Japanese Netizens turn Chinese derogatory term into beautiful young girl anime character


日本鬼子: (Chinese pronunciation: Rìběn guǐzi and Japanese: Hinomoto Oniko) Literally “Japanese son of ghost” means Japanese Devils, is a term used (in China) as a disparaging epithet against the Japanese (because of the war crimes committed by the imperial Japanese Army during World War II).

小日本 (xiǎo Rìběn) — Literally "little Japan"(ese). This term is very common (Google Search returns 21,000,000 results as of August 2007). The term can be used to refer to either Japan or individual Japanese. "小", or the word "little", is usually construed as "short".

Read more about Anti-Japanese sentiment on wiki.

萌 (meng) – A Internet slang comes from Japanese “萌え” derived from “燃え”, from the IME input method.  The original meaning of meng refers to when (anime) readers see a beautiful young girl character, the feeling as if their blood is boiling. Now it is a widely used Chinese/Japanese Internet slang, can refer to when you see something, or someone that is irresistibly cute.  Or as a verb, means fanatically like and appreciate.

From Baidu Space:

I have heard some Japanese say, “Chinese people call us the epithet of “Guizi”. We completely do not feel it is malicious, but on the contrary feel it is very cute, so is the name ‘Xiao Riben”. In Japanese culture “ghost” has a very strong and persevering image, it is not a derogatory term, which reflects in many idioms associated with the word “ghost”.

The current turmoil between China and Japan plus the recent reports on Japan’s Internet media about China’s anti-Japan demonstrations once again are putting these disparaging epithets in front of the Japanese people.

So, before Confucius and Lao Tzu are made into beautiful young girls, Japanese Otaku planned this: “Let’s turn Riben Guizi into beautiful young girl, let Chinese people full of hostility become fans of anime beautiful young girl \(^o^)/

This Moe character Hinomoto Oniko was created on the Breaking News (VIP) BBS at 2CH, (Japan’s largest BBS) the original post was already inaccessible, the content here is gathered from some blogs. All the pictures are designed by Japanese Netizens.

(Translation of selected posts in original Japanese BBS)

日本鬼子(リーベングイズ、Rbn guミzi)
和名ひのもと おにこ

日本鬼子: (Chinese Pronunciation: Rìběn guǐzi)
Japanese: hinomoto oniko

Yamato Nadeshiko style black long hair is a must, a 16-year-old girl becoming very very shy because she noticed her chest is getting bigger than her classmates’.

●黒髪ロングストレート 乳は現状各自 見た目年齢は16くらい
・刺青あり 桜や婦人雷神 見られると恥ずかしくて泣いちゃう

Black long straight hair and the chest of a 16-year old
Equipment: Knife, spear (halberd)
A more revealing kimono
Slender handsome eyes, even though the name is “devil” but cries a lot
Do not dislike any food
Likes a small bowl of noodles
Has tattoos of cheery blossoms and gods of wind and thunder, she will cry due to her shyness if some one sees her tattoos
Weakness: fried beans (editor’s note: one of the exorcism rituals in Japan is throwing beans)


Personality is somewhat “proud”, hair is very delicate, likes to cry but occasionally naughty, However deep down is a very gentle, lonely and sad girl.
Likes to wear her ghost mask sideways
Horns on her head (strong horns or cute horns?)
Wears clothes with red leaves patterns
Dual personality (usually a very clean girl, when stressed out reveals her eyes hidden behind her black hair)
Intelligence: very foolish and cute
Snow white skin
Pets? “devil?” “Japanese ape”? (editor’s note: This is a epithet for Japanese used commonly in Europe, US and Korea)
Other characters around her: specter devil, red ghost who likes to bully her, western foreign devils.






This post is awesome!
Guizi in my mind




Feel pretty good? If Chinese people see it, they will become fans, those guys.



If we continue to misunderstand the real meaning of “ghost”, will we be laughed at by Chinese people?



She grew older






My heart is firmly captured by Xiao Riben








A more mature Riben Guizi!









After seeing this post, makes me feel Japan really loves peace

More drawings from Tiexue:



















Special thanks to Bamboo for the topic suggestion!

  1. Man, What is with Japan and its sexualisation of kids? These otaku are really fucked up in the head…

  2. Yeah, its so strange when people want to turn something bad and negative into something potentially good and positive. Whats wrong with people these days!!

