Female star dies in plastic surgery accident


The unofficial news first broke out on micro blogs and forums: Ranked 9th in the 2005 Super Girl sing competition (like the American Idol in the U.S.), Wang Bei died in an accident during her plastic surgery. According to the netizen who spread the news, Wang Bei’s death was caused by doctor negligence at a plastic surgery hospital in Wuhan. Wang’s mother was also undergoing the same surgery at the same hospital at the time. It was reported that the hospital tried to block out the news after the incident.

In the morning of November 15, both Wang Bei and her mother walked in a plastic surgery hospital in Wuhan for facial feminization surgeries, gridding of the facial bones (cheek bone and mandibular angle). The two of them were to be operated one after another, Wang Bei was first. Accident happened during supposedly the simple procedure. During the mandibular angle surgery, surgeon’s improper operation caused bleeding of her lower jaw, and blood then flowed though her throat into her trachea, caused suffocation. Wang was then secretly transferred to Wuhan 161 Hospital for emergency rescue, but unfortunately Wang Bei passed away in the afternoon.

It is reported that after the accident, the cosmetic surgery hospital did not notify Wang Bei’s mother, but performed the same surgery on her as planned. 24 hours later, Wang Bei’s mother found out the death of her daughter from the relevant department. She blacked out immediately after hearing the news.

Xinhua news confirmed with the Wuhan Police on the death of Super Girl Wang Bei during her plastic surgery.

Xinhua reporter learned from the Wuhan police that Wang Bei indeed died during the plastic surgery. Her mother who had the same surgery done is still recovering at the hospital. The police said the medical malpractice dispute is under the jurisdiction of the health sector.

When there is dispute on the cause of patient’s death, an autopsy should be performed within 48 hours; if corpse is frozen, can be extended to 7 days. Upon receiving medical malpractice dispute, the department of health Administration is to arrange experts and technology for identifying medical malpractice to resolve the dispute.

Wang Bei’s profile posted in a sina blog:


Wang Bei graduated from Wuhan Conservatory of Music. Hip hop gear and rap songs are her styles.  She is also very good at dancing.  She participated in the 2005 Super Girl singing completion in Chengdu.  During the contest, she was in the same group as Li Yuchun, Li was #18 and she was #20.  She ended up ranked 11th in the district.

During 2005 Super Girl competition, Wang was still attending Wuhan Conservatory of Music.  After the competition, Chengdu Super girls disbanded, so Wang return back to school to continue her study.

2006 in her third year of college Wang participated in “Dream China” competition. She was acknowledged by judge Wu Sikai for her experiences in performances on stage.  Wang Bei was determined to seize any opportunity for a singing career.  However due to economy downturn, after  her studies, she was not able to be signed by any record company.

In 2009, Wang continued to participate in Happy Girl singing competition in Wuhan district, her results were unsatisfactory.  However, having the title of Super Girl she was still invited to many performances.

In summer of 2010 Wang Bei was invited to perform at a club in Qingdao.  She also decided to sing at the same club opening in Jinan. Wang Bei was very close to the sisters in the same year Super Girl sing competition, they often chatted on the phone and online.

In November, Wang Bei returned to Wuhan, was planning to go to Chengdu to meet with her friends, but the tragedy soon happened.

 Wang Bei’s last online journal “I am very simple” on 11/10

The sun makes me warm, lets me feel satisfied, singing makes me happy, chocolate makes me happy, hat gives me a sense of security. In fact I am a very simple person. I do not want to make things complicated. I like to face everything with positive and optimistic attitude. People always ask me why I am not growing up, I must say that I am already grown up; it’s because of my outlook in life and my values. I am a person of principles, just like being in love, I rather be short of it than having unsuitable ones, maybe I am very conservative. People who do not know me think that I have high standards, god, please, it’s not like that. As for family, I will not let anyone hurt my mom, because she loves me the most and she is my best friend. I always talk to her and she always says she has been through everything, she probably ate more salt then I had rice. Why do all parents say that? But some things I make my own decisions, when I can’t make up my mind I will listen to her, haha.

I rarely write journal, I actually have many things to write, but I am very forgetful, never remember what to write, hehe.

Overall, concentrate on my work, live happily, hope everyone I know all are happy.


Wang Bei, a Super Girl of 2005 never quite got popular, perhaps that is why she was getting plastic surgery.  unfortunately, the plan went horribly wrong, the terrible tragic accident happened.  Ironically, the surge did make her popular. Now after her death, Wang Bei is more popular than ever.  May it not be the only positive note, perhaps the great public concern over the incident will urge China to take a closer look at its comedic industry.

  1. SOFA…

    Thats sad. Bad that they continued the surgery with the mother, without immediately notification.

    Thats china for you

  2. No, I really believe that we can not blame China for this. Sometimes, things are simple than our imagination. This is an tragedy, but just an accident. There are so many people and things to blame, but it needs patient.
    May her soul rest in peace.
    ps, where is Jack?

