Private club provides dating service for rich and powerful to keep mistresses


From Netease: reports on December 18, early December, Xiao Li who just graduated from a university in Changchun found a tempting advertisement on the Internet. “The ad said that there will be a ‘dating events for the rich and the powerful’ (富豪相亲会) in Changchun, I called the number and was told that all the men have money and high status, wanted to recruit quality girls to meet them.” Xiao Li said he was skeptical when first communicated with the organizer. After the organizer learned Xiao Li’s situation, they began to “put their cards on the table” said, the men at the dating event may not necessarily marry the girl, “will first try to get along, if feels right then will be together.”

According to information provided by Xiao Li, the reporter found the forum in Changchun that released this message. “Dating event for the rich and the powerful” wanted: college education or above (college students ok), female, single, have normal facial features, graceful, pretty and taller than 1.60 meters. Each man’s asset is over 2 million yuan. Organizer: Changchun Yifeng private club (长春宜丰私人会所), telephone 13251842xxx, contact Ms. Li.

In order to get to the bottom of this, journalist pretended to be a girl applying for this recruitment.

Mid-December, (male) reporter contacted Ms. Li, but later found out Ms. Li was actually a man. He very directly asked the report if he “wants to Baoyang one”. (包养: [bāoyǎng] to keep; to provide financial support and housing for someone of the opposite sex but not the lawful spouse.) The reporter asked what kind of girls they provided, he said, “we provide monthly (girls).” The man from “Changchun Yifeng private club” claimed that he “had been in this industry for a long time.” He was going to introduce a “very nice” girl to the reporter. He said, “a newly graduated female student, she has super nice body, and wants to look for someone rich.” The man said, he can arrange the rich to meet the girls, in terms of how to “keep” her, how much money, will be determined by the two parties. But the rich man will pay him 3000 yuan service charge for a successful deal.

In the conversation, the reporter also tried to ask the details on how to “keep” (Baoyang) the girl, but the middle man did not want to say more, only stressed “specifically about how much money you have to negotiate with the girl, I am only responsible for the arrangements.”

The middleman said the girls he has right now have various “keeping limits” “One month is short-term, some customers keep one for one year, some even three years, varies depends on the person.” Middleman said, men who come here are all not short of money.

Most importantly, the middleman also mentioned, once the “Baoyang” relationship is established, two parties must sign an agreement. The content of the agreement “is up to both of you to decide, for example, she cannot interfere with your family and so on.” We also will sign another confidentiality agreement with the man, to not to disclose this “Baoyang secret”.

Since the club provides beauties to men, then what kind of requirement does the club have for the girls? One day in mid-December, a female reporter pretended to be a university teacher and contacted the club.

On the phone, it was the same middleman, he refused to meet up but presented many information about the dating service. The man said, his private club introduced memberships; only men with power and strong finial background were able to join. He said he can arrange the girl to meet the rich man, and all expenses will be paid by the male members.

“We are making money from these men. Now there are many (rich) who are married but also looking for a girlfriend or something, for three four years for how much money, and then sign an agreement. This kind of ‘dating’ is the majority; about 90% is like that.” Middleman told the reporter to not dream about finding a boyfriend to get married, because “90% of them are looking for a mistress, only very few are not married.”

The middleman said, club has been operating for over 6 months, and success rate is very high. “Most of them are university students, or girls who work with some kind of financial securities.”

December 14, at noon, after much undercover work, the middleman finally introduced our female reporter to a “superb rich man”. On the phone, reporter and the man agree to meet in front of the Workers Cultural Palace.

The reporter waited for 10 minutes, a 40 some year looking man wearing a down jacket carrying a bag walked up to her.

When reporter asked whether he was as advertised a CEO of some company, he did not answer the question directly. He said that he knew about Yifeng private club through a friend. He also said that he is not single but refused to talk about his family. He is not a club member, a friend of his found out that that he wanted to look for a girlfriend and introduced him the service. After paying 1000 yuan to the club, he already met with several other girls, but none of them met his standards.

