Year 2011, new beginning outside of the wall

Apologies to all for the lack of updates in the past month. To clear all the speculations, ChinaHush is not under any pressure by anyone, and no government conspiracy. I have just been traveling in China for the past month with no free time to post new entries. And my plan of having volunteers to update the blog during my absence also did not work so well due to scheduling issues.

To be honest, it was also discouraging to find out ChinaHush being blocked in China the night before my travels. Some measures were taken and methods tried, but I was not able to “unblock” ChinaHush. We now just have to live outside of the Great Fire Wall.

Now I have just returned from my trip, writing the first post in year 2011 to ensure you that I am not abandoning ChinaHush. Quite the opposite, I have made many plans for CH, so stay tuned for these exciting changes coming soon…

Here are some photos I snapped on my trip this time. Enjoy!


Closest I have ever been next to a Panda


Beautiful Emei Mountain




“Family planning (one child policy) is one of basic policy of our country”



“Create national healthy city, promote  reform and open policy”







  1. Nice to have you back.

    Maybe you could propose RSS feeds through Feedburner. People might not be able to access the site, but at least they can get the feed.
    My site used to be firewalled, I asked my server prodiver, they told me China happens to block some random IP adresses from my country, I changed my server’s geolocalization to UK and its been working like a charm ever since. But I guess it doesn’t matter if CH has been purposedly blocked.

    Good luck anyway.

  2. Congrats to China locking this shitty site. Kaiser its anti-Chinese and needs some to donate his kidney and do some labour in a Chinese work camp to purge his effeminate ass of his racist sins.

  3. welcome you to come back key

    but seriously youre lucky that panda didnt rip your face off and exchange it with another close picture taker
    key: “im going to take a close up picture of this cute panda”
    panda: “id like to take your face………OFF!”

  4. Hi, may be nice to know for you, I read your blog in China, so may be your site has been unblocked after all?

  5. Welcome to the club! Hope you have a fun trip. Has the block affected your stats at all? We found that when we got blocked, oddly enough it didn’t affect our traffic at all. I guess everyone already has VPNs…

  6. oh please!
    The chinese trash governments threaten him, when they found out people here know about their scheme, they bribed the author to come up with a fake excuse.

    Anyway…I like chinese dogs, they look cute!

  7. 我叫周玲曼(CUEB毕业生)。。现在有名的银行工作。我和我父母都在北京5号圆明园西路住。我爸爸是个间谍-我真讨厌他。他监视很多俄罗斯政治异议人士。

    Если вам нужна любая сверхсекретной военной тайны, касающиеся национальных сообщений и шпионаже пожалуйста, свяжитесь со мной. Я знаю немного!

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