Caught cheating in public, official sues police for causing impotence


October 23, 2010, at around 9 pm, when a Yizhou Road, Linyi City policeman was patrolling Phoenix Plaza, he saw a parked black Santana rocking and swaying. When forcefully opened the car door he saw a man and a woman, naked in the car, the front seats were leaned all the way back, tissue paper and red bull cans on the back seat. After interrogation, the man named Li Jingwei turned out to be one of the leaders at the Linyi Highway Bureau in charge of the State Highway 206 Yihe Bridge toll, the woman was his subordinate staff.

Two of them admitted that they were having sex at the time. Li Jingwei also confessed that he and his 13 other female subordinates have the same kind of sexual relationships, and he also has 2 illegitimate children. Li said the main reason of him engaging in such behavior was that his wife cheated on him first.

Funny thing happened couple days later after they paid the fine and left the police station. Li Jingwei soon found himself appeared to be impotent, the doctors diagnosed him with impotence caused by psychological reasons. Li thought that his condition was a caused by the policeman dragging him out of the car naked in public; therefore the police should compensate him. Calculating with the rate of average 200 yuan per sexual intercourse, under normal conditions he should be able to have 5000 more sexual intercourses in his lifetime, the police should pay him 1 million yuan in compensation.

Recently, Li Jingwei formally filed his claim to relevant department. The matter raised some heated local discussions. Many people think that the improper sexual relationship between Li and his female subordinate was not prostitution, also did not directly obstruct the society, therefore the police should have been more humane when dealing the matter. Forcefully dragging two of them out of the car naked in public was not proper, which seriously affected their physical and psychological health therefore should pay the compensation. (Above names are pseudonyms)

  1. But consider was this fornication on company time? If so then the employer would have a claim for theft of wages for the time the employee spent fornicating rather than working. Plus he is inducing other employees to not work so there is an additional claim for theft of time. And if public vehicles were involved there is the value of the use of the vehicles plus the avoided cost value of not having to get a hotel room. I don’t have any more time to devote to examining all the possible angles of claim by the employer on the fornicating employee for misconduct. I am sure there are other issues of value and cost and avoided cost. Perhaps some accountants could assist us here.

    1. Hehe, you’re funny. Everyone knows China isn’t a meritocracy; he won’t get fired, he’ll probably get a few back-slaps and a raise from his buddies higher up the chain [who also slay their subordinates regularly].

  2. WTF? chinese police interrogate people for having sex in the public?
    i bet they were jerking off while they were asking the detail… LOL

  3. i guess this is another fake news. no major media has reported it. if it is real why didn’t they report such an intresting story ?too many fake news here in China these days.
    虽然也不是不可能。哈。神奇的国度。nothing is impossible in China.

  4. here is a very interesting story i think you may want to translate. it’s about fake news.

    《高铁——悄悄开启群发性地质灾害的魔盒》, 这篇虚构文章写的神龙活现,我每次看这篇文章都忍不住想笑,很佩服这哥们胡编乱造的能力.

    1. why would someone post fake shit like that?
      the way typical mainland China people thinks, i am not surprise that something like this happen before

  5. Fake or not fake. If someone has sexual relations with ALL of his 13 female subordinates he should face sexual harassment and rape charges. Definitely not someone worthy of being in charge of anything.

    1. what if the employee was willing to have intercourse with their superior
      the law only applies if someone was unwilling
      in these cases both parties has agreed on their own action before it could happen

      believe it or not
      the true is there are lots of people climbing up the corporate ladder by giving sexual favor
      this happens all over the world from university to corporation

      the common problem with the law in China is mostly basic on tradition rather then logic & common sense

    1. You are naive if you think a boss who has 13 women under him (hoho) is having sex with all of them without some sorts of open or hidden threats. At the very least it’s a breach of acceptable conduct, and I can tell you in the West the women would have an open and shut case if they dragged him to court.

      1. Hey GuoBao,

        the woman was naked with the man in his van
        if she was unwilling
        why would is she still in the van and let him pound the crap outta her?

        in the around the world, not just the west
        if someone doesn’t like it
        they would complaint to someone
        people wouldn’t still do it and not complaint about it

        anyway take a chill pill, it is a fake story

      2. National Treasure,

        this is another example of you not having a clue what you’re talking about. Like your other comments, you keep making generalizations without merit.

