Young girl failed to get a job plans to sell her kidney to pay for cosmetic surgery


From MOP:

Yesterday I saw a very cheerful girl on the Jiangsu Province local TV. She is not ugly, but her thoughts really scared me. This little girl said she wanted to sell one of her kidneys to raise money for her cosmetic surgery. The young girl went to a cosmetic surgery hospital in Nanjing, and the doctors refused the request after they found out about her plan. Doctors recommended her to go see a psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist said that the girl does not have physiological problems, and her mind is quite sharp actually. Maybe it had to do with the nick names her classmates gave her over long periods of time, she said she is not good looking and was also rejected at many job interviews after schooling. Therefore she thought it (not able to find a job) has to do with her being not so good looking. She comes from the rural area and has no money for cosmetic surgery, so she came up with this idea.

Later the doctors at the plastic surgery hospital told the girl that in fact she is not bad looking at all, if she still insists on having the cosmetic surgery then they will give it to her for free. However this act was not approved by the psychologists, they think it will not help the girl to gain back her self-confidence, adapt to the society and find the correct path for herself. I think the doctors are right; we should rely on our own strength in this society. After all, the society still needs to operate, if we all rely on looks, and worse yet the looks after plastic surgery, how are we going to live? Are we not able to face people with our true self anymore?



Here is the video of the news

In the video: her name is Wu Qian, just graduated from a Medical University in Xuzhou this June.  She told the reporter that she repeatedly failed to find a job after graduated from college since June. She suspected it had to do with her ugly looks.

Wu Qian:

They all wanted to interview in person, “Face Exam” or “Face Meeting”.  What does that mean? Image is first, they all say image represents the company’s image.  I blame they are too good looking, not that I am ugly, haha

(editor’s note:  interview in person is 面试 (mianshi), literally Face Exam or 面议 (mianyi) literally Face Meeting)


This plan is too stubborn, too crazy, is not acceptable…  for starters selling kidney is illegal in our country, is not permitted…

      1. doesn’t it?
        i thought the girl should of consider that before selling her kidney
        after all she did graduated from a med school
        i am sure she is not that stupid

        1. unfortunately medical school in china is where most 2nd and 3rd tier students go. medicine simply is not considered a prestigious career there. so you get a lot of very average and below average students becoming doctors in china, whereas the best and the brightest go into “politics”.

  1. “…for starters selling kidney is illegal in our country, is not permitted…”

    Bwahahahahaha – I’m sure he said that with a wink and a nod.

  2. This chick needs to get her priorities straight.

    Seeing as there is a severe lack of psychiatrists/psychologists in China, I would not take their word that she is totally fine either.

    However, to quote the article “Therefore she thought it (not able to find a job) has to do with her being not so good looking.” I could see this, after all, China has become a country overly obsessed with looks, and many MANY people are totally vain, to the point where guang xi and looks hold more clout than actual skills.

  3. Well, why I begin to suspicious that this is another commercial exploitation? Nowadays, I really don’t know what is the fact. What’s wrong with the world?

  4. medical demand is high overseas, maybe she could try other countries thouogh air fares will indeed be more expensive.

  5. Presideng Obama unwillingly accepted a question from a Chinese journalist Chenggang Rui on the G20 talk. Presideng Obama planned to accept only one question from the entire Asia and wanted to leave the valuable chance to Korea, the alliance of the US. It can be considered a choice out of polite. It can also be considered a way to escape from hard questions. However, the Chinese journalist stuck on questioning the president, which was brave, although President Obama did not directly answer his question “Does the US government sacrifice other countries’ interests to gain its own benefit?”

    Here is the link of this G20 incident:

    1. man… that is a total ambushed

      “Does the US government sacrifice other countries’ interests to gain its own benefit?”
      come on everyone knows this answer, of course they do, every country would do
      how about ask this question to China?

  6. Well to be fair, he did directly answer the reporter’s question.

    Why? Because it regarded how America views how other country’s interpret its actions and not directly whether America did sacrifice the interests of other countries.

    I think the reporter had to make a judgment call as to the extent he would put question the president of the United States and the likelihood of getting the question answered if he put it any more directly, so as to be accusatory in a sense.

    I would have liked to see him ask a more direct question, but seeing Obama piss his pants there was good enough. Yes, he answered the question adequately but not to what I expect of a person who graduated from Harvard. I personally expected a much more refined answer articulated with more elegance. I think the question took him by surprise that he wasn’t prepared at all, nor were the people feeding him the lines on the other end of his teleprompter. This was amusing to watch.

  7. This girl has a really bad image about herself and her self esteem is incredibly low that’s why she’s so desperate to get plastic surgery. Sure, she isn’t the most beautiful girl I’ve seen, but she’s not bad either.

    She should work on her self esteem issues and maybe someday she’ll realize that the reason she didn’t got the job is because she’s stupid/unqualified rather than thinking it’s because of her looks.

    1. No, she’s ugly. I’m glad she’s at least taking the initiative. Should do something about that nose. Vomit.

      1. Guess it’s because of people like you that she feels she needs to sell her bodyparts. Good on you.

        1. She’s ugly! What’s wrong with ugly people getting plastic surgery? It’s like fat people losing weight, it only makes their lives better. I guess the issue here is her selling her kidney to get what she wants. The doctors should tell her that missing a kidney would make her skin look worse.

    2. Selling kidney for plastic surgery of course sounds sick.
      But the sad reality is that after such surgery she indeed would enjoy better employment chances.

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