“Sue me if you dare, my dad is Li Gang”


(Netease) In the evening on October 16, 2010, due to drunk driving and speeding, a black Volkswagen Magotan hit 2 female student pedestrians wearing roller shoes in front of a supermarket at Hebei University. The incident caused one death and one injured. After the incident, like nothing had happened, the driver continued to drive his girlfriend to school. He was then later stopped by number of students and school security guards on his way back. Surprisingly, the young man showed little remorse and fear, he shouted, “Go ahead, sue me if you dare, my dad is Li Gang”. The report of this incident immediately caused uproar in China’s online community.

These couple of days, the incident has caused widespread concerns of the netizens. Internet users expressed their anger towards the perpetrator on web. Posts condemning the perpetrator are seen everywhere. It is verified that the perpetrator’s father is the Public Security Bureau deputy director. On October 19, 2010, a new Internet catchphrase was born “My dad is Li Gang.” And the incident is also known as the “Li Gang gate”.




Netizens searched for him…

Results of the human flesh search (from yzdsb )

Perpetrator: Li Yifan (李一帆), name used in the past: Li Qiming (李启铭), currently attending Hebei Institute of Media class of 2008, majoring in radio host. (The human flesh search report also listed all the schools he had attended since 1988) Home phone number: 13730287 ***

His Renren page, baidu space

Netizens also confirmed that Li Gang is Bei District, Baoding City Public Security Bureau deputy director of criminal investigation.

Many netizens flooded his QQ space, where you can find the angriest comments towards him and the unjust and irrational situation.

People also posted his childhood photos:







Authority is now scrambling with the investigation; according to GZdaily now there are almost no witness stepping forward for the investigation, where are they?; Questions are also raised about why emphasizing victims wearing roller shoes, as if they are trying to blame part of the fault for these shoes?  And netizen (on KDS) also pointed out on one of the released photos where you can see the victim’s shoe was just a normal shoe…Let’s see how this incident unfolds.


  1. VW is known for its excellent design, economical fuel consuption, and reliability.
    But what about that ridiculous steering wheel?

  2. As souls we are all equal, even compared with E.T’s we are no better or worse. It truly amazes me that on this earth people think they are so above, so much better than others just because they have more coloured paper in their wallets.

  3. I see him driving a Mercedes in one picture. So why aren’t there eyewitnesses? I thought other students and security guards stopped him?

    1. Enter Captain Obvious: Option 1. Nobody could positively identify Mr. Smartass as the driver. The-More-Likely-Option 2. You don’t want to get involved with a high ranking official, especially in a case that could send his kid behind bars for a long time.

      In these kinds of cases it would be nice if Hu, Wen or a member of the central committee would pick up the phone and make sure justice and a fair trial is assured.

      1. Think again Watson,

        Option1: It’s the car that eyewitnesses need to identify, and provide evidence or first person accounts to the police, that’s the most important; then you establish the kid as the driver based on questioning, etc. If nobody can positively identify the car, how could he be stopped by other students/security guards? They just conjure up visions in their heads?

        Option2: Really? Deputy director of PSB in some district in Baoding is a high ranking official? That’s a nobody to me. Midlevel officials like this guy is the most vulnerable to even serious charges if he tries to squash this, there is nothing he can do, if he wants to maintain his position, the kid is toast; if he tries to squash, both him and the kid are toast.

        No, having higher up individuals intervening is what’s wrong with the system already; this needs to be handled locally so that justice can be served, rule of law instead of man, anything otherwise just sets bad precedents.

        1. Not sure I agree with you on 1. Yes identifying the car is important but I’d say identifying the driver is more so. Maybe we are just splitting hairs though. Regarding 2 I realize I misread the part about his father’s position. Thought he was much higher up da chain, possibly mislead a bit by the fact that the hit-n-run douche would call his daddy’s name out like that.

          1. Eyewitnesses would indeed be helpful to confirm the facts, yet if there was indeed a collision, it should be relatively easy to detect any traces of damage or scratches on the vehicle that could be correlated to the accident and thus serve as physical evidence. Hence the probable owner of the vehicle would assumingly need to produce an alibi in order to prove his innocence. Just guessing ofcourse.

    2. Obvious reason is obvious.

      According to further reports, school officials have threatened all eye witnesses with “consequences” should they speak up, all to kiss up to Daddy Dearest. They didn’t take the internet into account, and the story spread anyways.

      Now the problem is will the son ever be charged, and will the father ever be removed from office in fear of public anger.

      1. internet justice is the only way to get justice in this country, its not much but its something. police are just lapdogs of criminal politicians. why anyone would look to the government to serve justice is beyond me.

  4. I’ve seen also a legal struggle about “whether or not inner university roads should be considered as public”, meaning different set of penalties applied by court (in clear, a way for him to avoid prison).
    (sorry the link was on mop but I lost it)

    1. Sounds dubious but I guess any straw is a possible flotation device. Campus regulations usually state a speed limit of 10-15 km pr hour, and I can’t believe that traffic regulations don’t apply. Hence in theory his crime should be even worse. I know, I know,, logical thinking doesn’t go very far in China.

