Viral Videos: 2011 week 1


Dancing teenagers

This videos has over 3 millions viewers now. These kids right now even have nick name on the Internet. They are called Bro. School Uniform. So here is Bro. School Uniform’s performance:

Police cannot aim

This police guy really amazed me. How hard it is to shoot a guy just a couple meters in front of you? Why there weren’t any other police keeping people away from the scene?And people just stood extremely close to watch. They are not afraid of bullet? China is truly a nation of on-lookers.

Boys after watching porn for the first time

Remember what did you do after you have watched porn for the first time? I bet it cannot compare to this little guy here.

  1. Just tooooo funny to be serious…this guy.
    BUT, I feel sorry for the girl being pestered by him.

  2. Remember what did you do after you have watched porn for the first time? I bet it cannot compare to this little guy here.

    Rape is violence not sex….

    Aside from the violence in the rape video what was also chilling was the number of surveillance cameras on that particular street.

  3. are you guys just pulling shit out of your asses? apart from the first video, the other two videos are both over a year old and they only have about 300k views. how is they supposed to be “viral” videos for the first week of 2011? get your act together.

  4. guys are you aware chinahush has been blocked. i can’t believe it. i can only access thru proxy.

  5. I reckon the police guy was firing empty catridge. He’s probly just trying to scare the knife-wielding outlaw instead of trying to kill him. If he was firing real shots someone in the perimeter would have been hit given that there were so many on-lookers at the time.
    Matter of fact:
    1. Bullets don’t disappear upon hitting the wall or the ground. They often bounce off
    2. Bouncing bullets also kill.

  6. FIRST VIDEO- “move out of the way chinese shit!”

    SECOND VIDEO- lol wtf did the police just used a real gun and missed many shots?

    THIRD VIDEO- the boy wanted to rape that woman O_o
    that explains why the government locks out porn in China cuz that is how men would act:P

  7. Thought chinahust was done the other day when i tried to access it .

    China is in total a mess !

      1. Dang, dude, this is a free website. Key doesn’t owe you guys anything. Let the man enjoy his vacation.

        1. Yeah, I’m sure his PAYING advertisors don’t mind either.

          “Dude, the guys on vacation man, like chill out, like it is what it is man!”

          1. What paying advertisers? Google AdSense doesn’t pay Key to publish, it only pays for whatever impressions or clicks Key’s website gives them via contextual advertising. It is entirely voluntary. Freedur is at worst a link exchange and at best an affiliate program where Key is paid for each signup he gets them. Cinaoggi looks like a link exchange. China Highlights is also probably an affiliate program where Key gets a commission for anyone that books through their website if they arrived from ChinaHush. None of these are advertisements in the sense you’re referring to. All of them only pay if they get something like a sales lead or a sale. Key posting more often may help him get more traffic that may click on the ads or buy something from the companies that have ads on his website and thus earn him a commission. However, none of these companies are paying Key in advance to post and none of these companies lose any money if Key doesn’t post. They’re opportunistic advertisements, not contractual advertisements like advertorials or sponsored posts where Key was paid in advance but he’s breeching contract by not actually delivering on those posts.

  8. The government are fucking with the authors and owner of this site!

    If they don’t make a new post by Monday, then we have proof that Government have the authors and ower of the site secured somewhere.

    if they do make a post by monday, then it shows that the government want to lie to us that they are not doing anything to them

  9. Yeah I wonder what happened to everyone, since CH was removed from the Chinese intranet’s allowed website list there’s been no updates.

    1. The site is US-hosted (by Media Temple), and the domain is registered by a US company (Go Daddy) anonymously (through Go Daddy’s I doubt anything happened to them.

      But they may have suspended updates until they resolve the block. I suspect a large amount of traffic comes from expats in China, and it may just not be worth it for the admins to keep running the site if it’s blocked in China.

      1. Registered by GoDaddy is meaningless in terms of tracking down what has happened; most likely if the admins are in China and the site is now blocked there then they may not be able to log in to post new material.

      2. I should probably say something: Guys, relax. In addition to what FD said above, Key is American (Chinese-American) and lives in California. He’s visiting China for Chinese New Year’s and said he wouldn’t have much time to update the site while he’s in China. Just wait for him to get home or get some free time. I sent Key some tips on what he can try to do to determine if ChinaHush is intentionally being blocked or only blocked because another site on his shared server was targeted for blocking. I don’t think that has been determined yet. It is quite annoying to have to visit this site via VPN though.

        1. “Key” is one of about 10 handles of people who post articles. Are they all the same person who is on vacation? Further, why did this person leave for Chinese New Year in early January when it’s not until Feb 3? I’m going to take this site out of my bookmark list soon because it appears abandoned.

          1. Key is the founder of ChinaHush. The rest are his minions. I reckon they’re volunteers and contributors not unlike chinaSMACK. I know chinaSMACK pays some of their contributors but I dunno about ChinaHush.

            Why did Key leave for China in early January? Maybe he has accrued the vacation time and wanted to spend more time in China with family and relatives? If you’re going to spend about $1000-1500 to fly to the other side of the world, it probably makes sense to make the most of it by scheduling to stay there as long as you can, right?

            Anyway, my response was just to offer some information I know to those making some wild speculations about what happened to ChinaHush. There’s no government conspiracy, it’s just that the main person behind the website is on vacation. It happens. There are a lot of other good translation blogs. In addition to the well-known aforementioned chinaSMACK, might I recommend EastSouthNorthWest? Roland, the guy who runs it, updates quite often and in bulk.

              1. Yeah…should really get to making a formal announcement on there but going quietly works too. We got blocked and instantly lost half our traffic. Custer at the time was also in the process of permanently moving back to China and had to find a real job, leaving just Stan and I. With the block, I soon lost enthusiasm for the project as I got busier with my real job. Stan’s still plucking away at China Hearsay. He tells me to blog on there but I’ve more or less lost interest in blogging my opinion or reaction to China topics. All I do now when I run across something interesting enough to comment on is add a few lines of comments whenever I share it from my Google Reader. Other than that, can’t be bothered. Should get around to redesigning china/divide as an archive sometime though.

    They’ve done something to the author and the journalist

    fucking bastards!

    report this shit to the authorities

    who knows they might be in Black Jail!

    1. I’m on my way down to the PSB to apply for a permit for the opportunity to attempt to voice my concerns at Ritan Park as we speak. Hope someone controlling the firewall will hear my plea.

  11. Why is Chinahush blocked in China but not Chinasmack? Is it because of the opinion articles on chinahush?

    1. Because Chinasmack only publish bullshit that happens in china, not news worthy, all about instigating and supporting racism!

      Chinahush brings proper news about WTF is going on in China.
      Chinese governments do not like Chinahush for broadcasting news escaping from China so they’ve blocked the site and threatened the authors and site admin!

  12. Vor allem in letzter Zeit, als wir in Kneipen und Clubs eingesperrt waren und es gelinde gesagt unmöglich war, neue Leute kennen zu lernen. Wie lernt man also ein Mädchen aus der Nachbarschaft kennen? Heutzutage ist es ganz einfach: Die meisten Frauen und Männer, die jemanden für eine sexuelle Beziehung kennen lernen wollen, gehen online.

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