The most romantic Christmas gift


Merry Christmas everyone! This recent viral video named “Christmas 2010 – Colin – the most romantic Christmas gift” is a love story between a man, Colin from the United States and a Chinese girl Chen Xiaohuan which has touched millions of Chinese netizens.  Enjoy!

Part 1/2

His name is Colin, a man from United States, when he came to China 15 years ago, he never thought of meeting a person here that he would dedicate himself to. When Christmas is approaching, he is going to carefully choosing a gift for this person.

Colin: “Actually I don’t like to go shopping, she goes shopping by herself.”

Her name is Chen Xiaohuan, in a car accident three years ago, she went through the test of life and death; at the same time the tragedy also tested a man’s heart. This man is Colin.

Colin: “I asked the doctor, how he thought Xiaohuan will be in the future. He really could not answer me. Because he said, everyone’s brain is different, their conditions in the feature will also be different, because some people give up, and some people keep working out. He thought that she will eventually walk. Because she could feel her left feet, she should be able to walk, but not for sure.”

In 2005, had just graduated from college, Colin came to Taiyuan, Jiangxi province and became an English teacher. In a student’s birthday party he met a beautiful girl from Guangxi, Chen Xiaohuan. At the time she was working as purchasing agent in a company and that student was the son of Chen Xiaohuan’s boss.

Colin: “Love to chat with her, go stake boarding with her…”

Xiaohuan: “We often went stake boarding…”

Colin: “We were really very happy before, we also love to go dancing, she dances very well.”

Xiaohuan: “He knows how to shop for cloth, he knows what girls wear.”

Colin: “We would ride our bikes together, I would ride the bike, she sat behind me…”

Colin: “When she was in a coma, the first week, Xiaohuan was in terrible condition. Her heart, her lung and her stomach all had problems because of issues with her brain. The doctor told me to go to his office; he said that Xiaohuan might die, they asked me to sign my name…” (Cry)

“I don’t really know how to cook, but I made this soup. I went to the supermarket and bought all these vegetables, putting them into a pot, and I mixed them. I made the soup, and gave to Xiaohuan to drink every day. That is the real reason why she woke up.” (Smile)

Maybe it was the magic of Colin’s soup, Xiaohuan woke up after being in a coma for two weeks. Colin now only works half a day each week and spending almost all his time into taking care of Xiaohuan.

Christmas Eve is approaching, Colin and Xiaohuan are both waiting for that moment of happiness.

Part 2/2

After carefully choosing, Colin finally gave the Christmas gift to Xiaohuan.

Xiaohuan “I feel that he must be really tired. He has to go to work, make money and take care of me. He could have been living a happy life without me. He is a very nice person.”

Colin: “The most difficult time was when she just woke up. I needed to get my visa, I needed to go to Suzhou University. They told me they can give me the visa, but I must go to school every day. If I didn’t go to class, they said they would call the police and then I could no longer live in China. So I went to class in the morning and worked during the afternoon and evening. I needed to make money because Xiaohuan’s medical costs were very expensive.”

After the careful consideration, Colin already knew what to give her.

“She doesn’t want me to go shopping, she thinks that I should save money. Now she feels every uncomfortable because she cannot work now and has to spend my money. Therefore she thinks I should not buy her presents, she thinks it is more important to buy food. So we secretly buy her stuff.”

“I think she looks good with hat… she likes black.”

Xuaihuan: “He is a very responsible man. I never thought of him taking care of me like this and never gave up.”

Colin: “In Suzhou, many foreigner friends gave me a lot of money. My parents in the United States gave me some money. Many Chinese friends also gave me money. I really thank them.”

“I know you told me that I am not supposed to buy you a present, but I thought I really want to buy you a present, Merry Christmas.”

A hat means so much love. In this Christmas Eve what Xiaohuan got was not just a hat, but the most valuable thing in the world – true love.

  1. This is a good man!

    Merry Christmas to you both.

    I hope this New Year is your best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice story about China.I like it.In fact,there r much much more there but many people just ignore them.

  3. what the fuck is this
    the foreign devils are even taking girls who are in comas
    fuck them all

    1. fucking them all is what we intend to do. It aint our fault that you all have squirrel-dicks, and are obnoxious, rude, drink that ridiculous bai jiu, cheat, steal, trick, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie ,lie, lie, lie, lie, lie and lie.
      not to mention your heads are too big for your bodies, your hands are too small, your legs too short, your skulls too thick.
      ………just let me stop it here,
      But also, to that Colin, get a fucking haircut! fake dreads are a travesty.

  4. can someone tell that dude who splashed 30 big ones on roses to give Colin some money. he can then learn a lesson on true love

  5. OK, I just remembered I read about this couple earlier this year, February I guess because here’s the China Daily article:

    So who’s right? Are these two a couple again? Has Colin been here for 5 years or 15 years? China Daily puts an entirely more clinical spin on the story (surprise) …and is he really outta here when “he finishes his studies”?

    1. interesting.

      how has this video touched “millions” of chinese when it has only been viewed half a million times on youku and none of the copies of this video on all the other major chinese video sites exceed double digit views?

      half a million over two days isn’t nothing (a lot for westerners) but millions is still kinda exaggerated man.

    2. Yeah, that is seriously fucked up…I’m tempted to believe the video (although I think the 15 years is a slip) based on the quality of journalism in China Daily’s other stories. Their slogan should be “We just make this shit up! :D”

  6. 1. Filthy round eyes are taking all our women


    2. No one’s mad because Chinese men don’t want a paralyzed defect anyway



  7. i dont understand how come some comments here are so rude !!
    whats wrong with collin for treating her gf so good ?????
    its rare to see a true love happened nowaday so why can we just give the best wishes to them insteand of stir up the conflict of race?
    chinese ppls are so rude to foreigners sometimes but im chinese as well and i cant take ppls judge ppls by their skins ……..
    thats ridiculous !!

  8. Foreigners? Race? When finish homeassignments can return? Look guys, admit it, you all are LED eventually, whether fee, financial, ideological or economic!

  9. I love the story… Love knows no boundaries… Valentine’s Day can be every day…

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!

  10. WTF is wrong with all these comments? Small-Brained, immature little blood suckers!!!

    Colin!!! This world need more men like you are! God Bless!!

    1. There is nothing inherently wrong with this story. The problem is however, that China and Chinese people keep presenting Westerners in a positive way, whilst the West continuously bashes China and Chinese people.

      All the negative comments are a backlash against that.

  11. Ok this actually made me quite sick! Too cheesy even by chinese standards. Whoever wrote the article and made the video sounds like some unsuccesful romantic novel writer for prepubescent girls…
    On another note Colin and his collegues could do with a decent barber… looks like a hippye comune party the one they are having 🙂

  12. Yes Colin is a California “hippy”, he is a strong and good man passing the test of suffering and hardship and you should remember the hippy motto “All you need is love!” If only other men in the world behaved the same way, it would be a much better place. I wish them both much happiness and hope that Xiaohuan makes a good recovery!

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