      1. The new Road Traffic Safety Law allows for only one case in which drivers are not at fault for hitting a pedestrian: that is, if the pedestrian purposely violates traffic laws. Practically, this understanding emboldens pedestrians to take liberties with cars, impeding their progress by moving into the flow of traffic under the assumption that larger vehicles will give way. This assumption however, might turn out to be false.

        As the devil’s advocate I would plead my client not guilty of reckless driving.
        Roller shoes might be a violation of the law, in terms of the legal commitments that are required of an agile pedestrian.

        1. Ah–Ok I understand better now since the original article didn’t mention that, just implied that Traffic Law might be a little more easy on him than a sentence on the life-endangering angle.


          Some Beijing lawyer argued that life-endangering couldn’t apply since it “has to be intentional, and it obviously wasn’t”.

        2. I present exhibit 1 to the court. A picture from the scene of this hideous crime clearly showing that the innocent young girl was wearing REGULAR FOOTWEAR when she was moved down by this intoxicated, reckless man who even fled the scene. Not roller shoes, nor roller blades or roller skates but ordinary size 37 beige colored casual trainers. The prosecution rests.

          Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

      2. Drunk assholes kill people all over the world and get away (some of them, like Ted Kennedy, God rest his drunken Irish soul, go on to have a successful political career) with it so stop making this out like it’s some kind of China thing. Why are you such a hater?

        I was struck by a drunk driver who left me unconscious on the pavement in the U.S. He hit me so hard that his license plate fell off. But because he left the scene and no breathalyzer could be administered, he got off with a slap on the wrist for failing to stop and render aid. Furthermore, he was driving his parents’ car, the insurance on which didn’t cover him, so I didn’t get jack shit for my hospital bills since Texas has huge protections against assets that can be seized in a civil suit.

  5. I know pictures like these don’t easily compare to “Western” counterparts but MAN this guy looks like a complete douche.

  6. We definitely want to hire korean_guy to send a bullet into the man’s fucking head. I believe korean_guy can fulfill the task perfectly, of course with the help of voice_of_china. What do you guys think?

  7. Yeah, look at the stupid sweatband on his arm! But, didn’t he learn anything from Jersey Shore? He needs a protein shake with that blowout!

    1. Your proposal has been considered and denied. Children are born innocent. They should not suffer in advance, merely because they are hindered by the emotional neglect of their caretakers. You may however approach the bench to initiate a sidebar conference if you wish.

      1. Ha… I change my proposal.
        Since his behavior is result of “emotional neglect” – how about punishing parents?
        There is an urban legend that in Singapore for repeated crimes of kids in school – parents must pay big fines!

        1. Crystal,

          The issue will probably be dealt with in court. Most people are just speculating on what happened and will happen.

          The child will get punished however I don’t agree with punishing the child unless he is under the age of 16.

        2. A charming prosecutor always lightens my day – even when there is standing someone between us. A driver’s license would need to exclude the parent’s liability in this case. Even bad parents cannot be expected to take full responsibility for every unfortunate result of their offspring’s behavior. In a practical sense, life cannot be manipulated to this extent. Disaster is often the result of negligence. Some couldn’t have been foreseen. Negligence is not the same as “carelessness”, because someone might be exercising as much care as they are capable of, yet still fall below the level of competence expected of them. It is the opposite of “diligence”. It can be generally defined as conduct that is culpable because it falls short of what a reasonable person would do to protect another individual from foreseeable risks of harm. In the words of Lord Blackburn:

          “those who go personally or bring property where they know that they or it may come into collision with the persons or property of others have by law a duty cast upon them to use reasonable care and skill to avoid such a collision.”

          To conclude this with a personal statement; I propose a compulsary course for all parents and teachers with regard to the basic understanding of some didactic and pedagogic issues. Some are doing fine, yet the bulk has no bloody clue what they are doing. Parenthood implies duty. Therefore it should be licensed, just like driving a car ought to be. They both require some skill to perform well. On the other hand, the results might be devastating if you fail to pay proper attention if thus required. It’s a matter of common sense, I would say. Perhaps just not as common as one would expect.

  8. This was on Oct 16 and now it is 5 days later. Is he in jail yet or did his father get him off the hook or are the police going to “investigate” until everyone forgets about it? (everyone except the family of the girl who was killed)

  9. This little sack of shit needs to be assfucked in a Chinese prison. Repeatedly. And violently.

  10. what a lucky douche-bag
    if i was him i would not be worried about being sued when stopped on the way back, i would be more worried about being lynched by the mob.
    mainlanders like a bit of mindless street justice at the hands of a crowd.
    I say bring the bloody mass-mob back!!

    1. ^^^^^^^^^^^ this. who the fuck is this cockroach? never heard of him, should just lynch the kid already.

  11. Some of you guys might be wondering why I always respond to gook_guy’s comments.

    It’s quite simple really… As a Chinese person, I feel obliged to point out how pathetic Koreans are.

    I mean, let’s say someone says that Americans are good and blah blah blah… Most rational people know that’s not true. But as easy as it may be to criticize the United States, you can’t do so without acknowledging some merits of their system as well as give historical references as to their deficiencies.

    When it comes to talking about gooks…. Hey they’re Koreans, nuff said.

