Anti-Japan demonstrations broke out in many cities, China urges Rational Patriotism


(AP Photo)

Last weekend, at least five major cities in China had the anti-Japanese demonstrations. The official People’s Daily published a signed article, to urge people to be rational and abide by the laws when expressing patriotism.

According to several media reports, the demonstrations in various cities are formed mainly by young people, and a few elderly also participated. Demonstrators held banners that said “Boycotting Japanese Goods”, “Defend the Diaoyu Islands” and so on. They asked the government to get tough on Japan.

Deyang City, Sichuan Province

Demonstration was held on Saturday in Deyang City, Sichuan Province. It was the second consecutive  weekend of anti-Japanese demonstration. Despite the strict government regulations, thousands of people join the march.

Lanzhou, Gansu Province

Sunday morning, at a Square of the Gansu provincial capital, Lanzhou City, hundreds of people gathered to participate in the anti-Japanese demonstration. Young people shouted anti-Japanese slogans “Give us back our Diayu Islands”, “Boycott Japanese Goods”.

A nearby hotel employee told AFP reporter that the local government deployed a large number of police. Kyodo reported that the demonstration was controlled within one hour.

It is also reported that some colleges and universities in Lanzhou notified students and required them to return to school to study. They took row call and then locked the school gate to not let the students leave.


October 24, 2010, riot police to disperse anti-Japan protesters in Lanzhou, Gansu .

Baoji, Shaanxi Province

Following the anti-Japanese demonstration in Lanzhou in the morning, Baoji city, Shaanxi Province also had the anti-Japanese demonstration there in the afternoon. Demonstrators shouted out “Down with the little Japan” and “Boycott Japanese products”.

In order to control the situation, police detained some of the participants. On October 16, an anti-Japanese demonstration in the scale of thousands also broke out in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province.

Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

On Sunday, about 100 young people gathered at downtown Nanjing, but they were dispersed by the police after just one hour.

In addition, the Associated Press also reported, there were calls for more demonstrations on the Internet, including the rally planned on Tuesday in front of the Chongqing Japanese embassy. However this information was already blocked by China “although it could be found in search engine caches”.

People’s Daily published a signed article on Sunday (ChinaHush: which was heavily featured through all Chinese major websites and media). It said, it is understandable for some people to express anger towards Japan’s “wrongful actions”, however we advocate “lawful and rational patriotisms, we are not in favor of irrational and violating regulations. We believe the majority of people will turn the patriotic enthusiasm into actions of doing a good job at one’s own work and to safeguard the stability of reform and development.”

The article also said, in terms of the Sino-Japan issues, the Chinese government has always had a clear stand. After the recent uproar over the Diaoyu islands incidents, China has made it clear that the Diaoyu islands are China’s inherent territory since ancient times, China has indisputable sovereignty.

There are indications that the two governments are trying to ease tensions. In the past two days, two foreign ministries exchanged statements to encourage more cooperation.

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          but I will make myself another 50c!


      1. Why do you assume everyone who is nationalistic about China is wu mao dang? Is it wrong to love one motherland?

        No matter where we Chinese reside in geographically and no matter what education or personal background we had (Chinese or western or Japanese), Chinese love their own country/motherland. That love is unconditional and without regard to the political ideology of the party in charge. We might have different views with regard to Chinese government, though right now it is simply a technicality in the grand scheme of things.

          1. Wawa/Le Chaveux

            Look at the display picture next to your usernames. If the image is the same, it means the IP is the same… so unless you and one of your friends use the same computer, it is pretty clear to everyone that both usernames belong to the same person.

            Anyway, if being congratulated by yourself makes you feel better, I’ve got nothing to complain about…

            1. Uh… no. This is using the same IP. Plus don’t put me in the same category as a fenqing. If you know what I mean

        1. Thanks for explaining patriotism to the rest of us who hate the countries we live in. We’ve just never known what flag waving is all about. Not every country has bad war dramas on every tv channel, every night, to stoke those jingoistic fires. If I had a more fantasy-based view of my country, I’d blindly love it too.

          1. Unlike the westernized thinking many people have, the Chinese defend the Chinese no matter what wrong-doings committed.

            It’s like me being able to insult my sister. But having you insult my sister is a completely different matter.

            I don’t need you to point out my country’s wrongdoings. It’s none of your business. I’ll defend it until I die.

            As well, with all the anti-Chinese sentiments going around, we as the Chinese feel a need to defend it. It’s like a family. Families stick by each other. That’s the Chinese way of thinking.

            1. The above poster is a perfect example of why China is a threat to humanist values and traditions. In practice as it relates to China patriotism becomes tribalism.

                1. I do not like corporations or their influence either, but at least corporations have a duty to their shareholders. A person can buy part of a corporation in the form of stock. A corporation looks pretty good when you compare it to Han tribe/clan based racist nationalism.

                  1. And the two are comparable because?

                    duty to their shareholders and shareholders alone, i’m not sure if you are trying to present it as something positive, because corporations are not entities that can exist outside of well.. outsiders.

                    1. Feel the wrath, baby. Watch out that asian kid in your junior school. He’s gonna kick your ass up.

                  2. I think you missed my point here, but I don’t suppose I can change your opinion anymore than you to me, so whatever, time will tell.

                    1. I will not give up the exchange of ideas with you Carl but for sure not interested in voice of china style pissing contest

                2. Not everybody said that China 100% leads the world. But I assume that you just admitted in the sentence above.

            2. “I don’t need you to point out my country’s wrongdoings. It’s none of your business. I’ll defend it until I die.”
              Do you even realize how stupid you sound?? You sound a lot like the Nazis in Germany. “We don’t need you British and Americans to lecture us! The Third Reich and the Fuhrer’s rise to power are internal affairs of Germany! Mind your own business! (Just wait until we build a bigger army and attack you, and kill all the Jews, and THEN you can start caring!!)”
              This kind of mentality is starting to make me dislike and distrust Chinese people even more. They are no longer logical and rational… instead, they are being shackled by their blind nationalism, which is an extension of humans’ tribalism instinct. You should just admit that criticizing China is like criticizing your sense of identity and self-worth. And then hopefully you’ll realize how ignorant and primitive you are to feel this way.
              “Families stick by each other. That’s the Chinese way of thinking.”
              No, it’s EVERY country’s way of thinking. Again, it’s called tribalism… look it up. British, Japanese, Somalis, Iraqis, Albanians, Israelis… they’re all the same. Try attacking one of those countries and see what happens.

              1. Dealing with a potent stew here:

                One part jingoism.

                One part Han tribalism.

                One part authoritarian( individuals warped from repression).

                One part ignorant and parochial (happens in many large or remote countries).

                One part brain washed (govt control information).

            3. And frankly, it needs to change. For sure you won’t see me defending everything China does just because I’m Chinese.

            4. Le Chaveux: You’re a perfect example of the horrors of nationalism, blind devotion, and obedience. You mean to tell me that you defend China regardless of its wrongdoings, but when the Japanese do the same, then it’s not okay; so why the double standard? Nationalism teaches you to take pride in things you’ve never done and hate people you never even met.

            1. Second “reply” from you with the gook reference. You are a racist motherfxcker and you even admit it. As I told you before I am not even Asian. If you can’t come up with anything better you really should get off the internet and out of your mother’s basement.

              1. The whole gook thing in here is funny as most people in the west cant tell the difference between a Chinese and a Korean. Sorry Korean Guy….

            2. A gook was any non European who happened to fight against the United States Marines. The first use of the term was to describe Filipinos as early as 1890’s by Marines stationed there. U.S. Marines stationed in Nicaragua also called the Native people gooks.


              1920 The Nation, The Haitians in whose service United States marines are presumably restoring peace and order in Haiti are nicknamed “Gooks”…

              1935 American Speech, Gook, anyone who speaks Spanish, particularly a Filipino.[4] [Note: This incorrectly assumes that Filipinos speak Spanish.]

              * 1945 The American Language, The Marines who occupied Nicaragua in 1912 took to calling the natives gooks, one of their names for Filipinos.[6]

              * 1947 New York Herald Tribune (2 Apr.), The American troops…don’t like the Koreans – whom they prefer to call ‘Gooks’ – and, in the main, they don’t like Korea.[4]

              * 1950 Los Angeles Times (Aug. 6, 1950) “Soldiers revive “gook” as name for Korea reds” (headline)[11]

              * 1951 The Steel Helmet (movie), Sergeant Zack: You talk more like a dog face than a gook. Short Round: I am no gook. I am Korean![7]

              * 1960 Dictionary of American Slang, gook Generically, a native of the Pacific islands, Africa, Japan, China, Korea or any European country except England; usually a brown-skinned or Oriental non-Christian.[

              Of course during the Korean war the term was more widely used or of most recent vintage.

