Shenzhen elevator beating incident


From Tianya:

These days a program called “the First Scene” on the Shenzhen local TV station aired a surveillance video clip showing a man senselessly beating another man in the elevator. The suspect was reported to be Australian Chinese named Liu Zinan (刘子楠).  In the end, the victim’s arm was broken and his face stitched up. The police eventually sentenced Liu 10 days in detention and a 500 yuan fine.  Netizens nation wide thought the punishment was laughably too light.

It was reported that the offender Liu Zinan is ethic Chinese Australian citizen, his home town is in Hubei province, his father has very high social status.

Very high social status? Is his dad also Li Gang?


Update of the incident provided by Internet user: (comment #128, 129)

Mr. Liu’s (suspect) parents were separated when he was young. His mother took him to Australia where later he obtained Australian citizenship. In each of the past few years, he have always come back to see his father, this year he came back in early November intended to see the Asian Games opening ceremony. (Opening ceremony was on the evening of November 12th, the incident happened in the morning on November 13th)

Mr. Liu stayed in a residential building 31st floor, and the victim Mr. Wang lived on the 32nd floor. It was reported that Mr. Wang has been renovating his home in early mornings for several days. Mr. Liu was very upset because of the noise, that day after watching the Asian Games opening ceremony, upstairs was still renovating. (The time was 12:07 am) Mr. Liu decided to go downstairs to report to the police (which does not seem to be very believable, calling police on the phone would be more efficient) it just happened that he met Mr. Wang in the elevator, without exchanging any words, the beating started…

After the incident, the victim Mr. Wag was sent to Nanshan People’s Hospital, the forensic report was “light injuries” (轻微伤) at the time. (According to the law “light injuries” is only enough to hold suspect responsible for civil case, as to the more severe “minor injuries” can hold suspect criminal responsible) So Nanshan Public Security Bureau processed the case on these principles and gave the decision of 10 day detention and 500 yuan fine.

Later Mr. Wang went to the second hospital for a forensic report, this time the report was “minor injuries”. Accoding to the law, Nanshan Public Security can no longer handle cases with “minor injuries” (related to criminal case). So this cause has been transferred to the city’s criminal police department.

Netizens questioned, why not handle this case as robbery since Mr. Liu took victims’ laptop bag? The police said, after viewing the surveillance video later, Mr. Liu’s stepmother went upstairs and gave the bag back to the victim’s family 8 minutes after the incident, so the case cannot be handled as robbery.

According to the law, intentional causing minor injuries may be sentenced up to three years of imprisonment, criminal detention or house arrest.

If this case is defined as a civil case, and Mr. Wang chooses to prosecute, the judicial practice is usually to encourage reconciliation. So if Wang seeks compensation, and Liu really pays the compensation, then there is almost no possibility of jail time.

If the prosecutor decides to try this as a criminal case, then there will be both sentencing and compensation. The amount of the compensation then can be considered for a lighter sentence.

Powerful Uncle?

More speculations spread on the Internet, someone exposed that the suspect Liu Zinan’s uncle is a high ranking official of the police in Beijing.  According to this blog, November 19 when people do not understand why the incident is developing in this way, the high-level official already intervened.  Liu Zinan’s uncle in Beijing called the victim’s family, he was representing Beijing Public Security, ordered the victim to take no more legal action, and urge them to settle the case in private.

  1. first!
    noisy git got what he deserved, i don’t care who was rich or poor. if you impose you BS on someone you deserve a beating

  2. bleh, that guy probably had it coming to him one way or another due to his continuous practice of living life in such a selfish way. The beating was a bit over the top, but many Chinese guys deserve a proper ass kicking.

  3. the nigga be harcdcore son! that’s how new york’s finest rolls. u want to roll you shit up with renovation noise we come in with clips puff daddy style! ya!!!

    by the way on a offtangent note. i was listening to some barry white while sippin my red wine lookin very regal while watching this video, it was kind of actually pleasing. just like the gunfight in the movie heat

  4. His uncle from PSB called and ordered the victim not to take further action??? Fuck man. In a country ruled by law the uncle would never get away with that. Intimidating a victim/witness in my country usually warrants a much harder sentence than for simple assault. That guy should be fired for even picking up the phone.

  5. I agree. The man needed a beating. Just because Chinese like noise does not mean that everyone should suffer. Wish this would happen more often.

    1. the chinese always have a louder bark then their bite… for the most port. Chinese guys are always PUSSIES in 1 on 1 situations.

