Viral video: two Chinese women fighting on Vancouver SkyTrain


Recently, this viral video of two Chinese women fighting on the Vancouver SkyTrain in Canada has been circulating the Chinese Internet community.  The shouting match was in Mandarin, Cantonese and some English.  The woman sitting down was more vocal, spoke mostly in Cantonese, and the other woman standing up spoke Mandarin and English.  In the beginning of the video there was a third woman trying to make peace, and she spoke some Shanghainese to them.

The general reaction of Chinese netizes after watching was, “how embarrassing, to lose face in front of the foreigners in a foreign county, to lose face for Chinese people and China”.

  1. I think it speaks more on the general state of American youth. Love their sniggering sounds. Brings me back to my callow youth and how often I acted like a prig without thinking about it.

      1. Yep, Vancouver is in Canada.

        To be honest, this is just damn embarassing. I live in Vancouver, and I’m Chinese. This is just, eck, what can I say. No class. Not sure why you’d think this is a reflection of the spectators…

  2. anybody read this?

    “The general reaction of Chinese netizes after watching was, “how embarrassing, to lose face in front of the foreigners in a foreign county, to lose face for Chinese people and China”.”

    ever lose face when u see a fresh foreigner abroad acting like an idiot?
    i suppose its different if you live in a place for a while, but these ladies are from an uncivilized time…

    on the other hand if you are embarrassed of people acting like that outside your country then why is it totally acceptable in your country?

  3. Pretty embarrassing, except it is Canada – so who cares. What are they going to do, stop exporting Maple Syrup and Hockey Sticks to Asia?

    1. Maybe we’ll stop importing arrogant Chinese into Canada who make asses out of themselves in public. lol. dickhead.

    2. and coal
      and cotton/wool
      and aluminum
      and automotive parts
      and natural gas
      and natural rubber…

      This was not embarrassing to Asia, just China.

  4. There’s much more on youtube from California and Hongkong. There’s one from San Francisco where the old Chinese woman on the bus is assaulting a younger Black woman. It’s awesome. This is American immigrants getting their ghetto on. Imagine how FURIOUS they are on the inside. They must be SEETHING.

    1. chinese woman assaulting a younger black woman? really? biased much? they had an argument and the black woman, in her 30s punched the asian woman, who looked to be 40-50. come on man, no reason to mix up the facts. if you hate chinese people just make it obvious.

  5. More proof of 2 idiots showing their talent – which is nothing.

    this was not a fight it was an exchange of words, bad Mandarin, bad English, bad Cantonese, and two bad woman. Nothing here to see.

  6. I hate teenage kids. although this video was entertaining and verifies Korea Guys rants. But I hate teenagers all over the world for being so Childish. Even in korea I have had kids pull out their wieners in front of anyone thinkin it was cool. Chinese kids pointing and snickering on the train. If and when my kids are in their teens we are going to have it ruff.


    TRUTH ——–>>

    Psycho bitch sitting down is from HONGKONG…… only HK people act this way, so fucking aggressive and rude thinking there owed something, almost like an alien. I’ve had several lesbian looking ” HongKongnese ” try and fight me on several occasions when I lived there in Kowloon for no apparent reason.

    I now realize that they’re are the ones representing China across the world because of their mass migration in the late 90’s. Most HK don’t even consider themselves Chinese, they think they’re better, until China became mad rich, now HKnese are sucking some balls and trying to get their mandarin on point.

    KOREAN – rich spoiled KOREAN kids w/ their curved NY, boston or detroit hats and their gay boy band kim jong ILL mentality can stop destroying DT Vancouver. I used to love it, now I despise to go on Robson St. or the westend, mostly cause you of you guys and your gay style !

    1. the sad part in Richmond is
      lots of the Chinese there doesn’t even know how to speak English
      and Chinese is the 1st language in that area

    2. Mainlanders never give a shiet about Cantonese. We might retain some fondness of them if they don’t open their mouths.

        1. its basically means, they are chinese, but not from china….
          in their passports, the nationality will always say h0nkies

          1. Yeah Hongkies are generally uglier with flatter noses and narrower eyes. See Jordan Chan for pictorial example.

            Passport says Hong Kong, China.

            1. not as bad as mainlander’s mouth fill with black teeth caused by heavy smoking along with strong odor

      1. That’s because Hong Kong is not part of Mainland China. That’s not some personal opinion. That’s black and white geographical fact.

  8. I don’t see what the big fuss is all about. I’ve seen huge retarded fights + rants from all ages ethnicity on public transit.

    drunk and high teens laughing and swearing
    mad white man ranting racist slurs at bus driver about mentally disabled latino who sat beside him
    and yes, old south asian woman just being plain loud.

