Jailed for a “tweet” on Twitter



(Century Weekly) Cheng Jianping (程建萍) was detained for 5 days, and followed by a year of manual labor reeducation because of a tweet she posted on Twitter.

Cheng Jianping (Internet name: Wang Yi王译), 46 year old, freelancer, who came from Xinxiang City, Henan Province. Since June of this year, Cheng and her fiancé Hua Chunhui (华春辉) lived in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.

October 17, 2010, anti-Japanese demonstration broke out in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province. Cheng and her fiancé saw this news on the Internet, some demonstrators snatched away and smashed people’s Japan-made camcorders, cameras and cell phones on the streets. Hua Chunhui thought no matter what, destruction of other’s property is against the law, so he posted a tweet on Twitter:


“Anti-Japanese demonstrations, smashing Japanese products, such things Guo Quan and them have already done that years ago, nothing new. Actually the most effective thing is flying to Shanghai immediately and smash the Japanese Pavilion at the Expo.”

Cheng Jianping thought it was really sarcastic so she retweeted the message and also tweeted “Fenqing, (angry youth) charge!”

11 days later, October 28, 2010, it was Hua Chunhui’s birthday, also the day Cheng and Hua decided to get married. However two of them were taken away by the police. The next day, Wuxi Municipal Public Security Bureau gave Cheng Jianping her “Public Security Administrative Punishment Decision” – 5 days of detention. The decision letter said, “It is verified: October 17th, 2010, Cheng Jianping retweeted Hua Chunhui’s ‘smashing Japanese Pavilion’ etc. tweet messages, and also posted ‘Fenqing, charge!’, ‘go smash it!’, inciting Internet users to go to Shanghai World Expo to destroy Japanese Pavilion. (crime was) seized on October 29, 2010.”

On the same day, Wuxi Municipal Public Security Bureau Branch also gave Hua Chunhui the “Public Security Administrative Punishment Decision”, said It is verified, on October 17, 2010 Hua Chunhui, at home, through Internet, “posted on Twitter to incite Internet users to go to Shanghai World Expo to smash the Japanese Pavilion, plotting to disrupt order at the Shanghai World Expo.” Hua Chunhui was to be detained for 10 days.

After serving the detentions, Hua Chunhui was released to go home, however Cheng Jianping was again sentenced to go to reeducation through labor. November 3, the same day Cheng was removed from detention, Henan police escorted her back to her home province. Several days later, Xinxiang City Committee of Reeducation Trough Labor wrote a “Reeducation Through Labor Decision”, which sentenced Cheng to reeducation through labor for one year. The basis of the decision was the same as the “Public Security Administrative Punishment Decision”.

November 15, Cheng was taken to Hennan Province Women’s Reeducation through Labor Management Center. Hua Chunhui said, when during her physical examination, she was found to be sick and rejected by the reeducation center. Next day morning, Cheng once again was examined and was identified to have myocardial ischemia, labor camp once again refused to take her in. However, after insisted by the police, Cheng was eventually put into the labor camp. Currently, Cheng Jianping has commissioned lawyer to prepare administrative proceedings to sue the Xinxiang City Committee.

“Labor education trial scheme” began trial in 1982, till now it has been “tried” for 28 years. This “scheme” was based on the following three laws, “The State Council decision on the issue of reeducation through labor” 《国务院关于劳动教养问题的决定》 enacted in 1957, "The State Council decision on the supplementary education through labor" 《国务院关于劳动教养的补充决定》 enacted in 1979 and “Handling of fleeing or recidivating laborers and detainees" 《关于处理逃跑或者重新犯罪的劳改犯和劳教人员的决定》enacted in 1981. Over the years these laws have been controversial for being unconstitutional.

  1. What is the sentence for using a Firewall or Proxy? What was the sentence if she said the same on a site easily accessible by the fenqing?

  2. If she said the same on a site accessible by fenqing probably no sentence, since the Propaganda Dept could just have the offending comment 被和谐了. That’s their problem with the internet, it isn’t in their hands to control.

  3. Hey VOC (Voice of China), the Chinese goverment is coming for you!!!

    Unless you are working for the Chinese gov, prepare to go to jail for all the racist comments you’ve made! 😀

  4. For all the rips in various countries that do bonehead actions like this – remember this, “moot” – the sys admin of 4chan – has testified in U.S. courts time and again against people that thought they were posting anonymously.