              John McCain referred to Vietnamese as “gooks” when he said “I hate the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live…I was referring to my prison guards and I will continue to refer to them in language that might offend.”

              1. It’s good to see that wikipedia is still the primary source that idiots use to backup statements.

                You conveniently left you that ‘Gook /guk/ is a derogatory term for East Asians or Koreans, which came to prominence in the context of warfare to refer to enemy soldiers.’

                Which kind of isolates it to ‘East Asians’ or ‘Koreans’… which oddly enough from your own source suggests:

                A folk etymology suggests that “gook” refers to the Korean word “국” meaning “country.”[nb 3] It is pronounced /kʊk/ when used alone, but /gʊk/ when used as an affix, for example in Hanguk, meaning “Korea”. According to one explanation, American soldiers during the Korean War were often confronted by Korean soldiers and civilians and would hear them say, “미국” /mi gʊk/ meaning “America.” (For a derivation, see 美國.) The American soldiers supposedly interpreted this expression as “Me gook?”, meaning “am I a gook?” in broken English[4]

                The fact is that most people now relate the word gook to Koreans as there are other discriminatory words for people of other countries.

                  1. Nice little red herring argument there.

                    I think more than enough is said by the fact that the link between Koreans and Gooks have become the stuff of folk tales.

                1. The wiki is just a tool like any other. If you question it you can look at the primary sources as you would in any book or journal.

                  I wrote:

                  “Of course during the Korean war the term was more widely used or of most recent vintage. ”

                  Also cited other references from Korean war period, which I assumed any reader here would know already.

                  1. The wiki is just a tool like any other. If you question it you can look at the primary sources as you would in any book or journal.

                    The whole purpose why using secondary sources is frowned on is because you, on your own accord shouldn’t be lazy and actually test the primary source that is quoted. Any secondary source usually contains commentary that is biased and sometimes includes incorrect citations. This is the main reason why wikipedia is not considered a ‘real’ encyclopedia. It’s reviewed by peers and anyone can add regardless of their credentials unless it is one of those ‘locked’ comments.

                    Also cited other references from Korean war period, which I assumed any reader here would know already.

                    Mark, so does that mean that you added all that stuff about Vietnam because you didn’t think people knew already? Or are you trying to convince people that Gook has a wider use by selectively not including how colloquially it is used to describe Koreans.

                    Since you love to use the gook slur its funny that it also could apply to you.

                    This is like saying that the term ‘yankee’ can be used to describe all white people or all Americans, or all Canadians or as your favorite source and online encyclopedia puts it:

                    To foreigners, a Yankee is an American.
                    To Americans, a Yankee is a Northerner.
                    To Northerners, a Yankee is an Easterner.
                    To Easterners, a Yankee is a New Englander.
                    To New Englanders, a Yankee is a Vermonter.
                    And in Vermont, a Yankee is somebody who eats pie for breakfast.

                    But honestly, we know when the word ‘yankee’ is used in a derogatory manner, its against American’s in general and often those from New York.

                    On the same token, we know that when the term gook is used, its against Koreans. The words are used so closely now that it is almost synonymous. Gook = Hangook = Korean. Trying to fight this assumption on semantics makes you look so pathetic.

                    1. What you mention does not refute that a wiki post is as good as the supporting citations, as is true with any work.

                      The only purpose of the caveat you mention is to warn the general public not to consider wiki as authoritative. Any really educated person knows that any book or article is only as good as its source material.

                      No source is authoritative or above being questioned, or put through rigorous review if one decides to do so, but the exercise of review can not by itself disqualify a work.

                      I enjoyed reading your argument by the way. Much more effective when you leave out the ad hominem logic and personal attacks. I will mention your argument breaks down when you state what “we” all know to be true. I for one, having lived in New England and gone to school there, have never associated the term Yankee with New Yorkers in particular.

                      Of course your point is understood in general, and to the contrary “we” do not know that the term gook when used in derogatory way is only towards Koreans. I know that some people in their ignorance might think that, but that is all. Which is why I pointed out the epistemology of the word, and why I thought it’s current abuse was funny.

                    2. What you mention does not refute that a wiki post is as good as the supporting citations, as is true with any work.

                      I’m asking why you don’t review the primary source instead.

                      The only purpose of the caveat you mention is to warn the general public not to consider wiki as authoritative. Any really educated person knows that any book or article is only as good as its source material.

                      Yes, but you are downplaying that wiki is not generally comparable to academic encyclopedias yet treating wiki as its equivalent.

                      For one, a publisher does not have to endorse wiki or distribute it and thus there are less barriers to entry and no real costs of giving false information.

                      Next, there is less incentive to get it right and less filters to prevent non credible posters to present a fraudulent argument.

                      Thirdly, the ‘free’ nature of wiki also means less moderation and editing by experts. Giving access to everybody to edit also provides less coherence. There is more uncertainty as to whether certain sources are still relevant or updated.

                      In fact, many of wiki’s sources are from online news articles which are themselves, secondary material and sources of bias.

                      No source is authoritative or above being questioned, or put through rigorous review if one decides to do so, but the exercise of review can not by itself disqualify a work.

                      This is where I ask you to cut the crap. You’re just trying to soften a frivolous assertion that Wikipedia is just ‘another’ authoritative secondary source. I submit that grouping it in such a way is taking it out of context for the very reasons listed above.

                      All Wiki is, is a lazy man’s way out to finding quick 5 minute answer to which is often incorrect or biased depending on the nature of the article and the moderators put in charge.

                      I enjoyed reading your argument by the way. Much more effective when you leave out the ad hominem logic and personal attacks.

                      I actually don’t make ad hominem attacks against non gooks.

                      However, I will take this opportunity to clarify that I often can’t help but mock a writer when he naively thinks he can try and use linguistic jargon to construe a completely incorrect message, on a hope that the reader is unaware of what is happening.

                      I will mention your argument breaks down when you state what “we” all know to be true. I for one, having lived in New England and gone to school there, have never associated the term Yankee with New Yorkers in particular.

                      Sure, then what do you associate Yankees with? Canadians? Dutch? Irish?

                      and to the contrary “we” do not know that the term gook when used in derogatory way is only towards Koreans. I know that some people in their ignorance might think that, but that is all.

                      ‘You’ may not know this but I submit that most people do. I correct myself that most people in the world refer to Americans in general as Yankees. Yet if you use the reasoning analogous to your first post, we could very well ascertain that its funny that a Scotsman, Irishman or Canadian would call an American a Yankee.

                      The fact is that you’re doing a poor job of using Wikipedia to try and play around with semantics in an attempt to try and convince people that gooks can be used to describe Chinese. In fact you’re aware of how stupid that sounds, so you refer to gooks as having connotations to most Asian countries trying to imply that it includes China.

                      Such an argument is not only disingenuous but is as pathetic as saying that Yankees refer to Canadians and Irishman. Or that the term ‘pommy’ actually refers to Australians because they were by definition ‘prisoners of mother England’.

                      I submit Mark, that you are merely being disingenuous here. Trying to use a source like wikipedia to put things out of context really looks bad on you. A term should be understood in its current use. The word ‘Yankee’ refers to Americans by most of the world. The word ‘Gook’ refers to Koreans. It’s really as simple as that.

                    3. You totally ripped off one of my comments from a previous post a week or so ago. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, so I thank you.

                  2. The priority of sources becomes an issue if for example we were to examine an event in the very distant past, like the Battle of Cannae. Again sources are always subjective and can be weighed accordingly. The whole reason of scholarship in terms of the past comes down to what value you place on certain sources. I write with humility that the best minds know that there are no absolute truths but only points of view, and it comes down to arguments and poetry.

                    The heart of the issue is not semantics but rather the idea of scientific absolutism with respect to the humanities. Having read many of your posts, I have a pretty good idea about your stated beliefs about fact and objectivity.

                    I suggest that are argument about what “gook” means is really a fight for the present and future of the word. I have John McCain on my side.

                    1. correction

                      I suggest that our argument about what “gook” means is really a fight for the present and future of the word. I have John McCain on my side.