      1. @dilladonuts

        I dare you write down the specific address you are typing from????

        That stupid motherfucker deserves the beatings anyway. He should fight the fuck back . China should go slice up all pieces of white/black meatballs that are barely surviving in home countries and bury them as fiece of fertilizer for pigs to export

        1. ” China should go slice up all pieces of white/black meatballs that are barely surviving in home countries and bury them as fiece of fertilizer for pigs to export
          ” Im neither of which, and I fully agree.

  6. wow, the fat guy in white came back into the elevator to beat the guy more than 3 times, after leaving the elevator…he made his point the first time, but then using the computer bag to smash the guy’s head? Clearly he’s got anger management issues…

    1. well if you read the article you’d see that he comes from broken family and most likely was subjected to a lot of discrimination as a kid in Australia. A lot of pent up anger right there. And then the guy was renovating for several days at ungodly hours. If you’ve lived in an apartment with a neighbor or had a roommate that does that does that kind of shit day after day you’d know how he feels. He was mad as fuck when he went in that elevator and who should he meet but very person that was causing the problem. Lulz ensues…

      1. I don’t think the coveted “My parents are divorced”-defense will get your very far in a court of law.

  7. One righteous way of dealing with noisy inconsiderate neighbours. Having suffered all hours thumping and banging, I would have also shoved a power drill up the renovating prick’s ……

  8. To be honest I understand this guy. The neighbor was renovating his house at midnight? I highly doubt that there are many people that wouldn’t be pissed off by this.

  9. So, if the guy had been doing work for many days and disturbing him, why didn’t he try saying something to him first? The article says nothing about him talking with the man and telling him about the torment he was causing him. I would be pissed too if someone was renovating all night or during the early morning, but instead of attacking him in an elevator unannounced, I would at least go to him first face to face and tell him to please work at different hours. Then if he refused, a beating might have taken place. But I kind of feel sorry for this guy. He probably had no idea why he was even being attacked.

    But on the other hand, what kind of arrogant prick would renovate at the hours this guy was? I mean, he didn’t stop to think that he might be bothering some people?

    1. the guy probably did ask him before hand, considering this was building up over several days and just because the article didn’t mention if he asked or not don’t mean he didn’t.
      the article never said Mr Liu took a shit that week too, but i assume he does go to the toilet like other humans.

        1. Considering how Mr Liu just beat the living shit out of that abusive dude, I bet he went to raise concerns on the first annoyance
          To which the neighboor must not have cared much

          noisy neighboors is a pain you can’t avoid here in C.

          Walls are too thin -even in top notch compounds- and people are so inconsiderate

    2. there are reasons why Mr. Liu could recognized his below neighbor
      normally in an apartment
      it is not hard know who lives in which unit

  10. All this piss-poor psychology – broken family, early experiences of racism, anger management issues, etc – to explain Liu’s actions.

    This guy was performing a major public service. Perfect example of applied citizen’s justice. Instead of being hassled by the courts, he should be awarded The Order of the Red Star and give a yearlong VIP pass to the best KTV in Shenzhen.

  11. I wonder if that guy would do that if he’s back in Australia and the other guy is a Caucasian? Obviously this guy is a big bully. Firstly he beat up that poor chap because he knows he can overpower a guy that is obviously smaller size in stature compare to him. Secondly well maybe his family has high connections with some government officials but so what?
    On the other hand I must admit that it is very difficult to cope with noise pollution. The aircondition situated right on top of my flat is so noisy that at times I harbor the thought of going over to that fella apartment to beat the pulp out from him.

    1. i think he would still be doing this back in Australia even to a cockasians, it would just be to small or young cockasians.

      1. this is the kind of shit that happens between friends in Ausi. Unfortuanely pussy ass china man from shenzhen couldn’t handle the beating. Didn’t even put up a fight. The dude started off really weak in the beginning and got no resistance so he dished out more punishment. I have no pity over infeminate people from all over the world.

        But if he had of showed some heart and still got his ass kicked then I would be more sympathetic because he showed some heart.

  12. Seriously guys,, you disappoint me in this thread. “He deserved it”, “Noise pollution”, “I would have done the same thing myself”, “The little pussy had it coming” and stuff like that. We are talking about a guy who was RENOVATING HIS APARTMENT, not someone playing loud music day in and day out. How can you seriously condone this behavior?

    Next time you are installing a cupboard or a new kitchen at your place remember to bow your head and apologize when some psycho neighbor shows up and beats the crap out of you.

