its self was not fair… and Japan didn’t show a prominent apologize.. still now they underestimated China… so please if those people showing hatred towards Japan.. its makes sense

  5. In my opinion, there is nothing to gloat about. 300,000 died in Haiti, 70,000 in Beichuan. It looks like apart from 10,000 old people and poor people whom Tokyo doesn’t care about enough to excavate from the rubble, the real damage is monetary and strategic and instructional exposure by the rest of the world. Nobody got raped by Japanese soldiers and we all know nobody rapes like a Japanese soldier so this is not karma or even remotely close to what the Germans and Japanese did to people. And even though the American POW survivors were forbidden by the US government from sharing their eyewitness accounts of Japanese treating Dutch and English expat women and children as well soldiers exactly the way that Japanese treated the Chinese, I promise you that the majority of decent ordinary Americans do feel that Japan got away with murder and these are not nice people who are on CNN constantly these days.

    1. “And even though the American POW survivors were forbidden by the US government from sharing their eyewitness accounts”

      @CLEO – you’re absolutely clueless how a free society works. There is no such thing as “forbidden” in America. If there was anything to discuss, the newspapers and the tabloids would have splashed those types of stories from coast to coast.

      I’m not sure what’s sadder, that people like you are dumb enough to believe the brainwashing drivel your country spoon feeds you, or that your country is so pathetic that it can’t stand the thought of having 1.3 billion people think their own thoughts instead of the party line.

  6. 17 Do not rejoice when your enemy falls,
    And do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles;
    18 Lest the LORD see it, and it displease Him,
    And He turn away His wrath from him. PROVERBS 24:17

    1. Fuck god!

      Religion is a disease. When I die, I will assume Jehovah’s throne and cause havoc in heaven. Forcing mother mary to suck my dick, while groping the breasts of the angels that preside.

      Hahahaha… I love how stupid Christians are. Trying to spread their filth everywhere.

      1. Voice of China : You will regret what you said. May the Lord forgives you for you know not what you did. Amen.

        1. May Satan forgive you for your ignorance.

          While will dine on fine wines, meals fit for kings, and find comfort in the arms of beautiful women who I shall consummate with on a frequent basis, you will be my slave, forced to clean my shoes when the end shall come.

          Book of redemption 11:1

    1. a radioactive bridge so our children and grandchildren can be influenced by demented zombie thinking?

  7. The Chinese Communist Party is responsible for far more deaths than the Japanese, but they won’t talk about it, instead just talking about Japanese atrocities. It’s OK when you kill your own people, I guess.

  8. Whats difference between this and americans saying karma for pear harbour or psycho whale lovers saying karma for the whales? There are cruel, stupid, ignorant people all over this world. Post some real news instead of crap like this.

    It wouldnt hurt to post at least one positive chinese news article…you know just to balance things a little?

  9. Forget history, sure. However, Japan, unlike Germany has never ever apologized for the war and its associated atrocities. In fact, the Japanese government (which usually echo the will of the people) have frequently refuted the historical truth in textbooks.

    One can’t help but to be angry at them at this time.

    Once the apology is done, the healing can begin.

    1. China laughs at the world now. Their former leader killed more than Stalin killed; read the Untold Story. It’s unspeakable. So far it has only been their own people. Hopefully they will all be won over to a better way. I hope our friendship and trust does not turn out to be naive. Miracles still happen. Our children should be careful.

    2. Negatory, both of those are mostly rumor. Japan has not apologized to Germany’s extent, but apologized they have:

      Textbook controversies are about the occasional revisionist book that comes out every now and then, except those books are not the mainstream and are pretty much never taught in schools. The prevalence of truly revisionist history books is about as common as books in the US omitting slavery from the civil war. For example, the book published in 2005 that cause rippling protests across Asia turned out to be used in less than 10 schools. 99.9% of schools do in fact, teach about Nanking and paints imperial Japan as an aggressor. In fact, the myth that Japan does not teach about WW2 atrocities is regularly debunked on Chinese forums, here’s an example:

      1. US has not apologized for the Vietnam atrocities. Same goes for Iraq and Afghanistan. I guess some day China will invade the US under the pretense of terrorism – 5 American guys bomb something in China for example and all of the US will suffer because of it. That is exactly what has happened during the past 8 years.

        Same goes for Russia, the regime killed millions but they haven’t even recognized something happened. In fact, most Russians celebrate Stalin as a hero.

        Somehow Germany and Japan are expected to beg on their knees but the rest do whatever the f*ck they want.

        Any Chinese person who brings up Nanjing and other historical atrocities should learn what China is doing in Tibet, Xinjiang and other autonomous regions NOW.

    1. It is NOT in the interest of the western hegemonic “democracies” to support friendship between Japan and China, an unified Asia with fundamental morals, work ethics and filial-piety is an affront against the porn-peddling peddlers of “Free Speech” and Democracy.

      1. Hahahahaha, it is hilarious that an individual defending the most oppressive government in the history of man is mocking western “democracies”. Get back to me when the Chinese can vote in a legitimate election, dumbass. Remind me again, how many people were slaughtered during the Cultural Revolution?