    Ugly, plastic faced, short legged successors of Mongolia who boast about Samsung and their shit soccer all day despite having really achieved nothing of significance in their short short history. It’s so funny and easy to knock. I can’t help but entertain myself by mocking these gooks 😀

    1. If you want to come off all clever and reasonable maybe you shouldn’t start with “As a Chinese person, I feel obliged to point out how pathetic Koreans are.” Also a Chinese person calling Koreans “gooks” is kinda weird. South Koreans generally have a good reputation in the West so if you want to pound on them you might want to give a better reason than them being “pathetic gooks, nuff said”. Also Korean culture doesn’t have a “short, short history” last time I checked. Maybe you’re just angry because they managed to not get assimilated into Han-China. Resistance is not-so futile.

      1. Unlike you National Treasure, I never want to COME OFF all clever and reasonable. I don’t know where people get the idea that the idea that ‘image’ is important in online comments boards. I come here to either have fun or make a general statement that I believe.

        Sure, I am educated and knowledgeable about many things. But I’m also not without my own prejudices. One of them is against gooks. Yes – because the word gook is a derogatory term used against Koreans for the last century. Yes, I forgive you because you’re Australian and might not know this.

        The History of South Korea formally begins with the establishment of South Korea on 15 August 1948, although Syngman Rhee had declared the establishment in Seoul on 13 August.

        I should mention that Koreans are half the reason why people look at Asian people with contempt. Most investment bankers, lawyers, doctors and property developers in ‘the West’ are ehhnic Chinese.

        1. Ok – I’ll clarify the last paragraph that in the West, most are not Chinese because the population is predominantly white. But most Chinese because lawyers, doctors, engineer and property developers – giving an exception to the older generation that often are not so successful. Gooks are generally inferior in most respects and lets say a law firm like Baker and Mckenzie, there are generally no Koreans but always a few Chinese people in the firm.

          1. I think that has more to do with the sheer number of Chinese vs. Koreans. Also, keep in mind that Chinese have been part of the American diaspora since 1820, (don’t know about other Western countries). Why can’t y’all just get along?

          2. Well, Chinese Diaspora in the US : 3,5 million Chineses
            Korean Diaspora in the US : 2 million Koreans

            Chinese Dispora in Europe : 1,5 Million Chineses
            Korean Diaspora in Europe : Around 50’000 Koreans

            Can’t compare what can’t be compared

        2. I thought ‘gook’ was a derogatory term for all Asians who are not from Korea. Like if you call a Chinese guy a gook its not nice. But if you call a Korean guy a gook, its like calling an American a Yankee since the real name of their country is Taehan-min’GUK.

          If you called a Canadian a Yankee they’d flip out. But if you call an American a Yankee, they’ll be like “yeah?” Same, same.

          1. No, it doesn’t work that way.

            If you called a Chinese person a ‘gook’ they’d just tell you they’re not from Korea. LOL

              1. It was… If you watch Dragon, the Bruce Lee story – Jason Scott Lee uses a similar line in one of the fight sequences.

                Fighter 1: You gooks killed my parents in the Korean war
                Bruce: Sorry about your parents, gooks are Korean, I’m Chinese


        3. The term “Gook” is as far as I know used for all Asians ( by Southern rednecks with an inclination for Klan worshiping ). Also I find it rich to diminish Korea by calling their history “short,short” while pointing out that modern South Korea was founded in 1948. That would make China’s history even shorter since “modern” China was founded in 1949 wouldn’t it?

          Anyway, your logics aside, can you tell me WHY you and (as you claim) Chinese people look down on Koreans in that way? And try to keep the rampant Asian racism and nationalism out of it. Why?

          1. China changed governments but retained the same culture and national identity. South Korea basically started out in 1948 as an independent country.

            The term ‘Gook’ is exclusively reserved for Koreans. I’m not going to do your research for you national treasure baby. There is a separate derogatory term used for Chinese; I’m sure I don’t need to spell it out.

            I have already claimed many of the reasons why Chinese look down upon Koreans in the Jihad post. Look it up and stop asking stupid questions.

            1. Oh I’m sorry for calling your racist rantings out. I’ll be sure to read up on your previous rants in the mentioned thread. I don’t mind a good laugh from time to time.

              “China changed governments but retained the same culture and national identity. South Korea basically started out in 1948 as an independent country.”

              So in 1948 South Korea lost every trace of thousands of years of culture overnight? You need to brush up on your history mate. I know it can be quite troublesome for a Chinese both to find independent sources as well as accepting that New China’s idea of truth doesn’t always hold water. You should give it a go though. The water is cold but refreshing.

              1. Gook Bao,

                as far as I’m concerned, Korean history is a summation of getting owned by Chinese and Japanese.

                South Korea as an independent social identity did not exist before separation.

        4. “I should mention that Koreans are half the reason why people look at Asian people with contempt. Most investment bankers, lawyers, doctors and property developers in ‘the West’ are ehhnic Chinese.”

          LOL. You are killing me VoC. Killing me. Where do you get this stuff from? Are you ad libbing or do you spend actual time figuring out this kind of drivel before jotting it down? It’s worth spending 15 minute a day on this site just to read up on your in insanity. I’ve gotta ask though: Do you really believe this stuff or are you just trolling for attention?

