How a highway chase ends in China, writing self-criticisms


(Netease) Sichuan Online reported on December 16, on the night of December 14, 4 drivers, Yin, Zhou, Zhang and Zhu each drove their newly bought Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and two Porsche 911s and past a traffic police on duty. The Lamborghini also did not hang the license plate. Highway traffic police sent two police cars and eventually caught all four speeders. The police conducted a 3-hour security warning education and ordered them to each write a self-criticism.



“For luxury sports cars are racing on the highway, the super cars look like jets.” “A police car on duty also is forced to speed up, seriously endangering people’s safety.” 6:30 pm, On December 14, Chengnan Highway traffic police received several reports on the phone, so they sent two police cars to intercept the speeders.

6:35 pm, 4 sports cars sped by the police. The police spoke on the loudspeaker “Sports car drivers, please pull over for inspection.” But the 4 cars never even slowed down and just roared away. The police started the chase. However the police cars could not keep up with these super cars, as the roaring sound of the car engines faded away, four sports cars quickly disappeared in front of their eyes. The two traffic police did not give up and continued to pursue towards the direction to Chengdu.

Chengnan highway tunnel was under construction, vehicles all had to change lanes and slow down in this section. Two other traffic police were at the construction site directing traffic; they also had been keeping an eye out for luxury sports cars ever since they heard about the report. At about 6:40 pm, indeed, a Lamborghini, a Mercedes-benz SLS AMG and two Porsche 911s drove up to the section of the highway in construction. They could only move slowly there, while the two chasing highway traffic police caught up to them there.

Sandwiched by the police, 4 sports cars were intercepted. In front of the traffic police, 4 drivers all acted very low-key. After taking the mug shots, police further investigated drivers’ identities and found Yin, Zhou, Zhang and Zhu, whose parents are all very influential businessmen in Chongqing.

According to the report, 4 of them each drove their newly bought luxury sports cars (total worth about 10 million yuan, that’s 1.5 million USD) from Chongqing to Chengdu for a racing event. They decided to start the “warm up” when drove on the empty freeway. The Lamborghini was also missing license plate.

In the police station, the police conducted a 3-hour long safety warning education on these “second generation rich” kids, and also carried out the punishment according to the law: 4 drivers were fined 150 yuan (that’s about 20 USD) with 3 points on their driving record; the Lamborghini driver was fined 150 yuan with 6 points for not having a license plate in front of the car.

“In terms of speeding, because the radar could not have a read on their speed at the time, so we don’t have the evidence to give them punishment for that right now.” Traffic police said.

After accepting their punishment, Yin, Zhou, Zhang and Zhu all had to write a self-criticism on the hood of their cars.

Just a little past 10 pm, 4 guys each drove their luxury sports cars back on the Chengnan Highway.

  1. Nothing really to say here. They were caught speeding and punished according to the law.

    I think many people would want them to face harsher consequences because they are rich, but it’s really unjustified if you think about it.

    1. Yeah, but if they would’ve killed somebody, you probably already know that absolutely nothing would’ve happened to them.

    1. Dunno about the newest models but in the West they used to have a terrible reputation. Driving like a brick, terrible angles for looking out and very hard to control, even for experienced drivers. Not saying I would refuse to take one if somebody offered though,,

  2. I am very surprised at China’s laws on this issue. Speeding from the police in a car endangers the public and is therefore a very serious crime in the west. You would also be charged for evading arrest and reckless driving. There is no way anyone could get out of this without being arrested in say, the States for example. If there’s only a 150RMB fine it’s worth a shot to run from the police any day.

  3. $20 fine and write a note of apology? What a fucking joke. Gee, I wonder if the fact that they have rich parents had anything to do with the slap on the wrist punishment. Maybe if they had plowed into a family and killed everyone inside they would have had to spend a night in jail? What a joke. If you’re a member of the lucky sperm club in China you can get away with pretty much anything.

    1. whatever, man. highway was empty story says. Speeding is only dangerous if you are not paying attention and you don’t know how to drive. it’s not an automatic ticket to fatality land.

      1. i guess evading the cops doesn’t warrant a harsher punishment? Read the whole article instead of skimming through it.

      2. seriously those guys are just pure dumb ass
        if they could afford an exotic cars
        they could race on the track instead on public road?

  4. shit i wish they ahd done this to LAPD… im sure it would have ended up with a rodney king incident on these guys.

  5. that is such a light penalty
    if they had done this in BC Canada
    their car would be auction off by the government

  6. How very 1960’s of them. I imagine “self-criticism” to be a bit like Bart Simpson writing “I will not speed again” 20 times on the blackboard, and then not give a shit after it’s done.

    1. I guess that is exactly the point. Since the offenders in this case are obviously pecunious, a legal fine should hardly be considered an effective punishment to invoke the desired change of behavior. On the other hand, the ultimate penalty might be the loss of face by means of public humilation. From an outsider’s point of view, being handed over to the mockery of the masses appears to be an essential part of the judicial system in China.

      1. Many countries with a functioning legal system now have fines being given in relation to your income. It seems fair to me that a surgeon ought to pay more for speeding than a garbage man.

      2. That would be great wouldn’t it. I’d love to see it done, though I don’t expect it. You must be quite detached if you are hoping for public humiliation for the rich and powerful?

  7. Outrunning the cops on the highway after being told to pull over?? In the U.S., you better believe those guys would be in handcuffs either on the ground or face down on the hoods of their daddy-toys…and that would be after the cops had approached the cars with guns drawn.

    No judgment…working within the law…admirable restraint and all…but I wonder sometimes how many cops in China have their little policing fantasies.

  8. Can’t the police infer the speed from the fact that their own patrol cars can’t keep up? And the police can’t arrest the four when the cars did not stop after being ordered to do so and went on a highway chase battle?

    Really if I am a rich kid in China, I don’t even need excuses to break the law, the police will make up the necessary excuses for me pronto.

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