Chinese reporter cuts in front of Korean press to ask Obama a question, saying he represents Asia


(Netease) November 12, 2010, The G-20 Summit in Korea has ended, during President’s Obama’s press conference CCTV anchor Rui Chenggang seized the chance to ask the last question given to the Korean press. He also claimed to be representing the entire Asia. His action stirred up some debates on the net.

During the press conference President Obama wanted to leave the last question to the South Korean press, but Rui stood up…


“Unfortunately, I hate to disappoint you president Obama, I am actually Chinese. But I think I get to represent entire Asia, part of the family on this side of the world.”


“Well, your English is better than my Mandarin also, so. But now in fairness though, I did say that I was gonna let the Korean press ask a question.”


“How about if Korean press allow me to ask a question on your behalf? Yes?”


“Depends if Korean reporter will rather have the question.” Pause, “No? No takers? This is getting more complicated then I expected.”


“Take one quick question from Asia, President Obama.”


“Go ahead ask your question, I want to make sure the Korean press gets a question as well.”

Rui’s action led to many disputes on the net where some ridiculed him and some cheered him on. One netizen said, “Come on, on behalf of someone before asking for their permission, can you not represent Asia without having ‘simida’ blood in you? We can only lose face nationally.” Well-known writer Ning Caishen said, “Representing the entire Asia, such words sounded like the pet phrase of a student cadre, Brother Gang must had excellent grades in school.”

Writer Wu Ang said, “People who does the following please condemn yourself before you condemn Rui: 1. Don’t wait in line 2. Show off good English skill 3. Wear a three-Piece suit 4. Repeatedly persist when after rejected by opposite sex of love 5. Wanting to talk when see foreigners.”

News Weekly editor in chief Xin Cheng said, “Regardless of whether Rui can represent Asia, he certainly can represent China.” Some netizens also think Rui seizing the opportunity to ask question is an act of dedication to his work.

November 13, 2010 Rui explained the reasons he seize to ask the question “Obama press conference is broadcasted worldwide, there was almost no chance for reporters outside of Unite States to ask questions. And these questions were all from Barack Obama named members of the White House press. And that is Obama’s common practice. In the end, he decided to add one more question, but stressed that a question from the Korean press. However there was not one Korean reporter raising their hands. This was a rare scene for president Obama and also quite embarrassing. It was my fifth time seeing president Obama, in order to save the moment and also to seize the opportunity to speak for the emerging market countries, sitting in the front row, I raised my hand. I also immediately explained that I came from China. He waited again for Korean press to raise their hands, but none showed. So we began the dialogue.”


Here is the question he asked:

My question is very simple, you mentioned interpretation, I know part of the difficulties of being the American President is some of the decisions that you take, actions that you make will be Interpreted in a way that are not what you thought it would be or what you meant it would be. For instance some of the actions you have taken were interpreted as anti-business domestically in the United Sates. And as someone just mentioned some of the action taken by the US government that you represent as well were interpreted as sacrificing other country’s interest for America’s own benefit. You find yourself constantly being interpreted thousands of ways, how do you address these interpretations?


fast forward to 9:33
  1. People here in China 插对 at McDonalds/Bus Station/Hospital all the time. He 插对’d to ask Obama a question? That’s the ultimate–the Superbowl of 插对’s. I’m sure he’ll be made into a back home! 😛

    1. Yes, we 插队 at bus stations, always. No, no one did that at resterants/hospitals though i think. i can represent ‘entire china’ here 😉

      1. If you represent ‘entire china’, then I’m sorry to say that ‘entire china’ is wrong. It happens at restaurants and hospitals too. I’ve seen it, many times.

        1. all the time? what you guys said represent of entire american. if you do,then i’m sorry i never 插队, although rui’s 插队is not something to be proud of i still appreciate the superbowl of 插队。 anyway obama is stupid to answer the question raised by stupid people

          1. Sorry, Jack, but I’m not an American (can’t speak for mike). There are countries in the world other than China and the US (a fact of which both Chinese and Americans need frequent reminding). Interesting, though, that you would base your decision to 插队 based on the nationality of another.

            1. And, thus, in microcosm, we have part of the world theatre contained in the previous the comments. The US and China call the shots and the french guy tries to act like they are being arrogant and stupid because they don’t care about his country

  2. Lol, seems like we have a Voice of Asia in the making. I guess he saw an opportunity and rose to the occasion. At least he has a friendly face and a sense of humor. Also, his persistence doesn’t seem clouded by a self-inflated ego or any derogatory rhetoric.
    Fortune clearly favours the bold in this case. Well done, I would say.

  3. this report think he is the Asian Hero???
    I wonder if he ever tried to pull something like that on the Chinese government???
    i guess not because he is still alive

    1. Hi there, welcome to the 21st century, Chinese government don’t shoot dissidents anymore, let alone random reporters, just like the US don’t put you in gitmo for sneaking shampoo on an airplane. Make sure your stereotypes are up to date.

      1. No, perhaps they don’t shoot dissidents anymore; however, the Mainland still jails them indefinitely. I’ll take my free speech with a side of snark – thank you.

  4. well, as to me, I care what he really asked most.
    Break line is really a bad behavior.And all his action is broadcast. If he could ask some sensible yet wise question, maybe he can somehow save his face.
    By the way, I really can’t understand that how he dare to say that he can represent the whole Asia.

    1. I’ve seen one of Rui’s past interviews in English with Kevin Rudd. In that interview, Rudd tries to impress his Chinese audience by asking for the interview to be conducted in Chinese.

      Rui reluctantly agreed and I felt that at the given time, the reluctance came arose because Rui:

      a.) Wanted to showcase his English skills
      b.) Felt that Kevin speaking in Chinese was a novelty that would detract from the overall quality of the interview

      However at the end of the clip, I couldn’t help but think Rui was arrogant, unfriendly and pretentious. I think a lot of it came from his body movement and facial expressions. I didn’t like how he looked and how he presented himself.

      Months later, this clip of him asking Obama comes out. In this case, he is still trying to show off no doubt. However one has to give him credit for doing his job and doing it well.

      To Golf Trolley:

      His question was not bad behavior at all. On the contrary I think he was a bit of a pussy and too nervous to say what he really wanted to.

      1. He actually softened it by going in a circle and conclusively phrasing it ‘how do you feel about other people interpreting the actions of the United States differently than what you intended’

      He could have just said ‘how do you answer to the common perception that US domestic policy is anti-trade and that the recent stance of government puts Us interests before others?’

      As for the : ‘I think I can represent Asia part’ – I hope the trolls on this site don’t keep taking it out of context. The guy was obviously nervous. What he probably wanted to say was:

      “I’m not sure if you realized this Mr Obama, but China is part of Asia. As of such, I’d like to have an opportunity to ask you a question from this side of the continent’

      As a person, this guy might be an asshole to hang out with. But as a reporter, he did a damned good job. It’s not his fault that no gooks helped Obama out. They were probably too busy getting drunk and jumping off buildings, or on Chinahush writing comments.

      In any case, it was quite enjoyable to see a Harvard Law Magna Cum Laude alumni piss his pants at a simple question. Looks like not even the guys at the other side of his teleprompter could help this time.

      1. Voice of China, you are really a wonderful guy. And as to my irresponsible voice, I will watch the video again.
        As regard to the reporter part, I am agree with you that he has done his best. However, I still don’t like him.

        1. Being a person from China, I can tell I dislike him neither.
          I also want to ask if he dare to do similar things to Hu and Wen about why Chinese govern. has done so many bad stuff to its own people.

      2. No! The Korean’s had the courtesy to be polite, allowing Rui to continue, rather than embarrass him in front of the whole audience!

      3. “It’s not his fault that no gooks helped Obama out. They were probably too busy getting drunk and jumping off buildings, or on Chinahush writing comments.”
        Voice of China, grow up. Your credibility is shot because you’re racist.

        1. The gooks in the room were not quiet out of courtesy. They didn’t have a comment prepared even prior to the Chinese reporter putting his hand up.

          To CrippledOwl,

          You’re an example of a dumbass that tries to bring character evidence to refute the credibility of someone making a racist comment.

          The subject matter of the credibility you are asserting is racism in itself, which in this case referred to gooks jumping off buildings.

          I can’t see how you claim to be a ‘wise’ owl, when you fail to distinguish between a plain discriminatory insult and something requiring a credibility test.

          That is beside the point, if we interpret your last sentence independently. In that case, we can just conclude that you fail to understand how racism and credibility are not mutually exclusive.

          In any case, even trying to argue the correctness of my statement is a sign of stupidity. These days, the word stupidity is correlated with gooks, wouldn’t be surprised if you were a bang zi simida.

    1. You need to understand Korean culture (I recommend visiting Seoul). They are one of the most polite people in the world (along with the Japanese). In serious situations like this, they’d rather avoid confrontation than to cause trouble or embarrassment.

      1. Polite? I’ve seen many more cases of rudeness than politeness. Ajummas jostling past everyone waiting patiently in line, ajoshis asking me how much I COST, and several times I’ve been berated for speaking English in public places like restaurants. “This is Korea!” they’ve screamed at me more than once, “You must speak Korean!”

        I don’t think they were avoiding confrontation. Maybe they were shocked and didn’t react fast enough, or maybe the English was overwhelming, whatever the reason, I doubt it was avoiding confrontation.