  3. Who gives a fug? I didn’t even read the entire post. I have hundred of books on Japan and at the end of it all, it’s nothing. It only removes all leverage when I dive into Chinese cultural studies – and I do mean EVERYTHING – I’m going to outshine, outpace the copycat Japanese who have been studying and misappropriating Chinese culture since the beginning and even better than the Chinese experts, I have an outsider attitude and I bet five dollars I know how and why the Japanese misappropriate and that’s withOUT mindreading abilities (though I will appreciate the download.) I’m perfect for that. Now, let’s discuss a boycott because I cannot fathom Chinese subsidising evil baby raping crooked boned snake-eyed nerds who think they’re being submarine-like when they post this kind of cloaked intimidation propaganda. Ooh, better watch out – they’re going to use power tools on our virgins and children NEXT time. But we really know they’ll never get to, don’t we? They’ll have to play soul boy like Spike with a working chip in his head. When Buffy the Vampire Slayer asks why her life has to suck so much? Her elders have to tell her that it’s because of a bunch of evil deficient dorks who use satellite surveillance on everyone and post handycam infrared photos of dressed Olympians. We boycott. BOYCOTT! I don’t care about this dumb goo goo they send out. We boycott. We starve them while we build our defenses, accumulate wealth and education.

    1. Dude, are you sure you’re an outsider? I don’t understand your freaking sentences. Man, learn how to convey your messages clearly!

  4. @Cleo
    say what? a whole paragraph of nonsense crapola. makes no sense. except maybe in your duffus head. LOL

  5. >加了个“子”就都能萌化了……
    I think that’s how it actually works in Japanese.

    Regardless, Asian unity is first and foremost.

  6. Yes, let’s boycott all Japanese owned goods including the American companies they have bought like Madame Alexander and the joint ventures they are doing with China to avoid the anticipated boycott. I am sure that the Japanese believe that the Chinese public WILL boycott because the government cannot intervene and they are freaking scared. Look and analyze the Japanese for yourself and I will tell you that they have ALWAYS been afraid of a Chinese boycott. I personally know they have had a Japanese representative in New York dealing with the Chinese supermarkets in Chinatown and now in other parts of the American cities and they cannot believe that Chinese use Kikkoman (I use Lee Kee Kum’s all natural one – read the ingredients on Kikkoman and google for the Singapore government’s discovery of unlisted chemicals in Japanese food stuffs – no wonder they are infertile.) They ARE afraid of a boycott because you cannot use warships or international diplomacy to force it away. A boycott is VERY painful. They hurt us and they are begging for retribution.

      1. Japan was feeling confident when they created the furor over the Fisherman’s Wharf collision, they had already refused to renew the agreement to keep US troops in Okinawa. They expected a repeat of the protests and they weren’t afraid of that. But they refuse to release the video of the collision because they know that although the world media let Japan play the victim (when actually nobody likes them or would mind if China ever bullies Japan.) the video doesn’t support Japan’s story. They don’t release the video but they release the infrared shots of a Chinese diver (who is not exactly Kate Beckinsale interesting.) Ooh, Japanese figuratively violate a Chinese girl. Oooh. That’s begging for it.

        1. Now Japan has leaked its own video – something that no one could force them to do and no one mind controlled them to do it – they DECIDED to let it out and even though they claim it was an unofficial leak, no one believes it – doesn’t have that ring of truth – right, Tin Ear? And the only reason they leaked it was so they could hold their own anti-China rally – as if this is an episode of South Park with Timmy mediating between the Crips and the Bloods. Are Chinese people really supposed to join you while you walk in circles around the Rose Garden?

          1. This is what their intimidatingly superior intellect decide as a course of action which is not surprising given that exemplary Japanese politician Ichiro Ozawa had this to say in August of this year “I like Americans, but they tend to be simple-minded,” he said during a speech in the capital, using a Japanese idiom that literally means ‘monocellular’. He also offered some back-handed praise for U.S. democracy: ”I don’t think (Americans) are very wise,” he said, “but I highly rate their ability to put their choices into practice.”

    1. @Cleo
      another nonsense paragraph?
      your mind must also be infertile.

  7. Does anyone else watch Criminal Minds? I’m sure the Behavioral Analysis Unit at Quantico won’t be putting their top speed reader on the subject of these Japanese originated posts. That’s the trouble with giving an elaborate tedious fug about another country’s low opinion of you when your bigotry to other nations has received much less of a reaction. Chinese people don’t even bother to translate a Japanese gaming manual. Ever notice that? It’s disposable passing the time material to them.

  8. “小日本 (xiǎo Rìběn) — Literally “little Japan”(ese). This term is very common (Google Search returns 21,000,000 results as of August 2007).”

    Or 25,700,000 as of November 2010 — what’s with the 2007 data? Just struck me as bizarre.

    1. Hey Ryan that 2007 data was stated in the wiki. I should probably update that to 25,700,000 as of November 2010

  9. “Pets? “devil?” “Japanese ape”? (editor’s note: This is a epithet for Japanese used commonly in Europe, US and Korea)”

    I’ve never heard any American call a Japanese person an “ape”. Not one. Maybe that was common in 1944. In fact, nowadays Japanese pop culture is very cool in the US.