                    2. I don’t even know why I wasted my time with someone who believes the truth is merely a point of view. That’s like saying that facts are always opinions; which is incorrect to say the least.

                      If a sentence is properly constructed, there is no room for there to be more than one truth. The second truth, albeit relating to the first is about a different matter most of the time. People who lack precision in writing put open the possibility for criticisms, which they excuse as leaving room for multiple truths.

                    3. It’s all good and well that you’ve decided to create a red herring to cover up for the deficiency of your original argument.

                      The simple truth is that despite their previous uses, the word Yankee refers to Americans; the word pommy is refers to those from the United Kingdom and the word gook refers to Koreans.

                      The fact that the first page of your beloved wikipedia says:

                      Gook /guk/ is a derogatory term for East Asians or Koreans

                      shows that there is a special place for the word in relation to Koreans. The fact is that the word gook and Korean are now inseparable despite having been used in the past for other countries. Just like Yankees will always be associated with Americans and the word Pommy with Australians.

                    4. I have read your outline before as to what constitutes the truth, and I would suggest that on a higher level your perspective is outdated. All ideas have a philosophical base that is not stated but present never the less.

                      Without going into a lot of detail you seem to want to order the world in a “Newtonian” way, which I regret to say is how most people are still being educated in many parts of the world including poorer schools in the U.S. The vanguard has embraced a “Quantum” reality already, which is only now slowly filtering its way down to the less cosmopolitan.

                      I can of course always drop down to your Newtonian reality and argue on that semantic level, which I have done in the past actually many times, but lets put it this way I know who on this forum has a more sophisticated nuanced view of the world.

      2. nono, 五毛党 wouldn’t even try to coerce you. They’d just hack your computer and put porn pics all over. Or something like that.

  1. I love the kid in the front taking a picture of himself protesting. No doubt to impress some girl somewhere. Captures the general depth and fervor of student protests everywhere.

    1. HAHA, that is probably a Japanese branded phone.

      Chinese boycott Japanese goods??!! That is laughable, Chinese people can’t live without Japanese goods, they are far too good compared to Chinese products.

      Can Chinese really live without Sony and Nintendo? I haven’t even started to name the other brands!

              1. Yeah that’s what I said. The guy with the HTC is a true patriot for using Chinese tech – he must be thankful his government signed a trade agreement with that ‘province’.

                Honestly though, if he was a true, true mainland patriot, he’d be using a shanzhai model.

  2. East Asia > Any one East Asian country.

    Do not wait until its too late to realize this. Do not wait for the day when we’re threatened as a whole. The globalized world is falling into factions, the days of individual powers are numbered. Foreign ideologies encroach on our homelands. Do not let rifts between us expose weakness to foreigners. None of us can be truly powerful with enemies for neighbors. Save your rage for real enemies. Think of how far unity will take us. Together we are strong. Never forget.


    1. The world > any continent, sea or wind direction.
      Nationalism is like old, degenerated wine in new bottles:
      a bitter taste, without any merit or substance.

      1. If everyone in the world felt that way, we would have no problems. But until the day they do, Asians must defend and look out for our own interests, and not spend all day fighting ourselves.

        1. “I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world”

          Sadako Sasaki was a young Japanese girl, on the threshold of adolescence, when she developed leukemia in 1955, from the effects of radiation caused by the bombing of Hiroshima. She died soon after, at the age of twelve. If she had survived the ramification of a war, she would have been a beautiful grandmother of 67 years of age rigth now.

          War does not discriminate. All suffering belongs to mankind. We are together and we are interdependent. Therefore it is in our own interest that we take responsibility for eachothers well being, beyond any notion of race, nation or cultural heritage.


          1. Didn’t they get nuked for attacking America? Well guess what goes around comes around.

              1. Riiiiiiight, if anyones massacres your ancestors and then denied it never happen, I’d like to hear you say it’s old wine and move on with it. The thing is you’ve probably don’t come from such a background so you don’t really comprehend how it feels and hard it is to let it go.

                1. I understand it brother. But now, is not the right the time, let China fulfill its priority first then, maybe we can have our revenge, without shooting a bullet.

                  1. Wawa is clearly an un-educated individual
                    go educate yourself(watch some Discovery channel, go to library, or go back to school)

                    1. Just by looking at their name, its pretty clear who is uneducated here.

                2. Not defending the savage behavior of the Japanese in WW2 but you clearly don’t know your history mate. Japan has apologized repeatedly for what their fathers and grandfathers did of atrocities during their Asian campaigns.

                  1. Denial of the massacre by the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan
                    In 2007, a group of around 100 Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (LDP) lawmakers again denounced the Nanjing Massacre as a fabrication, arguing that there was no evidence to prove the allegations of mass killings by Japanese soldiers. They accused Beijing of using the alleged incident as a “political advertisement”.

                    1. Similarly there are and have been plenty of Chinese politicians denying the crimes and mistakes of Mao. You can’t use that shaite for anything. Again: Several governments, several prime ministers and almost all political parties in Japan has accepted their responsibility AND apologized. Many times even.

                    2. Remind me again what the gov’t’s official line is on the 1989 incident?

                3. Who’s your Daddy?

                  There were four million Japanese nationals stranded in China at the end of the war. I read but cant recall the exact figure but around 145,000 Jap troops stranded in China fought on both sides of the Chinese civil war as mercenaries at end of WWII.

                  1. If there were that many Japs (145,000) of young breeding age in China by 1979 assuming a population growth rate of 3.5 percent you would have over eight million offspring of mixed Japanese descent.

                  2. The Japs stayed on as valued mercenary soldiers. I think they liked the money and of course they were getting pussy also.

          2. Except that doesn’t actually happen. People look out for their own and group themselves by similarities. Whoever caves first loses to more aggressive, united powers. If you wanna be the first to go, that’s fine by me.

          3. 40,000 plus people were dying in each attack on a major Japanese city by non nuclear bombs. How do you know Sadako would not have grown up and gone and joined the other four million Japs oppressing China if not for the war?

            1. Because they weren’t a monolithic hivemind? Just like how I’m Chinese but don’t act like those ultra-nationalist idiots by any means.

              1. I find it troubling that Japan had a strong Buddhist population and not a single Japanese monk ever objected to Japan invading China and Japans conduct during the war.

                If you look at Nazi Germany many Germans stepped forward to oppose Hitler including Catholic priests and were executed for their trouble, but not in Japan.

                1. In fact it was just the opposite, Buddhist monks in Japan took the lead in creating xenophobic, and militaristic poetry, art etc. supporting the war.

        2. Asians? That’s a funny category. Every person from Israel to Japan, Sri Lanka to Siberia lumped into the same group.

          1. There’s always someone looking to pick at semantics, usually the kind of person that knows exactly what I mean by Asians.

            1. Wawa, if someone means East Asians, they should say it. If you say Asians, it means all the people in Asia, not just someone’s simplified narrow region-centric idea of that word.

              Huzhang, you expect people to just magically figure out what you mean? You said Asians should stick together. There was little context to figure out what you meant. You didn’t make it clear whether you meant all the people bordering the Yellow Sea, or all the people East of the Himalayas. Don’t get all pissy cause I pointed out your use of a trite simplistic generalization. You used it, not me. Are you mad because you didn’t know Arabs, Indians and Malays are also Asian? Or are you just Anti-Semantic?

    2. Remember the year 1937 and what happened in China. Think about it before you try to ingratiate China with Japan. We are two different countries even though we are East Asian!!!

      1. One post you’re ridiculing China, the other you’re evoking pity? Your attempts at dividing Asia is hilariously transparent. If anything, the Sino-Japanese wars serve as the perfect reminder why Asians need to stand together. The post-war Europeans realized this and formed their EU. We’re still squabbling over rocks. The time for change is upon us.

        1. My aim is not to cause division, and how did as you have said been “ridiculing China” What I say is the truth. Alot of Chinese say that want to boycott Japanese goods, esp in the 60’s, but did they succeed??!

          Secondly, is 1937 not a factual event?!

          So please tell me, where has there been any distortion in what I have said? I just stated the truth!!!

        2. Let me ask you truthfully, can you really do without Japanese goods? If the answer is YES, then you’ll have to teach the Chinese people your secret, and share with us what brands you use.

          If you answer is NO, then I am right, and that is the truth.

          There’s no contradiction is what I have said, no?