      2. Whats to understand? they were given an opening to ask a question to the leader of a super power and not a single Korean reporter took advantage of that opportunity. I mean before the obnoxious Chinese reporter pushed forward.

      3. Gooks are dirty, uncivilized, and uncultured. The majority of the citizens are brainwashed xenophobic alcoholics that suffer from depression and love Starcraft and kimchi and claim that because they made Samsung, they are the king of the electronics industry.

        Their favorite statements include ‘You should go to Korea’ and ‘Korea is the best’. Because Koreans suffer from insecurity issues, most Koreans are only superficially present that they like foreigners. In actually fact, stemming from the fact they are ugly and poor, they condemn anything that contradicts their perception that Korea is bad.

        For example, Koreans worship western, Japanese and Chinese culture. Due to their oppressive culture that has arisen from years of interbreeding between close cousins of the Kim and Lee family, they have learned to share similar traits of deceptively hiding everything and in the process, failing to adopt proper social skills.

        Gooks are the biggest hypocrites. They will copy fashion, say from Japan and then relabel them and say they came up with it. They’ll steal cultural events like the zhong zi festival and the steam boat festival from China and claim they came up with it. Koreans are also in love with American pop culture, but they secretly hate all Americans because they are superior to them. So in that case, they will treat them with basic courtesy but secretly hold a grudge until they can find some way to exploit their position and harm them. Korea also holds annual educational seminars where they teach children to throw water baloons at the American flags posted onto a cow. Later in life they learn to insult westerners using common slurs such as ‘go home yankee’, ‘son of a beach’ <– note they can't distinguish between bitch and beach.

        As per seen at

        In fact apparently even Korean whores are taught to be racist. Even though they are, well.. whores? As one commentator points out:

        "there's a Nazi propaganda network extolling the virtues of racial purity in Korea, this kind of racism is apparently only unacceptable in self-hating white countries with a misplaced guilt complex"

        As per seen at

        Give it up wise owl, you kimchi breathed simida

        1. I’m not Korean, but I hate racist pricks like you. The only reason why you think China’s the best is because you were born Chinese. You continually say good things about China and bad things about other countries. Grow up, or go see a psychiatrist and work out your identity issues.

          1. That is true, I think VOC has some psychological issues, perhaps he was bullied by Koreans when he was at international school!

            China is so corrupt, and worst they imitate Samsung and Korean electronic goods!!!

            So sad that you can so easily point out the errors of others, but not yourself or in this case the many flaws in China!

            It’s people like you that give the Chinese people a bad name in the world!!!

            I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before you racist comments will catch up with you VOC…

            1. @ Notadouchebag – this “you sir” business again? Are you twelve or something?

              @ Wiseowl, just so that you know, being an US citizen doesn’t make you not-Korean.

              As for identity issues, crippled owl, I think you should take your own advice. Not only did you write an initial comment grossly decorated with stupidity, but you couldn’t even understand my response to it. Why don’t you learn how to read before making a comment.

              @ MrHk, Hong Kong is a nice city in China, just as corrupt if not more than the mainland. I don’t see why you are so self critical of your own country.

              As for imitating Korean goods, I must say that I don’t see much of it. Most of the Shanzai stuff are imitating Nokia and Apple. Korean trash goods aren’t popular enough to copy, and they are reasonably affordable to begin with so stop spewing shit.

              As for pointing out errors in China, I have no intention of being self critical. Rebutting troll material on a blog relating to an excellent Chinese reporter doesn’t require it. As for racism, it exists everywhere only to different degrees. Some are just more aware of it or vocal than others.

              1. You are laughable, because you condemned the the Koreans for copying other brands, yet you manage to highlight the fact that the Chinese just “COPY” Nokia and Apple.

                So what’s the difference? Both are imitators in this case!

                Racism probably does exist, around the world, no doubt about that, however it’s people like you who promote it! You should feel ashamed to be Chinese, because you make us look bad!!!

                1. I’m laughable? First you write a sentence making a false statement proclaiming Chinese imitate Korean goods and now you’re here again, talking about things you don’t fully comprehend.

                  Let me make it clear to you that the previous comment does more than condemn Koreans for ‘copying’ things. That was one of the issues which you are now taking in isolation. I find it sad that it was the best example you took from my comment since you failed to understand the actual sentence in its context.

                  Koreans don’t just copy things, they proclaiming they came up with it. Where Shanzai goods are produced, the original source is always acknowledged as well as the dis-authenticity of the copied product. Just like with academic journals, there is a difference between paraphrasing and pure plagiarism, try and understand ok pleb?

                  Unlike you Mr Hk, I don’t find a need to pretend on the internet. I don’t like gooks and I make it known. The only person who makes Chinese look bad is you. Hell you’re probably just one of gook guy’s friend pretending to be Chinese. Wouldn’t be the first time its happened.

                    1. Whatever you think “mainlander!”

                      You write too much, I’ve started losing interest reading the first few words! Don’t try to be too clever and over analyse and pretend to be intelligent!

                      What’s wrong? inferiority complex? Haha…It’s funny I write a few sentences, yet you reply with a few paragraphs!!!

                      I’m hopeful anticipation as to what you will write next “mainlander”

                      Let me know when you’re in HK, and we’ll talk then “mainlander”

                    2. By the way, don’t call yourself Voice of China, because your views don’t represent the Chinese people!

                      I guess I can say that because HK is a part of China, right 😉

                      And, no you cannot speak or ask the question on my behalf! LOL

                    3. You write too much, I’ve started losing interest reading the first few words

                      You’ve written four comments to me already. This being your second consecutive response to the same post I wrote previously.

                      The way I see it, there are different types of trolls on this site.

                      Some like GuoBao are ESL teachers with very little intelligence but a passable level of comprehension.

                      Some are like Alley Cat, that is under qualified losers, who love to play on words and come up with some erroneous answers.

                      Then there are the laughable gooks who deserve just one like ‘sibal kimchi simida’.

                      I’ve never come across a troll like you. You don’t talk like a gook strangely enough. Perhaps you really are just really deluded. I figure the easiest way to poke fun at you is to make you keep writing. You’re English is understandably bad but unlike Guo Bao, it isn’t your first language and I’d feel bad making fun of it.

                      I do however find it entertaining that you make such a distinction between mainlanders and those from say Macau or Hong Kong. I see there being no real difference except the common understanding that we mainlanders are more wealthy then our counterparts in Hong Kong.

                    4. *correction: one line

                      I’d like to think I shouldn’t have to point out that your menial, insignificant opinion isn’t material to the mainstream view that I express on behalf of our country.

                      Hehe, I keep thinking you’re here on this site to get me to teach you english 😀

                    5. No, I’m not blind. I was referring to the chop chop part of the sentence with the addition to your original touch ‘we don’t have all day’

                      a.) It sounds ridiculous that you added ‘we don’t have all day’.

                      Somehow I can imagine that’s something your teacher would say to a slow ass like you. Using it as slight variation of what I said just sounds lame.

                      b.) You’ve tried to rephrase part of the subject while retaining the entirety of the form I used to mock you. If worked in the original case because it was original and funny. Copying it is not.

                      As for coming to Hong Kong, as I’ve said before if you can pay for my time and my first class ticket, I’ll reward you with my company. Just send the itinerary to

                      Pity that you didn’t have anything to say about the ugliness of people from Hong Kong in general. Tsk Tsk.

                      As I’ve said earlier:

                      I’d like to think I shouldn’t have to point out that your menial, insignificant opinion isn’t material to the mainstream view that I express on behalf of our country.

                      Please note that a voice representing the views of a nation are will always be a by-product of economic growth as they are interrelated. However there is no causation as the Voice of China will be merely qualified if economic growth was stagnant. But hey, you probably don’t understand half of this, so why am I bothering? I think its because I find it amusing to see dumbasses like you make fools of yourselves.

                    6. Vietnamese,” hh, I have a question about the Chinese. why do you have lighter skin but other Chinese I know all have dark skin? Sometimes I thought they were viets, but when I went up and asked, they said they were Chinese..”
                      HH,” You do know that one type of Chinese is called Cantonese right? I am from Mainland China, not Hongkong.”
                      Viet,” ohhh, that explained! And btw, Mandarin sounds soo cute. Way better than..what’s that called again?”

                    7. “You’re English is understandably bad but unlike Guo Bao, it isn’t your first language and I’d feel bad making fun of it.”


                  1. “Wouldn’t be the first time its happened.”

                    @ VOC, you missed the apostrophe in “its” 😀

                    It should be “it’s”, not the possessive form “its” ….No, no, no, WRONG!

                    I know you like correcting other people’s grammar, so I thought I’ll do the same for you this time. So remember from next time 😀

                    1. Very precise son.. Good work! Now go work on your basic reading and comprehension. Chop Chop ! 😉

                    2. Hey, do you know why HK and Macau Chinese need to distinguish themselves from the mainland Chinese?

                      Because there are people like you who in China! Perhaps China would be a better place without people like you living in it 😀

                      Go to back to the punctuation section that you skipped at International School.

                      Chop chop now…We don’t have all day!

                    3. Yes mainlanders are often more educated, wealthy and intelligent. Also more attractive as well. The distinction has to exist.

                      While I hate to discriminate, I can’t deny that most Chinese feel that those from the southern areas of China such as Hong Kong and Guang Zhou are also typically uglier. Wider nostrils and flatter noses. A typical Chinese person from Hong Kong takes the attributes of Jordan Chan.

