Perpetrator’s Father Li Gang apologizes publicly


Yesterday we posted about the public concerned drinking and driving car accident happened in Hebei University.  Killing one and injuring one, the perpetrator was already detained by the police.  Today, “the Li Gang” of the lately catchy Internet catchphrase “My dad is Li Gang”, suspect’s father contacted  CCTV through the police in order to express his deepest regret to the victims, victims’ families and also the public.

From CCTV:

Reporter: Did you hear about the news on the same day of the incident?

Li Gang: I was on a business trip.

Reporter: How did you feel when you heard the news?

Li Gang: (Crying) Things like this happened to my kid, caused so much pain to the others, I feel very painful as well.  These days I could not eat, could not sleep.  As Li Qiming’s father, as a parent, on behalf of my whole family and my son, I express my deepest regret to victims and their families, I’m sorry. (90 degrees bow, he didn’t get up for long time.)

(reporter helped Li Gang back to his seat)

Li Gang: To me my stand is very clear, I will not shield my child. (Shaking his head with tears) This incident, If we switch places and I also try to understand the feelings of the victims.  it’s the same, same.  (crying) I will do my best… do my best to actively cooperate with victim’s treatment and sincerely give my condolences to the victim’s families.  As for my child’s education, as a father I failed.  I am very sad, very guilty, very ashamed. (covering his face and crying)

Video of Li Qiming cries and apologizes after being detained:

Zhang Jingjing The student injured in the accident is still haunted by her memory.


      1. No, for all we know, he might be gay, which means putting him in jail makes it his heaven. Oh hell, no.

        1. What kind of backwards thinking are you trying to make? By that reasoning, straight women enjoy being raped by men.

  1. I am impressed by the father. Not trying to hide and accepting his son’s responsibility. I have no idea if he was a good or a lousy father but I’ve known plenty of great people who’s offspring turned out really bad so I am not going to judge. Good on you Li Gang.

    1. This is probably the price he has to pay to save his own ass.
      In my opinion, he’s not sincere.

      1. I concur. He’s not really sincere. He’s doing damage control and trying to control the situation as much as he can. His son botched it badly in the PR department. While he’s making his apologies, he’ll be pulling every string he can to get his son off or minimize any time or penalties that his son will have to deal with. I can almost guarantee that the judge will say that they were all sorry for what happened and give him a light sentence. The victims will get some monetary compensation, probably from corrupt bribe money the boy’s daddy has received over the years. It’s what we call SOP, standard operating procedures, for when things get out of control.

  2. I feel sorry for his father. BUT his son can fucking die! I see real tears from his dad but not his son.

  3. Chinese and Americans, we have a lot in common. I feel bad for this father. There is nothing worse than having your own son do something bad and then express no remorse. As parents, we try to shield our kids from the harshness of life but when they do something like this, it hurts to know there is nothing you can do to make things better.

    1. I don’t think you realize how the system works and the things his dad would have had to have done to be in the official position that he’s in. Any Chinese person would know that to go up the ranks, he would have had to play the corruption game. The corruption has a hugely adverse effect on the ‘common’ people. They do some pretty horrible stuff to make the money that they do. Officials don’t make much. Consider the lifestyle his son is sporting. Why do you think people are afraid to come out as witnesses? It’s because of “Li Gang”. I feel absolutely no pity for the son or the father. I’m sure his daddy has bailed his boy out of bad situations before….to the detriment of whoever opposed his boy. I’ll say it again, there is a reason his boy could say that “My father is Li Gang!”. It’s because he’s used this ‘power’ before.

      1. Yeah, I was raised Christian though I’m not anymore and it reminds me of a passage in the Bible. Not sure the exact phrasing but it’s something like, “The son shall pay for the sins of the father.” There is a culture of nepotism in China, which results in a culture of mediocrity. But that’s not to say that nepotism does not exist in the West. For Christ’s sake look at George Bush. The motherfucker made it all the way to the presidency based on his father’s connections. If that isn’t nepotism, I don’t know what is.

        That said, I do have an anecdote about a colleague of mine at a state-owned news organization (I won’t name names for the sake of anonymity, his mostly I don’t care who knows who I am). His dad was a ranking CPC member with a lot of clout apparently, which landed him the job despite the fact that he did not have enough qualifications for it. He was finally fired after not showing up for work twice and not calling in, which resulted in no news getting posted over the weekend. The second time it was especially embarrassing for the company because it was the anniversary of the founding of the CPC. He thought his dad’s connections would save him, but his fuck up was too large.

