Beautiful girls walk runway for “CEO high-end jobs”


On the wall: “The 2nd Chengdu CEO high-end talent head hunt”

From Netease:

In the evening of November 27, 40 beautiful young girls walked the runway at a hotel in Chengdu. They were not models nor in a beauty pageant, but applying for jobs. The people hiring were the big bosses of 80 companies. Was this job recruitment or dating service? The public questioned.


40 beautiful young girls showed up on stage wearing professional attires. The audiences were the big bosses, holding already filtered resumes. “Being employed by other is to cooperate with other, being independent, carve out a career!” The girls started to talk about their career vision one by one after walking the runway.


According to the event organizer, 40 candidates had various education backgrounds including business management, film and television performances as well as psychology. Three of them had master’s degree and most of them had undergraduate degree. The hiring managers were CEO, CFO and the head of the corporations in the west region. On this head hunting event, two of the candidates successfully signed contracts with companies, and 15 were screened to go to further interviews.


“Are the CEOs looking for dates or hiring?” “Are the bosses looking for lovers?” … As for the how the recruitment was conducted some people felt it was not reasonable, and questioned these CEOs’ intentions.


“I did come to look for a date!” when questioned by the public, CEO of a hotel, Li Jian said that he is in the service business and needs management talent that can show customers warmth and friendliness. Therefore he is “looking for a date”. (In Chinese 亲 [dating] also means warm and friendly). He said he was looking for talent, person that endowed with both beauty and talent, not just looks.




One hiring manager reading a resume.


One other hiring manager taking a picture of the girls with his iPhone.

  1. I suppose you could call it pimping or procuring. If I were a stock holder in any of the companies I’d object to this manner of hiring as it seems to be more akin to softporn than a legitimate business practice designed to employ the most qualified. And of course it is a coarse and obvious form of “beautyism”. I’d fire anyone attending such a degrading event. To say it is a corrupt business practice and a waste [indeed perhaps a theft] of corporate assets is to state the obvious.

    1. i think you’ve already taken obvious to levels that captain obvious could never reach

    2. I agree…We should go into business together!

      For the Chinese studying or residing overseas, they are better of staying there and getting a job in – Europe, US or EVEN Japan than lower onself to this form of “job interview!”

    3. One thing for sure, the Mainland Chinese sure do know how to mix business with pleasure!

      How unethical!!!

  2. Wow, this reminds me a bit of how Sivio Berlusconi prefers to select his entourage. The current Prime Minister of Italy likes to boast of the good looks of his party’s young female members of parliament, dismissing the opposition ranks as menopausal, thereby unleashing a wave of anger among Italian women and various feminist movements.
    Even if it were only business as usual, their concern would be justified I would say.

  3. oh nice another Chinese meat auction
    i wonder what type of company hires these girls

    1. How dare you call this as “another Chinese meat auction” , these are all “traditional chinese woman” searching for a “job” :).

  4. So what else is new?
    Girls getting jobs based on their looks. Men hand-picking girls to work for them because of their appearance.
    Here in China the only difference is the blatency seen here when these “CEOs” go about doing it this way.
    Here the girls are paraded around like cattle, showing off their ‘assets’ and being chosen based on aesthetic quality more than actual qualifications.
    What the hell else is new though?

    At the end of the day, I am Australian and I know that makes me super-fortunate when compared to Chinese. So I do not think we should judge these girls too harshly.
    These girls are just trying to get ahead and it sucks that (due to extreme competitiveness and all levels of disparity) Chinese society has made it acceptable or even neccessary for the girls to sell themselves this way in order to get a decent job.

  5. I live in Japan and the situation is just the same. The difference is that Japanese are not as obvious but at the end of the day, girls get hired for the looks and they eventually become some big boss lover. It is so common here, they use companies’ money for their fun, etc. And I am not talking about small companies but big corporations like Mitsubishi, Sony, etc. I know actual cases where a boss in Mitsubishi corporation was spending 30.000 Yens a day in taxis for his “secretary”. The interesting part is that these Japanese girls take this as part of daily life, not as something unethical because “everybody is doing it” and their real aim is not to be some big boss mistress but by winning their trust, they can get introduce to someone from the high management to marry. Normally a big boss would introduce his current secretary some guys to marry when she is ready for “retirement”, that would be around 25-28 years old. Then he can get a fresh secretary. Disgusting, I know but no one would do anything to speak-up. Maybe we need to admire Chinese for their honesty… 😛

    1. “Normally a big boss would introduce his current secretary some guys to marry when she is ready for “retirement”, that would be around 25-28 years old. Then he can get a fresh secretary. Disgusting, I know but no one would do anything to speak-up. Maybe we need to admire Chinese for their honesty… :P”

      Better yet get them pregnant with your child before you marry them off to a junior executive. Ha Ha

  6. > i wonder what type of company hires these girls

    Maybe they plan to hire them out

  7. We do this in the US… it’s called the “Miss America” pageant. However, the subtitle should be: “The Future Trophy Wives of America” pageant.

  8. China Southern Airlines does much the same thing recruiting flight attendants through quasi beauty pageants…

    Frankly it’s rather sad…

    Agree that it’s an inappropriate use of company funds to even attend such an event.

  9. this is disgraceful…a blow for the chinese people…low..shit dirty mind,,,,get cured CHINA

  10. A room full of dirty perverts, Ham sum lo.

    And as far as the ‘ladies’ go, I bet they would willingly suck these guys off.

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