Crab vending machines in subway station

(MOP) The UAE has vending machines for gold bars, Paris sells CK cologne with them, but what is on offer in the vending machines in Nanjing? The answer is… Hairy Crab! At Xinjiekou station on Metro Line 1, near where you come out at Dayuanpan, you can see a machine.


From IFeng:

According to a report from Xinhua made on  December 25, this is another year of yellow  chrysanthemums and and fat crabs, and at Xinjiekou station on Nanjing’s metro, a machine selling the latter has appeared. From the first of October until now, local sentiment has gone from novelty, to suspicion, to the beginnings of acceptance, to welcome; the amount sold has gone from one a day to around two hundred.

This reporter saw that the machine at Xinjiekou station contained five rows of crabs, with different sizes being sold for 10RMB, 15RMB, 25RMB, and 50RMB. At the bottom of the machine there were even bottles of crab vinegar, being sold for 5RMB each. A lot of people couldn’t help stopping for a look, some even whipping out their cameras and taking photos. Nanjinger Cai Qun fed 200RMB into the machine, pressed the number corresponding to the crabs she wanted, and bought eight of the 25RMB size. She said: "Two days ago, I was passing by, and saw that they were cheaper than the markets. I was curious so I got two. They tasted alright, so I’m back today for more."









    1. Simply Insane for people who have been living in their mother’s basement for most of their livess. Welcome to the city.

      1. Jesus Christ, NotMoody you are a fucking badass. I’m not the original poster, and I live in a large city in East Asia, but I just had to tell you what a badass you are.

  1. This being China and all I wondered if the craps were still “alive” inside. After inspection of the machine I doubt it. I see further business opportunities here.

  2. This story is old. Been in engadget for the past few days.

    ”The delicacy (if anything with “hairy” in its name could be a delicacy) is kept at 5° Celsius, where it hibernates until it is sold for ¥120-600 (between $1.40 and $7.30), which is apparently a thirty percent markdown from retail… if your crab is dispensed in a “dead” condition, you get three as compensation. Sounds more than fair to us!”

      1. Oh, well just in case, will you tell us where the vending machine for THAT is? There’s no accounting for the public’s taste.

        1. Yeah? Then what were you replying to when you said ‘some people don’t have a sense of humor?’

      1. what? I’ve used it 3-4 times a week ever since I arrived in China. Only the last three days it’s been blocked. I’ve heard something about different blocks from province to province, maybe that’s what’s kept you from it.

  3. Chinese have killed all the sharks (because of their shark-fin-soup-will-give-me-a-bigger-penis bullcrap), I guess now they are after crabs – in 2-3 years all crabs will be eradicated. Keeping live crabs in a vending machine is cruelty as well, I think Chinese don’t have that word in their dictionary though.

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