                      By the way, its nice to see that you copied what I said in the last post in its entirety. Are you sure you’re not a gao li bang zi simida? You sure act like one 🙂

                    4. Are you blind?!

                      I did not copy the entirety of what you wrote, but merely carried on with the same theme you idiot!

                      Which one are you? Blind or stupid? Or both? 😀

                      Well, if you’re so proud of yourself, come down to HK and we’ll see if you really that good looking and intelligent.

                      Otherwise keep your low-life views to yourself, and don’t say you are the Voice of China. You are merely a “side product” of China’s economical growth.

                    5. i could always distinguish Chinese from the mainland vs Chinese from rest of the world.

                      Here is the detail I have notice so far:
                      they don’t understand the logic of the traffic rules
                      they spit in public places
                      they let their kids pee in open public area
                      they smokes a lot generally
                      they don’t seem to understand a NO means NO
                      they always think the world dislike them because they think they are the greatest

                      But this is just general, I know small amount of mainland Chinese are not like that, that is why I still know them.

                    6. I was born and I am now in mainland China…well it is rather desperate to see Chinese are still quarreling by applying all kinds of ‘imposing’ sarcasm.

                      @VOC I am impressed of your English and I can fully understand your proud as being a mainlander. I believe you are a talented figure in real life and you can always make your point clear. However I still feel like you are somehow too arrogant when selecting those insulting words. I do not have a good impression of Korean people neither but I think I would not choose to insult them everywhere to make me look like a racist. In fact perhaps since I was so illiterate, I cannot make a strong enough statement to attract you. Anyway I hope I did not infuriate you…

                      @Lay Low Moe I feel quite sorry for Chinese mainlander have left you such an impression. China is too complicated. Its main ideology has been effected by so many elements in latest 100 years. CCP also made an uneven development status among different cities or regions in China and therefore uneven status of courtesy of people. My hometown is Beijing, I know a lot of good guys there. I do hope that someday Chinese will leave you a better impression.
                      However, please do not condemn those you dislike so fast, I think its not their faults but the faults of Chinese Government and CCP.

        2. You sir, are a douchebag. As is Rui, who I had the displeasure of being paired with on a project. Double douches.

  5. Ok…. so you get worked up about this dude wanting to ask a question… but you don’t tell us what his actual question to Obama was?

  6. What’s the issue? China Hush has already done this!

    We already have Jack Liu speaking on behalf of China for how Facebook should be developed. Why not have a Chinese guy talking on behalf of Asia?

    1. LOL
      Mainland Chinese just likes take advantage to show off
      while bunch of Korean pussies have their thumb up their ass

  7. Stop misleading with the word “break line”. Breaking line is actually a kind of rule violation. When you are going to get on a buss, you do want everyone do it one by one. So the rule is to get on the bus in sequence. Now the question comes. Is every rule should be respected? The answer is “hard to say”. When the rule is for fair and justice, then rule violation should be looked down upon. When the rule is made by robbers, rule violation should be respected.

    Did Rui break Obama’s rule? Actually no, because no Korean reporters give Obama face. Yeah, the Korean reporters were not cooperative at all. Obama gave them face, but they did not give Obama face. Rui absolutely understood what Obama was talking about and what situation it was. So he stood up and said he wanted to raise a question. Since he is not a gook, he cannot represent gooks. Thus he told Obama he was Chinese and wanted to ask a question on behalf of Asia.

    OK, I don’t want to argue whether he broke the line. OK, suppose he broke the line. So what? As I said in the first paragraph. We should know the source of the rule. Who made the rule? What’s the goal to make the rule? Yes, Obama only leave one chance to the entire Asia, in fact only to the alliance of the US. Why? Because Obama is a human being, and it’s inevitable for any human being to have a hard time when answering some hard questions. Obama is a good presenter. But from his inexplicable and not very fluent response to Rui’s question, we know he was like a donkey without idea ( a Chinese idiom 黔驴技穷) when questioned unpreparedly. And the rule he made (“only one question for Asia–actually Korea”) violates the spirit of media freedom.

    Good job did Chenggang Rui !!!

    1. Hey, who is this motherfucker and why does he think he’s able to represent the entire Asia?

      1. Rui wanna level with Obama
        since Obama represents the US
        He needs to top Obama by represents the whole fucking Asia

        I will top Rui by to represents the whole World
        so fuck all of y’all

  8. The guy didn’t jump the queue…since there was no queue. If he shouted over a Korean reporter to get in his 2 cents, that would have been rude and unseemly. As it was, there were no takers, so good for him to carpe diem.

    Standing before the US President, in front of a world-wide TV audience, thinking on his feet and speaking in a non-native language, I think people should cut him some slack when he misspoke about representing Asia. Hopefully, the people chewing him out over a slip of the tongue aren’t the same ones who like to claim that they represent all Chinese people on blogs.

    1. Agreed.

      Same goes for laowai who like to claim intimate knowledge of the psyche of all Chinese based a few acquaintances.

  9. Rui clearly don’t understand when Obama said “I would like to take one question from the Korean press”
    Typical Mainland Chinese – aggressive and showoff

  10. I think it’s fine that he stood up. On the other hand his question was a bit of a mumble jumble and not anything Obama could give a short concise answer to. It reminded me of something though:

    I once was in the auditorium at my university when our foreign minister gave a speech and took questions afterwards. At that time we were about to enter the European monetary cooperation (giving up our national currency for the Euro) and I didn’t approve of that. Anyway I raised my hand and got picked fucking FIRST in the question round and I realized I didn’t have a clue what to ask. Anyway my question turned out okay (something about the difficulties and negative impact on our national economy if one day we decided to pull out) and the guy- who was there to lobby for our Yes-votes- spent the next 2 minutes praising the Euro while completely neglecting my question. Then the MC asked me “Does that answer your question?” I said “Not even close” and sat down. Snubbing our foreign minister is the closest I’ve ever been to real politics. The guy was a dick though.

  11. Not a big deal, even though he shouldn’t have said he represented all of Asia. Rui is kind of a pompous ass though.

    1. that was clearly an ambush
      Rui fully understand when Obama ask for the Korean press, not Chinese, not other Asian
      He somehow titled himself as representive of the whole Asian
      Is he better then everyone in Asia?
      I am betting on 100%, all the Asian countries might wanna trade with China but I really doubt any of them wanna be part of China.

      1. It’s a surprise but not an ambush. The question is hardly a tough one comparing to the ones you can find on Chinese media when Obama was visiting China last time. He could do better with a really harsh question if prepared by a nationalist. Instead, Rui is Director and Anchor of BizChina (a channel about doing business in China) and the question is no doubt a concern of his program and also many Asian countries.

        Where did you get the “wanna be part of China” from his question? Why are you feeling so insecure?

        1. ok fine
          you think everyone loves China so much
          name a country that wants to be part of China
          Hong Kong? no
          Taiwan? no
          Japan? no
          Korean? no
          Tibet? I guess they had to say YES(with the gun pointing at them)

          btw a surprise question is call ambush in politics
          so to a surprise sex on a girl is not rape???

          1. Where did you get the “wanna be part of China” from his question? Why are you feeling so insecure?

          1. What hell is wrong with you? He is a journalist, he can use whatever tactics he wants to get a feed.

            What does this have to do with a country that wants to be part of China. I guess you’re from Hong Kong, because only brats like you use the word ‘mainland’ because unlike Taiwan, you don’t have the luxury of pretending to be part of a rogue state since you guys were handed over under a formal reunification.

            As for your question, China never wanted to annex Japan or Korea. However, as for Taiwan, its still by means of international law, as a province and part of China. So it doesn’t even fit in your list of ‘countries’ so as to say.

            1. if it is a tactic
              just admin it
              why change to a fancy wording to sound like a wise guy

              how about you call a Taiwanese a Chinese?
              it is an insult for them
              everyone in the world knows, Taiwan is not part of China
              but China always like to claim Taiwan is part of them

              1. lol a pretentious douche vs an ignorant retard. this is funny. chinahush has definitely taken the crown of troll central from chinasmack. i love how every post on chinahush that has a lot of comments actually ends up being the same 3 people arguing with each other over and over again.

              2. Hahaha, do you think we care how they feel?

                This handle was made for helping retards like you understand the real Voice of China.

                1. As far as most Chinese netizens are concerned, the word Taiwanese does not exist – because Taiwan is not a country – it is a province as recognized by all parties to the United Nations

                2. We Chinese don’t give a shit about how our ugly cousins in Taiwan province think

                3. Everyone knows Taiwan is part of China

                4. We don’t just claim Taiwan is part of us, we KNOW it and if the government there tries to something stupid, we’ll fuck them over

                Most Chinese people dislike human suffering, we don’t want to see bloodshed. But I’m sure I speak for the majority of the country, when I say that given the chance, we’d like to see Taiwan try something because most mainlanders view our renegade cousins as girlish, pretentious and asking for a good beating. To the extent that the PRC government can organize a smooth execution, I’d love to see this little diplomatic dispute play out.

                1. But as precursor to the next comments, I’m going to guess some retard is going to bring up Mao. Let’s see who that retard is.