    1. Completely different.

      On 4chan, “anonymous” means you don’t attach a name to your comment.

      In this circumstance, she was posting “anonymously” presumably through a proxy or VPN (which allows her to access Twitter), and somehow the CCP was able to trace that.

      They both implicate different things. One is sheer idiocy (pretending your IP isn’t tracked), the other is false security (posting from proxy/VPN and still being tracked).

      1. This is even more sheer idiocy. She puts her QQ, skype and cell phone number on her twitter page and she mentioned where she lived in her tweets several times. Actually I’m surprised that the police only took action to detain her so late since there are full of sensational stuffs and offensive language on her twitter if you bother to read – and she updated it so frequently like she got paid on it.

        She’s a perfect example of Chinese dissidents, angry and unsophisticated, which make them a good twin brother of fenqings. That’s why people keep away from both of them. The government usually tolerates them to a degree but when the idiocy and sensationalism becomes over the top, “a hen would be killed to warn the monkeys”.

    1. sorry for you. Maybe the government just angry that she put her words on twitter. You know, it is ridiculous.
      At least, we can say that Chinese government is a government love peace. hahaha

      1. now now be-careful
        when you say China is ridiculous
        they might put you in jail for that… LOL

  5. I think that warranted police intervention. A bigger problem is that legal downloads directly profit Sony Music (they own SO MANY American labels now.) I paid $5 for a secondhand album for John Legend for ONE song that would have cost 99cents downloaded however through ignorance, I paid for downloaded songs that were owned by Sony. I am going to keep trying to do secondhand albums even though I believe that most albums these days only have one song worth owning. Aside from music, I have no problem not buying Japanese products.

  6. Anyone would actually get in trouble for writing a tweet about crashing a plane into a building… doesn’t matter if they were being sarcastic or joking, or if they live in China or the United States. if he was American, the FBI would visit him.

  7. what a crazy Chinese bitch?
    if she smashes my phone
    i would beat her until she needs a blending for her daily meal

          1. lay low moe> It’s not this comment, rather her pattern of comments that make it clear that she’s a racist fenqing. I’ll bet you 20 bucks she was at the anti-Japanese riot in Chongqing.

            Her laughing at someone getting sent to jail was the last straw, that’s all.

            1. thanks for the heads up
              cause i love Japanese products
              from AV to Rice cooker
              my daily life depends on Japan

              1. Japan rules!!!

                If Nobel prizes were awarded for ‘creative entertaintment’, Japan, should win it just for their AV production (not even talking about Anime)!!!

                Kimochi Kimochi!!!!

              1. I will pay by bank transfer on behalf on SG. Give me the name and bank details and I’ll transfer it right away…;)

                    1. That’s too bad…Looks like to bank transfer for you afterall Crystal.

                      Sorry, but as SG said, his bet was with “lay low mo”, therefore our deal is no longer valid!

                      SG (Singapore Guy) has the overall say I’m afraid, since it was he who placed the bet 😀

                    2. HEY SG (Singapore Guy) why are you so concerned with the anti-japanese protest anyway, and rebuking Crystal for it?

                      Do you have a Japanese wife???

  8. Whenever people do stupid things they always try to explain it away with the “Sorry, I was drunk/stupid/depressed/joking/insert whatever” defense. I think most of us are immune to that by now since it’s hard to tell whether it’s true or not. IMHO it was on god damned time that someone decided to clamp down on all the racism, nationalism and blatant incitement to violence that is all over Chinese websites. I’ll side with China on this one.

    1. >god damned time that someone decided to clamp down on all the racism, nationalism and blatant incitement to violence that is all over Chinese websites. I’ll side with China on this one.

      Uh dude….she was jailed for making fun of the fenqing.

      1. As I mentioned, yes that’s what SHE said when defending herself. If it’s true then she should have known better but the punishment is clearly too harsh. If she’s lying then her punishment is closer to being reasonable. What makes me think she’s just doing whatever she can to save her skin is the whole birthday/proposal thing she manages to weave into it. There are plenty of racists around and they aren’t all 16 year old kids you know.