          1. Gook Bao,

            I hate to see you so sour these days. You used to just wallow in your own stupidity. Now you are raging in anger.

            I don’t know what you are whining about now. How long have you left Australia for dude? You seem to have a repressive memory. Chinese are high achievers in Western countries. Koreans own laundromats and their children mostly end up in gangs.

            Koreans are why Western people think of average Asian has small slanty eyes. The reason why they think Asians are xenophobic and why they think Asians smell like kimchi and don’t shower. Gooks have basically incorporated all the negative stereotypes that can be attributed to Asians. Plus they are underachievers.

            They make up for their lack of intellectual presence by making up drama series like ‘Love Story in Harvard’. It’s a fairly tale and that’s why its so sentimental for them. In the meantime, every intake of Harvard freshman have a sizable amount of Chinese students and maybe only a handful of Koreans if lucky. Just look at MIT and how many Chinese and Indians are there, you hardly ever see gook engineers.

        5. Wow, you’re an idiot.
          True story.

          “I mean, let’s say someone says that Americans are good and blah blah blah… Most rational people know that’s not true. ”

          You know, there are horrible Chinese people? Look at the fuck who ran people over and gave no sense of care.

          You know, there are many good Americans? Yes, there are bad, however, there are good. Just like the Chinese. There are bad and good. Did you know this?

          wtfpwned your ass

  12. UPDATES PLEASE is this guy in jail now or what? I’m visiting China in April if this guy is still not persecuted I will find him.

  13. Just to make it clearer to those who can’t be bothered reading in retrospect, I’m happy to state the reasons why Chinese look down upon Koreans below.

    [Fact 1] We as Chinese people absolutely and uniformly think that South Koreans are ugly. We think that they get their hideous genes from their Mongolian ancestors. We believe that most Koreans are:

    a.) Short stature with very short stubby legs that look bent
    b.) Have a flat face
    c.) Have small slanty eyes and single eyelids

    We joke about this all the time.

    **HOWEVER** On a cautionary note we do believe that South Korea has a nice plastic surgery industry. So after surgeries Koreans do look alright. That is why we acknowledge again that:

    2. All Koreans look the same after surgery
    3. There is no such thing as a good looking Korean celebrity without surgery
    4. Reasoning: by joke How else can two good looking SK celebrities can have a really damn ugly kid with mono eyelids?
    5. All Koreans need surgery to look semi-decent
    6. Chinese girls are much prettier than Korean plastic dolls

    Conclusion: Chinese people like beautiful things including material goods and luxury cars, but Koreans are not that. But luckily their plastic doll celebrities are ok to watch.

    [Fact 2] We feel that South Koreans are relatively poor but pretend to be rich

    1. We find it funny that in South Korea, most people can’t afford to eat meat. That their diet consists mostly of pickled vegetables.

    2. That South Korea’s best car company is “Hyundai” or “Daewoo” and they think its a good car. (We know Chinese cars are shit but we don’t boast either)

    3. We find it funny that Korean dramas or movies pretend that Koreans are much richer than they are.

    [Fact 3] We think Korea is a suppressed country and a cultural trainwreck

    1. What other Asian country has such a high suicide rate
    2. What other Asian country has such large alcohol problems

    [Fact 4]

    We feel that Korea is completely beneath us. A country full of hypocrisy and no merit. A country where plastic surgery is the only thing that makes them presentable. A country which has laughable moral standards which revolves around people keeping things hush and disclosing nothing until they drink and start talking like mad or jumping off a building.

    What makes us dislike Koreans is not the fact that they have so many problems but because of their hypocrisy. The fact that they need to point out the flaws in China to feel adequate. We find them laughable for this and since its so easy to turn it back on them, we do this all the time. Why do you think a lot of the rumors were made and BELIEVED? Because it is not that far stretched to believe that a gook would make something like this up. It’s typical gook nature.

        1. every single piece of fact that you just stated is utterly true. Thats exactly what I have always told people who fancy about how great SK people are ( because of their tantalizing drama, plastic-face-celeb. laugh).
          and yea, one dude on my msn list (korean dude obvsly, still keeps his pm as ” South Korea 2:1 Greece). I deleted him because of this.

    1. Fact 1, 2 and 4 , excluding the plastic surgery parts, is exactly how people from other countries can see China too. To the dot. Just saying.

    2. You don’t have to say so much. I believe after 2002 FIFA world cup more than 90% Chinese audiences begin to look down upon South Koreans. It’s not about race but justice. We can see how Chinese audience reacted to North Korean Men football team. The same race played much cleaner games in the 2010 FIFA world cup in South Africa.

      Don’t talk about politics.
      Don’t talk about social conception.
      Don’t talk about history.

      Western people don’t understand these. Common Chinese people (e.g. a supermarket saler, a peasant, a migrant worker) have no interest on these stuffs. But they watch FIFA world cup. They know the rules. And they know in which part of Korea the football players are cheating in front of people all over the world.

      Italian and Spanish football fans should clearly remember what they suffered in 2002.