          1. I have no intention of boycotting anything, and where did I say WW2 wasn’t a factual event? That’s the whole point. Boycotts don’t work and only cause more tensions between nations. Events like WW2, Nanjing massacre is EXACTLY why we need unity – so it doesn’t happen again. Judging by the signs and slogans wielded by nationalist protesters on both sides, we’re heading backwards into darker times.

          2. They actually can, China can get their stuff from Germany because they are just as good as Japan in terms of technology and goods and I’m sure they can get more shit from other places like America, France, UK the list goes one. Which ;eaves only the following for Japan AMV, Japanese cartoons which can all be downloaded with a click of a finger for free 🙂

            1. German was the one who made Japan invade China
              that’s right, i bet most of you from China never knew that

            2. Voice of China/Shanghai or whatever again proves that he knows very little real history. You want to buy from Germany while boycotting Japan? Germany and Japan were allies during WW2, sure I know many Chinese seem to think that WW2 was mainly a Pacific deal, but it really wasn’t. Germany assisted Japan with training, technology and military personnel -mainly navy. And do you know what? After the Treaty of Versailles to end WW1 Germany were forced to surrender it’s areas in Shandong. Did they give them back to China? Nope. They handed them over to their Japanese friends which subsequently meant that China walked out on the peace talks and later had to make their own separate peace with Germany.

              I didn’t even have to look this up online (I hope I am not too far off hehe) but you clearly should have.

              1. Well done GuoBao! your command of history does you well. I will always contend that the deeper one understands the past the more insight one will have about the present and the future.

        3. So what are you suggesting Huzhang?

          Should China hand over Diaoyu in order to form an amicable relationship with Japan, so that China can be stronger?????

          1. I am suggesting we handle it like civilized countries. Island disputes happen all over the world, some people get arrested, governments lodge complaints, it goes on the news etc. And you know what? Most people in other countries don’t care. Only in East Asia does it turn into this huge drama, where nationalism seeps into the mainstream populace. No one has to give in to anyone. The entire incident should just be downplayed as a small event, because that’s what it is.

          2. It’s funny cos there’s a stretch of island North of Japan and Japan is claiming that the islands belong to Japan even though it actually belongs to Russia.

            1. See the Kurils are a much better example of how these things should be handled. Neither the average Russian or Japanese care much about them, and their sovereignty is quite inconsequential anyway. They COULD go to pieces over it, but they won’t. It’s just one more thing on the diplomatic tab for them. That’s how the Diaoyu islands should be treated.

              1. Agree. Pieces of rock with seagull shit on them. If anything they should belong to the U.S. because we destroyed the Jap navy so Russia could go in and grab them at the end of the war….

  3. 起來!不願做奴隸的人們!

    1. This means,

      Rise Up! Don’t want to be a slave!
      Our flesh and blood will become our new Great Wall!
      The Chinese Nation is at the most dangerous time,
      Everyone forcefully shout their last cries.
      Rise Up! Rise Up! Rise Up!
      We are of one mind,
      Brave the enemy’s gunfire, March on!
      Brave the enemy’s gunfire, March on!
      Go Forward! Go Forward ! Go!

      it is the Chinese national anthem

      and it is a fine piece!

      50c baby!

  4. 起來!不願做奴隸的人們!

  5. Although I hate to say this, East Asian Union is really ideal for China, the world need someone to balance out the anglosphere influence. Our fenqing brothers in China need to think clearly! I hope we can put aside our differences because this is for the greater good.

    China’s Hu, Japan’s Hatoyama Agree to Extend Thaw in Relations

    By Sachiko Sakamaki

    Sept. 22 (Bloomberg) — China’s President Hu Jintao and Japan’s new Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama agreed to push for closer ties between the two erstwhile enemies at their first meeting in New York.

    “I hope and am convinced China-Japan ties will develop more actively, and enter a new phase,” Hu said yesterday, congratulating the Japanese leader on his election victory last month. Hatoyama’s Democratic Party of Japan ended six decades of Liberal Democratic Party power, years that were often marked by frosty relations with China over Japan’s war record.

    Hatoyama has urged closer ties with Japan’s Asian neighbors, and suggested to Hu the idea of an East Asian Community, modeled on the European Union. China and Japan agreed to work together to resolves differences that include disputes over energy resources in the East China Sea.

    “I said we should make it a sea of fraternity instead of a sea of disputes,” Hatoyama said after meeting Hu on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.

    Hu agreed that the two countries should work toward friendship and cooperation, and that officials should begin negotiations on an agreement. Hu also invited Hatoyama to a Japan, China, South Korean summit in Beijing by December.

    Hatoyama urged Hu to work on promoting public support for an accord with Japan.

    Hu welcomed Hatoyama’s stance on history of Japan’s aggression during the World War II, according to Japanese government officials who briefed reporters. Hatoyama told Hu his administration will honor a 1995 statement in which Japan apologized for Japan’s aggression.

    Hatoyama told reporters in August he won’t visit Yasukuni Shrine, where war criminals are enshrined among the dead, and will ask his Cabinet members to refrain from making visits.

    Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s annual visit to Yasukuni shrine from 2001 to 2006 aggravated bilateral ties. Relations with China had already been on the mend as none of Koizumi’s successors made the visits.

    Bumpy diplomatic relations haven’t halted economic ties between China and Japan. Trade between Asia’s two biggest economies rose 13 percent to $266.3 billion in 2008, according to the Japan External Trade Organization.

    To contact the reporter on this story: Sachiko Sakamaki in Tokyo at

    Last Updated: September 22, 2009 00:40 EDT


    Yukio Hatoyama, the president of the Democratic Party of Japan who is set to become Japan’s next prime minister, is calling for a common Asian currency as part of regional integration to achieve a modern-day “fraternal revolution.”

    In an opinion piece titled “My Political Philosophy,” an official English-language copy of which was made available to Kyodo News on Friday, Hatoyama said Japan and its Asian neighbors “should aspire to the move towards regional currency integration as a natural extension of the path” of their rapid economic growth.

    The proposal comes against the backdrop of the recent financial crisis, which Hatoyama says suggests to many the possible end of American unilateralism and raises doubts about “the permanence of the dollar as the key global currency.”

    “I also feel that as a result of the failure of the Iraq war and the financial crisis, the era of the U.S.-led globalism is coming an end and that we are moving away from a unipolar world led by the U.S. towards an era of multipolarity,” he said.

    Hatoyama’s DPJ achieved a historic landslide victory in Sunday’s general election, ousting from power the long-dominant Liberal Democratic Party which has ruled Japan almost uninterruptedly for some five decades. Hatoyama is scheduled to succeed outgoing Prime Minister Taro Aso after being voted in as the next premier in a special Diet session on Sept. 16.

    A longtime advocate of fraternity, Hatoyama wrote in his opinion piece that the creation of an East Asian community is “another national goal that emerges from the concept of fraternity.”

    “Of course, the Japan-U.S. Security Pact will continue to be the cornerstone of Japanese diplomatic policy,” he said. “However, at the same time, we must not forget our identity as a nation located in Asia.

    “I believe that the East Asian region, which is showing increasing vitality in its economic growth and even closer mutual ties, must be recognized as Japan’s basic sphere of being,” he added.

    Hatoyama emphasized the need for regional integration as a means to help settle various disputes, citing the experience of the European Union, and called for “a contemporary embodiment of the ‘fraternal revolution’ advocated by Count Coudenhove-Kalergi,” the father of the European Union.

    1. Good call. With the decline of the West, and East Asian sphere could easily lead the world and shape the future of humanity. Pity something so insignificant as these islands can set back our relationship so far. Unfortunately, Hatoyama is no longer around to advocate Asian unity, having been deposed for trying to kick out American bases. Tells you something about foreign intervention in East Asian affairs, doesn’t it?

      1. The day China “shapes the future of humanity” is a very very long way into the future, if ever.

  6. Only Americans and Europeans can decide when an end to U.S. lead globalization will occur.Europe is Wealthiest Continent and population far out numbers North America.European baby Boomers don’t want to lead U.S. baby boomers want to lead.The Children of U.S. boomers like myself don’t want to lead and are turning more isolationist and libertarian in both political parties and I don’t really know what European Gen X or Millennials want when it’s their turn to lead.That is the million dollar question.Believe it or not Europe is close to the finish of Reconstruction and Unification from both WW2 and Cold War.Chinese should worry more about Europe and Russia and what they are going to do than Japan, and Why are Chinese escalating tensions for Asia?

