Competing in drinking for sales job, interviewees pass out


(Netease) November 8, 2010, in Jiulongpo district, Chongqing, 4 young men wearing suites were passed out on the ground at the Baguocheng Square which attracted many onlookers. It turned out these 4 young men went to their second around job interview for a sales position at this company. Two of them are still university students about to graduate next year.

At noon, the company leader invited them for lunch. Eager to impress the boss, they competed in drinking more alcohol. In the end they were wasted. At first, they just sat on the ground chatting, but soon three of them lied down and passed out. The fourth guy leaned against a telephone pole, standing unsteadily, occasionally muttered some words out his mouth and shivered non-stop.


2 of them slept while hugging each other and their backpacks. One other guy made a letter “t”.


The police eventually called 120. And minutes later three men were sent to the hospital by ambulance.




I wonder who got the job…

  1. Most Chinese people can’t hold their drink anyway so it’s not a big deal. Funny story though. I can’t really imagine an applicant in the West would ever try to impress his possible future boss with his heavy-drinking skills.

    1. You are right, of course an applicant would never do this in the West, it is stupid and proves nothing. This has more to do with showing off how much of a “man” you are than anything else. Which is ironic, as this is an exercise in futility, as the pictures clearly show. China is still a Machismo society in almost every way, but in a dumb cave man kind of way, again, as the pics clearly show.

  2. well, maybe most of you do not completely understand the Chinese situation. Man love wines, maybe. But no one expect to be drunk. And, what’s more, the 4 guys are just desperate for work, maybe. Nowadays, the employment rate of China is really not satisfying.

  3. Never saw an Asian passing out from being drunk so early in the day
    Usualy they make it till 22h30
    haaa genetics

  4. my father used to drink a lot when he was young and it was reaal ugly, I get very angry whenerer I see people drink like this.

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  6. So good old Dick Nickson apparently practiced drinking before his infamous meeting with Mao… sad to see Chinese university lacks similar training

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