                2. that’s funny comment that you just made
                  China don’t just claim Taiwan is part of them??? are you serious?
                  i always heard news every once while that China wants to take over Taiwan and Taiwan spend more budget of defense
                  If Taiwanese really wanna be part of China so bad
                  why are they having that fear of China takeover???

                3. Always precisecly speak out the majority of the mainlanders’ voice. Just one more thing to point out as a fact that one time I met this Taiwanese dude and he said the reason he couldn’t find any girlfriend in Taiwan was that he was afraid of seeing the girls without make-up. I felt kinda sry for him T.T And of course eventually he ended up heading to mainland China and found his belle. ( Prob too many options that made the decision-making-process a bit harder)

                  1. so you are saying girls are too ugly in Taiwan that, it him got a wife in China? lol

                    if that’s what you are trying to prove
                    Thailand, Vietnam, along with most Eastern Europe are the same reason people shop for their “wife” there
                    and not because the rich dude is ugly & have a shallow mind plus there are girls willing to sell themself

                    you do know that there are ugly girls everywhere in the world
                    and love relationship takes years to build

                    how the hell could people buy a wife?
                    you could buy a whore?
                    a hoe belongs to a hotel, not a house wife
                    did your dad bought your mom? how much?
                    would you like your mom do anything for money? including me paying her sucking my dick

  12. This reporter created a high expectation before asking his question.
    And in the end came up with dull and excessively long question.
    It is so similar to the behavior of students who in the end of the lesson surround the teacher and ask something just to be noticed.

    1. Don’t be too hard on the guy. He has 15 years experience in asking dull, non-edgy questions to people who’ve pre-ordered the interview. Must be annoying to work in an area that discourages real journalism.

  13. Wow. What a demented reporter. How about you ask the CHINESE government some of your brave question, retard? Have you already? No, you haven’t – because you are still alive, and not getting assfucked in a Chinese jail. Moron.

  14. Big talk, little substance. Question is phrased like a statement and is essentially asking nothing of any importance.

  15. I’m Chinese, but I think I get to represent the “entire” Asia, we’re one family here on this part of the world.


    Does it mean that if I am Chinese, then I get to represent the entire Asia now??

    Which part of the “world” do you see us as one family? Chinese throwing rocks and breaking innocent Japanese stores in China. What is this idea of “family” is he talking about?

    Can’t he be more corteous and less bossy? If he wants to show off, make sure you do not include ENTIRE ASIA!!! Just say you are Chinese, Do Not Drag every Asian down with you. Since you are Chinese, Do Not start calling us Family if you can’t start acting like one either.

  16. Was that a question? See what happens when someone thinks they speak English? A bunch of nonsense came out of this guy’s mouth. “How do you address these interpretations?” God, what an idiot. China still has a long way to go.

    1. Obama: I need an interpreter.
      Rui: How do you address these interpretations?
      Obama: …….You need an interpreter, next.

  17. Korean reporters did not speak up, even after Obama asked them. So the Chinese reporter got the chance. It’s about courage.

    1. How is that courage?
      Obama asked for Korean
      Is the Chinese reporter Korean?
      Why did he raise his hand when he is not Korean?

  18. Most comments here are unintelligent and can be dismissed. This title is intended to mislead the reader. Rui Chenggang did not cut in front of the Korean press. No one from the Korean press has the balls to ask Obama questions. They are and in fact most Asians are too shy. In fact, most Asians are so subservient to the US and Westerners that Asians treat US and Westerners’ fart as fragrant.

    Rui Chenggang did the entire Asia a favor by asking a intelligent question from an Asian’s point of view. Not just questions totally dominated by US journalists. Rui Chenggang’s was not intended to represent Asia which was totally taken out of context. It was the absence of representation of Asian journalists in the questioning period that prompted him to say he gets to represent Asia…ie, Asians’ view should not expressed by US journalists, but should be represented by at least one lonely and brave Asian journalist.

    1. @SP

      What planet do you live on? Have you ever read the Press around Asia, attacking the US is like national past time in many countries… You seriously think that Korean journalists are afraid to ask questions of Obama?

      There is no such thing as an “Asian point of view.” The implication that there is, is racist and reductionist.

      1. @SP – I just watched the video again – Perhaps I was a bit harsh in my comments – in all fairness, at this particularly NC, the press were hesitant to speak up. Strange indeed.

    2. Rui was clearly a moron
      He knew how Obama will react if he ambushed him
      He was looking for attention from media rather be sincere
      if i am Obama, i would told Rui:
      I asked for Korean and are you Korean? That’s what I thought! Sit yo ass bitch!

  19. The idea of an Asian family, though common, is absurd in the extreme. The guy was a bit rude, but think about this from the perspective of a journalist. No matter what country you’re from you are constantly in a fight to get the one question in at a news conference like this. You have to try your best and sometimes that may mean making a bit of a fool of yourself.

    Seems to me that it’s part of the job.

  20. Most important to this exchange is that Obama pushed back against a Chinese reporter in at first declining to take his question, and the rest of Asia witnessed a Chinese reporter basically being obnoxious with a head of state and representative of the American people, as if he were arguing with a waiter in a cheap corner noodle shop.

    The symbolism here is obvious. Obama defers to Korea and remarks on their hospitality and ends up having to jostle with a Chinese, who then claims to represent all of Asia. Obama’s frame of mind towards China seems to come through in the way he persisted in trying to not take a question from a reporter from China, as well as the Chinese reporters arrogance that he would be recognized on his own terms.

  21. He does not represent the entire Asia. Tell us since when did he start representing himself for the entire Asia? The entire ass-holes maybe, but not Asia.

    It’s not called courage. it’s called arrogance.

    It’s a mutual understanding, an etiquette. Obama wanted a Korean reporter, not an ass-hole. Just because there were no questions from Korean reporters it doesn’t mean that they are shy. It just means they understood the whole meeting and they had no questions about it. Rui had a low IQ, who can blame him for not understanding anything, even simple etiquette.

    Asking a senseless question about “addressing interpretations” when you are not called nor have the authority to represent, that’s plain stupid. Asking something like “anti-business”, really makes Rui a dumb-ass.

    Bold move, no etiquette, stupid question, self-proclaiming king of Asia, and total ass-hole, that’s definitely made in China.

  22. After talking with people in China, it appears that they don’t think this is an issue.

  23. This incident shows China as it really is: a country of 1.3 billion people all with a “me first” attitude.

    When you cut in front of someone (at McDonalds, a hospital, a convenience store, a bus stop) you are disrespecting them by saying, “I’m not important than you, you have to wait.” Is my time not valuable? Do I have nothing better to do than stand there in line while Chinese people cut me?

    1. You’re such a dumbass.

      1. He didn’t cut through anyone, no Korean reporters wanted to ask questions – but you already knew that didn’t you 😉

      2. You probably got cut in front of because you aren’t important. A scrawny little lao wai with no money isn’t exactly a force demanding of respect. People only take advantage of the weak.

  24. Seems like there are a lot of jealous haters here.

    Gook guy is the obvious culprit but he is:

    a.) Korean
    b.) Suffering from mental issues
    c.) Really funny – although I gotta say, I enjoy Pusan Playa’s comments much more

    As for HK Guy/Lay Low Moe – I personally don’t see the need to hate so much.

    a.) You guys are Chinese
    b.) You should have better things to do then write about your city’s superiority

    I don’t see the issue with this particular article. The reporter did his job; he sought an opportunity; did not cut in line; asked a question and spoke in fluent English. The Korean reporters should be the one’s regretting they couldn’t man up enough to face the American president.

    You guys can troll as much as you want from this point forward.

    The Voice has Spoken!

    1. you don’t even know what it is like to observe non-chinese comments on stupid shit that China or their people does on daily basics
      you should know non-Asian people can’t tell the difference between Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese…
      and generalized all yellow skins are Chinese from China
      i total feel korean_guy’s hate for Chinese and seriously read damn the website that korean_guy posted
      those behavior doesn’t only happens in China, it happen where mainland Chinese visits

      FYI – i never wrote anything to brag about my city i don’t know where you got that from

    2. Yes, you are right, I am Chinese.

      My trouble isn’t so much with this story, but with your arrogant and racist attitude.

      It has to be said not all Chinese are like you. There are many mainland Chinese I know (who are good and humble people) and have forged very good friendships with many South Koreans.

      You drag the “Chinese” reputation through the mud!

    3. Yes, you are right, I am Chinese.

      My problem isn’t so much with this story, but with your arrogant and racist attitude.

      It has to be said not all Chinese are like you. There are many mainland Chinese I know (who are good and humble people) and have forged very good friendships with many South Koreans.

      You drag the “Chinese” reputation through the mud!

      1. Come on Mr HK,

        Just admit it, you have a hard on for gooks. Are you trying to get me to believe that you’d rather suck bang zi dick than stick up for your own country?

        The only way that is possible if you’re one of mentally diseased super junior fans.

        All Chinese including those from Hong Kong share a similar view to me. Most of them are too bothered with courtesy in real life to admit it. Albeit, the internet gives more freedom of expression. Thus your meaningless opinion means jack shit. What is important is what I say – the Voice of China.

        And my impression of you now is from your last comment:

        Chop chop now…We don’t have all day!

        LOL!!! We don’t have all day honey! hahahahahhahaha

        1. Yes, whatever “VOC”. Live in your delusioned little world. And as far as I can say, HK Chinese do not share the views of a low life (opps, I am referring to you!!).