    1. Believe me those people do not represent what the majority of Chinese would think. They are called fengqing or angry-youth, they do not think very clearly you know.

    2. Are you an American? Your English is a bit strange. You claim (or seem to claim) that you are the child of “U.S. boomers” but when you write things like “Europe is Wealthiest Continent” it doesn’t really hold up well. Maybe I just didn’t understand what you meant to say?

      1. I am from Metro Detroit and an American and Yes Europe vs. North America,Europe is Wealthier.Their are many Americans like myself wondering why we are still are in NATO and contributing for mostly European defense.And IF Britain could get the more than 50 plus nations of the Commonwealth to use one currency than I don’t think the dollar would dominate any longer but share a role with Euro,and some form of Commonwealth currency.Baby Boomers of Europe had to witness and rebuild Europe from rubble.American baby Boomers are probably the most spoiled group of People ever in human history.And yes the children of U.S. baby boomers are becoming isolationist,anti foreign involvement,and don’t care to police the WORLD,We are going broke with debts from Boomers(wealthiest generation in human history) who spent their government contributions and are putting my generation in debts and now my children in debt.Their is a reason they are getting labeled worst Generation in American History.

    3. The western press is calling it “Chinese triumphalism”

      From recent NYT:

      ““This administration came in with one dominant idea: make China a global partner in facing global challenges,” said David Shambaugh, director of the China policy program at George Washington University. “China failed to step up and play that role. Now, they realize they’re dealing with an increasingly narrow-minded, self-interested, truculent, hyper-nationalist and powerful country.”

      To counter what some officials view as a surge of Chinese triumphalism, the United States is reinvigorating cold war alliances with Japan and South Korea, and shoring up its presence elsewhere in Asia. This week, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will visit Vietnam for the second time in four months, to attend an East Asian summit meeting likely to be dominated by the China questions. “

      1. Honestly I don’t care anymore.I am more in the America comes first Crowd.If Asia wants it’s own WW3 let them have it fighting over isolated islands ,ridiculous border BS.What’s funny is all the while China is bully and threatening with monopoly of Rare Earth Elements.Their neighbors are aligning with each other.Russia and India doing arms sells,India and Japan doing nuclear and REE development.South Korea looking to other South East Asian nations for employment and again REE.Mongolians are becoming more racist and nationalistic.All their neighbors are looking to group together.Most is being done without the U.S.Even the U.S. can’t bully our neighbors to no end.We learned along time ago we have to share, like the Great Lakes with Canada,Gulf Coasts with Mexico,Cubans,and others etc.we have to share North America.Even the River systems like Rio Grande and the Colorado,we use the damns systems jointly on both borders and make sure our neighbors get their share of the water supply.

  7. My simple view on the matter:

    1. An east Asian union would not be feasible because of pre-existing political inclination between certain nations. E.g South Korea with the United States, China and North Korea.

    2. The ideology of control is not geographically instigated. It’s not West v East for that matter. For example, India has no interest in allowing China to be a super power for less than a rational reason.

    3. Boycotting Japanese goods is not a good idea when we consider economic principles including basic comparative advantage.

    This article doesn’t really stir up any hate on my behalf. The fact is that China got the captain back and SHOULD continue to put pressure on asserting control of our sovereign territory.

    I personally love my Japanese laptop and TV, and I also enjoy their women 😉 I will never treat them with equal respect, but that’s another matter altogether.

    1. I guess that will never happen with gook_guy around, eh? But, East Asian FTO would suffice right now, I think.

      Those Japanese, we can f them up without going to war, easy, lol.

      1. lets fuk up all up by selling TV that blows up, Car that falls a part on the road, food that kills people… lol

        1. Your iphone, China. Bridge, China. In fact, almost everything is made in China. I’m surprised you’re not dead yet. Are you a ghost?

    2. You should specify that it’s their women in AV you “enjoy” since you’ve never had and never will have one in real life.

      1. Oh you’re so funny GookBao…

        You can only speak for your own middle aged English teacher lao wai ass, as part of the lower bracket of incomes in Australia.

        I’ve had more than you will this life time. They’re ok, and I give it to them especially hard. At the end, they tend to point out how rough I’ve been’. I smile and think ‘Thats because you’re a jap’. 😀

        1. “I’ve had more than you will this life time.”

          Haahahahahahahhahahahaha hahaha ahah ha ah ah (cough) Hahahahahahahah ahaha haha ha.

          1. Don’t choke Gook Bao… I know its hard to digest but while some Jap fobs like the poor middle aged lao wai, when you have a young, richer Asian guy with better English next to them, the choice is relatively simple for them.

    3. BTW, VOC not throwing stones at you but “My simple view on the matter” comes across as you are simple rather than you having simplified your view.

    4. proud of you, bro. pounding more Jap sluts for me. I am doing my rounds on the gook ones.

  8. It’s so easy to live free of Japanese and German (including Swiss and Austrian products.) All the best toys are Fisher Price/Mattel anyway – by best, I mean the most fun. Yes, my boys are going to be raised with GI JOE but without Transformers and my daughter with Barbie but absolutely no Sanrio – it is not a hardship at all. I don’t need a Japanese rice cooker or a German kitchen knife. They really don’t have a stranglehold over any product line and Chinese manufacturers are realizing what the Koreans already know that most highly rated electronic products are the result of intense media spending. I have all region Oppo dvd players and a cheapo Philips VCR. I have Lenovo and Dell computer and I am getting an American Ipod touch. If I wanted a car, it would probably be a Volvo or an American car. I have no fear of lacking Japanese products. Some stupid Korean foreigner blogged that her child was offered Japanese candies by her Japanese classmate but a Southern Chinese will tell you that actually those candies and definitely those snacks are original Chinese creations just as many candies worldwide are still made in the traditional Chinese way. It is EASY and a therapeutic feeling to consciously NOT buy Japanese. I recommend it to everyone but especially to the billion plus Chinese worldwide. It’s a great feeling that the Koreans are already practicing. Feel better about yourselves and just do it!

    1. Two words- portable gaming. It’s DS or PSP. Both Japanese (if you consider the iPod a competitor here I’m just going to sit back and giggle). And at that rate, I might as well get the Toshiba TV, Panasonic laptop (Toughbooks live up to the name for sure), Fujitsu phone (go ahead, drop YOUR phone in the swimming pool and tell me how it works afterward), Muji school supplies, Francfranc chopsticks, oh well. Also, the Koreans I know buy no shortage of Japanese products and seem to be happier for it (not made in Japan). You live your life and I’ll live mine.

      1. That’s right, my brother just got an Ipod Touch and has been playing games all night – he completely ignored the Nintendo DS I got years ago before the beginning of my passionate and enjoyable boycott. I am getting a Cuisinart pressure cooker to cook perfect rice AND a perfect Cuisinart bread maker regardless of how much paid media the Zojirushi version gets. I’m living LA VIDA BOYCOTT and I L-o-o-o-ove it and my kids will too. There are so many options once you look around. Even the overpriced German thermamix has a Cuisinart alternative. I love you, Frenchy.

  9. as for Sony Playstation and Nintendo Wii, my brother plays American designed computer games and if he ever wanted it then I would get him an Xbox but he will probably be too busy going to medical school to feel deprived from not having a gaming console when his computer games and simple Facebook games are pleasure enough. We played World of Warcraft too and I can tell you that we have no desire for those Japanese gaming consoles. Sorry, losers, you’re going out of business. I’m going to buy a lot of toys for the children of Chinese strangers just because I feel your children deserve them but none of them will profit Axis owned companies. This war endures, we have to fight back in every possible way. Spread the word. Boycott. Let’s put some muscle behind the already existing movement that so far only Koreans are known for. No government can control this. They can stop public protests. They can’t make us spend. And watch out for American companies now owned by Japanese like Madame Alexander dolls. Buy Mattel/Fisher Price. Buy from our friends and the countries who fought and WON and stopped the massacres. They are evil and wish to do more violence to us and especially to our tenderest progeny.

    1. In the not-so-distant future when Laos and Vietnam has taken over much of China’s production I’m certain 99 percent of the foreign consumers would love to pick the crappy toys with “Made in Vietnam” over the “Made in China” ones. It’s a very real threat to the Chinese economy that the university degrees often aren’t worth the paper they are written on and the Confucian “Copy-everything-while-avoiding-thinking” aren’t going to cut it when the wages in other countries get more competitive than what China can offer. Even now the desperation in keeping the yuan artificially low is a clear sign of things to come.

