The pain of surviving: life at the bottom of the society

As its 11th 5-year plan coming to an end, China is busy preparing for the drafting of the 12th 5-year plan. It is believed that the 12th plan will be a turning point from “enriching the county” to “enriching the people”. But how much does that mean to people struggling  at the bottom of the social ladder? GDP looks really good, the country is drawing international interest. Our leaders are confident and optimistic that their plans can guarantee and improve people’s lives before long. But how long?

(From Yahoo) Poor child beggars are just money-making tools to their “owners”. The notorious “richest beggar ” (花子首富) in Shenzhen beggar gang controls 3 to 4 disable children to beg for him. Seriously disable children go missing from time to time, but he can always get new members. By breaking their arms or legs, he makes 200 – 300 thousand yuan annually by creating miserable poor looking children and making them beg on the street (Exposed by an under-covered 77 elderly in 2006 ) . Last year, funeral home in Shenzhen City received 286 abandoned dead babies and children, sadly the number only represented the recorded part.


A illegal brick kiln in Shanxi Province, children are cheated and enslaved here to work over 14 hours everyday with half empty stomach. Children not working fast enough will be smashed by supervisors with handy bricks. When bleed, they just cover the wounds with rags and go on working.



Man carrying recyclable bottles under the hot sun to sell for money.



Legless man repairing bikes in the sleet cold.


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Children “performing” for money on the street. (More)



Hungry trash picker’s child crying out for bread.



Life is dark in and out of the coal mine to these child workers.

A worker in a small plastic factory. His job is to put used plastic bottles into the furnace that keeps puffing out black smokes right at his unprotected face.


Worker in a shoddy wadded cotton workshop. When most of us escape the heat by nesting under air conditioner, they are working day and night,  shattering rags collected from garbage without any disinfection. Dirty smelly dusts go into their eyes, noses and throat every move they make. They sleep on the floor next to the hills of shoddy black cotton. (CCTV has more)


Childhood in acrobatic troupe. 10-year-old Lingling was taking a break between practice. Behind her was a small blackboard on which written couples of “baba mama”(father and mother). Many kids don’t have the chance of seeing their parents annually. (More)


73 years old daughter Sun Faju supports her 95-year-old mother by rubbish picking. They live in damp cottage, eat foods from the street or from others’ gift. She washed her mother’s feet everyday, warm her bed, making warm bag out of plastic bottle. However, Sun Faju doesn’t feel life is that difficult at all. (More)


Foot masseuses have to bathe their hands in the water along with various feet, resulting in hand infections from time to time. If not handle carefully, they hands transfer bacteria to their body and head as well.


Woman boat tracker on Yangtze River. In order to make a living, she went half naked like man and work just as hard. Beauty? Dignity? Not something she can consider. (More)


Villagers  holding up long bamboo sticks to sell food to passengers  in the train.


Villagers are waiting to sell blood for money.  Selling blood is a quick way of making a living in Xun County of Shiyan City, Hubei Province. Each time, these people sell 600 cc blood in exchange for 168 yuan. (More)


The 6-year-old Yu Jinzhen was carrying water mountain foot couples of kilometers away. She lives in the most remote village that leverage 1700 meter above sea level in Leibo County, Sichuan City. When water source run out, she has to follow adults to far away place for water.


Kid you shouldn’t be here at this age.

      1. And you must one of the ones making money out of these hopelessly poor people.
        Or perhaps your father is making money, you just waste it.

        1. You’ve just defined what every capitalist country believed is the best system. Exploiting the poor.

            1. Although can’t be sure, I read sarcasm into BSD’s initial statement. The way it’s phrased is something commonly heard in US English to express this sarcasm… which would obviously render the rest of this thread null and void. cao cao cao ni ma bi!

            2. Mate. What’s even more paradox is your definition of Voice of China applies equally to you.

              1. Not really, I get some money from a scholarship and teach part-time to get some more. It’s a total of about 5000yuan/month.
                And my dad is a retired worker. No big money around here, so shut the fuck up and stick to the topic

                1. Except if you are in North Korea where everyone is equally poor, you will always exploit the poor. How do you think your electronics are made from? Or your shoes? Your everything, is made by exploiting the poor, so you can have that extra money by having cheaper goods.