          Think about it, otherwise, why do the HK Chinese adamantly differeniate ourselves from the mainland Chinese. BECAUSE we have different views and ideologies you dumbass!

          Yes, now go and serve you Chinese masters!!!

          1. Hilarious! 😀

            You’re a South Korean pretending to be Chinese – classic example of gook behavior.

            Those from the tiny city of Hong Kong can have their views for now. At most, they comprise of a small portion of Greater China.

            Once our education reforms are in place. They’ll forget all about the British propaganda that’s infected them through colonization. Hong Kong should enjoy their deteriorating economic prosperity that they feel separates them from the ‘mainland’.

            As I can see, HK Chinese are bitter about being poorer, uglier and lacking a property identity.

            I gotta laugh each time with your ‘Chop chop now… we don’t have all day’ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

        2. On another note, if the HK Chinese really shared the same views etc with the mainland why did all the rich Chinese just flee to Canada just before the handover pre-1997.

          LOL…Point made!

          1. On another note, if the HK Chinese really shared the same views etc with the mainland why did all the rich Chinese just flee to Canada just before the handover pre-1997.

            Point made? Are you some kind of retard?

            I thought you’d understand by now that the whole idea behind Voice of China is to impliedly convey the realism and Machiavellian ideologies that permeate Chinese society.

            Those from HK China went to Canada because there was more money and opportunity abroad. There was no causation with the handover. Those who had a pre-existing choice executed it for personal gain. God you’re stupid. LOL!

            1. Yes, but considering the timing (pre-97) it was to escape the handover you idiot, and living in a HK controlled by the Chinese goverment!

              Of course it’s for personal gain too you IDIOT!!! Otherwise they could just move to Africa! DUH?!

              By pointing out the obvious, you’re making yourself look STUPID!

              1. You really lack a basic understanding of the English language don’t you?

                You were the one who asked me this simple question and asking for an OBVIOUS answer – Got it dumbass?

                Now try and understand that the term correlation does not equal causation. Saying that the rich Chinese from Hong Kong emigrated also does not take into any account the context of their move. Furthermore, you haven’t even illustrated which ‘Rich Chinese’ you’re referring to. It also doesn’t say anything about whether they held onto their assets in Hong Kong and blah blah blah. Get the point yet?

                Now go suck more bang zi dick – As a retarded man once said:

                Chop chop now… we don’t have all day’


                1. I don’t need to exemplify anyone to you, you can do your own research for that matter.

                  Correction to you last sentence, the retarded man actually wrote “Chop Chop ! ;)” You’ll find that under a post, if you scroll by some severe retard claiming to be the “Voice of China”

                  Furthermore, this retard can’t differentiate the use of “its” and “it” – talking about English comprehension!!! LOL!

                    1. Wow, you’re such a retard.

                      Saying chop chop to you was original and entertaining. Copying it and saying ‘we don’t have all day’ was pathetic and an emulation of what a primary school teacher would say to get students to get a move on. Totally unsuitable both as satire and in colloquial use.

                      All your posts lack in reason and logic, I’ve basically answered and turned all your accusations against you and here you are nitpicking on an apostrophe. Tsk tsk tsk… You’re a typical ‘hongkie’ 😉

                      Now don’t get so mad that you start making mistakes with the very word that you are trying to accuse me of writing a typo on. It rubs off really bad on your ‘Hongkie’ ass 😉

                  1. VOC is a very typical mainland Chinese
                    the way he comments
                    it clearly show why all the Asian wants to distinguish themselves from China

            2. You really are delusional bro, totally delusional and kidding yourself if you think the thousands of families that left HK right before 1997, left just because they thought it was a good time to leave their homes/businesses/lives/entertainment/careers/friends/family/culture. It’s unhealthy to be so jaded/wrapped up in a fantastical reality designed by the authoritarian, communist party.

              Now, since I know you are just a wumao, I know you’re getting paid a couple of cents to write this nonsensical s**t, which of course I envy, since it seems like a fun job to write fiction all day. REGARDLESS, please stop making yourself look stupid, it’s embarrassing. Unless you have first hand knowledge of the exodus, as some here do, you should refrain from discussing the motivation of the wealthy HK refugees of the ’90s. K, thx, bai.


              p.s. I know the article states that people are moving back. But back from what, you ask? Back from their pre-’97 mass exodus. The only people in this world who want a communist revolution are Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales.

              1. And, I don’t even need to send invoices to the NSA for my comments, can you believe it? I actually believe what I’m writing, do you find that weird?

              2. John Digleme,

                let me capitalize your name for you since you obviously don’t know how.


                – Uneducated
                – Stupid
                – Retarded

                Time and time again, you show your inability to comprehend basic sentences, concepts and ideas. I wonder If I should even entertain you a answer for your perpetual rants. You seem to be begging for my attention by using the crudest methods and resorting to babbling bullshit.

                Wu Mao? John, I could pay you to wash my house like a Filipino maid if I wanted to. Put us both in the same picture for a second, I’ll give you the grace of being put aside me for examples sake. Now don’t get carried away, because this time it is fiction. But I’ll afford you this feel good moment just this once.

                Consider: now you’re a retarded Lao Wai, who ‘chooses’ to ignore grammar (most likely an excuse), and you think that homosexuality as a percentage increases due to a larger population, and other nonsensical ideologies. I’m a rich, educated and have perfect English and Chinese. Hell, having all these traits is a rarity, even in China. And you’re cracking a Wu Mao joke on me? Seriously, are you mentally ill? Is your laborer head really stupid enough to believe that wu maos can write in English or get paid wu mao? It’s a joke dipshit, and one that you’re taking a little bit too seriously. Go get some proper education and not picking up trash from the ground, it doesn’t pay well enough.

                Now I picture in my head a hairy lao wai picking up trash and then you come and say:

                K, thx, bai.

                So now I’m thinking a hair lao wai picking up trash. In any case, my point stands. HK Chinese are motivated by realism and Machiavellian ideals. Giving me one article about an analyst who left well before the handover and making an arbitrary comment for the purpose of making a headline does not change that. Nor does it even refute the point I made even if we take it at face value. Ordinary people from HK do not have a choice whether to immigrate. Those who are rich hold property and investments. Any move, regardless of other ideas, is motivated primarily on economic well being.

                You trolls should give it a rest. I can’t imagine intellectually raping you guys over and over. Why even comment if all you write is this bullshit. LOL!

                1. John Digleme,

                  let me capitalize your name for you since you obviously don’t know how.


                  – Uneducated
                  – Stupid
                  – Retarded

                  Time and time again, you show your inability to comprehend basic sentences, concepts and ideas. I wonder If I should even entertain you a answer for your perpetual rants. You seem to be begging for my attention by using the crudest methods and resorting to babbling bullshit.

                  Wu Mao? John, I could pay you to wash my house like a Filipino maid if I wanted to. Put us both in the same picture for a second, I’ll give you the grace of being put aside me for examples sake. Now don’t get carried away, because this time it is fiction. But I’ll afford you this feel good moment just this once.

                  Consider: now you’re a retarded Lao Wai, who ‘chooses’ to ignore grammar (most likely an excuse), and you think that homosexuality as a percentage increases due to a larger population, and other nonsensical ideologies. I’m a rich, educated and have perfect English and Chinese. Hell, having all these traits is a rarity, even in China. And you’re cracking a Wu Mao joke on me? Seriously, are you mentally ill? Is your laborer head really stupid enough to believe that wu maos can write in English or get paid wu mao? It’s a joke dipshit, and one that you’re taking a little bit too seriously. Go get some proper education and not picking up trash from the ground, it doesn’t pay well enough.

                  Now I picture in my head a hairy lao wai picking up trash and then you come and say:

                  K, thx, bai.

                  So now I’m thinking a feminine or gay hairy lao wai picking up trash. In any case, my point stands. HK Chinese are motivated by realism and Machiavellian ideals. Giving me one article about an analyst who left well before the handover and making an arbitrary comment for the purpose of making a headline does not change that. Nor does it even refute the point I made even if we take it at face value. Ordinary people from HK do not have a choice whether to immigrate. Those who are rich hold property and investments. Any move, regardless of other ideas, is motivated primarily on economic well being.

                  You trolls should give it a rest. I can’t imagine intellectually raping you guys over and over. Why even comment if all you write is this bullshit. LOL!

                  1. why double post man?
                    with amount of bullshit comes out from your head, you are just digging your into deeper hole
                    you need to get out more and socialize with different culture

                    1. Because the first post had a typo with italics. What? You missed it dumbass?

                      The more I converse with you retards, the more I realize what a waste of time it is.

                    2. “The more I converse with you retards, the more I realize what a waste of time it is.” lol
                      but yet you are still here…
                      you should really think about why people reacts to your comment in the negative way

            3. “Those from HK China went to Canada because there was more money and opportunity abroad.”
              VOC you are so wrong about that
              i still remember those time when i was young
              there many that work their ass off just to raise enough fund get away from HK because of fear over China
              remember what China did during 1989??? i bet China never explain what happen to their citizen

      1. total agreed as in??? as long as he is from mainland China, anything he comments is a correct even though it is false???
        do you ever wonder why so many people from around the world disagree with him?

