Hostage situation in the street caught on camera


Evening of December 4, a hostage situation was developed in City of Guiyang, Guizhou province. A man was caught stealing a motorcycle by the public. When realizing he could no longer get away, the man took a young girl hostage with his knife. After some tense moments, eventually the hostage was successfully rescued and the criminal was booked by the police. This entire hostage rescue process was captured on camera.

Around 5 pm, the public had noticed the criminal stealing a motorcycle. In desperation, the man took a young girl hostage with his knife. He walked with the hostage on the street, stopping occasionally while surrounded by onlookers and the police. After a while, reporter noticed the criminal was nodding his head and muttering towards the crowd, as if he was talking to someone he knew. Sure enough, a woman stepped out from crowd and walked straight towards the criminal. She lit up a cigarette for the man, perhaps tried to calm him down and asking him to stop.

The intervention of this woman took the police by surprise. and the criminal was especially emotional when he saw her. In order to ensure the safety of the woman and the hostage, an undercover police had dragged the woman back. And then the criminal’s emotion was escalated. The sharp edge of his knife pressed closer against the hostage, making her titling her body.

The woman went up to him again, crying, and attempted to take his knife away. But this action made the police at the scene even more nervous that someone might get hurt. When the criminal tried to walk again, the woman hugged him from behind. She asked him to think it through, and the police cars behind him all kept their distances. The man insisted on walking forward and told the woman to leave.

The criminal had been moving towards the city. When he reached to an intersection, the police had cordoned off the streets. The man realized he could no longer move forward so he started to negotiate with the police. At that time the woman once again went up to him and lit a cigarette for him. She hoped the criminal can be calm in the situation. Now the criminal was at the verge of breaking, in a blink of an eye, the police swarmed in and took control of him and rescored the hostage. The hostage was sent the hospital and the criminal booked. The woman at the scene turned out to be the man’s wife, also went to the police station.

  1. Secretary: “Boss? boss, it’s skull. He knocked down another ATM, this time at knifepoint. he needs your legal advice.”


  2. I really appreciate the hostage wearing a red coat. It kind of adds a common symbolic value to a personal dramatic event. As if it were staged almost. Scumbag on the run: chased by his demons, but utimately saved by the loyalty of his one and only true love. Applause!

      1. I was refering to the fact that the colour (bright) red in cinema is often set to stand for danger, blood and evil or the possibility of love or passion. The conventions of associating specific colour codes may depend on circumstances or location. Additionally, hostage situations in cinema are very often depicted as a standoff:
        a spouse or close relative will usually try her best to keep the hostage taker alive, often against all odds. In this particular case the coincidental combination of these dramatic elements contribute to a sense of fate rumbling along beneath the story’s surface, which is very similar to how cinema operates.

    1. No, typo by Key. If you watch the news report video, it is dated 2010.12.7 (today). Chinahush was actually pretty fast picking this story up and translating it for us.

  3. I like his haircut I’m gonna show my hairdresser this video so she can cut it for me.

  4. The woman should tell him to “stop”, but if he doesn’t understand english, she should say it in Japanese, and say “yamete!”

    Chinese people know the meaning of that through Japanese entertainment videos 😉

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