                  1. Its hardly exploitation. You don’t seem to understand basic economics.

                    Why is a country like Japan rich and a country like Africa poor?

                    Its because of the ability to produce high value goods.

                    Japan produces things like Playstations that people in Africa want. Africa has natural resources say iron ores that Japan wants.

                    So what happens? They make a trade, but the problem is that only Japan produces playstations while many countries such as India, Russia, China, Australia etc… all produce iron ores. So they compete against one another, Africa offers 50 iron ores for 1 PS3, Australia raises, Russia raises and finally a price for Iron ore is settled.

                    The same concept is why a doctor makes more than a janitor. Everybody in the world can clean floors, but only a few people in the world have the training to be a doctor. So a doctor makes more money because they are needed more.

                    If every country were a person, Japan would be a doctor, China would be a factory worker and Africa will be a homeless beggar.

                    North Korea has nothing to offer to Japan, Japan has many things that North korea wants to buy. That is why North Korea is poorer than Japan.

                    1. “North Korea has nothing to offer to Japan, Japan has many things that North korea wants to buy. That is why North Korea is poorer than Japan.”

                      One could argue that the fact that the DPRK has been run by madmen for decades had something to do with it as well.

                    2. Also…

                      Africa is not a country, it is made up of several countries…but since it’s full of those darkies, I understand the mixup!

                    3. I obviously know that Africa is a continent and not a country.

                      The entire continent of Africa has 1 billion people, and the entire continent has a GDP of 1 trillion.

                      The entire continent of Africa was wealthier GDP wise than China in the 1950’s

                      Yet in 2010 China has around the same population but a GDP 5 times larger

                      Majority of the governments in Africa are democracies.

  1. Very sad to see this to be in the world’s second largest economy country. But to those who’re planning to bash, remember China is still a third world country. Scene like this is inevitable. Though, remember, China has moved more people out of poverty than any other country in recent decades.

      1. Not without the help of the government. Without central planning, Chinese industries would be chaotic like other third world country. The government actually advices people and the industries what should be developed in present time.

        Farmer for example usually asks advice from the government on what to plant, how much to plant, what fertilizer and good season.

        1. you fucking stupid cunt why dont you go fuck yourself with the government’s guideline

      2. Chinese people were allowed to move themselves out of poverty. Should we praise those allowed Chinese to do so ? Why was this permission necessary ? Who forbid Chinese to do so before, and for what purpose ?

  2. Annie, be careful. I’ve seen websites permanently closed down for less than this. I admire your social conscience but in a dog-eat-dog society like China you have to look out for yourself. One could argue that people who can still work shouldn’t get government help (not my view, but definitely a common view of right wing Americans) but I find it disgusting that kids have to suffer like this and that a 73 year old woman and her 95 year old mother aren’t under the protection of a country so proud of it’s progress and economic wealth. But I think we all know where the vast majority of the money goes.

    1. Prudence is the characteristic of exercising sound judgment in practical affairs. It is classically considered to be a virtue. However, the word has become increasingly synonymous with cautiousness. In this sense, prudence names a reluctance to take risks, which remains a virtue with respect to unnecessary risks. Still when unreasonably extended, it can become the vice of cowardice. I think Key’s policy is pretty clear on this. There will always be some dispute about the meaning, purpose, implications or legitimate interpretation of certain facts. Yet any self-censorship (out of fear for sanctions, because some authorities might find specific subjects too controversial), would not only reduce us to hypocricy. It would go directly against a basic human right: freedom of expression. If this right is not utilized to it’s full extent, we might as well lay back to watch some cartoons, or read some norwegian fairy tales.

      1. I agree and maybe I was just surprised because of this leap from the the officially accepted focus on human tragedy (which usually involves a single culprit that “someone” can use as a scapegoat, the career criminal, the corrupt official, the misguided youth etc) to this, which seems to be a challenging -and refreshing – social commentary.