      1. That’s very true.

        It’s also why we bash Gooks more when they keep boasting about their soccer. The only time that they managed to do spectacularly was by bribing referees and they deny it ‘no no… South Korea good’. LOL

    3. Pathetic. Hating people in part because they look ugly or because they’re poor? How shallow can you get?

  14. Something like this -> referring to the Seoul University professor who claimed that he found some breakthrough in stem cell research, or that jesus was korean – it would not be surprising if a gook claimed those things.

  15. In fact, that is the reason behind Gook_guys madness.. That he is able to find one overseas Chinese Guy who is ugly and claim that he represents China. The irony is that most gooks look worse than Billy Hung. Of course gook_guy knows that and is just making a typical gook response.

  16. u guys should find a blog on racism and slog it out there, u really no different to that rich kid thinking he’s better than everyones else cause ‘My Dad is LiGang’

    ya body’s just a suit in 60 yrs of so u will have to take it off and be born into a new one, take it easy hey。。。

    1. What are you talking about? This IS a racist blog, look at the website name before you post, mate.

  17. VoC,
    Most flaws you point out regarding SK, you can find right here in mainland C
    Such argumentation is not worth the time you spent writting it
    In other words, YOU FAIL

    While you could point other flaws
    Their hate and dis-respect for the woman gender in general
    their lack of basic education and feeling that everything is owned to them

    1. No I don’t fail Moody, and you know why? Because I’m not trying to do a comparison of the two countries.

      I am merely stating the FACT about what Chinese people think about Koreans regardless of whether it is true or not. It is of course incidental that what we think is racist but that does not change anything.

      1. It makes me itch how you use words like :
        and “Incidental …. racist”

        nothing of what you stated are facts, just a narow minded -racist- biased opinion
        To me your lack of tolerance is the center point here

        Therefor i still call it a FAIL
        you are a quite successfull troll though

        1. Moody,

          you obviously are an illiterate fuck who lacks basic comprehension.

          I am not asserting that the presumptions are correct, merely that they are communally held.

          You fail to understand the concept of causation or how the word ‘incidental’ works.

          Saying that I heard ‘the sky is purple’ does not mean I am saying the statement is correct. Got it retard?

          Now you fail.

          1. Then re read your own post, you butthole

            “We as Chinese people absolutely and uniformly think….”
            So you include yourself in the masses thinking something that you know ain’t correct ?
            Since i’m an illeterate fuck, please help me understand where YOU are standing here

            “Just look at MIT and how many Chinese and Indians are there, you hardly ever see gook engineers”
            Korean and Chinese motives and background for imigration are very different

            1. Moody,

              you’re making shit up all over the place.

              So you include yourself in the masses thinking something that you know ain’t correct ?

              I never said that I disagreed with the statement or that it was incorrect. If you weren’t so illiterate you could probably read between the lines.

              Korean and Chinese motives and background for imigration are very different

              Because we go to America to become successful, Gooks go to boast they’ve been there on a holiday visa.

              1. “I never said that I disagreed with the statement or that it was incorrect”
                “Saying that I heard ‘the sky is purple’ does not mean I am saying the statement is correct”

                So you don t say if you find it correct, you don t say if you find it incorrect
                So once again, you are not saying much in a lot of words

                1. “Saying that I heard ‘the sky is purple’ does not mean I am saying the statement is correct”

                  So you don t say if you find it correct, you don t say if you find it incorrect

                  WOW, aren’t you the genius. Finally worked it out the third time around eh?

                  I merely said what I heard, not that what was said was correct.

                  So once again, you are not saying much in a lot of words

                  I was very clear from the start and you’re the only one having trouble understanding it.

                  Just to make it simpler: It is a fact that Chinese people believe that: [1] + [2] + [3] + [4]. Did you really need me to spell it out for you dumbass?

                  1. You were all but clear and are still playing around to simply state… … well nothing once again
                    Kudos for the “langue de bois”

                    you are just another jerkoff, spending his time insulting people around on the internet, how fucking brave of you, you really are quite the hero hun ?

                    1. You were all but clear and are still playing around to simply state… … well nothing once again

                      I think you’re referring to yourself there ‘Moody’.

                      What I articulated was perfectly clear. You just couldn’t understand simple English. Don’t blame me for that.

                      I wonder if you still don’t understand or just playing dumb. Here’s another example for your thick brain:

                      Statement 1: It is a fact that I think that the accused is guilty

                      – this does not mean the accused is guilty but it is what I believe.

                      What is so hard for you to understand numbnuts? Couldn’t comprehend a basic sentence with the word ‘fact’ mixed in. Talk about being thick, are you a gook?

                  2. It isn’t a fact, dumb ass.
                    It is not a FACT that Chinese people believe this.

                    I know MANY Chinese people who do NOT believe this.

                    You try to act like you’re smart, but you’re not.
                    You failed, as stated by moody. This is a real fact.