  10. I’ve seen what these antis done.. spilled out their saliva and their ropy sputum on Honda car which’s drived by chinese, Around ……around.. The chinese who’s been spilled would be angry for this behavior, they start hating those antis.. Great~! A nation start to break..

    This damning antis , go hell~! You did nothing but break ourselves , dare you get your way to kill one japanese on the road ? Or blast embassy of japanese.
    These tragic , incurable , brain-dead angry teenager. Said they love china , my ass.

    Bring out a slogan “we love our country” and to break shops of janpan , cars of japan..
    Brain-dead… Brain-dead..

    They don’t even know what they can earn this way..woeful !!!

      1. lol.. I don’t like japanese though , but I would like to be their friend.. No matter how many folks they’ve killed , it’s the past,every country’s raising has a nice number of record. If we choose “hate and beat back” then a game of fighting is starting and it would never come to an end..

        If I hate you , and I would make a guy who likes you unhappy , with time goin by , this unhappy will evolve into hating,well then you hate me, around .. around .. around..a race hates another race, a nation hates another nation. It’s gonna be a war~ is that right ?
        So I would like to be a good man , and do all I can to stop this war..
        (Though I guess Im the youngest guy here , I can still clearly get that how many idiots china has during this demonstrations,and I think my point of view is a impersonal , normal one , anyone agrees with me? 😛 )

        1. Yeah that’s also a Buddhist concept that hate radiates out like waves. To refuse to hate and treat others with respect stops the circle of hate from growing.

          I guess you are not a party member?

          1. Im not any buddhist or party member.. Im only a student who need to stay in a
            freakin school and roting on the school chair.. In reality , I don’t know where these concept come from.. It’s just the first thought flashing on my mind at the time when I was reading these info..and I don’t want to be a party member since I was about in primary school ,
            maybe I guess i hate these stuff in my bone since I was born.

            As you guys know , I don’t know much about the history which talks about How many
            people Mao have killed for *Harmony in china*.
            And now , could you tell me about that, korean_guy? It’s kind of asking .. please.

            1. You state you didn’t want to be a party member since you was a kid. What about the party did you not like? Curious to know what some young people like you think about that.

              1. 30ppl in my class and about 3ppl including me agreed to refuse to be an anti-japan.. Others
                think oh~! it’s right to fight for country , or just keep silence about this. I was even called
                quisling by those angry classmates, it’s ok , I ignore them. I have to say : japanese won at least for on thing , he successfully broke some relationships of friends.. It’s also a success to them anyway..
                I feel helpless about this , like Lu Xun(a greatest writer of china) said: A bunch of numb chinese. I reallly got ashamed this time.. Im not stressing that Im not numb..

  11. And I got question for them .. Will they stop using their Xp-system after america government saying they wanna take a island called “asshole island” ?

    Xp was made by american , am right ? lmao..

  12. Sensational and irrational, exactly. My opinions are actually in line with the government on this one: Stop you bitching. You know, YOU KNOW you are not going to stop playing that nintendo, you KNOW you are still going to love Sangokushi, and Toyota, and that highspeed train all the Shanghainess will be riding in a few years….? Yeah.

    Why don’t you try and focus on the bottom of the problem. Why is Japan being a jerk toward your government. Why is that? Because the Japanese are looking down on the Chinese. Now stop you bitching, doesn’t matter how much make up you put on, you can’t hid the wrinkles.

    Improve yourselves, and then claim supremacy.

    Instead of going to the street, why don’t you write a book on this and become a best seller?

    But then again, since despite the population ratio, there are even more angry porn stuffed Japanese youths, equally as stupid, I’d say let them go wild.

    1. So long they don’t go around breaking windows of some Japanese food restaurant like their Jap counter part had done… let the steam off is a good idea once in a while.

    2. No, Japan, Korea and Us are only parasite to China. China would better off buying technologies with Europe, where we can get the know-how.

      1. I don’t generalize, but certain Chinese people are not in any way deserving of any respect, especially on the internet.

        And Wu, Jin, [underlined:]were parasites to China, no longer. You can hope they will be again, but that would require some big ass kickoff that I’m not expecting to see in my lifetime.

      2. China don’t buy technologies
        They exchange it for a shares of the market
        Most foreign companies are “advised” to have a research and development dept. in China if they want to exploit the Chinese market
        If they refuse, they can pack up and leave

        Is this done in any other country ?

      3. All Multinational Corporations are the same Shit Bags.They don’t car about humans anywhere or Nations anywhere.They will protect their technology so they can sell it themselves,they don’t want to share technology with anyone,producing it goes to the lowest paid wage slaves.That is why they are scared of Tariffs,Trade Wars mean they have to use the work force in each nation they sell products to,to produce those products for that nation.If they have to Use Chinese work force for Chinese Market,US work force for American Market,and so on than those workers don’t have to compete with each other for lower wages and can demand better wages and benefits,costing the Higher up Douche Bags money.That is why they are trying their best to scare populations World Over against a Trade war.Trade wars cost Corporations/Bankers Profits and get Workers to demand more from Companies.That is also why they don’t want the U.N. to ever write anything about a World Wide Minimum wage standard,They are getting Workers both Blue and White to Compete for less everywhere.Bribing Public Officials everywhere to back Corporate World Order.Where these companies originate makes little difference anymore.Shareholders are from every Nation,every ethnic background.

  13. All this fuss over some islands too small to be inhabited? Make a joint China/Japan donation of the islands to the United Nations as a nature refuge for the few endangered native species and be done with it.

    1. UN? Ahahahahaha

      It would be as effective as when they tried setting up Jerusalem as a international/holy city/city-state.

  14. How funny. The Chinese people are allowed to demonstrate against Japan when it is convenient to the ruling authoritarian oligarchy, and only to a certain point.

    This Chinese government is only too aware that when a citizen begins to practice protesting, the practiced energy and talents of the mob can quickly turn to an even bigger target or villain, that being their own government.

    1. I wonder if you realize that this is a norm for all government, to different degrees:

      “allowed to demonstrate against [fill-in country/organization name] when it is convenient to the ruling [filling government type], and only to a certain point. ”

      for example: “…allowed to demonstrate against Al Qaeda when it is convenient to the ruling majority Republicans, and only to a certain point… until it gets racists and when people starts dying from the KKK mob.”

      1. A norm for all governments? Please do not universalize the Chinese value system. What you state is just not factually accurate. The KKK is allowed to demonstrate as much as it want to, and in the U.S. at least, there are no restrictions on what other western countries call hate speech.

        1. Please do not universalized the western system.

          O’Reilly? have you heard of the kent state shooting? or how bout, and this is a little earlier, the bonus army march on washington? that is if you think turning tanks on civilians are a Chinese speciality, it isn’t.

          And kkk was just a bad example i guess, slaughtering black property for them just isn’t fashionable anymore. But then, I did say, to different degrees. When protesters starts to turn into mobs, I’d be amazed if police don’t intervene. G20 meetings here in Canada is a perfect example.

          And just to get back to what you were saying, there’s nothing you’ve stated I can’t apply to any government aside from the Chinese one.

          1. You can cite as many examples of government oppression as you want, the fact remains in the U.S. people have the right of assembly. Indeed to protect such rights has taken much struggle. You seem to confuse controversy with the law and civil rights, and violence with assembly. Not hard to do if become an apologist for an authoritarian system.

            1. I’m saying that freedom of assembly has and is limited to a degree in every government, and how limited it is depends entirely on the government. Thus in the end, the government is interested and has interest to regulate how far this right should be exercised. Then act of limitation on this right is applicable to any government who has interests in saving their own ass from being overthrown/voted out, to a degree, the degree of which largely depends on the culture of the nation, and the population’s attitude towards that government.

              1. Yes of course assembly is regulated.

                We need to look at how the regulations are applied and how arbitrary they are by a given government to judge the degree to which people in practice have freedom to assemble. Example, in Russia opposition party to current government can never get a permit to assemble and protest.

    2. Great, now we have conspiracy theories going around. I guess the government ordered the protests as well right?

  15. To all the JP haters,

    What is the objective for this protest???
    The war was settle by US before most us here was bored
    Their country was poor as hell after the war

    In the other hand, China invaded the Tibet
    Who was defenseless
    Gun down most of the monks
    I don’t see China apologize to Tibet

    If you wanna be a better country
    wouldn’t you wanna behave better?
    build higher quality of products?
    don’t counterfeit products from a to z?