        Norwegian fairy tales you say? I only know the Danish ones (Andersen) and the German ones (Grimm Brothers). I might need to dive into that one.

    2. China is not a dog eat dog world. In a dog-eat-dog world, people with the same resources, same authorities, same power fights each other. In China, people with power are the one eating the powerless. So it is a dog eat dog-tick world.

  3. All I can do is volunteer for any charity activities I can do and pray for them.

    I never take anything I have for granted and I thank god for everything I have.

    This is truly sad.

    Why was I given such a lucky fate?

    Those who are well off also have their responsibilities. WE TOO MUST DO SOMETHING FOR OUR FELLOW MAN AND WOMAN.

    Sometimes, you can’t just wait for government or law to do something. Sometimes, you need to go out help someone.

  4. Nice report.

    Im thinking much more than the little time I have allows me to write down. So many things to say on that topic, I save it for another day.

    Thank you anyway.

      1. Sure, why not? But apparently, the parents have not offered this child up for adoption. My father refused to consider marriage until he had enough money nevermind bringing children into the world.

  5. I dislike China because of their government.
    Their government are controlling their people and they suffer while the governments are trying to expand China’s power and to be number 1 nation in the world.

    Such sad stories.

    I can’t believe you can get infection from foot massage:/

  6. Where is this website hosted? I wouldn’t be at all surprise if the criminal Chinese “government” tries to close it.

    1. If China is a criminal then most of the Western world must be the root of all evil. Study history, boy.

      1. This logic is like saying; ” well if I’m a rapist then you’re a murderer”… Still fails to address the suffering of the raped nor act as valid foundation to justify the depraved act. Quit all this jingoism and start to look for a solution to the problem, don’t leave it at “well I’m not as bad as you”. Fact of the matter is China would have to beat the US economy 3+ times over to start to see a per capita leveling to the likes of that seen in the US. There are a lot more mouths to feed in China… regardless the abhorrent acts of one country or person do not in and of themselves validate your conduct by existing within the spectrum of wrong doing of the other.

      2. This kind of attitude is the result of 61 years of socialism with Chinese characteristics that dooms the future of Chinese people. RIP. They take government propaganda as “history”, “reason”, “logic”. But that’s good. China will implode much faster this way.

        1. That is a serious accusation Mr Bill Rich. FYI, I live nowhere near China, nor have I ever live there. I am a Singaporean and study history. If anything, history teach us that some crime is necessary for greater goods. Any people with common sense would know if China does not have this strict rule about censorship, there would be chaos, uprising. People would start to doubt the government and ultimately it will halts the progress of the country and divide the nation. Chinese people are still too fragile for this, because there is still some portion of the poor. Change is gradual, it can not happened instantly or chaos is guaranteed to happen.

            1. Ladies, Gentlemen;

              “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

              Whether your ideology lies to the left, right, or down the middle, these words carry with them the concept that can free most people. The extremists, those who support socialism, communism, fascism, or any other -ism, will argue, fallaciously, that they will lead (correctly) to a more capitalistic society, then (falsely) to the conditions presented in the photos.

              Whether you like the United States or not, the indisputable, FACT remains, that the system in America has done more for the people of America, more for the people of the world, then any other system of government or society in the history of mankind. Yes, look it up Junzi.

              Have they issues, problems, injustices? Hell yes!!! What country, system, or society, doesn’t??? But the key here is the blending, the yin/yang of the left and the right (when it’s balanced) in The U.S. that provides so much to so many. In my opinion, the Chinese communists gov’t has allowed the flowering of personal liberties ONLY because they saw the writing on the wall that suggested dire consequences for them (the government) if they did not.

              Having lived and worked extensively in more countries than I can remember over the past 40 years, I must say I enjoy America the most, simply because they have the most to offer.