    So? It’s the world people. Get over it.

  9. “The general reaction of Chinese netizes after watching was, “how embarrassing, to lose face in front of the foreigners in a foreign county, to lose face for Chinese people and China”.”

    The times I went to China I’ve seen arguments and fights that were like this, or would put this argument to shame. It’s like saying “it’s only okay if the Chinese do it in China as that doesn’t shame us, but in a foreign country? I’m ashamed of you!”

    Plus I don’t see the big deal about this video I mean the ladies arguing happen to be Chinese… If they were both Caucasian would it be any different? What happens if they were arguing in Croatian or Spanish? I mean really, come on.

    As for the argument on the skytrain this is what happened (my friend happened to sit close to them and told me what happened):

    The boy sitting beside the old lady is disabled whether it be autism, mute, or something else. The lady in the pink jacket is the caretaker of that boy and she sat the boy down in the priority seats that are for the disabled and elderly. Pink jacket lady asked POLITELY (it’s not shown in the video as this was taken after all hell broke loose) if she could have the seat of the old lady as she would like to sit beside him at all times…. the old lady got offended and that’s when she started to go off on pink jacket lady and kept touching her stuff/jacket. Another passerby who saw this came to the defence of the pink jacket lady and that’s where the video starts off.

        1. Although in modern times the term ‘lady’ has spread to embrace all adult women, in some contexts may still be used to evoke a concept of “lady-like” standards of behaviour, thereby referring to a specific attitude that is in accordance with common decency.

    1. I see. This part of the story makes the Canto bat look all the more retarded and uncultured.

  10. are you all guy nuts? what’s wrong with people fighting it’s our nature, why should we get ashemed. you think Canadians themselves don’t fight? they fight, americans fight too, chinese fight too, koreans fight too. everybody fights, so there is no need of feeling down.

  11. As Chinese,I can hardly get what they are shouting out of their mouth.I’ve experienced this several times before but most of the times are when I am living in the countryside.In recent years there are several types of Chinese people going abroad.1.Young ones from middle-class families goes out for further education.2.Low class poor ones goes out for living.3.New riches goes out to enjoy life in the more luxury world.I can see these two belong to the second type.They are uneducated and lack basic living standard.Even in China people can get annoyed with them.But they don’t care ’cause they don’t really get any care from others and the government.Or maybe this can reflect the lack of Chinese social security.

    1. They don’t get to present themselves like that in those metropolises in China. Educated and grace Chineses stay away from them as far as they can. There is nothing wrong with being poor, but you gotta have some sort of manner when presenting yourself in public.

  12. I’m not ashamed or feel responsible because of shared heritage AT ALL. I find it entertaining especially when they speak Cantonese. The more involved, venomous and articulate the better like Bus Uncle in Hongkong.

  13. Foreign country my ass, i suspect this is in the Richmond area since old chinese people don’t wander into Greater Vancouver. And well Richmond is like a more sparse Hong Kong. That is all.

  14. Stupid Chinese trash! Stay in China where you belong! And stop trying to steal our white women!!!!


    1. “Stupid Chinese Trash”? Look who’s talking. I could call you “White Trash”, but I’m not going to. I have enough decency and respect to refrain from mindless name calling and ignorance. Not all Chinese are like this.
      And besides, look at majority of the society today. If you look at the statistics, more WHITE MEN are trying to get with our ASIAN WOMEN than our Asian men are trying to get with “your White women.”

    2. “And stop trying to steal our white women!!!!”
      that is the biggest fear for any trailer trash

    3. To White Pride:
      If you’re going to salute your moronic (and very dead) hero, at least have the balls to say it. Losers worship him. Pussies worship him but have to do it in code.

  15. No, You’re a chicken…..blah blah blah…….what is so unusual / amazing about this? just some old bat mugging for the cameras. And what’s wrong with those Canadian boys getting a laugh? The only thing i think is wrong is how these rude bitches do their part to ruin Vancouver. Anyone who has been to vancouver knows what i am talking about.

  16. Hey I live in Vancouver, it’s like 60% Chinese here. The older Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong tend not to like the newer ones from the mainland. This kinda stuff happens all the time.

      1. what is there to jealous of?
        i m actually scare of mainlander FOBs
        somehow most of them don’t understand the logic why obeying traffic law is important

      2. isnt it the other way around?
        during the hostage taking incident, there were many MLs making comments
        “the h0nkies think they are rich don’t they, spent their money overseas instead of in china, serve them right”…..

