1.96 million couples were divorced in China last year


From Netease:

Every year when the long Spring Festival break is over, many people also turn the last page of their marriages. According to statistics from Ministry of Civil Affairs, in 2010, 1.961 million couples were divorced in China. Among them, the most couples were from Sichuan Province, 169,294 couples signed the divorce paper.

According to statistics, in 2010, 1.20 million couples got married, but 1.961 million couples were divorced. In this rate, last year on average 5,300 couples were divorced in each day.

In 2010, 31 provinces (not including Hong Kong and Macao) most divorced couples were from Sichuan Province (169,249) followed by Jiangsu (120,947) and Shandong (116,368). 32,982 couples were divorced in Beijing, ranking 24th. The least people were from Tibet, 459 pairs.

Researcher at Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences said the high number of divorces has more complex reasons, not only because of the large population base. Sichuan is most affected province by the immigration culture. Under the influence of migration cultural diversity, traditional marriage was most questioned and acted against, which may push the divorce rate higher. In addition, each year tens of millions of young Sichuan migrant workers work outside of home, but one of the couple has to stay home to farm or take care of the elder and young. Long-term separation leads to many instabilities in relation between husband and wife.

Reporter also read the national statistical reports from 2007 to 2010 and found divorce continued to rise in China in these years.

According to reports from Ministry of Civil Affairs in 2009, looking at the situation from the past 5 years, the number of divorces increased each year, the average increase was 7.65%.

In 2003 the State Council promulgated the newly revised “Marriage Registration Ordinance”, and was then come into operation on October 1 of 2003. And since this year, China’s divorce rate had been increasing.

“the introduction of the new regulations to simplify marriage registration procedures, to some extent, caused the number of divorces increased year by year.” Anqi, a marriage expert said, before 2003, divorce also required work or neighborhood units to issue a written certificate. In order to protect their privacy (or face) many couples had to remain in the name only “death marriage”.

Also, if there is no property disputes, people are more willing to go to the divorce court, because court’s decision is faster. Simplification of registration of marriage makes people more willing to go to the civil affairs department “to leave in good terms” instead of fighting in court.


According to ESWN, stats on the 2nd paragraph, “1.20 million couples got married, but 1.961 million couples were divorced” was printed in error by the original reporter, when checked against the data source (the Ministry of Civil Affairs)

Social matters
– Registered to marry: 12,050,000 couples
– Registered to divorce: 1,961,000 couples

An extra decimal point resulted the error report of more divorces than marriages…

  1. http://www.zonaeuropa.com/201102a.brief.htm#011

    “In China, large statistics are usually reported in multiples of 10,000 (“万”). Thus, 1205 means 1205 x 10,000 = 12,050,000; 196.1 means 196.1 x 10,000 = 1,961,000. The reporter here inserted an extra decimal point and turned 1205 into 120.5. A sensationalistic but erroneous report was the result.”

  2. I read these news few days ago, and it indeed sounded very strange.
    Just proves how easy it is to spread false information on internet.

  3. They forget to mention that the stress from trying to have kids or the loss of their kids after earth quake has caused these people to divorce. In areas like beijing is due to greedy wives and or cheating husbands and the combination there of that results in divorce. The rising prices of houses and living expenses don’t help either. They can’t always blame it on migration. These people married into the migrant working situation. This life wasn’t newly brought onto them. The culture has allot to factor in too. I mean traditional chinese family revolves around the parents, the job, the wife and the child. Too many factors that adds to the men’s pressure threshold. Then you add lack of genuine love into the mix. I have come to the conclusion after my divorce and several other rounds of courtships in China that its an extremely unbalanced affair even for the average Chinese man in this time.

    In this instance China will degrade to Japan status of having a stagnant population growth if the pace of national growth does not stay in pace with real GDP. I say in the next 40-50 years when the baby boomers finally die out and the core values of the old chinese culture goes with it, there is going to be periodontal shift in how people decide who their life partner is going to be. This is good for population control, this is good for progress, this is good for stability.

  4. So is this a once-a-week blog now?

    It used to interested to visit – now it’s as dull as reading the communist manifesto.

    Certainly not keeping pace with Internet time – that’s for sure.

  5. I think there are many factors that contributes to the increase divorce rate
    1) No money no talk.
    2) One party wants to have sex and the other can’t provide or not interested
    3) Both parties crazy about sex but they end up with different partners..

    1. Wait… are you talking about the divorce rate in China or divorce in general?

      1. In general but I think also applicable to China. The new chinese generations are more open about money, sex and etc. Easy come easy goes so to speak. As a matter of fact I would dare to say that there are some women in China takes pride in telling potential suitors that they are divorced. You may wonder why? It simply to tell the guys that they are mature and having gone through divorce, they are more prepared for the start of reality of life.

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    so when the money comes you cant reach
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