    1. You are on the wrong side of history here. The renovating scumbag had it coming. This should happen more often. I would have used the black and dekker on him.

      1. So you wouldn’t mind if your neighbor came around to break your legs after your next party? I think I would. I consider my neighbors and I don’t make too much noise normally and I am not trying to defend the renovator to death but retorting to violence based on a few days of noise if NOT acceptable.

        1. Listen up Pal. Years in China and never upset my neighbours in any way. However, 3/4 apartments and I had to put up with anti-social hours renovators on a number of occasions. And they deliberately failed to understand the distress they caused, even after having the situation explained to them by the better half.

          Even more to the point, I would really enjoy sinking the slipper into you, piss poor mr law abiding nitwit in a country where body corporate rules don’t exist, or if they are, they are totally ignored.

          Develop a spine, you jellyfish.

          1. Playing the tough guy online are we? I love those douches who are oh so fucking ready to kick some ass, usually over the internet and from their moms’ basements. I think you should read my original comments again instead of turning psycho and attacking me. The threats you hand out here (completely uncalled for) and your general ideas regarding the use of violence tell us a lot about what kind of person you are. Let me finish this post with a solid “Go fuck yourself”.

            1. Doesn’t happen, Pal. I have first and second wives for the nookie department.

              Violence in a good cause is spiritually purifying and downright physically satisfying. Try it and you will rediscover your authentic self. Pathetic US hippie.

          2. More to the point, Pal. I am quite sure aunties knock you over at the supermarket or bus stop/subway to get in first. You pathetic spineless creature. Enjoy.

          3. China has one of the worst safety record when it comes to renovation work. Take for instance the recent fire that gutted an apartment building in Shanghai. Very little consideration paid to the safety as well as to the well being of the rest of the residents.

            It is possible that this fella who got beaten up wanted to get his apartment renovated at the soonest opportunity thus the contractors has no choice but to work overtime and throughout the night to get the work done.

            Prolong lack of sleep due to noise and other disturbances can disrupt a person’s mental awareness and ability to manage and control anger. I don’t have any sympathy one bit for that guy who got beaten up. Well, maybe he ask for it, maybe he don’t, nevertheless, judging from what transpire, the noise pollution must have cause severe anguish and distressed to Mr Bruce Lee…:):)

            I guess both side are wrong. One for being inconsiderate and the other chap for the outburst of anger that resulted in Bruce Lee kicks. It’s a draw for both this time round..:)

    2. who does reno in the middle of the fucking night?

      i don’t blame Mr. Liu for the anger
      if the police don’t give a rat’s ass regards to the issue
      then public justice needs to taken

      1. He had only been renovating for a couple of days and the article clearly stated that Liu was ON HIS WAY to report it to the police when he threw his fit. So obviously the police hadn’t been involved at that point AND it’s likely that Liu hadn’t made any prior contact with his neighbor based on the information.

      2. had a neighboor (luckily he was downstairs neighboor) who was starting reno work at 6/6h30am, stoping never before midnight

    3. If i was renovating my house at 12 in the morning aka in the middle of the night, I would expect someone to come and give me shit. There is a big difference doing this at 12 in the afternoon and 12am which is in the middle of the night. If you can’t see the difference between that, then we as a group are seriously disappointed in you.

      1. I would expect someone to give me shit too BUT (and this is the “disappointed” part) I wouldn’t expect to be beaten into a pulp because of it. I of course agree that the hour was too late -yet I think we only have the defendants word for that- but again, nowhere was it stated that he was a serial noise maker rather than an average Joe doing maintenance or whatever. Sorry but I just don’t agree with you guys on this one.

        1. You never agree on anything Guoboo you are the antagonist in every situation. This is your role you play every where you go.

        2. I think that whenever you do something knowingly rude, stupid, inconsiderate, etc. You need to accept the consequences of just how crazy the guy your pissing off may be. If you climb into a bear cage to poke it with a stick and get mauled no ones going to blame the bear. Sure the guy went to far, but so did the guy doing the renovation. Maybe he will think about someone else next time.

  13. why didnt he fight back? the white shirt guy obviously doesnt know how to fight. Even if he doesnt know how to fight, its much better than just crawling on the floor holding his head tight. what’s wrong with him, coward.

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  15. I think one of the major contributing factor to the unnecessary escalation of this whole episode was that there is no authority and/or government ruling as to when and what time a renovation work can begin and cease so as to avoid disruption and inconvenience to the rest of the residents. No matter how bad the situation is, addressing any issue with physical force and violence of any means should not be encourage nor tolerated.