        As for the “porn-peddling peddlers” (you need to practice your English) Japan, a nation of about 130 million people, produces more pornography than any so-called western country, including the United States, a nation of 310 million. Ever heard of Sola Aoi? Yuma Asami? Yua Aida? Sure you have. Remind me again, why are they famous? It ain’t because of charity work. Of course, many of the Chinese here probably wouldn’t know why, as the Chinese government controls what they can and can’t look at on the internet; shame the Chinese don’t have “free speech” isn’t it, dumbass? Yet you are mocking “free speech”. Hahahahaha. you’re a fucking joke. Most Chinese can’ t even begin to understand the concept, given the fact that the Chinese government throws people in jail who try to engage in the free speech you mock. I bet the families of the Chinese martyrs who died fighting for free speech wouldn’t find you as funny as you clearly think you are, dipshit.

        Unllke anyone living in mainland China, I can mock the Chinese government, and my government, any time I fucking feel like it. If a Chinese citizen tried to do that, he would be thrown in the laogai quicker than you could say “Tianenmen Square Massacre”.

        But by far the best part of your entire pathetic post is your listing of the supposed sins of Western Democracies (of which you hilariously and ignorantly include Russia) while ignoring the past, and current, crimes of the Chinese and Japanese governments. Destruction of native people’s cultures? Yeah, I would say the invasion of Tibet qualifies, don’t you? How about the persecution of the Uighurs; that is real Islamophobia. And let us not forget the Japanese invasion of Korea, Manchuria, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, etc. Remember the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere? The Rape of Nanking? Korean Comfort Women? Probably not, given the fact you seem like a complete moron. Those actions were a hell of a lot more recent than the supposed destruction of native people’s cultures in the United States. Moreover, anyone who lists full-body scans in airports and pretends it is worse than the wholesale denial of human rights in China is a blathering idiot. There are no free elections in China. It is illegal to criticize the government, it is illegal to worship freely (Falun Gong anyone), there is no such thing as the right to assemble, as the Tianenman Square Massacre so clearly demonstrated, there is wholesale censorship of anything deemed harmful by the Chinese government, thousands and thousands of websites are blocked, the list goes on and on and on and on…. But hey, you go on pretending that a full body scan at a handful of airports is worse, jackass.

        It is an absolute riot that anyone from a country, Japan, that raped and slaughtered its way across Asia not too long ago would attempt to lecture anyone on democracy. Japan wouldn’t have a democracy if it weren’t for the “western” democracies you insult, particularly the United States. Instead, Japan would still be a feudal backwater full of citizens who believe that the Emperor is a god. But during the occupation of your shitty little country, the United States decided to force you to write a constitution that codified free speech, freedom to assemble, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, universal suffrage and all the other hallmarks of the western democracies you attempt, and fail, to denigrate.

        I think I would much rather have the Bill of Rights than filial piety, so why don’t you take your filial piety, your “fundamental morals” and your supposedly great “work ethics”(remind me again, which nation has the most powerful economy in the world; HINT: It’s not in Asia) and cram them up you ass.

        1. Sorry, a teeny-weeny porn-flick whacker such as you are familiar with these actors names, none which I recognize(!), perhaps China SHOULD BE APPLAUDED for doing a pretty darn good job at blocking porn! But that’s besides the point as I’ll tell you that every morning when I used to go to school, the very first thing that happens in our public (and private) education is the gross violation of our Constitutional rights: “I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America……. (those are great words to cherish each and every morning, but here’s where it goes to hell)…….. “one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all”.

          Why are we are indoctrinated with these “God-fearing” protocols every school day despite our 1st Amendment “rights” to “Freedom of Religion/Freedom from Religion”……… one is to play into the evil hands of our nations twisted and hypocrite foreign policy that has further stripped us of our freedoms under the “Homeland Security” measures, put in place because of our own religious fundamentalism…….. liberty and justice for who(?)……… so just keep posting and supporting your white priders ego (sorry for my Engrish, me is only the American edumacation) and China-phobia articles with these faker “Chinese”, “Korean”, “Japanese”, “Mongolian” and etc. sock-puppets to ease your psycho-sexual tensions……… AND PREPARE FOR NEW AND IMPROVED AMERICA WITH CHINESE CHARACTERISTICS in the coming decades!

  10. LOL look at these pathetic and lonely white guys suffering from micro-penis using fake Asian identities and absurd white-pride racism in this China-phobic corner of cyberspace to stir up and exaggerate controversy between China and Korea. China is succeeding and South Korea is doing fine, while western democracy try to hide their shame and hypocrisy of Islamo-phobia, racial profiling, destruction of native people’s cultures/language (ie America, Siberia, Australia, etc), full body scans, “no-fly zones”, OMG, LOL!

    Nevertheless, China and Japan in this period of crisis, are special friends regardless of the ratio of real anti-Japanese sentiments and those western posers of anti-Japanese “Chinese person” to try and avoid of the reality of real-world friendship between the common-folk of China and Japan.

  11. I am against any racist crap towards Japanese here.
    ww2 is 60 years ago forgive and move on

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