    1. that is because it is not Cantonese
      maybe you should ask your comrades on what she was saying

  17. @.@ Gosh. why speak in such a high-pitched voice. Please don’t call yourself as Chinese. Look at the girl in red, she is gentle and mild. What’s up with that Canto bitch. Looks like a wrestler. Imagine all the cantoese disappeared in Vancouver, ahem, Mainlanders remain for sure…wow, Vancouver is indeed the best place for living.

    1. “Gentle & Mild” sounds like an TV advert for Summers Eve.

      Indeed, derp derp.

  18. That’s not Hongkong Cantonese. That’s not even city Cantonese from Guangzhou. That’s hicksville alley variation possibly Toisanese from that first wave of inexplicably fortunate but hybridized backwater settlement where the dialect changes and is distinguished by the different avenues. Some people have only ten families who speak the same variant. It’s not considered a very nice accent but some variants make me laugh. Anyway, the seated lady, the aggressor isn’t very nice and her behavior speaks to a typically cramped social circle compared to your average Mainland city dweller. It’s a huge distinction. If Wayne Wang hadn’t immortalized them in his early works, we’d have no evidence of their existence. Anyway, definitely not Hongkong and barely Cantonese.

  19. I wonder what set them off. The train was nearly deserted, too bad neither of them had the wherewithal to just walk away. But some juicy Cantonese cussing being thrown down, always nice to see.

    But really, just 2 or 3 women making a bit of a scene. No big deal. Certainly can’t see how that would be embarrassing for an entire race, unless one assumes that every last member of that race behaves that way. Feel embarrassed for them, sure. But no need to find it embarrassing for Chinese people in general.

    I do find it peculiar that some people would try to further make a distinction between a Hong Konger vs a mainlander, or a Cantonese speaker vs a Mandarin speaker. Bad behaviour is bad behaviour, regardless of where you’re from and what language you speak. But to generalize the bad behaviour of one person to an entire group of people is no different than what racists do (yeah, I’m talking to you, HH)

    1. I can’t agree that the differentiation is insignificant not to distance one self from the culprit but actually the seated aggressor’s accent/dialect has a reputation amongst citizens of Canton proper and Hongkong. If one were to listen to their conversations, you would note a self-limiting crab mentality devoted to in their nuances – not commerce, not thirst for knowledge or personal advancement but nuances related to keeping each other in check – it’s a wonder they ever rise above footstools outside their front doors. There’s a reason for their reputation. You just have to be present and have experience from within and full frontal to understand.

      1. I admit I couldn’t fully decipher everything that was said. From what I could gather, i agree that the seated person was the “aggressor”. That said, to me, it is what she said that makes her behaviour disagreeable, and not her accent or her place of origin. She certainly deserves to be judged based on her actions. But to judge her on any other basis is prejudicial, and in that way, is not better than racism, which when boiled down is simply prejudice based on race.

  20. Cantonese lady will kick her ass. She’s so funny she said to the other lady she has “雞樣”… very funny. Reminds of me of the Toisan lady on the SF Muni

  21. Ashamed that they portray chinese people that way in a foreign land? those guys have to be fucking kidding me. from the comfort of their own fucking home or internet lab, these fucking teenagers and 20 somethings that are probably leeching off their parents need to open their eyes. no one else in the video was unreasonable besides the old woman that probably went through more shit than they can imagine to get to canada and live there as a foreigner. if anything she’s OLD and old people tend to be unreasonable and from a different time. its not a big deal.

  22. Chinese… lol… such stupid primitive people giving all Asians a bad name.. and why are there so many of them everywhere?

  23. LOL at the Korean trolls here. Yeah okay Chinese give Asians a bad name but guys like Cho Seung Hui did wonders for the Asian community right? Oh and what about KJI and his psychotic regime? Yes let’s follow the Korean example by dividing out nation up and shooting up colleges.

    1. Right so shooting up a college is bad, but turning grade schools into human sushi bars are okay?

      Seriously, chinese people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

      As bad as KJI is, I think Mao killed a lot more people. And if your worried about Asians getting a bad name, then maybe you should turn your attention toward getting lead and Melamine out of your baby formulas.

  24. poor stupid and ugly asians trolls here
    neither WHITE MEN want you asian whores
    neither WHITE WOMEN want apes asians
    RETURN TO sewers( your countries) in asia

  25. A chink, is a chink, is a chink… I don’t think it really matters what “language” you speak when you are dealing with a subhuman race, they should all just be glad they have the opportunity live here, as we all know, no one is flocking to china.

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