    1. Have you been eating the wrong medicine? It was so medical neglience.

      These doctors went full retard, nobody goes full retard………

    2. The doctors are soooo to blame for this. They were either SUPER inexperienced or they were indifferent and negligent. If she wasn’t a super star they would have swept this whole thing under the rug and blamed it on the patient for not being better prepared. And the fact that they didn’t notify the mom until she was done too. This is very typical China behavior. They would do ANYTHING just to earn a buck.

      1. Superstar?? She finished 9th in one of the 20 annual talent shows China is running, and if they are even remotely like the ones we have in the West, only 1 in about 5 WINNERS get anywhere near stardom.

        1. This girl is MORE A STAR than anyone on this forum AND SHE IS DEAD. It’s disgusting your best response is to question her stardom??

          If you died from surgery in China, you wouldn’t even get a byline in the local news.

  3. this is no accident; it is complete medical negligence. when working in cases with such close proximity to major vasculature of the oropharynx, it is imperative to take precautions against aspiration (foreign material going into the lungs). it is clear that they were far too cavalier about the procedure and were not prepared for the possibility of any complications. [I am a head and neck surgeon in the US]

    1. I know its difficult when you’re doing maxillofacial surgery, but the patient must have at least had an LMA (laryngeal mask airway).

      Where was the anaesthesiologist for this procedure? Something is amiss…

      1. intraoral incision, which can be accompanied by serious emergency situations and complications. Difficulties in mandible reduction can be encountered during the process of maintaining visual sight for the approaching saw. In maintaining the visual field, the patient’s mouth should be widely stretched while the incision and periosteal elevation is extended largely around the entire mandible. This occasionally has been related to serious emergency situations such as airway obstruction caused by edema and massive bleeding.

          1. I take back my first comment about LMA, apparently they don’t protect you against aspiration. The patient should have been intubated; perhaps they *did* use an LMA and that subsequently led to the death of the patient.

            Who knows.

  4. Something is horribly wrong when a beautiful young girl feels the need to alter her physical appearance.

    No matter how simple the article suggests the surgery to be, any kind of surgery is always very dangerous.

  5. I am working as a nurse in a oromaxillofacial surgery practice. This kind of event is very very rare, and I suspect this report is either false or distorted.

      1. @allan boon

        and what would you know compared to the nurse? You’re just a fucking choir boy compared to her. A fucking choir boy!

  6. So Chinese undergo plastic surgery!!!

    And I thought it was only the Koreans according to VOC…

    1. I once took a shit and shat out VOC. It smelled horrible so I threw it into the river. Who would’ve known that many years later he would grow up to become an even bigger piece of shit then he already was.

      I apologize to everyone on this board for my fatal mistake.

  7. “the cosmetic surgery hospital did not notify Wang Bei’s mother, but performed the same surgery on her as planned.” – bloody chinese. thats why i feel no sorry when watching nanking pictures.

  8. If you’re going to produce these stories in the English language, can you get someone to tidy up your grammar its appalling and close to unreadable. Hint: The word “The” may be useful on occasion.

    1. It’s incredibly hard for Chinese people to use “the” and “a” properly since their Chinese counterparts are never used in Chinese. When I lived in London I knew a Chinese couple who after 9 years in England still occasionally made those particular mistakes. Personally I am almost immune to that problem by now. While reading the article the problems with shifting back and forth between past and present tenses bugged me more.

  9. why can’t she do her surgery in the US???
    i m sure she is wealth enough to go somewhere else to do it

    lesson to learn
    if it is too good to be true
    it probably is
    specially in China

        1. it is totally worth it
          as long as you died looking good
          at least she saved some money on funeral cost in makeup

  10. Read the last inline journal entry. What a drivelling moron, died almost white pancake pretty with a stupid hat. Trash culture at its very best.

    Have high standards, love my mon……vomitious.

  11. she choked on her blood poor girl; being in this entertainment business its better than choking though on cum guzzlin loads from the 潜规则 that happens in the entertainment industry. she died with dignity in her own blood instead of outer bodily fluids

  12. RIP, what a waste. May the killer be swiftly (or however long it takes) punished. A simple procedure turns deadly needs to be accounted for.

  13. Forgot the source and I don’t feel like looking it up so google it yourself if you really want to know. (Wow, I sounded like an a-hole there huh?)

    Anyways, I heard this doctor got in big trouble in guangzhou in a clinic he ran down there before fleeing and taking his operations to Wuhan.

    But how fucked up does a person have to be to decide to finish the mother’s surgery and not let her know he just killed her child immediately?

    Times like this make me wish Dexter was real…and Chinese. This “doctor”, guy who ran over two girls, killing one without any sense of guilt. He would be a busy man.

    twitter: @dalton_matt

  14. im sad for her, omg a pop singer died tragically during plastic surgery earlier last week ,tragic death of the beautiful 24-year-old Chinese pop star Chinese dies during plastic surgery plastische chirurgie sucks The Chinese pop singer and a former contestant on China’s answer to American Idol http://www.musolist.com/marydee the former contestant of “Super Hit Girl”than anyone on this forum can support Wang Bei

  15. She’s much more pretty than many Chinese singers or actresses!!! She lacks chance to stand out and shine.

  16. That’s so messed up that they didn’t tell the mother before her surgery. What greed for money can do. Pathetic.

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