                    1. No he did not fail. He, whether inadvertently or not, is a successful troll.

      2. You are so full of shaite. I’m sure every foreigner here could fill out several sheets of A4 paper with everything that is wrong with China and the Chinese if pressed. Especially if it only had to be based on hear-say, bias and racist stereotyping. In that screwed up little brain of yours you probably think that’s we do constantly. The thing is that you don’t really understand what we are saying most of the time or the overall idea of it. WE POINT OUT FLAWS WHEN FLAWS NEED TO BE POINTED OUT. Let me give you an example:

        The son of an official kills a girls while driving drunk and threatens witnesses in his father’s name. Foreigners point out that drunk driving is wrong (a relatively big problem in China but at least the government is trying to fight it). Other foreigners point out that getting off serious charges because of your father or guanxi is not fitting for any country in 2010.

        Now what YOU and other sheep like you read is “CHINA IS A “£$”£%£$! PLACE WITH “£%$£$%%” PEOPLE AND I’D LIKE TO &^$%$ YOUR MOM”. You really should get over yourself and your rather pathetic approach to life.

        1. Guo Bao, would I be right to assume from your raging that you are an Australian Korean?

          Why go off on a tantrum now? Sure you’re an idiot and that has been established time and time again but you’ve never been as emotionally erratic to post garbage like this.

          You are so full of shaite. I’m sure every foreigner here could fill out several sheets of A4 paper with everything that is wrong with China and the Chinese if pressed. Especially if it only had to be based on hear-say, bias and racist stereotyping.

          You very well could and I’m sure if you made a list saying this is what foreigners think of Chinese, it would be accurate to AN EXTENT. What I’ve written about Koreans completely reflects the reality of what most Chinese think. Not whether what we think is true.

          Now what YOU and other sheep like you read is “CHINA IS A “£$”£%£$! PLACE WITH “£%$£$%%” PEOPLE AND I’D LIKE TO &^$%$ YOUR MOM”. You really should get over yourself and your rather pathetic approach to life.

          What’s wrong with you today National Treasure? You know I don’t do this. I directly attack the inadequacies of what people say not what some of the other commentators do above.

      1. Korean race queens are pretty hot, I agree wholeheartedly 🙂

        I don’t really watch any dramas but from what I know, Chinese dramas are quite bad and those from Taiwan are equally bad…. I’m not sure about Japanese dramas.

        I do think K-pop girls are quite cute, but rather than admiring their fake beauty on the screen, I think it’d be better to just go out and pick a chick up. In China, the average high school beauty is hotter than a Korean celebrity, no joke.

  18. With all these website talking about Chinese culture, etc… Sometimes we need an honest post from a person not shy to express the truth regardless of how racist it seems.

    What I wrote about Korean people, I can guarantee that at the VERY LEAST, 99% of Chinese believe. You could even ask Crystal or your Chinese clubbing friend and they will tell you the same thing. It’s no more a racist jaunt than a fact that we learn through observation.

    1. Your stupidity is impressive. You claim the truth (first paragraph) and then plainly admits that it’s what Chinese people “believe”. I couldn’t care less what a majority of a population believes, allegedly, since there are too many examples from history that a majority isn’t always right -and from pure logical thinking as well. Now instead of claiming to be nothing more than an innocent messenger why not cut the bull and admit that this nationalistic, racist spew is what YOU consider to be the truth? Grow a backbone, and while we are at it I dare you to tell us what you think is wrong or just what could be improved in the Chinese society? You claim to be so well educated, eloquent and objective and if that is true it shouldn’t be much of a problem for you.

      1. Good, you have proven the democracy that the Western World are so itching to spread, is no good either.

        1. I considered leaving that part out because some weirdo might try to use it against me out of context. Turns out I was right. Let me spell it out for you: Just because the majority is wrong from time to time doesn’t mean that a dictatorship is better where the majority never gets to say anything. Btw I’d like to point out that the electorate system in the US which likely is the only kind of d-mocratic that Chinese people know a little about is very different from for instance the system used in a majority of the European countries. American d-mocracy is failing these years, constant elections, media circus and no one in power dares to introduce harsh measures to address important issues because they know that the other party will be taking power next time because of it. Would I like to live in America as a US citizen? No way in hell. Give me any country in “Western” Europe instead any day.

          1. Did I say dictatorship is superior?
            The statement I pointed out clearly conveys that the two of the systems are no good. Therefore, the Western World should stop spreading their useless ideas and making war. Get it?

      2. National Treasure,

        I didn’t know that you had a problem with understanding certain words placed in a sentence together

        Ie. ‘It is a fact that the majority of Chinese people make the following generalizations’

        couldn’t care less what a majority of a population believes, allegedly, since there are too many examples from history that a majority isn’t always right -and from pure logical thinking as well.

        You’re attacking a strawman here National Treasure. I didn’t ask you to care and I didn’t say that it was right. You are getting angry and pointing fingers for no reason; unless you are a gook and take offense – which would be understandable.

        I dare you to tell us what you think is wrong or just what could be improved in the Chinese society? You claim to be so well educated, eloquent and objective and if that is true it shouldn’t be much of a problem for you.

        National treasure, I never asked you to make a comparison or to do an analysis but rather to take a fact as is. It would take a thesis to write about the economic reforms that are required in China. You couldn’t do the paper justice without at least 20 000 words and a set of references so I’m not going to even try. I also have no interest in doing so.

          1. Nope. Just find it extremely racist and nationalistic (nationalism is a bad word in my vocab) and also pretty rich that VoC is writing this stuff about Koreans while he normally spends a lot of time raging against Westerners doing the same thing towards the Chinese. I guess double standards are better than no standards at all.