              1. BASIC ECONOMICS; I must say I admire your thrust and parry. You have been quite well-spoken. Bravo, I say! Bravo!

              2. Capitalism did bring lots of wealth to america ,but that is what things happen in your world. You didnt see the cost it brought to other poor nations ,pollution,wars, chaos, made money here and went away with it or just sell weapons everywhere .How can a responsible nation be like this.there are many faults about china but acctually china is doing well in protecting its own people from suffering what is going on with iraqis and Ethiopian. so at least we are doing better in democracy and economy than so many countries and we dont haveto suffer warfare and big scales of chaos.thats indeed quite an achievement for a nation with 1.3 billion peolple and 56 ethnic groups .china is just on its way of renaissance and when it is more mature in its self-constructions,people in the world will be happy to embrace it.lets just assume that you were in charge of the huge , greatly populated and impoverished china many years ago and you simply introduced in total democracy ,then what the result would be like ?maybe more often than not ,cilvil wars and total chaos and i wont bet on that us would save us.(sorry for my poor english )

  7. Been in CHina 7 years now and witnessed most of these atrocities. Breaks my heart. I help when I can but solutions are tough. I never give beggar children money but often feed them when I can. Don’t know if it helps but I try to focus healthy food on people eating from garbage when I see them and give clothes and other necessities when possible.

  8. Industrialization is always a painful process for any country, particularly for the poor of that country. If you look at America one hundred and fifty years ago or Europe two hundred years ago, during their periods of industrialization, you will find pictures of human suffering and poverty that look very similar to these. On the up side, as a country develops and gets richer economically such scenes of suffering become increasingly uncommon.

    1. Many 3rd world country didn’t have to suffer 30 years of suppressed economic growth, and had minimized this kind of subject poverty for most people. Human suffering 200 years ago is understandable, and China had that too. But carrying it to today is just inhuman, especially for a political entity that advocates “paradise of workers” when getting into power. And China has the more natural resources, climate, and fertile land than most 3rd world country. Japan was in the same situation as China in 1945. Japan lifted itself out of poverty in 20 years, while China created man-made famines after famines for its people. I see these pictures as CCP self inflicted wounds.

      1. >Japan was in the same situation as China in 1945. Japan lifted itself out of poverty in 20 years

        Japan’s progress is incomparable to China’s even after WW2 Japan certainly was NOT in the same place as China

        Before WW2 in 1913

        Japan = 1,387
        China = 552

        In 1950 After WW2

        Japan = 1,921
        China = 448

        Japan suffered from WW2 but China took the brunt of the damage. In addition the USA paid for most of Japan’s rebuilding while China had to do it from scratch. Japan’s rise had nothing to do with their political system or economic system as communist systems overpowered capitalist systems until globalization came and communist products could no longer compete in a global economy.

  9. only solution is to increase the reach and funding of social services. would those at the top 1% allow it, b/n shagging their mistresses, lavish spending and dodging whatever shady biz that ensures the stream of income coming in w/ lame PR or behind-scenes whoring-for-favors?

    these pix are highly reminiscent of the ending montage in Von Trier’s DOGVILLE. what the industrialized “great country” official images/rhetoric want to forget/deny/cover up.

    1. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. This is one of the fundamental principles of economics, equal exchange.

      Providing social services for these people means that new $20 million cyclotron won’t be built, nor that $100 million particle accelerator.

      These people are in this situation because of development. The USA experienced it also.

      In the USA with the invention of the cotton gin, spinning jenny, combine harvester, tractor etc… millions of farmers lost their jobs and were forced into unemployment of into doing horrible jobs.

      These people are poor because they have the skill sets that are no longer needed (Farming skills, manual labor) while people with valuable skill sets (English skills, computer skills) are getting paid

      It is easy to blame the top 1%, but many of the people in the top 1% deserve their wealth because they have directly contributed to the prosperity of the country and have created thousands of jobs by taking the risks and succeeding. If you rob the rich to feed the poor then there is no motivation for people to become entrepeneurs so you end up with a country that stifles innovation and has a large population of people with outdated skillsets

      1. Damn man. If China was to nuke the entire continent of Asia you guys would STILL argument in it’s favor. I know every coin has two sides but boy would I love to see you raging nationalists just ONCE write something like “Yeah this is bad. We ought to do be better at ….. and change …… to make this country a better place to live”. You people are so damn predictable. “Hurh! What do you mean YOU PEOPLE?!”, “What do YOU mean “you people”? (sorry, couldn’t help myself, love that movie)

        1. Since when did I favor children starving?

          I only brought up that children starving is a byproduct of industrialization, the bottomline is that most of these people or the ancestors of these people used to make a living by farming.

