Chinese scalpers rush to purchase iPad2

From Netease:


Zhong Guang Net Beijing reports on March 18, according to Voice of China “Aspect News”, since iPad 2 went on sale last week many scalpers have been buying them madly. A group of Asian scalpers targeted the Apple flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York. They tried every way to go into the store to buy the goods, and then resell them at higher prices locally or sent to China for sale.

The Asian scalper group paid many people to line up to purchase iPad 2, that day over 200 people lined up outside of the Apple store on Fifth Avenue. iPad 2 was wiped out only a few minutes after the store was open.

As for the resale price, scalpers say they only sell for 1,700 USD (about 11,171 yuan), the head of the gang was still not happy about that and said “selling for 2000 would be best”. The highest retail price of iPad 2 in the United States is 829 USD (5447 yuan).

A staff member at the Fifth Avenue Apple store said they also do not want to see this situation, but are also helpless. Hope Apple can pay attention to the Chinese market so that the product can be released in China as soon as possible, to completely cut off scalpers’ profit chain.

  1. What reasons can Apple have to roll out products outside China first for a few months every time?
    I’m thinking
    1-Apple are an American company, so they serve American customers first. Not sure this is the reason, since really profit and other considerations always come first before ideology for a large company.
    2-Apple think that selling the product in China will increase the speed at which counterfeiters will come on the market with their locally-designed fakes and copies. So they stay out as long as possible.
    3-Apple sell in China later because it takes longer to get “government approval” to market your product inside China than inside other economic spaces. If this is the case, the imported Ipads should be blocked too: since the product is not allowed to be SOLD on Chinese soil. But they are not, they are being allowed through customs by the thousands. Is this because the government is voluntarily letting the scalpers get their share of the profits, or is it because they are unable to control what goes through customs??

    1. You have also neglected that the chinese market is far more greater and put too much of a strain on the manufacture or assemblers in china to put out such product. Plus after customs gets their hands on it these scalpers wasted allot more than effort. If you ever show up to any of these guys outlets Here in beijing they can’t seem sell this shit.

      1 problem is that the American ipad2 isn’t made to be operated outside of the US (3G version). 2nd problem is that they are not regulated pricing. Why get it for $2000 when China Unicom or Apple store in China will sell it for $1100 with all the fixing and chinese software preprogramed in? Its worth the wait and for apple to get the kinks worked out of the new model.

      1. I don’t understand why people are willing to pay n-times the MSRP…

        Remember those crappy Zhu Zhu pet toys? People were buying them for up to $400 during the Christmas season. :/

  2. That’s a good business strategy. HOARDING!!!!! we should learn from them. Up next we have water, start hoarding.

  3. China is like the current bunch of trust-funders in Telluride. Rude, pushy, arrogant, and completely lacking any social graces or class.

    Grow up China – you’re making a fool of yourselves throughout the world.

  4. Question: How do these people sell to the people back in China? Specifically, how do they get all those iPads across border inspection, or taxes if they ship them?

      1. Have you ever been to the border between SZ and HK. Customs is taxing an arm and a leg. I’ve seen so many fights and arrests at customs because people are being taxed.

        They go crazy buying tax-free goods in HK, then the Chinese government benefits by taking mad taxes from them.

        The reasons why foreign goods are so expensive in China is because the taxes…

        1. I can only envision the vain savages arguing so loudly over taxes at customs…

          They probably try to lie their way through too.

          1. Our country, about certain things, foreign friends always can’t understand, trust Chinese cows always have different methods to deal with the customs problems

  5. Well Chinese scalpers have to have SOMETHING to do this with after they move to the USA since the hospitals don’t use tickets. You wouldn’t wish them to be unemployed, would you?

    1. Not my friend, China’s scalpers always can help some people buy what they want

  6. These Apple Ipads make surfing the internet convenient. For example, you have quick launches to Youtube, twitter, facebook, google, News websites, etc. But everything is blocked in China. My question is….Why do the Chinese want to buy Apple computers if they don’t have internet?

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