            Wawa btw. You said earlier that you don’t believe in either d-mocracy nor the xxxxxxx Chinese system. Would you mind elaborating? What kind of government would you prefer instead? (not trying to stir things up, genuinely interested).

            1. First of all, I take it that you imply, China’s government is a dictatorship. Wrong, it is an oligarchy, a government governed by a lot of leaders with consensus decision-making in the interest of its people.

              What type of government do I want? A true republic government, a government that is governed by law not of its people. “When there is no law, there is no freedom.” Johne Lock.

              US, is a perfect example of an eroded Republican. They are a republic but because of erosion of its value, the people believe they are a government by democracy and with their allies, they try to impose this idea to other country.

              Now, this is the reason of my previous point, ‘Western World should stop spreading their useless ideas and making war’, because it is clearly not working and destructive by itself.

              So have I answered your question?

              Now my turn, I still believe you are a gook, and if by chance you are not then you really are a shame.

              1. Explain to my why I am a “shame” (it really hurts coming from a random guy on the internet you know) because I counter racist and nationalistic thinking? Please, I’d love to hear this.

                1. People dismiss me and others as Korea haters but when the rest of the world is presented with Korean bullshit they react the same way we do, with mocking , disbelief, and sometimes pity. I don’t hate Koreans, I hate a particular gook, that is why I never said gooks, I always said gook, if that is racism to you then be it.

                  Now you are a shame because if you are a Chinese descent, no matter what you would take offense to that gook guy ugliness. So if you are a gook, I’ll say this, shhhh you hear that? That’s the sound of a billion Chinese people laughing at you.

                  1. Nicely said, I’ve been looking through this website, I’ve gotta say I agree with you man. That korean_guy really need some spanking in the ass, LOL.

                  2. I should add to my previous statement, the Chinese oligarchy government system is a technocracy. That is scientists/ engineers/ economists and other highly educated people at the top making decisions.

            2. National Treasure,

              even if you were right about all those things about China (and you aren’t) , Chinese people don’t go around saying how America is poor and fucked up without being flamed first.

              South Koreans are underachievers who not only try and hide their insecurities but also go to boast that they are superior. This is a joke and its the main reason why we look down up on them so much.

              Honestly, the best example I can give is a beggar going to a guys mansion and saying ‘you’re poor, I’m rich’. If its a joke, then fair enough. But these gooks are actually serious 😀

    2. You even state “fact” again. You THINK you’re smart and educated, however, this is not true. You make fun of others and mess up on the very same thing. You cannot guarantee us anything regarding your statement.

  19. I submit Gook Bao that you are too riddle with anger to get a simple message across.

    What you want to say is that generalizations are made all the time and they are nothing more than racial stereotyping.

    What I am saying is that South Koreans trying to act superior to Chinese in the minds of Chinese is like an African kid going to an American kid and telling them that his country is poor.


  20. disgusting!

    I was shocked and appalled by the driving attitude and skills of many Chinese drivers when I went back China 2 weeks ago. They got rich, they bought car, and start to killing innocent people. something’s got to be done.

    there are far too many cars, and far too many idiotic drivers.

  21. Looks like a spolied punk. A wannabe American gansta’.

    Too bad he doesn’t realize how stupid he really looks.

  22. I think Kim Jong Il’s successor son is really his undead father and the Allies used their true tech to not only provide Eternal President with longevity but also to reverse the aging process just as I believe that Austin Brown is really Michael Jackson who teased, hinted at the truth recently by dancing MJ moves with MJ cohort Chris Tucker at a small club recently. Think about Michael Jackson and then think how likely is it that MJ hated himself, wasn’t confident enough to date and find true love (a woman – a BLACK woman) and didn’t find himself pretty and how likely could he smile like that, create like that, perform like that if his father really hadn’t taken bites out of his child’s reserve of happiness.

  23. I was hoping that the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics would put an end to Chinese young men adopting that horrible gigolo hair popularized in Japan – has everyone taken a look at the documentary “Great Happiness Space” about Osakan prostitutes and their manipulators – one of the best things out there and well worth owning and circulating.

  24. Strange country, corruption everywhere. I am sure Ligang is not clean. Fuck, horrible crime!

    God bless you, poor people!

  25. A VW car for the son? How can a PSB civil servant afford that? Isn’t this a case for the Discipline Inspection Division to have a long, good, deep look at?

    What kind of parents bring up a child that seriously believes it can get away with murder? Is this superior confucian Chinese education? I thought that PSB officials have got to represent law and order and be striving for model-citizenship.

    I suggest the father be sent of to Suifenhe for permanent traffic duty and the spoiled son, who thinks so highly of himself, to be treated to the full extend of the law.

  26. A lot of idiots on here. “Gook” is a derogatory term for someone of VIETNAMESE descent. During the Vietnam War, American troops often referred to the Vietnamese as gooks. I thought that was very common knowledge. Apparently not.