          41 percent of workforce employed in agriculture

          21.5 percent of workforce employed in agriculture;
          Agricultural GDP as a share of total GDP, 7.7 percent

          16 percent of the total labor force employed in agriculture;
          Agricultural GDP as a share of total GDP, 6.8 percent

          4 percent of employed labor force worked in agriculture;
          Agricultural GDP as a share of total GDP, 2.3 percent

          1.9 percent of employed labor force worked in agriculture (2000); Agricultural GDP as a share of total GDP (2002),
          0.7 percent

          What do you think happened to all these farmers in the USA when they were put out of business? A lot of them starved to death a lot of them were forced into jobs that did not pay enough to survive, yes but in the end society as a whole is a lot better off because the people in the USA grow more food using less people.

        2. Well you cant be talking about me then because I am South African. 😀

          However, I do think that Basic economics makes some points so I would not consider then nationalistic reflexes. Having said that, although China has come a long way in its development it still has a very long way to go.

      2. “These people are poor because they have the skill sets that are no longer needed (Farming skills, manual labor) while people with valuable skill sets (English skills, computer skills) are getting paid

        It is easy to blame the top 1%, but many of the people in the top 1% deserve their wealth because they have directly contributed to the prosperity of the country and have created thousands of jobs by taking the risks and succeeding. If you rob the rich to feed the poor then there is no motivation for people to become entrepeneurs so you end up with a country that stifles innovation and has a large population of people with outdated skillsets”

        Can someone explain socialism to me? I didn’t realize Ayn Rand was socialist… So confused right now guys… Is the Chinese supporter guy arguing against socialism? Is China socialist or is the United States? China is looking like a bastion of objectivism at the moment, what’s the difference between China and the USA again? Isn’t communism a ‘left wing’ ideology? SO, SO, CONFUSED – HELP!

        1. There are different levels of Marxism.

          The basic tenet of Marxism is that Communism is the last stage. Any societal structure starts out with capitalism, then it turns to socialism and finally communism.

          The people that run china call themselves communists because they adhere to this theory even though they practice capitalism. Communism fails in practice because of human nature, the communists in China believe that someday maybe in 100 or 200 years after evolution and technology has taken its toll that people will be better educated and less materialistic so that a communist society will be able to outperform capitalist systems.

          1. Humm,, first interesting post you’ve written. Good points but I’m not sure I agree with you regarding the CCP’s ideas as to where China currently sits on Marx’s Evolution of Communism. If what you are saying is true then the CCP basically admits that it should never have seized power in the first place (needed a true age of capitalism) hence that can’t be right. Isn’t it a bit far out to claim that a communist government should enforce raging capitalism in order to assert it’s own legitimacy as communist after the capitalism that they themselves implemented in the first place has imploded? It sounds weird. I need to think about this, it’s an interesting theory- likely baseless in reality- but interesting nevertheless.

          2. Yeah, yeah, we can all read Wikipedia. Nice theory, but has it ever worked in real life? There’s no way the CCP will give up its power and privilege willingly. Like every other dynasty, communism will collapse eventually and it will be probably be violent (see Tiananmen Square Massacre). As a Chinese person, that saddens me (the violence part, not the fall of communism).

            1. And will the Republican and democratic parties in the USA ever give up their power?

              One party, two party, three party states what is the difference?

              And as for the Tiananmen Square Massacre what was the government supposed to do? 1,000 armed nutjobs taking the capitol hostage while making insane demands and fighting back with molotovs and firearms when the military attempted to dislodge them.