  25. a reporters doing his job whats a big deal, i mean Obama gets aggressive questions all the time

    1. ok you just ruin the fun of this culture bashing
      lot of us loves to see how people to reacts to questions and criticism on China
      if i am just for the news i wouldn’t be visiting Chinahush

    2. You don’t speak to an elected head of state that way. You don’t bargain and argue with the president unless you have 150 million voters backing you up, a couple of carrier battle groups and some lasers on the moon. Until then, show some respect, he’s not in a mall on Nanjing Road ffs.

      1. Yeah I picked up the same tone of arrogance and disrespect. Wondering if there was a racial element to it, Obama being black, can be questioned and imposed upon in what any Asian would recognize as the type of disrespect some would give say a clueless American tourist in Asia by being too familiar, using bad language, and treating his wife like a servant or common whore.

        1. Definitely, he is black.

          Do you think Rui would have talked like that to Clinton, are you kidding me?

          1. Ok so then you agree that Rui was arrogant and showed disrespect. To display such behavior to a head of state and knowing better because he would not have acted that way with Clinton means the reporter is beyond being crude and vulgar.

            1. No, it seems like you hold a superficial understanding of basic social behavior.

              A reporter has a duty to his employer to ask questions in order to gain a headline.

              Being nervous is an impediment to exercising his duty. Bill Clinton was an eminent and charismatic white president who was a great speaker.

              Rui would have found it difficult to summon the courage to speak to such a prominent figure. Furthermore, Bill would have massacred Rui if he was in Obama’s position.

              As a Chinese person, Rui would have found it more than easy to ask Obama because he is black and his questions were not ‘crude or vulgar’.

              1. I will admit I hold a superficial understanding of social behavior from the pov of VOC.

                I met Bill Clinton and I know other people who have met and talked to him. I have met other people of his standing, and it is beneath them, and counter productive to destroy or massacre little people like your Rui. Quite the opposite, big men in American politics pride themselves on charming the average person and are very good at it.

                Obama is an eminent, charismatic black president who is a great speaker.

                As an educated gentleman, from most recently the mid west, it was not in Obama’s character to make a scene, or to show his power, by humiliating a little fish like Rui.

                Obama was in Korea in the role of statesman and a diplomat. A man as cosmopolitan as Obama, having lived in the cultured parts of Asia, knows that dignity and form are more important than crude displays of arrogance and petty behavior.

                1. No, you hold a superficial understanding of basic social behavior period.

                  Bill Clinton has a record of responding very strongly to criticism with great articulacy. This can be seen both in his campaigns where he ridiculed hecklers as well as in his interviews against Fox news amongst others.

                  Part of being a good speaker is charming others, so I do agree he is good at it also but thats not what we are talking about here. If Bill Clinton had been in Obama’s shoes, he would have handled the situation much more graciously. I can only imagine it would start with his classic ‘Let me ask you a question’ style of counter argumentation.

                  Obama is a puppet for rich aristocrats that has been nurtured into the role of presidency. Similar to bush, he is inept without his teleprompter. Even in the video, you could see him buying time with his first line about ‘his interpretation of your intepretation’.

                  1. If you decide to access my understanding of social behavior based on this exchange I will not argue with that…just as Obama decided it was best not to argue with a low stature reporter nitwit about his claim to represent Asian. The point being, that Obama would have gained nothing by humiliating a little snot nose Chinese reporter.

                    I can assure you that one does not go from being the son of an NGO worker in Indonesia, and a Kenyan national to POTUS, without mastering the art of adversarial debate, and knowing how to cut and thrust. One only need view during the health care debate his live uncut meeting with the Republicans members of congress during their retreat (without teleprompter) to understand how formidable Obama is.


                    With respect to your remarks about how Clinton would have countered Rui, you assume that Rui is a worthy adversary, that there is something at stake that would lead to an exchange on an intellectual or political level. Rui’s behavior and claims were preposterous, and Obama being very logical was there not to argue with a Chinese reporter but to play the diplomat and statesman.

                    In terms of charming others you fail to understand that in democratic systems, which you claim to have contempt for, the big men in politics get that way by building consensus, gaining allies, and getting their way through the power of their charisma. It becomes second nature for them to use charm and soft power to get what they want. For people on the level of Clinton and Obama it becomes a point of pride to be able to charm and persuade others, even when there is nothing at stake. It has nothing to do with being a good speaker but goes to the core of democratic politics and the personality types best able to get elected with a few exceptions like Nixon. This concept is perhaps the least understood in a place like China where the leadership seems to take pride in crushing individuals who dare to question or oppose them.

                    Clinton was impressive for having almost instant recall, and an astounding command of the facts. Obama is actually more authentic and deliberative, but like Clinton manages to show a deep grasp of policy. In fact on every level Obama is the most like Clinton.

                    1. Mark, you sure include a lot of vestigial information for the purposes of building credibility.

                      1. Stating that Rui is a ‘snotty nose Chinese reporter as if it means anything.

                      2. Assuming that Obama’s father’s position as a ‘worker’ in a non governmental organization is relevant somehow

                      3. As stated by the article YOU posted, let me quote

                      “both the President and GOP House members largely stuck to their talking points and scripts”

                      Furthermore, I distinguish this from the situation we are discussing as the former tests the ability to prepare and memorize which is much easier than to think on one’s feet.

                      4. Clinton would have responded to Rui in one of two different ways. None of them which involve saying ‘Now this is getting more complicated than I thought’

                      If Clinton wanted to avoid the question, he could have done so without impartial reluctance and indecesiveness. If he were to answer the question, he would have done so with fluidity; possibly, adding satire and a hint of sarcasm in relation to Rui’s poor choice of wording with regard to the term ‘interpretation’.

                      5. Rui’s behaviour and claims were not preposterous. They were indirect, and carefully moulded not to directly insult the integrity of Obama’s decisions

                      6. I understand the concept of soft power. However this is not an example of it being used. One only needs to look at Clinton’s exchanges prior to election, and in his interview in Fox News to understand his ability to think on the spot. By contrast, Obama seems like an inept monkey.

                      7. Obama was acting as a spokesman and diplomat in the G20 meeting and its substantive content. He is accountable to the other constituent members of the summit and Federal interests. Rui is neither a politician or a state representative.

                      Towards Rui, his role was to answer the question to the best of his ability or to decline to take the question. Obama failed to do either with success.

                      8. The issue of being a worthy adversary is non existent here. Obama’s job was to answer a question which he allowed for. Neither, the interviewer in Fox news or hecklers at Clinton’s election campaign were politicians or intellectuals. Nevertheless, Bill managed to kick the crap out of them.

                      Conclusion: Understand Mark that you’re too stupid to present a logical argument without flaws in argumentation. That’s also the whole reason why you’re so laughable. Oh and, I take it this will be your last post, since you also didn’t respond to my posts relating to civil law and homicide.

                    2. As Korean Guy stated it seems you are incapable of understanding the disposition and manners of people from the West and Midwest. We will leave it at that.

                    3. Wow, siding with a troll to get a point across. Mark, you’re even more pathetic than I thought. LOL

  26. I want to see him do that to Hu Jintao when he’s talking. Make sure you represent the entire Asia, and we will surely support you Rui Bitch.

  27. Rui is the biggest troll ever in history who made it to the international news conf. 🙂 wow

  28. He does represent Asia, or at least, from my own experiences here in China, he does represent China, and quite realistically.

    * He cut in from of others when he had absolutely no right to do so.

    * He refused to simply wait until called upon, regardless of this perhaps being his one and only chance to speak to the president.

    * He audaciously saw fit to represent all of Asia and not simply the media group he worked for.

    * He continued to cut in front of those whom the president called to speak despite being asked/told quite politely to not do so.

    * It did not register in his brain at all that perhaps the Koren journalists were simply of a higher calibre and from a much more refined and polite stock and conceded their loss quietly and dignantly rather than stand up and attempt to talk over this person or claim what was taken by this pushy man.

    * He showed no respect for the room, the speaker or the deligated questionee and simply thought it his right to push in front and take.

    Yes this guy represented China well to the President, the hundreds and hundreds of people DAILY I see pushing in, cutting in, shoving, barging, jumping in front, taking seats from people who were first, talking over people who were first, interrupting people who were first. The Expo was the worst example I had the displeasure of experiencing. You represent yourself poorly, Chinese people, you pushed my 62 year old mother onto the ground so that you could simply be slightly ahead of her, then you stopped to look at her on the ground, then you turned away and continued.

    Rui is a perfect representative of all that China is and does.

  29. Hey Grimey,

    I’m sorry that a retard like you had to come to China. Of course, being the inadequate douche that you are, you wouldn’t understand the concept of good journalism.

    1. He didn’t cut in front of anyone because the gooks were too busy jumping off buildings

    2. He took the initiative because he knew that a.) Obama did not expect there to be Chinese journalists b.) Gooks are too stupid to ask questions

    3. He realized that China was a powerful figure in Asia and felt that as a Chinese citizen, he felt obliged to represent what he thought to be the view in Asia.

    4. He never cut in front of anyone – because again, there were no willing journalists, and he was not asked not to ‘cut in’

    5. He registered that gook journalists were of low caliber and too stupid or too socially inadequate to do their job properly. He thought ‘Well nobody likes South Koreans anyway, they’re just pieces of trash who should know their place in the world’ and even gave them a chance to speak up. Of course South Koreans, being the inbred retards that they are knew their place, which was to shut and listen.

