Six year old girl with strange illness needs help!


(From MOP) She wants to go out to see the blue sky, she wants to sing, dance and be happy like other normal children…

6 year old Miao ethnic Shi Yuping should have a happy childhood, but she suffers from a strange illness – belly expansion. September 11, the girl had the initial diagnosis in Beijing, “Overall portal hypertension of liver”, now she is waiting for money to have her treatment at Beijing Erpao hospital. According to the girl’s father, in order to see doctors for treatment he spent all their savings. There is nothing at home that could be sold for money anymore. Watching her skinny daughter with a belly expanded into a ball, watching her pale face and dull eyes, but Shi Zhengyi could not do anything.

Her parents are very poor with no source of income, no money to treat her illness. Now she is waiting for money for her treatment at the hospital.

But, where is the money coming from? Selling their house? But the wooden house does not worth anything! She is desperately waiting for donations from people who cares.

According to the original author who took the pictures at the hospital which confirmed that the child is currently in Beijing Erpao hospital waiting for treatment. Her belly is huge, situation is very serious.

The cost for her treatment is over hundreds of thousands, surgical hospitalization cost is about 80,000. After counting the donations she is still short of 15,000 yuan and also the postoperative rehabilitation costs.


Her house in the rural area


Her diagnosis Report

From the father:

Dear leaders, beloved teachers, dear netizens and friends

Can you imagine when the child sings, dances and chases the butterflies after her illness is cured. Her innocent, happy childhood is watered by your love. This is the most beautiful thing in the world! Love, will be in everyone’s heart.

My child is in danger, forgive me for being straightforward. Please hurry! Give us your hand, take out your wallet, one yuan is money , one cent is love, please donate to help the child!

I know how weak my call is; I know that I cannot turn my emotions into words that can persuade people; I know as a low-waged worker I have no influences; but I still want to shout out! Hurry! Give us your hand, save the child! She is in critical condition! Save her!

If you will like to help, here are some information on how:

湖南省保靖县葫芦镇大岩村4组联络电话:15174379274 13787438514(石正义或他爱人)

Hulu Dayian village, Baojing County of Hunan Province group 4 contact number: 15174379274 13787438514 (Look for Shi Zhengyi and his wife)


Beijing contact number: 13261729765 (contact Long Chengjian, Shi Yuping’s uncle)

Because of Shi Yuping’s condition and her family’s difficulties, the County Hope Project group setup the following bank account as the official account to accept donations from the community. I believe we will work even harder for this event of “80,000 for a life” “charity relay”.


Bank: Agricultural Bank of China Baojing branch


Account number :18 –865901040007794


Account holder Name: Baojing County Accounting Center

QQ group for Shi Yuping: 124585049, welcome everyone to join and learn information about her status.


  1. You would think as a global society, a civilisation that has the riches and ability to help such people in need would do just that; HELP THEM, without thought of losing nor gaining money, profit or recognition.

    We must wake up as a race.


  2. In no other country I know of could this be happening. To refuse the treatment of a life-threatening illness is unheard of in any civilized country.

    1. Well Adam, obviously you have not travelled to many third world countries. Sadly this happens a lot more than most people know.

      1. i regard china as a superpower that, unlike third world countries, DOES HAVE the capacity to provide treatment for such cases. in many third world countries treatment options are simply not available, hence no treatment. (they dont even have the qualified doctors many times)

    2. You obviously have been living under a rock. This happens all over the world. It is called poverty.

      FYI: Interesting news on CNN this week.

      A Grandmother in the USA was arrested for trying to sell her grandson!

      Meantime, these desperately poor Chinese parents have spent their life savings to help their daughter.

      When I read comments by people wanting to slam China – it sickens me. If you want to prove how ‘superior’ you think your country is – DO SOMETHING. Help the kid.

      We hope to speak with the uncle today and will update any news on our Facbook page.

      1. I agree, also y can’t ppl juz be kind hearted and treat her instead MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!

  3. Let her die. Let all the poor die.
    As long as your economy keeps growing.

    This is a sick coutry

  4. First of all, lemme just make my stance clear: this is terrible. The inhumane attitude of the system is mind boggling. But here’s something for the ChinaSucks advocates: your western humanitarian system wasn’t always the way it is. Europeans and whoever happened to have lived in America when these places first industrialized suffered in ways you probably can’t even imagine now days. Your perceived superiority in a “just society” was based on everything but.

    I like criticisms, because it shows where, what needs improvements. I don’t like accusations, because it is anything but being constructive. Instead of “This is a sick country” and “No civilized people would let such things happen” how about, “where is the social safety net” and “What’s the reasons why people arent rushing to help”?

    1. Well, beeing 2010 and not 1910, China should try to find a better way to become a so’called first world Country.
      Western Countries’ industrialisation was indeed paid for by the poorer classes. We admit it, China’s politicians know it, so try to avoid it! We’re talking about a little girl left to die, or starved to death (few days ago’s post). It’s possible to avoid this shame, avoid the mistakes that Europe or the US made 100 years ago

    2. Forget East vs West, and all other childish dualities; we are a race are we not?, we must ALL correct our faults. And comments like this, backbitting and the like do NOTHING!!
      Like Begets Like。

  5. This kind of shit happens in America too, just not so often per capita. Don’t turn a blind eye.

    1. happens everywhere man.

