When low-rent housing becomes civil servant’s year-end bonus



When (春运 Chunyun) the mass passenger transportation is occurring around the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), to many people this means after a whole year of busy work, it is time to take a break to relax for a while. Of course, some are happy and some are sad. Unlike other company’s year-end bonus being a round-trip ticket, or traveling abroad, the unlucky ones like the employees at Youngor Textile Printing and Dyeing Co. in Ningbo (宁波雅戈尔日中纺织印染有限公司) received the most ridiculous announcement: whoever takes days off around the Spring Festival will have three times salary deduction.

However at the end of the year, the words “year-end bonus” really make us feel awesome. On the Internet, many people began to show off their year-end bonus, like however many tens of thousands or traveling abroad are no longer exciting. And things like getting a pig are just for amusement. What if the year-end bonus is housing? That must be awesome.

Things like that is not a myth, it really happened.

The news “Three departments in Heqing, Yunnan Province receive 607 low-rent housing, due to low income” reported the following: Recently the news on the internet said Heqing County, Yunnan Province distributed 607 low-rent housing to government staffs at education, health and family planning, 3 sectors, which caused heated discussions on the Internet. For this reason, County government responded that the news on the Internet was true, and also claimed these 607 low-rent housing are distributed to low income families of these three government departments.

Isn’t that awesome? No wonder many people started to regret: why didn’t I do what it takes to become a civil servant (公务员 a staff member of a government administrative department) back then?! To be honest, the reason is clear why more and more people enter the state civil servant examination, every year the number of people reaches a new height. Of course, right now we are not going to talk more about this topic. What we want to say is, how these low-rent housing are distributed, just like that?

Now days there are too many news about low-rent housing, like billionaire’s son applies for a low-rent housing, why do people who originally live in villas want to live in low-rent housing…. These all have something in common: no matter what kind of techniques and methods they use, what kind of power and connections, they are living in low-rent housing supposedly only poor people are eligible for. Of courses the reason behind are unknown. The process is shady, so needs to be covered up, to be low-key.

But, like Heqing County said so openly: we civil servants of several departments too all the low-rent housing, what are you gonna do about it?! Indeed, we can’t do anything about it! Because they already said it, people who took the low-rent housing are low-income families of these three departments! Families with housing hardships, get low-rent housing, which does not violate the government policy! Reasonable!

We don’t know if these 607 households indeed have housing hardships, this we will let the public to question. What we are puzzling is, in this county every common people are so rich they do not need to apply for low-rent housing? Only civil servants are so poor to take the low-rent housing? This logic certainly does not make any sense! If that is not the case, then a government department is using their power to seek benefits for themselves, the low-rent housing for the poor became their year-end bonus, which deprived the people who really have no place to live.

Where is the spirit of “serving the people”, “putting the county and the people in front of individuals”?

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