    6. He took control of the situation and showed his impartial professionalism in treating each person he is reporting with equal respect, showing no special treatment to the monkey.

    This guy is a paradigm of good reporting. He shows why China will stand strong and conquer the world in the following decades. We don’t respect those who are arrogant AND weak. We show compassion for those who truly need it. If you were with your mother, you should of prevented her from being pushed to the ground. If that wasn’t possible, you should have made sure that the person responsible was held accountable for his actions. Otherwise, you are just pathetic weakling with no right to respect, unless you are physically and mentally incapable of self expression.

    Rui is a champion, a baller, an example of what a good reporter should be

    – Voice of China

      1. What you really like is when you’re bottoming for him at the end of a long day at the Department of Wumao. This would be your signature.

        1. Actually I don’t mind if thats the case. I’d rather be bottoming someone whos truly intelligent than a bunch of pseudo intellectuals, like you for example. By the way, you do enjoy the Wumao joke, don’t ya? Bet its been in your dream for a while. Tsk Tsk.

    1. When someone self-titled “Voice of China” tries to repremand me I have a few options:

      I can take it to heart because perhaps the entire country has one voice and is using it against me right now

      OR I can scoff it off as just a geek at home on his computer who is patriotic and yet at the same time also misguided and stubborn

      OR I can have a good laugh at the thought of a guy thinking he has ‘one-upped’ me just because of a few inarticulate insults towards me and crude remarks about Koreans, and who calls himself “Voice of China”

      because this, your reply, “Voice of China” represents China just as accurately as Rui being a pushy, obnoxious , pig-headed Journo does.

      Hiding at home on a computer without the means or the courage to do anything relevant is what you do.

      A misguided, foulmouthed racist who actually thinks they represent a whole country and yet has the lexical range and literary finesse of a middleschool student or partially educated wai di ren is what you are.

      Able to see both sides and respect both points of view, able to listen to another’s words without insulting them, interjecting or forcing your opinion or corrections onto them, to be caring enough or aware enough of what is happening around you to conciously affect your environment without hurting the other people around you and yet still live a meaningful life you will never be able to do.

      Because you are Chinese

      Except that you are the worst kind Chinese – the kind of Chinese that Rui is, the kind of Chinese that most foreigners will remember forever after visiting the P.R.China or seeing them in their own country, and the kind of Chinese that makes all the great Chinese people look bad and feel ashamed to be Chinese sometimes.

      You are the voice of nothing

      Oh and do you know what a “baller” even is? Do some research because your lame ‘gangster’ style and insults only shows how ignorant, uncultured, untraveled, and uneducated you are.

      – Voice of one man

      1. Hey Grimey,

        I see you’re stupid enough to have missed the subtle hints of mockery guided towards you. But that didn’t stop you from writing a longer comment than mine to refute it. Psst: who is grimey? s*******

        You’re a such a retard Grimey. The first sentence really says that about you. I’d like to believe that you’re not really stupid enough to believe what you’re saying. But… you just might be. After all, you do seem to be infatuated with yourself by believing that the whole of China cares about you and your 62 year old mother.

        Oh and uh, keep in mind that this handle was really set up to give the Chinese point of view in regards to these events. Try not to read too much into ok? 😉

        Now at this stage, I think that the only kind of person who would be angry at one of my comments is a gook, or at best an Americanized gook (as if there’s a difference). Why? Because somehow you think that “I one-upped you” because I made some crude remarks about your kimchibreathed brothers. That wasn’t my intent actually but I’m glad I made you so paranoid.

        Hiding at home on a computer without the means or the courage to do anything relevant is what you do.

        A misguided, foulmouthed racist who actually thinks they represent a whole country and yet has the lexical range and literary finesse of a middleschool student or partially educated wai di ren is what you are.

        Riiiiight? And are you saying that you’re not a misguided, foulmouthed racist?

        As for this ‘lexical range and literary finesse’ bullshit, I ask that you stop trying to use unnecessary words to convey a simple message. It merely shows that you lack good writing skills. It’s ok if you want to start trying to write in double negatives, nominalizations, passive sentences, and unnecessary jargon. But I don’t see the need to join you in partaking in such archaic and unnecessarily convoluted sentences to ‘sound good’. I’m better than that.

        What I’ve merely done in the last comment, Grimey, was literally use your sentences to point out the fallacies of your argument. Reversing the ‘racist, uninformed and inarticulate insults’ towards China. Speaking of articulacy, I might miss a comma every now and then but your fifth last paragraph doesn’t make sense, and you could of simplified it into four sentences. In fact, you’re little interjections in between are fairly comical, if not awkwardly placed and I’m not sure they should be considered paragraphs in the first place. Of course, don’t forget full stops as well every second sentence, my ‘articulate’ lao wai friend.

        If you need any help learning English, I’m here to help you. Just drop an email at As for the baller reference, this guy had the guys to do his job, question the American president and maintain composure, in the colloquial sense, that’s what he is.


        Oh and uh, go back to playing your computer games, like a middle aged loser who can’t even look after his 67 year old mother from getting trampled on. Speaking of an internet tough guy. LOL!

    2. “Rui is a champion, a baller, an example of what a good reporter should be”
      LOL a baller??? i bet he is also big pimping, and riding dirty…

      1. Hehe. thats cool.. I don’t expect you to be able to really appreciate how silly you look, Voice of China. And judging by the DOZENS of other people who also noticed what a clown you are, it is fine with me whatever you write about me my silly Chinese fellow. Please go on and do it again, because that is probably the only pleasure you are able to enjoy in your life. 🙂

        1. Most people are stupid, its a well known fact. How else to explain people elected Bush and followed Hitler. I pride myself on being above most uninformed pseudo intellectuals like yourself.

          But hey, I hope your mother’s ok, you should really treat her better.

          1. I pride myself too, on treating your mother better 😉

            (that sentence of your’s should have read ” How else can you explain people electing Bush and following Hitler?” and the previous “its” should have been “it’s”, (another well-known fact) but yes, you established your point about most people being STUPID. Hmmm 🙂

            1. Actually Grimey,

              an indirect question does not close with a question mark and you’re right about the comma.

              You should get a job as my desk secretary, oh wait.. word 2010 already does that? Damn! Looks like you’re out of a job haha.

              1. Thanks anyway, hehe, but damn VOC, it looks like you don’t know how to operate said program anyway or you wouldn’t be having your English corrected by me. Hmm 😉

                But seriously, for all your bandying and flourishing of terms you may understand, but probably only barely do, you really are not a good writer. 😮

                I am happy to coach you in English if you would accept help from someone who knows how to make a point or write a comment using English without coming across as pretentious and obnoxious 🙂

                (btw the punctuation mark you referred to as a comma – ( , ) is actually called an apostrophe – ( ‘ ) … oops there we go again, seems you can’t even write a single line without making mistakes. :p

                Poor VOC, for all his egotistical notions, he is not as smart as he thinks he is :'(

                1. Oh wow, is this a new low? Proclaiming that I don’t know the names of certain punctuation marks? HAHA

                  I should mention Grimey, that I don’t proof read any of these comments. Nor do I bother putting them through word for a spell check.

                  It’s just that I don’t often come across people with no life like you, who feel that it is necessary to nitpick on apostrophes while failing to substantiate little else in the line of the original comment.

                  The irony is you’re finally taking my advice on how to write proper sentences ending with a full stop. You’ve also refrained from writing one line paragraphs which do not convey anything of relevance.

                  If you want my help in English, you only have to ask. I’d probably reject your request but that’s not the point. It’s trolls like you that bring me such entertainment when I’m bored. Keep up the good work Grimey!

                    1. Well, she is 60ish and got trampled on by people at a bus, so I do sympathize with her somewhat.

  30. As a Chinese living in mainland China, rather than being ashamed of Rui’s stupid action, I felt more ashamed of VOC, who is continuing talking bull5hits and always feel that he is talking on behalf of China.

    1. Sure you’re Chinese, that’s why you had to put the word ‘mainland’ in front eh? Don’t make me laugh Mr Hk. Anyone can comment under two names, but not everyone is pathetic enough to do it.

      1. “Don’t make me laugh Mr Hk. Anyone can comment under two names, but not everyone is pathetic enough to do it.” and also think the only Asian on here commenting are from Hong Kong, China, Korea only

        1. Plus if you had put a bit more thought into “Tearofrainbow’s” comment, you will realise that this Chinese can be from any oversea country, (Indonesian -, Malaysian-, Singaporean-, Taiwanese- or American- Chinese living in mainland China!

          Don’t be too clever VOC, sometimes you really do end up embarassing yourself, and showing yourself up 🙂

          1. You truly are pathetic… A mainland Chinese person would not say he/she is from mainland. Only people from Hong Kong make the distinction.

            Despite, the misuse of the use of the term ‘Taiwanese’ used by those in Taiwan, the fact is that they more or less would not refer themselves as ‘Chinese’ at all.

            But you continue to amuse me with your idiocy. First its copying me and adding ‘we don’t have all day’ like a little retard. Now, you’re even copying my insults and assertions relating to paranoia.

            You should just give up dumbass… Yes, I did notice that you copied that insult as well but it matters very little to me. It just makes you laughable.

            The fact you didn’t criticize the reporter directly does not at all mean you’re incapable of doing so. Given the derogatory nature of your previous posts, it would be simply common sense that you’d go one step further and make an analogy with ‘mainlander’ behavior with my posts.