      People have the power to save and heal people but they want money to do it first.
      it’s fucking ridiculous!

      If someone’s arm cut off, I can understand you the amount you want to charge because with an arm or not, the person will live.

      But someone who is in a critical condition and would die, they are charging hell of a money to operate her.

  6. If every single atrocity or shortcoming that causes suffering would reflect on a nation’s image, no single country in the world would have a clean sheet. There is no such thing as a flawless society. History shows that all achievements to build a better society have somehow been established through immense sacrifices, blood, sweat and tears. Some developements may not happen simultaneously, yet to uphold a sustainable environment for all nations, we may have to learn how to think outside the usual box at present. Nationalism and cultural bias will not be sufficient to address some of the problems we are facing today. Instead we should find ways to cooperate and find better solutions, by all means available. I am glad to see at least some kind of social network has been activated whilst trying to cope and deal with this acute and severe situation. I’m sure enough people will ultimately respond: let’s just hope their assistence won’t be too little, too late in this particular case. Hang on in there, little girl. The A-team is on its way:

  7. i hate hospitals man, they are so FUCKING greedy!

    It’s just fucking retarded! You have an hospital in a poor place yet the doctors are charging hell of a money for some few treatments, they know this people can’t afford it so it saves them time from treating them.

    And then you have good and free places whereas x-ray, treatments, appointments, medicine are free.

    It’s fucking stupid man!

    I hope people do donate and help save the child.

    A doctor can’t SAVE someone for free? wtf has gotten into this world?
    people HAVE the power to save people but they demand money for it!
    Ok fine you need money to earn a living, but most you charge so much money for it?

    I can understand if you’d charge £80,000 for the operation depending if the girl may die, but to do it for free anyone would accept the consequences. But if the girl does die, I wouldn’t sue or do anything because the doctor tried and he did it for free. B

    1. You know hospitals are businesses right? Even state sponsored healthcare needs to get its money from somewhere.

  8. Yo I’m in Canada and I want to donate
    Can anyone walk me thru it if they have done the same already? Hopefully it won’t be too late

  9. If you want to donate, you have some phone numbers here, just add 011-86- and you’re all set!

  10. My first thought was to chip in as well. CurrenSy, Fish, do your homework first, though. Scams abound in China, as anywhere else; make damn sure this isn’t one of them.

    And beware of any pleas for help that simply leave a bank account number. Once that money gets transferred, you will have no legal recourse to get it back. Be cautious is all.

  11. I wanna chip in as well, but it is too risky (as I understand the corruption in China) to directly transfer money to some individual account. Are there any NGOs in the U.S. that can carry related duties to help fund-raising and contacting the family? Otherwise I’ll think about directly transfer some money to the account.

  12. My wife is Chinese and we are trying to call the uncle. His phone is turned off the last few hours but we’ll keep trying and post any updates on our Blog and Facebook account.
    | Hopefully we are not too late to help.

  13. Friends and I will be heading to Beijing soon (in a couple of weeks). We can try to meet up with the uncle while we’re there and verify these claims. Not certain we can post in Chinahush till we get back though so that might be a problem with timing…

    We will try to make a trip ourselves to the hospital and see if there’s a relative there who could take the money from us directly.

    Just a note for everyone hoohahing about how bad China is and how sick it is that things like this are allowed to happen… The US is heading down the same path with its healthcare, so I wouldn’t go throwing stones just yet. I’m not saying that China is good with healthcare, it isn’t, but being Australian, I’m used to the idea of going to hospital for free (except the ambulance ride).

    I’ve heard lots of American friends say that their work no longer gives them enough health insurance, or it doesn’t cover enough or it has strings. Those who don’t have high-end jobs that offer insurance are of course even worse off. They have to pay for their own health-related problems, and they are poor.

    This will eventually compound the problem and you will see something like what China has: People in good jobs/government positions or are rich get the best care, people who are poor/lower-middle class pay for their own medical expenses AND lack rebates. Sound familiar?

    Without country-wide state medicare the social gap just grows bigger and bigger, but people in comfort/power will not want to change that status quo. Especially with scare-tactics from politicians: “You have to pay more taxes so people who don’t pay as much taxes get to benefit from free healthcare!” Appeals to selfishness always works, even if it’s shortsighted and ultimately idiotic.

    No one can work forever, no one will stay healthy forever, everyone can get into an accident, and you really hope the state medicare is such that doctors will save you before asking if you have health insurance or money.

    The problem isn’t China only, get over it and help her out already.

  14. We just got through on one of the numbers and YanMei (My Chinese wife) just spoke with her Father. She had the operation 3 weeks ago and it was successful! Her Father said she has to go back to the hospital in 6 months for a check up. He said they have enough funds at this time. (Y20,000)

    We are sending Shi Yuping a few gifts and I am happy to pass on her address to anyone who wants to do likewise.

  15. A word to those who were concerned you would get ripped off. The Father was adamant just now that they do NOT need more money. This is actually typicle of the honesty that I experienced visiting China 18 times and living there for upo to 100 days at a time. We were looking at raising thousands of dollars for her but her Father would hear none of it. We will call him every month and report on her progress. I’ll be updating that on my Facebook each month.

  16. It could be something to do with the kidney. I hope they checked the kidney to make sure it wasn’t leaking protein into the urine. That can cause children to swell up.

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