              1,000 thugs do not speak for 1.3 billion, especially when many of these thugs were members of organizations who received money from NED (National Endowment for Democracy).

              The fact that the movement died immediately after shows that few people in China ever supported these movements.

              The same could not be said about the USA






              Everytime the USA ended a protest against the Vietnam War with force the movement only continued to grow stronger.

              1. the movement didn’t die, did it?
                That guy who won the Noble Prize, what’s his name, again?
                Oh, Yeah. Li Xiaobo. He was in the square at the time, I suppose. And he dedicated the Prize to all the innocent victims (student and workers and common people), it seems.

                And there’s something I’m sure about: you’re not from Singapore. And if you are..well, You are sad.

                Life is more than money.
                Sometimes “to feel free” is much more important than having 30 yuan to waste at a fucking McDonald.

                Coz that’s it: “Communist”chinese do love “Capitalist” way of live (shit included.

                1. If the movement is not dead then why few large scale protests after Tiananmen regarding democracy?

                  As evidenced in the United States

                  The American people protested to give blacks equal rights, the government used military force against protestors, more protests sprung up on civil rights for blacks. Eventually the government gives in.

                  Same thing happened with the protests agains the Vietnam war. Many people were arrested for protesting and burning their draft cards yet no matter how many times these protests were crushed more just kept coming till the govt gave up.

                  The democracy movement is nothing but a mere rotting corpse sitting on a throne kept alive by other countries pumping money into so that every once in awhile it twitches.

                  1. cause the bunch of retards born in the 80’s and 90’s are just useless. Good only to waste time on QQ, getting their 5 mao posting on Chinahush and playing online war games

                    1. Giunze我是80后,您到老没出息我们不怪您。不过我和80的工作同事都至少年薪过百万,都是我们公司里面的顶尖人才。所以请您辱骂别人的时擦擦眼睛看清楚。

        2. Its simple (in theory), socialism with Chinese characteristics means that you talk left (sound like a socialist) but act right (implement capitalist and increasingly free-market liberal economic policies). That way you can have your cake AND eat it! 😀

          Ahh, the wonderful world of politics never ceases to amaze! Of course China is not the only country that does that.

  10. Wow – I just can’t believe all the comparisons between China and the US. Any of you ever read any history? What has China in common with the west? Almost nothing. None of that Judeo-Christian stuff (for better or worse). None of that Greco-Roman stuff. No Magna Carta. None of it. The comparison is ludicrous. Democracy in China – based on what historical precedents? What you can say about China is that it’s a fact that more people have a higher standard of living than at any time in its history. Literacy went from something under 10% before the “communists” to something over 90% now. Yes, there are enormous problems. There is still a lot of abject poverty (by the way, ever been to rural Appalacia or the Ozarks in the US?), and lots of people still suffer. Yes, there’s lots of corruption (by the way, ever been to New Jersey or Illinois or Bell, California? The Chinese do not have a monpoloy on corruption). I would not be too quick to pass negative judgment on the Chinese government. There certainly have been some “growing pains” (like the Cultural Revolution). Maybe Tain’anmen could have been handled better . . . But the last thing to do, the thing that makes the least sense is to hold up a Western rular to measure China. If you want to form a judgment, study Chinese history and use a contextual rular to make your measurement of the successes and failures of the government. I’m a US citizen, but the way I see it, the Chinese have improved the life of the Chinese more in the last 40 years than any other country on the planet, including the US. That’s not all to the credit of the government, but it would not have happened without a lot of good governance. They have censorship, we have a much higher rate of imprisonment of our own citizens. Who’s worse off?

  11. How can you live like that? How can hold all that hatred? Deng Xiaoping said Mao was six parts good and four parts bad (or something like that). Revolutionary leaders always tend to be bad governors. Since Mao’s death China seems to have selected mostly intelligent technocrats for leadership positions. Far better than idealouges (my opinion). You are Korean. I have great respect for the accomplishments of South Korea. But I also think the Chinese have done great things. Are you still bitter about the Chinese support for North Korea? Put it in historical persepctive. Things were very different in the ’50s. Now, I think the Chinese consider North Korea a problem child. What are they supposed to do? If there is unrest in North Korea where do you think the refugees will go? They won’t go south because they can’t cross the DMZ, they will go north into China.