            But you are quite the loser Mr Hk. As to this point, you still haven’t made a valid point and you’re still trying. And despite being uglier, poorer and less educated than mainlanders, you’re still trying to keep up with your insults. What’s the best one so far? Let me think? “We don’t have all day?” or repeatedly calling me a ‘mainlander’ or was it making a fake handle and saying you were a ‘mainlander’. Yes, I can add the dots together and when I do that, it spells ‘Mr HK is a loser’. Get a life and stop sucking gook dick.

            1. VOC
              you don’t seem to understand why non-mainlander has to make that distinction
              have you wonder why korean_guy being so racist on Chinese?
              i even seem mainlander that lives in US or Canada bushes people lives in China
              have you wonder why people around the world have similar criticism???

              1. Wow aren’t you yearning for attention?

                Put it this way lay:

                1. Gook_guy is retarded but he is stupid, funny, and entertaining so I’ll respond to his posts for humor’s sake

                2. Mr Hk is ridiculously stupid but he is pretentious and thinks he knows something. It’s also fun to denigrate his fragile ego

                3. Guo Bao is easily pissed off and often thinks he knows what he is writing, but in actual fact he doesn’t. Still, it’s entertaining to hear his rants time and again.

                4. You are stupid but not entertaining. You seem to be lacking social attention. I’m not going to be that source of attention for you- I’ll leave that to your family, since its obvious you have no friends. Don’t expect another response from me 🙂

                1. VOC “Don’t expect another response from me”
                  LOL it must be a joke
                  you are like those one of those AV girl, always scream for dislike but yet always come back for more
                  suck for you getting gang bang all the time
                  unless you likes it
                  must be tough to handle so many guys all at once

      2. Your “cleverness” amuses me!

        Sadly, I have to disappoint you VOC “Tearofrainbow” is a different person.

        As you may recall, I wrote “my problem isn’t so much with the “reporter, but with your arrogance and racist attitude.”

        Have I mentioned “Rui’s – the reporter in any of my previous post!”

        Join up the dots, DUMBASS!

        I’m glad that you’re feeling paranoid, and as people do, they tend to jump to conclusions when going through this phase! 😉

  31. Can’t he just wait for Obama to shift the opportunity out of Korean press before barging in like a dickless moron? If Obama said, okay no questions from the Koreans, is there anyone else? -then he can barge in if he wants to, at least he doesn’t need to look back at the Korean reporters and “ask” a fake permission which sounded more like a command. If I was there, I would’ve cut Rui out by saying : “Sorry to dissappoint you Rui, actually I have a question for Mr. Obama, I’m from Korea, so sit your ass down, raise your hand and wait for your turn to be called.”

    1. This didn’t happen not because Koreans are cultured, it’s because they are pussies. LOL!

  32. What the f**k. I sick and tired of china’s ego always saying that they represent Asia. I got news for you guys, you dont! Though you guys cant stop making babies and your population do exceed other Asian countries, you do not have the right to represent all of us here in Asia.

    -First off, we are not all communist.
    -Secondly, most Asian countries hate you and if it weren’t for your cheap goods we wouldn’t bother to do business with you.
    -The only reason your goods are cheap is because of communism / force labor or is it foxconn labor?
    – Generally your English suck
    – Its a simple fact that you are Chinese and we are not and at no point in time would we want to be represented or be associated to China unless we really really really have to.
    – Unlike you, we, Asians are pro Americans due to the simple fact that they have rescued us time and time again from assholes like you who think they can represent the entire Asian community. E.g. WW2. I admit that Americans are not perfect in trying to do this but we dont see any other country trying.

    Try to understand that the only reason I am writing this is because you try to represent all of us Asian and we dont want too. I have nothing against anyone if they mind their own business.

    1. 1. Chinese are socialist and we don’t give a shit about democracy whether it be the people or the government

      2. No, actually most Asian countries hate Japan predominantly but also to some extent South Koreans to a lesser degree because they are insignificant

      3. Cheap goods are not causative of the governmental system – basic commodities are also cheap in China

      4. Your English sucks because you even forgot the “s” after the “suck” you retard

      5. Give it up gook simida – you must be too stupid to realize that most of the wars that America has participated in Asia have been negatively publicized and looked down upon

      It’s a pity for those who survived the Vietnam war, its hard to say whether they’ll even be remembered for a war America tries to forget. Plus even South Koreans are taught at a tender age to hate America and call them yankees

      China will represent the whole of Asia, just like the United States represents the whole of the West regardless of whether it is liked or not. Any other foreign power is weak and insignificant on an independent scale. I think it’s pitiful that no-one here is able to accept that simple fact

      1. call me stupid, because i only came to the realization that you are the biggest troll here after reading at least 10 comments from you. though it has been said many times, you people just dont seem to take heeds. so i’m going to point it out once again: the only known effective way to kill a troll is to ignore it. by replying to a troll’s comments or arguing with it, you are in fact feeding the troll, thus giving it the gratification it so desperately needs. STOP FEEDING THE TROLL! oh, by the way, VOC, your english is almost good, almost.

  33. I have nothing against the guy!
    He spoke his mind, in fact he was the brave one!
    Not only that, his english was excellent!

    I mean Obama requested for a question and no one answered, but the Chinese guy had to step up!

    1. His English was excellent…every Chinese is so impressed with his fluency. The fact that his English was good only made him look like a bigger ass for being a show off.

  34. The Chinese reporter pushed in front is because in China there is literally millions of people. In order to get your turn, sometimes you gotta push and shove. Of course its impolite, but hey, if you got one opportunity to ask Obama some wisdom, gotta go for it.

    Hong Kong belongs to Guangdong. The anglo bastards separated Hong Kong from China.

    Middle finger to Chris Patten and the 排华党。

  35. This place is a thorough evil place for racists.Sadly your ability of a good command of English only brings you more misunderstanding and hatred towards china.This website exists for what?Merely showing many controversial topics(for here in mainland china it’s controversial too) won’t do any good to bringing people to a justified knowledge of China.

    1. Hey, Don’t think it this way, most people actually don’t leave a comment when they read something. I believe there are more good people in the world, what you see is just magnified by a few racist people. I think it is valuable and interesting to bring out these controversial topics and it is also important to remind everyone what kind of people exists in this world.

    2. When cultures collide you need to look at the big picture. Hard to see the big picture until the dust settles.

      China is the new kid on the block so it is only natural that others will test it and have problems with China. Every new kid in the hood learns how to fit in, and then push back.

      Enjoy the ride and practice your written English skills.

    3. can’t stand it here

      1st of all your just contradicted yourself with your name
      i don’t think you understand the true meaning of racist
      if criticism is hard to accept, why not just improve from them and start practicing common sense?

  36. korean_guy
    “I pondered that question as well.

    Perhaps this site exists to let the mainlanders know what the outside world knows about China, and 99.9% of it ain’t good”
    I just want to say China is tooooooooo big for u to see it as a whole.U said u lived in here before?Maybe the experience wan’t quite pleasing to u i guess.And you know it in your bottom of your deep-dark heart that China is absolutely not that bad as u criticized.

    “The real question is: Could this site (and other sites like this) help the Chinese realize they need to be more civilized?
    Possible, but HIGHLY unlikely!”

    Of course most chinese know that point they need to be more civilized in china.But i think civilisation in Korea seems no much better than here in China and laughably guys like u just bash China with uncivilised words and then tell me u do better in civilisation.
    I have seen many articles about how korean host families treat Chinese students in Korea.They are really caring indeed.But they just seem overdo that by asking like “have have ever eaten an apple?do u have couches in China?”and more stories like this happened.We can see just from this case how poor and oppressed the south koreans think we are under the rule of communist party.By the way,we are not north korean.

    “Damn my bashing is read in China too? Awesome!”
    Not much people here even know this site.That I said it’s controversial in China is not as a result of your bashing .It’s because many articles here were from Chinese bbs or tieba

    1. dude, don’t even bother, you can’t tame a troll, just let him be. the fact that you are even trying to make a point to them will only lead them to think you care. and more trolling will inevitably follow.
      remember, your rebuttal to a troll remark is precisely what they want, they feed on the attention it implies.
      here on the internet, your mad, you lose, keep your cool and ignore the trolls, you will do just fine.

  37. (added)and these controversial things lead to many social debates here.
    And more again ,I don’t think this site give a fair stand to many people outside China.

    1. why not fair???
      are you saying most of the news on here are fake?
      should the world culture work them self backward just to stand as low as China?

      1. No,i don’t mean they are fake.Every country has a good side and its dark side.If you just see its dark side,then you must can’t know the country as a whole one.These readings are just selectedly translated from Chinese bbs and they are mostly controversial.They can not represent a real China.

    1. Hong Kong est un mot masculin en français, en tout cas, “viva la Hong Kong” ne fait aucun sens grammatical que ce soit.

  38. Arrogant Han Chinese, No Han Chinese doesn’t represent Asia because Han Chinese are lowest class garbage class of Asia. Love China’s bullet train just got derailed. lol

    1. And the whole China laugh as yeonpyeong gets bombed, and cheonan is sunk right? U Mad Son 😀

  39. You are sad, can’t enjoy life and you are generally miserable because of your own insecurities and inferiority complex as to the power of China being able to influence the world.

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