On that day, the female reporter and the rich man talked for one and a half hours. The man talked a lot, but did not reveal much of his identity. From the conversation, the man was very pleased with the reporter, because he said he usually do not talk for long if he was not interested.

The man said, this kind of club is not to be trusted, because the real rich will not find girlfriends through this way, and also no one would tell others about the real amount of their assets.

When leaving the restaurant, the man was very alert, kept looking back. Since then, the reporter has been receiving text messages from the club, asking if what she thought of this “company executive”, and whether if the date was successful.

Reporter also found out from “Ms. Li”, “Changchun Yifeng private club” not only recruits “beauties” to date rich men, also is advertised for “marriage investigation, business investigation, finding professionals, competitive intelligence analysis and other special investigations.” At the same time the advertisement said, “No matter if you a business leader or government official, as long as you want to keep (Baoyang) a beautify college girl, then contact us. We guarantee success, all with college education or above, or in college students, high quality and well-educated.”

“Changchun Yifeng private club” is the middleman matchmaking rich men with mistresses, is this legal?

Director of Fahui law firm in Jilin, Qiu Deming said, this kind of dating service is using a legitimate form to cover up illegal purposes, and profiting from activities in the scope of introducing sex trade and prostitution. “For sure it is illegal, not only it destroys marriage and family, it also damages social order. An it also should be condemned at the moral level. This business is destructive because it may induce other forms of crimes and even more serious social conflicts. It is worse than open prostitution, and should be absolutely banned.”

  1. First! also, they should run a side business for rich wives that suspect their husbands are cheating.

  2. Is it necessary to include “For the rich and powerful” in any story about abuse in China? It’s the modus operandi.

  3. Girls are willing to give
    Men are willing to offer
    This is land of the finest, China!

    But seriously how hard is it to get laid?
    Why pay for sex when you could get it for free?

  4. The same shit happens stateside, just most of the Americans living in Shanghai are not in this loop to know it exist due to various factors.

  5. I don’t feel too strongly about this either way. I think everyone is in it to lie. The girls aren’t victims. True victims are people who live outside it.

  6. Come on, why are you blaming the men for this? It is the greedy liitle #$%^ that started this in the first place, is it not?

  7. It’s just a simple transaction
    somebody willing to sell something, somebody willing to pay for something
    And god, C. men loves to pay for it, so why not let them do it

    1. Yes because real women around the world who marry a rich man don’t have middle men. Gold diggers are pimpless whores. House wives are working whores who carry their weight. Chinese take it to a different level because allot of the women are misguided because their options are extremely limited to selling pussy, renting pussy, or taking advantage of how valuable pussy can be. Free range pussy is very hard to come by in China. Pretty soon the rich is going to whored all the good pussy away from the general pop that there will only be low grade left overs or used up pussy who will just take what they can get.

      The mistresses solves a family problem. once that 1st child is born, I swear in China fucking amongst the rich stop. Some how the family thing loses its luster and he has to get his rocks off outside of the house. Chinese are proving to be more japanese then they like to admit.

  8. The day when people think this is okay, is when society is lost.

    Chinese people must strive to maintain all that was good with our culture! We’ve learnt little of the good of the West (confidence, free spirit and independence) and most of the bad (selfishness, decadence and laziness).

    1. But brothels, and also concubines, and polygamy and bound feet, are a large part of China’s 5000 years of history. Heindrich1998, you should inspect yourself more closely, to determine whether you are doing enough to love the Chinese motherland.

      1. Cultures change and evolve. Almost every culture discriminated against women, some still do. We should maintain what was good about traditional China and purge what was not. We should absorb what is good with other cultures, and resist what is not.

        I have grown up in the UK, but I do my best to uphold Chinese values in my life.

  9. Maybe, Heindrich, if you didn’t pretend you were maintaining traditional Chinese culture by bitching about concubinism people would take you more seriously.

    Monogamy is really more of a Western custom than a Chinese one.

  10. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has ended a hectic week which saw his company valued at £106bn after a stock market flotation by getting married.

    He wed his long-time girlfriend Priscilla Chan, 27, in a ceremony at his home in Palo Alto, California.

    Priscilla Chan is great.

    And mega rich.

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