    No wonder, most of people view China as classless and un-educated
    as a Chinese, I feel ashamed for seeing this

    1. Are you Chinese from the Mainland? If so, your comment gives me hope for your people. At last some rationality!

      China will get better when its people become more rational and realistic. Japan was wild before WWII, now look at them. They changed their mindset, and became a First World nation. If the Japanese could do it, so can the Chinese.

      1. In FY 1991, defense accounted for 6.2 % of the budget. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Japan was ranked fourth in world in 2004-2005, spending $42.1 billion.

        They are sneaky, one-side cock-sucking US, one side Darth Vader. But, yes, they are under control now, but deep inside, you never know.

        1. If i have a neighbor like China
          i too would stock up on guns and ammos
          i wonder who wouldn’t be scare to have a destructive neighbor???

        2. Hell. If I was living next to a country like China with it’s raging nationalism I’d spend quite a lot of money on the defense budget.

        3. Deep inside, they are retardly pacifist. Like, to a childish degree. At least that’s the impression I got when I lived there.

    2. Mystery to me why a huge country like China would rattle its neighbors and push them even closer to the United States over a pile of sea gull shit covered rocks that Japan has administered since the early 1900’s.

      The politics is similar to that between Argentina and Great Briton with respect to the Falkland Islands dispute. A dictatorship uses nationalism and territorial disputes to increase their hold on the population. The underlying problem is the tension between the Chinese people and their government.

  16. I have the impression that patriotism in China is all about bashing other countries esp Japan. Why don’t they spend more time on China instead? What about the legion of corrupted officials? The Nobel prize winner who is still in prison? The child that die out of starvation?

    Good luck chinese patriots, for being a tool for the very enemy of your country

  17. Nationalism,, gotta love it. The idea that my country is the best in the world solely because I was born there. Combine it with a government’s joy of watching it’s unruly elements unite against a common enemy abroad while forgetting the internal problems and it gets plain ugly.

    Most educated people can see the problems with nationalism but Europeans especially have such a bad history that in almost every single Western European country today it’s considered extremely bad taste to flaunt nationalism. You see there once was this little thing called World War 1 where basically every country in Europe and every able bodied man felt that a war was needed and they would end up on top with the help of “God” and their undying love for their country. Most people thought that a war would be over in a matter of months. Sadly it took 6 years and 30 million dead (included diseases and hunger) before someone realized that they were the owners of a working brain and sat down to negotiate peace. Doubly sad some politicians/generals figured that by putting all the blame squarely on Germany and Austria-Hungary (yes, I am looking at you Clemenceau) they could ask for humongous amounts of damages, hence WW1 Part 2 came a few decades later also in order to prove once and for all that this nationalistic bullshit just didn’t go anywhere.

    Some parts of the world still just don’t get it. I am not only pointing my finger at the Chinese here. There is plenty of racism and nationalism in Korea and Japan as well. You guy really ready to start WW3 because of some tiny, windswept barren islands in the middle of fucking nowhere? Are you?

    1. well said
      i assumed the angry students who were protesting
      only had read volume 1 on WW2
      they never realized there was an ending to it

    2. How it all fades away….

      Mao Zedong’s son was killed fighting in the Korean War. Another son, Mao Anqing, wrote about the impact that the death had on his father in the article Recollections of Our Father (1983).

      Once sister Songlin asked Father for permission to bring brother Anying’s remains back to China, but he shook his head and said, “Martyrs can be buried anywhere. Why should we bring their remains home? Aren’t there thousands and thousands of martyrs among the Chinese Volunteers who have been buried in Korea?” Father’s mind was as broad as the boundless ocean. He took the people’s interest as the criterion of his own love and hatred. The U.S. imperialists killed thousands of the best sons and daughters of the Chinese nation including his own dear young son, but for the fundamental interest of the Chinese people and for friendship between the Chinese and American peoples he set aside old wrongs and opened the door with his own hands to establish diplomatic relations between China and the United States.

    3. GuoBao, I love reading your comments. You’re probably the most intelligent, rational, and even-tempered poster on this website. Keep up the good work, and do consider channeling that energy into politics or business, instead of wasting your time arguing with people on an internet forum. The world needs more knowledgeable, capable leaders.

  18. same reason immigrant/native tension flare up in france/arizona, 12 social sciences outlawed in muslim education, youths join taliban, suburban soccer moms put up “support our troops” stickers on big ass suvs and death-stare you down for thinking anything other than “get with the program: IN DA NAME OF lovin’ your country & fellow ‘men'”.

    in times of doubt, boredom, general feeling of “limp noodle” about any and everything that gnaws like a nameless, “je ne sais quoi” type of fear…even pent-up energy with nowhere the go…IT’S TIME FOR “OTHER-ING”! the hegemony love it: keep ya dumb & in da line.

    it’s always the OTHERS that threaten the general body politic’s, erm, “well-being”.

    1. I would love to see China have an immigration policy comparable to any western country. When the Chinese began to define what it means to be Chinese in terms of citizenship and rights rather than ethnicity it will be much healthier for everyone.

  19. an ‘anti-national’ is a person who is against his or her own nation and, by inference, is
    pro some other one. But it isn’t necessary to be ‘anti-national’ to be deeply suspicious of all nationalism, to be anti-nationalism. Nationalism of one kind or another was the cause of most of the genocide of the twentieth century.
    Flags are bits of colored cloth that governments use frst to shrink-wrap people’s brains and then as ceremonial shrouds to bury the dead. When independent-thinking people (and here I do not include the corporate media) begin to rally under flags, when writers, painters, musicians, fillm makers suspend their judgment and blindly
    yoke their art to the service of the Nation, it’s time for all of us to sit up and worry.
    Come September by Arundhati Roy

    1. Nationalism is really a new concept although already discredited and outdated with the advent of Hitler. It would seem immature societies will go through a nationalist phase, as part of the transition into modernity. People who still exist on the tribal/clan/kin level of identity are most vulnerable to nationalist impulses, as it gives them a strategy to exit the binding structures of the latter. A good example would be the way Ho Chi Men, called uncle, and the communists in Vietnam, manipulated kinship based thinking to move individuals from the family clan to the nation state, and communist party. The party replaces the clan. The nation replaces the family.

      1. His name is Ho Chi Minh.
        I believe he made the right choice and that won us independence from US and France. It may not be the best choice ever, but it’s the best thing that show up in time.

        1. Minh or Men its all chopped liver. Just so you know there were at least 2-3 different ways to spell Mao’s full name in English for long time, but that goes back to when Nixon visited Peking…

          Seriously one of the most interesting things I ever read was the way the Vietnamese communists recruited cadre. South Vietnam failed to offer a compelling transformation for the average Viet peasant, a way to modernity, a cheap ticket to the future. By the way many Americans respect Uncle Ho.

          Ho wrote to FDR and wanted American help before he turned to China, real fuck up on part of U.S.A. which lead to a lot of suffering for millions in Vietnam.

          1. Why is it a fuck up on the part of U.S.,U.S. didn’t really know anything about political structure and movements of Asia,Africa,or Middle East.We relied on Europe for those things which was a big mistake and still costs us,We can win wars and battles easily but we really don’t know what people in other nations want.We have been unsuccessful with World politics dating back to WW1 and Woodrow Wilson.We are still unsuccessful with World Politics.The biggest reason is the population in the U.S. doesn’t really care about foreign diplomacy.But the Government in the U.S. does and wants to be dominate and time and time again gets held back by our people and rightly so because it is our money and blood.I won’t call WW1 or WW2 a success especially when you look at the after math.more than half the world without any order,poorly made lines for new nations and old ones.We can use our military to defeat any other military,but when it comes to Order for a foreign nation and rebuilding we are not successful at it.

            1. The OSS (CIA precursor) were with Ho Chi Minh when he was fighting the Japs who occupied Indochina with Vichy French cooperation. Ho asked for increased American support because he didn’t want China calling the shots in Indochina. He once remarked

              “Better to eat the French dung for 100 years than the Chinese dung for 1,000!”

              The U.S. fucked up because it ignored Ho and took the French side turning what was a war of liberation against colonial imperialism into another front of the cold war and part of the domino theory, with the U.S. against the Viet Minh communist.