    1. It’s interesting how the wikipedia article on gook has changed in the last month.

      It is suggested “gook” refers to the Korean word “국” meaning “country.”[7][8] The Korean word is pronounced /kʊk/ when used alone, but /gʊk/ when used as an affix, for example in Hanguk, meaning “Korea”. According to one explanation, American soldiers during the Korean War were often confronted by Korean soldiers and civilians and would hear them say, “미국” /mi gʊk/ meaning “America.” (For a derivation, see 美國.) The American soldiers supposedly interpreted this expression as “Me gook?”, meaning “am I a gook?” in broken English[4]

      Regardless of its historical use, the most contemporaneous use for the word gook now is to describe Koreans. This has been discussed in previous comments.

  27. Voice of China,

    Dear friend, you obviously don’t know much about contemporary American culture. If you did, you would know that now, and for many years, Americans have associated the word “gook” with Vietnamese people…not Korean people. Yes, I also read the Wikipedia article and I see the historical usage of the word. However, since the Vietnam War is more recent than the Korean War, Americans and Canadians (and probably other westerners too) now use “gook” in reference to Vietnamese. I suppose it could be used in reference to any East Asian people, but it is mainly used for Vietnamese. Now ya know.

    Also, why do you call yourself “Voice of China”? Would you not agree that your choice of monikers is quite arrogant, if not funny? And what’s with all the ridiculous hate for Koreans? As has been pointed out by others, South Koreans generally have a positive reputation around the world. And they have accomplished quite a lot in a short time considering their country was ruined by the Japanese until 1945. Now, they are among the most prosperous countries in the world.


    1. I think you’re getting it wrong. From what I see in this site is that most of the haterade towards the koreans are not because of racism but because of one guy, korean_guy. He is notorious for trolling racist comments in this site. But I do agree, these people shouldn’t be feeding the trolls, trolls should just be banned.

    2. John Z,

      I don’t know why you wasted your time writing two paragraphs trying to convince me that Gook is associated with Vietnamese people. In other words, why you would defend gooks (note I use the words gook and south korean interchangeably). Next you’ll be telling me the term ‘yankee’ is used for scottish and pommies are in fact Australians.

      As I’ve said previously, if you had any idea of what anyone in the world in ‘present time’ associates the term ‘gook’ for, then you’d know its against Koreans. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the United States, the United Kingdom or in France or Germany.

      Now obviously, from your butthurt attitude, you have friends who are gooks. Especially hearing this ‘positive reputation around the world bullshit’. Honestly, who other than a South Korean (gook) would say they have a ‘positive reputation’? It’s well known that Koreans are the rudest, most obnoxious and homophobic of all Asia aside from Indonesians.

      And whats this with being prosperous? Let me guess, reading figures from real gdp per capita again? *sigh* I won’t even go into the social issues that South Korea has in terms of depression, inferiority complex, suicide rates, issues with self esteem, alcoholism, cultural oppression and racism. Prosperous my ass 😀

  28. Dear Ridiculous,

    Gook is the racist American slang term for a Vietnamese person. I am from Kansas. I know. When I was a teenager a Philippine family moved into our town and when my brother refereed to them as gooks my father, a veteran of the Vietnamese-American conflict said, “Those aren’t gooks, they don’t even look Vietnamese.” This started a huge inter-family conflict and led to the word being banned from our house.

    It’s nice that you can waste so much time arguing with such inane non-academic fervor about such an ugly and derrogtory word. Does nigger refer to an African-American or any one who is black? If I’m black and live in haiti, can I still be a nigger?

    Cool it. The word for someone from Vietnam is “Vietnamese” and the word for someone from Korea is “Korean.”

    Love from America,

  29. Dear Retard,

    Gook is the racist American slang term for a Korean person. I am from Los Angeles, I know. When I was a teenager a Vietnamese family moved into our town and when my sister referred to them as gooks, my father, a general who fought in the Korean war said ‘Those aren’t gooks, they don’t even look Korean’. This started a huge inter-family conflict and led to the word being banned from my vocabulary.

    It’s nice that you can make a number of accounts and argue with such inane non-acdemic fervor about such a lovely word used to describe South Koreans.

    Cool it. The word for someone from Vietnam is ‘Vietnamese’ and the word for someone from Korea is “Gook simida”

    Love from America,


  30. Sad – I wonder if this twerp will still get away with this, in spite of all the coverage on the internet… Sad, indeed. In China you can murder with no fear, to say nothing of running people over, as long as you have the right connections.

    I love this country, but when will it grow up? 5000 years of culture… Ha!

  31. Just checked the news that the LI GANG’S son was sentenced for only 3 years(and would serve the sentence out of the jail), and LG would be the head at the other security bureau. All the medias and the students have been controlled. What a REAL TRAGEDY!

  32. what do u guys expect? It’s China…feudalism mentality certainly is still there….getting richer alone cant eradicate those thing. Only time will…….hopefully……

    1. It’s only a matter of time that U.S.A becomes like China with all the theft by bansters going unpunished……………



    2. It’s only a matter of time that U.S.A becomes like China with all the theft by banksters going unpunished……………



  33. As typical in a corrupt society where scions of public officials can do whatever they want with impunity. this guy should be jailed for manslaughter as an example. But hey this is china, I don’t believe in a single iota that justice will be served where life in cheap and worthless in China.

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