        So he got fired and within a week he had another job at a different state-owned newspaper.

  4. Koreans are suggested to get married with other races to improve their poor genes. To be fair, just list a paper studying the depression ratio among the three east asian countries, Korean, China, and Japan.

    Arch Gerontol Geriatr. 2010 May 31. [Epub ahead of print]
    Depression, quality of life (QoL) and will to live of community-dwelling postmenopausal women in three Asian countries: Korea, China and Japan.
    Ina K, Hayashi T, Nomura H, Ishitsuka A, Hirai H, Iguchi A.

    Department of Geriatrics, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, Tsuruma-cho 65, Showa-ku, Nagoya 466-8550, Japan.
    The purpose of this study was to examine the prevalence of screening-detected depression and the association of depression with QoL in community-dwelling postmenopausal women living in three Asian countries. We examined self-reported questionnaires and conducted the study. A total of 698 community-dwelling postmenopausal women living in three Asian countries participated in this study. The mean age was 59.4+/-6.6 years (+/-SD) Depressive symptoms were assessed using a 15-item geriatric depression scale (GDS-15). Using the cut-off of 5/6 for the GDS-15, the percentages of subjects with depression were 39.0% of the Korean subjects, 29.2% of the Chinese subjects, and 33.9% of the Japanese subjects. For the assessment of QoL, we used the EQ-5D of the EuroQoL Group. The following five dimensions were assessed: mobility, self-care, usual activities, pain/discomfort and anxiety/depression. The proportions of subjects reporting problems for each dimension were examined. Subjects with depression had significantly lower levels of some dimensions of QoL than those without depression in all three countries. In all three countries, 29.2-39.0% of community-dwelling postmenopausal women had screening-detected depression, which was significantly associated with a lower level of some dimensions of QoL. These results suggest that clinicians should pay more attention to depression in community-dwelling postmenopausal women.

    Copyright © 2010. Published by Elsevier Ireland Ltd.
    PMID: 20605647 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

    LinkOut – more resources
    Full Text Sources:
    Elsevier Science
    Swets Information Services

    1. loving the journal papers. might use them as a citation in one of my uni papers next time if I get the chance 😛 haha

  5. Lousy acting. Should have stayed more focus in acting school, but was too busy goofying around to learn his acting lessons.

    Throw them all into jail for 50 years. Hard labor.

  6. Brother is getting quite sick of all the Korea bashing and racism. Lets talk about the little boy who thought his dad was the local bigwig and turned out to be low level bureaucrat. Like previous commenter’s already stated, the kid is crying because he made a grave error in judgment about his own fathers’ status.

    1. Agreed: I feel sorry for the dad. 🙁

      The boy has no remorse. He is probably crying because of how high profile his situation has become.


  7. Oh wow what type of man cries, what a fucking pusshole bitchass cocksucker. Obvious attempt at damage control as mentioned by fellow netizens above. This what Chinese men have become? Running over girls and namedrops daddy, then daddy goes on national television and sobs harder than the girls’ parents. Oh wow. One thing us Chinese men can learn from Japanese men (bear with me on this one) is to be like a warrior.

  8. I listened to the video and all I hear is a bunch of rat sounding people speaking Chinese.

    Chinese is the ugliest sounding language in the world.

    Ching Jong Cheng Ching Chung Choong bong gyung jeng jjajjangmyun jjabaghetti jjanke jing chappagetti.

    1. Best learn how to speak it. China will dominate the world economy in 10-15 years. Like it or not, it’s coming.

      Every empire has their day, and China’s is coming.

        1. Oh yeah, Is that why the middle class in China is outnumbered the US population? Sure man, China is still pathetically poor, but its growing like no other. When the times right, I’m sure those prick leaders will have its reform.

        2. At least China’s leaders are actually talking about redistributing the wealth even if it’s only paying lip service. However, the CPC knows it’s in their best interest that the benefits of the economy be redistributed to all sectors of society because it is the only way to retain power.

          I think the Chinese government is actually a lot more responsive to the needs of the people than most so-called democratic governments because it has no choice but to be. The Chinese people are not so docile as everyone thinks and are prone to revolution if conditions get bad enough. That’s why you see highly publicized campaigns against corruption in China. The CPC knows that corruption is a threat to its power just like economic hardship.