        2. Ho helped to unify Vietnam. I think the war of liberation against France, got confused with the civil war between the north and south thanks to the Cold War.

        3. Many Vietnamese that I have talked to feel that Vietnam would’ve been better off following the US instead of seeking independence and developing on its own. So they resent Ho Chi Minh for ever going to war with the US. Look at how well Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan have done with US backing and support. The benefits are huge (economic, political, technological, educational), and Vietnam would’ve been much more developed by now.

          1. you mean seeking unification and following Marxist economic model.

            It takes two sides to have a conflict and the unification of Vietnam was forced on the South. The Viet government can call it “liberation” but when the Americans left Vietnam the North unified the country by invading the South.

            Yeah they could be like the Japanese now with high speed trains instead of spending their days making tennis shoes. Although the demographics now favor Vietnam in terms of future wealth.

            1. Well it’s hard to say that the government of South Vietnam was really representative of the Vietnamese people. It was a puppet regime run by a quasi-Fascist Catholic who was nothing more than a tool of the west. The government’s lack of support was one of the reasons why the U.S. lost the war to Viet Cong guerrilla fighters who were able to hide among the people so easily in the south.

              1. My God sucked into the vortex of another Vietnam war myth….

                Was South Korea representative of the Korean people from the start?

                A tool of the west? So Asians are not capable of independent thought and action. I suppose Carl Marx was really born in Hanoi, thus the North Vietnamese had a pure Eastern ideology…

                Also, the Viet Cong did not win the war. The war was decided when when NVA soldiers invaded the South. Facts are facts. The VC were wiped out with the Tet offensive and were never really a threat to the south. The real threat was the infiltration of NVA units into South Vietnam.

  20. this “super wawa” person is moron
    it is the perfect example of typical brain-washed mainland Chinese that Westerner felt pity on
    this protest was pointless and those student just wasn’t educated enough
    i am sure if they read both side of the history, this wouldn’t happen

  21. I like “AlleyCat” she twists my arm after reading piece of replies.. I can’t read it all , I don’t get time and patience to it… a@#@$#@%#%^$^

  22. Seems like korean_guy can’t take out his shit anywhere else (probably because he’s got no friends) and posts 50 times a day to talk about how much he hates his life. Good job. Who the fuck has the time to do that haha. Stfu if it bothers you so much faggot. And…

    She bang. Not.

  23. Korean guy is filled with rage and jealously just like some Japanese jingoist who can’t stand China’s rise in the world. There is nothing they can do but to insult people and China on sites like this

    I bet he writes enjoys commenting gibberish and the other hand hand belting the the one eye monster so he can relief his misery. Maybe crank up the computer speaker with Boa and Rain songs would help him get through his day.

    1. To be frank, I like korean_guy because he brings funny perspectives and comments here almost everyday. He never makes us disappointed.













  24. He is a funny guy, quite consistent as well with the time of his replies. I wonder if he is as retarded online as he is in real life.

  25. What is that again? Your Hero? Seoul Times called him half-Korean. His stupidity originating from the Korean side. LOL

  26. Congratulations to the Chinese students for their patriotric acts…keep up your good work…continue to demonstrate your love for China (not buy Japanese products, not buying at Japanese stores…) the CCP is just a bunch of old geezers telling you what to do…Chinese fenqing…keep up the glorious work you are doing for China…

    Please keep it up for eternity…demonstrate against Japan, boycott Japanese products, throw more stones to Japanese, destroy more Japanese cars…

  27. US is trying to gang up with Japan to bully China!! It’s time for China to use economic strength and squash these two bullies. The ‘developed’ nations are trying to make sure China is put on a leash and not get out of hand that the G7 countries can no longer control. Now guess who has the money? Not the G7!!

    1. Elmer Fudd says:

      Ohhhhhhh how Scawwwwey!

      The Bawwwwh-Bawians are encircling China!

      Time to build nother Gwww-eat Wall!

      Yes Hedgehog please do try to squash the bullies. Your neighbors would benefit yet again from another example of how China behaves like the bull in the shall we say china shop.


      “Most Asian countries, even as they argue that China will inevitably replace the United States as the top regional power, have grown concerned at how quickly that shift is occurring, and what China the superpower may look like.

      China’s big trading partners are complaining more loudly that it intervenes too aggressively to keep its currency undervalued. Its recent restrictions on exports of crucial rare earths minerals, first to Japan and then to the United States and Europe, raised the prospect that it may use its dominant positions in some industries as a diplomatic and political weapon.

      And its rapid naval expansion, combined with a more strident defense of its claims to disputed territories far off its shores, has persuaded Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Singapore to reaffirm their enthusiasm for the American security umbrella.

      “The most common thing that Asian leaders have said to me in my travels over this last 20 months is, ‘Thank you, we’re so glad that you’re playing an active role in Asia again,’ ” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in Hawaii, opening a seven-country tour of Asia that includes a last-minute stop in China.

      Few of China’s neighbors voice their concerns about the country publicly, but analysts and diplomats say they express wariness about the pace of China’s military expansion and the stridency of its trade policies in private.

      “Most of these countries have come to us and said, ‘We’re really worried about China,’ ” said Kenneth G. Lieberthal, a China adviser in the administration of President Bill Clinton who is now at the Brookings Institution. “

      1. Yet another excuse in the disguise of so called Chinese threat opinion to set up more american security troop in the countries around China. It is sheer fiction! China is a peaceful country. Stop demonizing us!

        1. Japan is a U.S. ally. The U.S. has long standing security agreements with Japan. Any move by China against Japanese territory will automatically trigger war with the U.S. If China thinks it can bully Japan, China should remember that the U.S. is a Pacific power also, and stands with its allies.

  28. It seems that some of these protests had expanded their scope (without “official” approval) to include issues such as unemployment, the high number of recent university graduates who can’t find work, and freedom of speech. It’s always useful to get a sense of the concerns of real Chinese people. It would be even more useful to get a sense from Chinese people in China as to how they would like to see China proceed politically and otherwise. Of course, as long as the CCP is around, the latter is but a pipe-dream.

  29. I’m an American and most white Americans do not like Japanese no matter how many “socialites” Trey Parker marries – Hello Kitty is just not good taste. Our girls are raised differently and are not represented in the media at all. Listen to Hollerback by Gwen Stefani surrounded by Homo Erectii waving pompoms – Americans do not forgive, do not forget the conduct of Germany and Japan. We just don’t articulate it or wear poppies on our lapels once a year like the English. We simply do not like them and we have no problem with a boycott – Japanese and Germans just don’t know how many people hate buying their products. Sure they’ll hide behind other brand names but all we need is a consumerist listing and activation or rather removal of all mental restraints et voila, automatic, instant total boycott. Boycott. It’s so easy. Check the American site and look at the Kitchen goods and you will see that you won’t miss German and Japanese products at all and I do mean Switzerland and Austria – Sasha Borat Cohen has been trying to tell everyone – you must boycott Austria and Switzerland – they are the enemy – who think Heidi and Sound of Music is adequate camouflage. Wolves in sheep’s clothing like vampires drinking fairy blood to masquerade. If a French Jew wasn’t running Adidas, Nike and Reebok would dominate because honestly, those stripes are so Seventies looking. Look at Puma, dreadful stuff.

    1. You don’t know almost anything about what happened during World War 2, so in that respect you are an average American. People buy German and Japanese stuff because the products are of the highest quality, not for any other reason. I do not forgive the horrible crimes the US has committed, and the world shouldn’t forget either. For your information Puma stock is up over 600% in the last 8 years where as Nike is up just about 200%, Adidas bought Reebok but you didn’t know even that. I’ll never buy Nike because I pay for quality and not some empty brand name.

  30. Westerner are only angry with Chinese people in this incident, because Chinese are angry at their favorite kind of Asian, obedient to western global interest, follows western political ideology/way of life, polite, oriental, etc…

    Compare to what happen in Urumqi or Lhasa, where not only Chinese cars/shops are burned/stoned, Chinese people are getting killed on the streets. In that case, since it’s only Chinese, their least favorite kind of Asian (ones who do not follow their liberal political views), these kind of things are dubbed as peaceful protest or legitimate expression of their grievances, and Chinese should reflect their errors.

    Lol, why should any non-spineless people listen to these kind of westerners anymore?

  31. Long Live China! Crush those little japs!!
    But JAV is something I can’t live without :-))

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