    1. There shouldn’t need to be laws. The building could set some guidelines or Chinese people could just start being smart enough to know when an apporpriate time is to renovate.

  16. may be that’s how society becomes civilised, through, ironically, uncivilised behaviour??

    I’m sure the guy will think twice before renovating at the middle of the night again.

  17. Anybody have the white shirt guy’s address? I want to see how long he lasts with me in the elevator.

    If he accepts my challenge, I will donate all proceeds to charity.

    1. If you’re really keen on tracking him down, why don’t you use a portion of your proceeds to actually tracking him down and arranging a cage fight…

      My money is on the white T-shirt guy!!!

      To help you on your way, his address is China, Beijing… 😀

      1. Man you are stupid. His address is Beijing China? I thought this happened in a building in Shenzhen on the between residence on the 31st and 32nd floors.

    2. My reasoning for backing the “white t-shirt guy” in a fight against Voice of World Police – his ACTION speak louder than “WORDS” 😉

  18. China needs laws. Not just on paper…I mean, they have an entire constitution that isn’t worth much more than the paper it’s written on. But she needs laws, then she needs some people willing and able to enforce them, without the encouragement of guanxi or red pockets.

    If China had laws that were enforced, then the renovator may have stopped before pissing off his neighbors at midnight knowing that it was illegal and that there would be legal consequences.

    If China had laws, those sleep-deprived neighbors might take comfort in knowing that the inconsiderate neighbor would have it coming, and not feel the need to pound the crap out of him.

    If China had laws, the vigilante might think twice, knowing that pounding the crap out of someone might also bring consequences.

    If China had laws, people might be more comfortable in knowing that they wouldn’t get a broken arm and end up in hospital for making some noise.

    1. aaaahhhhhh… can only dream. wouldnt that be ideal? haha…..i agree with you. china has sooooo many growing pains to overcome is it wants to play with the big boys. too bad, though, because when china are the ‘big boys’ there wont be anything left to defend or control. Governing the Ashes.

    2. Man, we need to vote you into the CCCP congress to draft up and enforce these laws!!!

      1. When average joe’s can “vote” people into the CCP hierarchy…well, for the reach should exceed the grasp, or what’s a heaven for?

  19. Meh. Don’t think that other guy had too much of a chance to fight back after being jacked. He looked as though he was verbally warned. Guy in the white is a pussy, though. Typical pussy. But, to his astounding credit, he didn’t call 2385 of his friends, first. So my overlording verdict goes to him for kicking the reno’s ass. Been through the same thing myself. i tell you, when you are sitting there stewing while listening to those fucking drills, etc upstairs, you can no doubt understand the situation. You start blaming the whole uncaring society…the selfishness that has been ingrained in this fucked up country. I woulda definately done the same thing…in fact i did something not too dissimilar. no one was beaten, but i did make my point, and have yet to feel any sort of ‘revenge.’ I am calling the guy a pussy, because it would have been more to his credit to goad the other guy into fighting back. a real man would have done that.

  20. Ok, just to share my experiences in China. I have been in both side, the one who kick ass and the one who makes noise.

    The fight happened AFTER an argument with a motherfucker. I just punched him like twice, people called the police, then went to the police station and had to pay 1000RMB to the “victim”, this was 4 years ago. Scared of been deported or jailed i just payed and leaved.

    The noise fuss was 1 year ago. It was because my dog use to play with bones. One day an old guy from downstairs came up (at noon) and started yelling at me. Because he was so unpolite I yelled back at him and told him that i do whatever i want in my home, asked him to fuck off and closed the door.

    He left, and came again back after 5 min. This time he came to apologize and he started talking like a civilized person. After that I told him that i was going to be careful with my dog.

    If the old man had approach me for the first time with a different attitude and talk about this issue i would have know and find a proper solution right away.

    So, coming back to this post, I think BOTH are wrong. First talk with your neighbor in a polite way and try to find a solution. If this doesn’t work THEN you can start ninja fighting 🙂

  21. My friend had a noisy neighbor in his building and all he did was write a polite letter and the noise stopped. Around these parts, you have to prove that you are a human being worth caring about before people actually give a damn about you. A solid beating works well too, but like disciplining children, I hope that Mr. Liu was explaining why he was punishing Mr. Wang during the incident so that the behavior can be corrected.

    1. we are talking about in China
      they will just treat it as junk mail
      unless it is from the lawyer or the government

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