          Everyone in China knows that there is a bargain between the Chinese people and the government. It’s a marriage of convenience. Few people are truly happy with the Communist party, but they accept its rule so long as there is peace and prosperity.

      1. There are actually plenty of gooks studying Chinese.

        I guess Jjanke is probably jealous that no-one bothers learning Korean, since Korea is such a small insignificant country.

    2. Gook, just let you know that Cantonese and Mandarin are totally two things,plus they sounds completely different. One suggestion, you should reduce your time watching movies that involve “Cantonese speaking scene”, and I feel responsible to tell you that when I was in Seoul for a short trip, korean sounded like a dying chicken struggling to utter its last word.

      Your brothers from North Korea speak Korean with a passionate tone, better learn from that.

    1. LOL National Treasure,

      I don’t know whats more funny/sad:

      1.) You care
      2.) You ‘ACTUALLY’ think we are wu mao
      3.) That you think actual propaganda specialists who can speak English and still get paid wu mao
      4.) That you think any Chinese guy here takes that insult seriously

      Joke is getting old honey, time to move onto a new one 😀

      I find it hypocritical that when racists like you start shit mouthing at China its all about truth and freedom.

      When we deface your baseless claims, we’re shitheads.. The irony.. I guess we can be even more sure that you’re a gook bao.

      1. Actually I worked it out…

        This is Gook Bao’s guide to Chinahush:

        1.) RULE 1: Always agree that democracy is the best

        2.) RULE 2: Remember to always mention the words ‘evil’ ‘red army’ ‘communist’ and ‘oppressive’ in one sentence when talking about China

        3.) RULE 3: Everyone who does not follow rule 1 and 2 should be called a brainwashed red chinese commie paid by the oppressive government to lead the red wu mao army – that is most of China’s 1.2 billion population.

        4.) RULE 4: Never believe a Chinese person when he says he is happy with the government. It’s all lies.. Chinese people need to be taught the meaning of life.

        You are hilarious Gook Bao.. really 😀

    2. I actually find it funny how easily the 5 shit heads overreact with hatred when Koreans are mentioned. Their behavior isn’t the least bit worrisome because its so stupid its funny.

      1. As I’ve said gook,

        half the world think your country is an inferior piece of shit. Being called Korean is an insult in itself 😀

  9. YOU FUNNY chinaman and kimchi, hahaha, you both know that u r fuking inferior right? now bow to ur master JAPAN. NOW WHERES MY COMFORT WOMAN.

  10. You guys think you are so safe being a racist on the internet. Times are changing, watch what you say. Nothing can be erased once posted. The webmaster of this site knows your exact identities (aka IPs) if the authority ever requests them.

  11. This site is becoming unreadable with all the China-Korea bullshit. Fauna, ban the shitheads please

    1. LOL… Wrong site numbnuts..

      But as I’ve always said, Chinasmack if where you want to go if you want to go to mingle with other white losers ‘faunicating’ over a false ego.

  12. What have they got him strapped into? It looks like some kind of Hannibal Lecter detention device.

  13. ok voc, ill leave this site to you. Have a happy life and watch your blood pressure.

  14. Whatever happened to that issue of the killed girl not actually wearing “roller shoes”? Any follow-up?

    1. The girl who survived in an interview said she was not wearing the roller shoes, but the one who was killed was wearing them that night. So in the picture was the girl who survived.

  15. What is up with this thread. The first dozen or so comments are on point, and there are barely that many that are on point the rest of the way. Jeez louise, people.

  16. Why are so many Chinese rising to the Korean bait and spouting nonsense? The facts are simply that Korea is a small but rising, fairly democratic and quite successful country, whereas China is a large and rising country where democratic freedoms are not well understood, and sometimes even derided by people who do not know any better. What is there to argue about?

  17. I saw a niche site yesteday that looked a lot such as this, are everyone sure an individual seriously isn’t copying this specific web-site?

  18. Koreans have no roots they have been conquered, raped and enslaved for thousands of years i pity them. But they always make these stupid cries like a dead dog, so no one feels sorry for them after that.

  19. WTF, the premier of Ontario didn’t allowed red light cameras because his fucking moron son is always speeding on the roads and getting arrested for DUI.

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