  10. I’ve made a comment on Chinasmack a while ago, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to copypasta my explanation here as well:

    “日本鬼子”, a standard Chinese insult, can be read as a girl’s name, “Hinomoto Oniko”, in Japanese, so a bunch of 2ch otaku made a moe character out of it.

    It seems that the moe anime character is a satire of anti-Japanese sentiment in China. According to derpkakucomplex, she is the otaku community’s “hit back” against China based on the recent spike in anti-Japanism following the Diaoyu/Senkaku incident (not that most Chinese people would *care* about a moe character, in my opinion). Apparently, the mindset of these 2ch otakus is that by making a cute character of a lewd Chinese cussword/racist slur, they have “ridiculed” the Chinese. (don’t ask me, I don’t get it either).

    Now we all know that “日本鬼子” (pinyin: Riben Guizi) is a Chinese slur against Japanese, meaning “Japanese devils”. In Japanese, there are two “systems” of reading Kanji (Chinese characters) – there’s On’yomi, which is the “Chinese reading”, based on the Sino-Japanese vocabulary, and there’s the Kun’yomi reading which forms native Japanese words. For example, 国 is read as “koku” in On (as in 米国 beikoku, “America”), and “kuni” in Kun (as in 我が国, “our nation”). Similarly for 風 “wind”, the On/Kun reading is pun/kaze, for 水 “water” sui/mizu, for 中 “middle” chuu/naka, for 山 “mountain” san/yama. In 山, “san” comes from Chinese “shan”, and “yama” is native Japanese. Hence, if there is a place in Shaanxi named 明山, it would be read as “Myosan”, but if there was a Japanese surname 中山, it would be read “Nakayama”.

    Now, 日本鬼子 is generally read in On’yomi as “Nihon onigo”, meaning “Japanese devil”. However, since there are many Japanese names that have 4 characters, 日本鬼子 can also be read as a Japanese name in Kun’yomi. 日本 in Kun is “hi no moto” (literally “origin of the sun”), and 鬼子 would be read as “oniko” – girls’ names in Japan frequently end in 子 ko, for example 田中花子 would be “Tanaka Hanako”. Hence, this character has now become the “personification” of 日本鬼子, the Chinese slur.

  11. I don’t have a slur for the Japanese. I know of them in the context of history such as the Three Hair cartoon about San Mao the homeless orphan surrounded by fat cats and Japanese Army. What good is using a nickname negative or otherwise for the nation that unregretfully raped BABIES and uninvited “apologizes” every year in an insulting way as a reminder that they got away with it. Ooh, hooray, happy anniversary to you too! That’s like a victim getting a birthday card every year from her unpunished attacker. Just delightful. What beautiful manners they have and how rude of China and Korea and the unincluded Asian countries to not send a thank you card in response. Anyway, why oh why did the Japanese leak their own video. That poor boat boxed in even with editting looks so overpowered, so bullied. You know, all these resignations of their titular leaders is just a set up to show by contrast how peaceful and reasoned their imperial leader Dong Fang Bu Bai is and how he is the only one with the mandate to lead a New Japan – A new Dawn, an Aurora, if you will.

  12. Western Europeans with their long history with China don’t mind “gweilo” because they know it’s not referring to them. They know the back story. Ever notice the vampire pallor of the Japanese male gymnastic team at the Olympics? Without the golf course tan, what DO they look like?

  13. Anyone else catch the kitten impersonation reference in last night’s episode of South Park? Apparently, the Japanese propaganda offensive has introduced a plethora of KITTENS on their domestic television programming. As IF to say Japanese aren’t kitten rapists and mutilators, oh, NO, Japanese people luuurve kittens so much that Japanese are practically kittens themselves. OMG – let’s play count the Japanese references in more than a dozen years of South Park episodes! Yoko Ono giving everyone digestion problems while the bar patrons discuss wouldn’t anyone attempt to commit incest if their parents’ lives were at stake? WHAT could THAT have to do with Japanese sexual sadists acting against Chinese civilians? Hmmm? Everybody check out Southparkstudios.com for the entire library of episodes for FREE.

  14. HAHAHA. You realize that you just undermined yourself by citing southpark to prove a point? What are you, a prejudiced middle schooler?
    Why not take a look at their gorgeous (or hideous depending on who’s looking) paintings, architecture (which they may or may not have borrowed from surrounding Asian countries) and their historical sites? What point is there to breed more hatred?

    On another note, I agree that Japanese otaku culture does tend to sexualize a lot of things, but those are usually limited to the Otaku communities.
    @ChungHwa thank you for your post. ^^ I found it enlightening, and I quite agree.

    But I personally find the Hinomoto Oniko at the top endearing. Reminds me of what Heise would draw.

  15. I love the pictures they are like so cool and i mean who ever drew them must be very good at it am i right. That is all i have to say about the pistures$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

      1. 14 Words
        We must secure the existence of our waifus and a future for 2D lands

        Drive all cucks and moral apologists away to their own personal hells!

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