        This has nothing to do with a ‘breach of acceptable conduct’ – those four words have no place other than to show the blind stupidity of someone who doesn’t know the law in detail.

        Correct answer: What you’re looking here is a potential claim of sexual intercourse without consent. The woman may argue that her consent was impaired caused by the undue influence her employer has over her. The result would depend on the circumstances. There is no prima facie rule that employers are not allowed to sleep with their subordinates – just look at recent incident with David Letterman and his affairs with a number of interns/subordinates – clearly legal

        Now, if you are going to splurt your anti-china rhetoric again and again, at least try and understand what you are doing. In some cases, you may even have a point but you don’t even realize it, and instead you make a completely incompetent attempt by drawing an erroneous conclusion from facts which could have substantiated a minor condescending comment relating to Chinese law. I wonder, how you fail at the most simple things Gook Bao. Surprising….

        1. Just shut the fuck up. You know,, I’d LOVE to actually take you seriously but every single time you just CAN’T refrain from adding stuff like “splurt anti-china rhetoric” where it has nothing to it and trying to come off Oh-so-fucking-clever even though you’ve demonstrated your bias, racism, smallmindedness and general incompetence over and over. Take a fucking breather from your high horse and stop for a second to think about ONE boss having sex with all of his THIRTEEN female staffers and how that’s just not right, no matter what the law says.

          And stop calling me Gook Bao just because I stood up against your racist rants. You know damn well I’m not Korean or Asian.

          1. Seems like you’re on the defensive again, hands shaking, raging over the keyboard over one simple analysis. Can’t say I didn’t expect it, actually I kind of thought it’d be entertaining to see you like this.

            Simple question: How many subordinates did David Letterman sleep with? Was it illegal? What law was he breaking?

            Answer: Read my above comment – If you don’t like it, then just scroll through the part where I humiliate the fuck out of you and read where I once again have to ‘teach’ you the right answer….

            1. Another thing,

              try and understand the clear dichotomy between an argument based on ‘law’ opposed to an argument based on ‘morals’.

              It’s funny how your argument went straight from ‘he would get his ass jailed in court’ to it was ‘just not right’ as soon as I corrected you.

              And, I thought I reminded you to stop commenting unless you have an actual understanding of what you are talking about. You actually had a chance to make a sound legal point here but screwed up.

              You’re like a fifteen year old splurting his opinion about the death sentence when you don’t even know the basic elements of murder are.

              1. Gook Bao, there is so much wrong with your last comment (possibly due to nerdrage), that I just can’t help but mock you further.

                time you just CAN’T refrain from adding stuff like “splurt anti-china rhetoric”

                Are you seriously claiming that calling anyone who doesn’t agree with you a ‘wu mao’ isn’t anti China rhetoric? Or that prejudicially putting things out of perspective to vilify China also doesn’t fit the bill?

                where it has nothing to it

                But it does, you’ve made a direct comparison that attempts to vilify the Chinese legal system (yet again)- all without a decent point of fact – while stating how this would never happen ‘back home’. It has everything to do with anti-china rhetoric.

                and trying to come off Oh-so-fucking-clever

                It might be hard for you to believe, but this is elementary stuff for me. I barely had to think to recite the information I needed to respond to your last comment.

                I’ve got no intention of coming off ‘oh so fucking clever.’ It just so happens that my comments, are actually based on a real substantive knowledge of the law, unlike what your general derrogatory comments tend to be.

                Even though you’ve demonstrated your bias, racism, smallmindedness and general incompetence over and over

                Racism, and competence are not mutually exclusive. You’ve tried to make a sentence that puts lists them in the same category.

                As far as general incompetence is concerned, you’d be hardpressed to find one instance where I’ve been wrong on a point of fact or law. On the contrary, you’ve hardly made any comments that have been ‘correct’ at all.

                God I enjoy making fun of you

                – Voice of China

  6. Interesting to see how the court will go with this one and how the police force will defend the charges. If the police was smart, he could try and use some corruption law or public obscenity act to book the guy it. But I doubt it.

    The other thing is, the guy already paid the fine, so if he wins the case on medical grounds, reputation damaged due to incident, he can recuperation of the fine and damages.

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