  12. Every country has its working poor. Go to any big major southern US cities, there are beggars or illegal immigrants looking for a job.

    China through its various economic reforms in the last couple of decades has lifted millions out of poverty.

  13. Koean guy – I can’t tell from that tiny photo, but my guess is that you are young. The young are often arrogant, you certainly are amongst the arrogant. I’m an old guy, in my 60s. I’ve seen quite a bit of life. I am financially comfortable, not rich, but not poor either. However, I’ve been poor. In the past I’ve slept in condemmed buildings becuase there was no place else to sleep – In America. If you are capable of rational thought (seems unlikely) try putting yourself in the position of Hu Jintao. Or if that’s too much of a stretch for you, even Lee Myung-bak (maybe you’ve not noticed, President Lee does not spew the hatred that you do). What exactly would you do? Think of dealing with a country about the size of the US (apx 9,500,000 KmSq), rather than the size of Indiana (like South Korea, 98,500 KmSq). A population of 1.3 billion people rather than 48 million. Over 50 ethnic groups, each with their own langauge, customs and culture. Rather than revel in your hatred, imagine if you can, what you would do in a leadership position . . . But you’ve filled your mind with hate, there is no room for constructive thought. You seem to think that by casting slurs and nonsensensical aspersions you have revealed some truth . . . In fact you have, the truth is that your mind is closed, nothing rational is allowed in and certainly nothing reasonable comes out. One can only hope that as you accumulate some life and experience, some knowledge will find a way into your impenetrable skull. Good luck with your life . . .

  14. Every single elected official in every civilization in the world should have to spend a day doing what those children do. Perhaps it would give them some perspective before they go trivializing the value of a human life…

  15. the problem for china is:

    1. yes, china is much more rich now, good GDP data year by year.

    2. china is not a fair country. people can get rich not because he works hard, but bcs he have power, he is gov officer, he have relation with some important people, he is the son of some leader, etc.
    that’s why some rich business people will immegriate to other country, bcs they have good view of the future of china, they don’t see hope in the future.

    3. so you can see some extramely people in china, or you can also see some people in china like in these pictures

  16. China needs to allow currency appreciation, free trade unions & enact labor laws with a higher minimum wage. There is something wrong with a society that creates billionaires while half the population lives on under $2/day.

  17. This is a small price to pay for the beautiful made in China we have in America! We need more stuff, otherwise our economy will collapse…if a few million out of the billions or so chinese have to suffer…is that really a big deal?

    Think about what we did to Native Americans, Africans and the Vietnamese…This is kid stuff!


  18. 73 years old daughter Sun Faju supports her 95-year-old mother

    leading a long and healthy and productive life !


  19. If you would all be smart, and do like I shop, both China and America would be in a better place. What i do is not buy anything from China, and only buy Taiwanese made products.

    Think about it, you’re buying a product from a democratic country, a country that respects the US (regardless of what China says, they are a country, but must be bullied by China since they fear, and are jealous of Taiwan, and how advance and fair their country is.)

    Also you know your getting a HIGHER , and much better quality product. I’ve yet to be let down by this buying theory, and I suggest you all do the same.

    We ( America) should be ashamed of ourselves, watching and knowing of all this illegal bullshit that dogshit (China) of a country does, exploiting their citizens, and yet we move on and continue to purchase without seeing where it’s made, and not batting an eye. America will be consumed by them, and pushed around unless we act now America, the true tyrant of the world is standing there with open arms but with a dagger in their back pocktet. They fuel North Korea, they threaten everyone, they push the U.N. around, how much more will the world take before we finally let them know enough is enough?

    So buy Taiwan, support a true country that prides themselves on their advancements in technology, and it’s appreciating of it’s citizens. To me, Taiwan was like a miniature America, and god bless all 23+ million of them.

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