      2. What happened to the Freedom of Speech Act? When did that get abolished? Or did it ever exist, hahahahaha!!! 😀

  9. We gasp at the excesses to which Chinese netizens are driven when fuelled by inflammatory stories of injustice, or even mere offenses to sensibility, yet we criticise the Chinese government’s efforts to prevent those excessive reactions. Even the right to freedom of speech in the Untied States of America is tempered by the accountability one holds with regard to the social unrest words can cause. Even if the tweet was delivered ironically (and I believe it was), if the pavilion had been damaged as a result of the couple’s words, would we feel the same about their punishment? When names and addresses of Chinese citizens who have ostensibly “offended Chinese sensibility” (I’m thinking of the Tibet vigil at Duke, North Carolina) are published on the Internet, with the aim of provoking a vicious retaliation, will we so vehemently defend the freedom of speech? The volatile nature of the Chinese Internet community, especially as regards political statements (Japanese, Tibet, ‘the West’), until it can be altered, is a fact to be taken as given when assessing the accountability of inflammatory words, even ironic ones.

  10. …..seriously guys.

    Is anti-Japanese Crystal the only person who understood the article? Cheng Jianping was jailed for making fun of the demonstrators, not encouraging them.

    That’s what’s so hilarious/retarded. It’s not illegal (or at least not punished) for a fenqing to smash Japanese cars etc, but it IS illegal to clap sarcastically.

    1. I understood that discouragement was the intention, but what if encouragement was the result? Hence my point about the environment into which words are spoken. If I raise a neo-nazi hand ironically, but the irony, misunderstood, incites violence, how accountable should I be? That’s a question.

    2. I read it again and I still doubt that is true although one could make a case for it. We probably need more information for that to be settled.

      1. Actually, I’ve decided to show off my flexibility and agility, so I’m going CLAP my feet while doing a headstand…

  11. This is not the first time that Cheng has encountered problems. Last year she was briefly detained for her role in organizing a group of civil rights activists to support Liu Xianbin, a veteran dissident in Sichuan province. More recently, she sent out messages praising the decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo. The government has been waiting for this moment.

    1. Ah, that makes the government’s move a little more transparent–insidious–doesn’t it?

    2. If that’s true she obviously gave them enough rope to hang her. It’s impressive that the police can overrule the camp’s medical staff btw. That’s just so Western world a la 1950s. Try that today and you’ll be swamped with enough lawsuits to keep you busy for the next decade.

  12. Wow, what a stupid cunt of a woman. Using Tweeter like she’s 15 LOL get bent old bitch.

  13. I’m not worried about Tibet hurting China. Here’s to the Sherpas in Colorado, the Gurkhas in England and to all the Himalayan friends and neighbors between China and India. Those Germanic efforts by Germany, Switzerland (boycott Kuhn Rikon) and Austria (marrying Tibetans and Turkmenistanis, tsk, tsk) bear no fruit for the Orcs. You won’t get China or India through Tibet. You won’t get anything. You just wasted your most precious resource (no, not your personnel – you WISH – rofl) – TIME, baby. Time. Orcs wasted their time on Tibet and China waited til you were good and deep with your thousand towns in Germany holding candelight vigils before handing you your hat. Just because the American press didn’t cover it, doesn’t mean the Allies weren’t laughing when Wendy Testaburger turned the tables on Eric Cartman and his Smurf Berries. Check southparkstudios.com. That episode was about China’s blase’ revelation about the documentation including the Nazis measuring Tibetan skulls prior to the Chinese communists in Tibet.

  14. Why do Gay Nazis like the ones memorialized in Seven Years in Tibet and The English Patient do all the romancing in target territories? What is up with the GAY thing!?? Karl Lagerfeld and his insults re Mao? WHY always the Gay ones?

  15. 我叫周玲曼(CUEB毕业生)。我们在北京5号圆明园西路住。我爸爸是个间谍。他监视很多俄罗斯政治异议人士。我这几天伙伴。虽然我最喜欢性爱但是他应该是个百万富翁。 我等你们的答案按。。。。zhouling_man@hotmail.com

    1. nice try. good effort but not enough. you’re not Chinese. Next time you post check grammar first.

  16. O.M.G. The Chinese goverment now arrest Chinese who just say sth. on a website (which is blocked ) ?!?!?!?!?

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