Let us hope “Little Yueyue” is but passing clouds

Recently another infamous “Chinese Internet celebrity” has emerged, if you haven’t heard about Xiao Yue Yue (小月月) or Little Moon Moon (direct translation) read about her on chinaSMACK , and her infamous Shanghai vacation during nation Holiday week  (from ESWN).


We selected a web commentary from people.cn, to show some of the opinions of the Chinese internet users on this obsession and the likes.

Web Commentary: Let us hope “Xiao Yueyue” is but passing clouds

by 小鹿快跑 | Run my deer

I think we can all agree the fact that we are, or rather, we have entered an era of appreciating ugliness. From Sister Furong to Sister Feng, our visual and moral senses are being continuously challenged by these breaking news. During this national holiday, the Tianya forum has a new female celebrity, this person is no other than the famous “Xiao Yueyue” (Little Moon Moon) in possession of an assortment of awful manners.

For the purpose of following the times closely, to know how things are these days, I’m also guilty of standing amongst the onlookers. However, a few quick glimpses and a conclusion can already be made that the contents are at the very least, exaggerations. The posts tells nothing but ugly girls, perversion, sex, regional discrimination plus a few trendy internet slangs, which all together congealed into a story far more vulgar than Sister Feng and Xiaoshenyang, it’s even a little disgusting.

But all of these are exactly what drives the excitements in societies these days. Authorship of such stories is unknown and irrelevant, but a post capable of receiving so much attention in so short a time is not possible without “helpful support” from the netizens. Forums, blogs, IMs, and social networking sites, all have become powerful tools of transmitting information. Through word of mouth, “Xiao Yueyue” had spread like a plague. Some had even created study groups and “religion of Yue” and other parody and non existing groups. People call it entertainment, but I the author would like to ask, do we really need such unorthodox cases as “Xiao Yueyue” to entertain ourselves?

In this pan-entertainment era, what happened to our aesthetic judgments? This is not a problem of one time vulgarity became our center of attention, when a society promotes onlookers mocking the weak and disabled, instead of giving them pity and timely helps, this society becomes one that is devoid courage and humanity. Does this means that our values and aims have been reduced to such? From Sister Feng to Xiao Yueyue, all are sacrifices to the onlookers’ sense of superiority. Moreover, the age group of Chinese netizens are decreasing, this vulgarifcation of web culture is not only going to be adult’s entertainment, but will very likely have negative impacts on our youths.

Borrowing a quote from the post’s creator Furong “everything is but passing clouds”, hopefully “Xiao Yueyue”, and Sister Feng and the likes are also nothing but passing clouds, a fading shooting star in the web culture.


The following is a brief summary and speculations of Xiao Yueyue phenomenon. 

From Mop:

“Superb Woman Xiao Yueyue” swept the internet; Sister Feng retreated to second line

Recently, “Xiao Yueyue” quickly swept the web, whose actions could be said to having “shaken the world”. Even past internet celebrity Sister Feng, who used her blog to accuse “Superb Woman Xiao Yueyue” as “disgusting”. A person capable of shocking Sister Feng looks like will be hot for a bit now.

October 7th, a new internet celeb had risen in a certain well-known internet forum [author’s note: Tianya], in the post a young woman named “Xiao Yueyue” was described to have committed some preposterously outrageous acts in Shanghai during the National Holiday, the level of its shockingness surpassed Sister Feng and Sister Furong. Various derivatives grown out of this new internet phenomenon, blogs, groups, forums, illustrations sprout from nothingness one after another. Some netizens even created a “Yue worshiping club”, created so she can be “worshiped”. Some netizens claims that this superb woman have now surpassed Sister Feng, and teased that now that Little Yueyue is the hot girl on the block, Sister Feng can go to rest now (go wash up and go to sleep).

Yesterday 5pm, the three posts alone generated nearly a million views on the forum, replies ranges in the five thousands. In sharp contrast to the enthusiasm amongst the worshippers, some cool headed netizens always thought this is just another publicity stunt.

Why Xiao Yueyue?

Xiao Yueyue is the main character of a forum post written by a Internet user named Rongrong. The post talked about Xiao Yueyue came to Shanghai with her so called boyfriend Little W, Rongrong as the host of Shanghai supposed to show her around. However in short time of  just 2 days and one night, she had suffered much complicated and painful experiences. It turned out Xiao Yueyue is a “Superb Woman”( 极品女: Chinese slang for a extremely ugly girl or a girl that behaves badly, the badness could be stupid,  shocking, outrageous, and obnoxious etc. whatever the situation is called for). Until now she is considered the most “superb woman”.

On a (Chinese) micro blogging site, the topic of Xiao Yueyue was already ranked number 3. Yesterday at 4 pm, Xiao Yueyue was the most talked about topic on this micro blogging site, with 17293 tweets in that day, more than any other hot topic of the week.

A publicity stunt? or a plot to frame?

Once a post about Xiao Yueyue comes out, it would attract so many netizens to gather and look. Each of these posts on the forums had over ten pages of comments. Netizen commented, “I have survived the waves of sister Feng, but could not resist the fierce ‘Leader Yue’; Compare to ‘Leader Yue’, those brothers and sisters are all passing clouds, really, all are passing clouds.” Someone  also created the keyword “Xiao Yueyue” on Baidu wiki and it was already viewed 23633 times.

However some netizes have a more sober perspective, is this just a publicity stunt? Is it like the same stunt as “Jia Junpeng, your mom tells you to go home to eat”, purely man-made phenomenon?

One  netizen of shanghai named “Little Fox White” (小狸白) actually investigated the validity of the “Xiao Yueyue post”. Yesterday, “Little Fox White” made an announcement through his blog and tweets, that he confirmed Xiao Yueyue is a real person.

Reporter also contacted the forum customer support. The customer support said they can not contact the poster. Reporter already sent private messages via the site to the original poser Rongrong, but he/she never responded.

Example of Xiao Yueyue’s achievements

When registering at the hotel, the staff asked me (poster) for my id and said all guests must show id, so I took out my id.

Xiao Yueyue got excited, “Ah! She wants id! Aiya! You think we have one guy and 2 girls sleeping together? Ah ya ah ya! ….”

I pretended that I didn’t hear, handed over my id card to the hotel staff. She tried to swipe my id card but it didn’t go through, she continued. Xiao Yueyue got excited, “Ah ya! Is she a wanted criminal! Why is her id not going through! Ah Ya! When were you wanted! Don’t sleep together with me at night, I am scared, scared scared… blah blah…” The hotel staff frowned.

When we were getting ready to go in the elevator, she (Xiao Yueyue) with lightening speed, picked up the plate of candies on the reception desk and opened up her backpack. She proudly dumped all the candies into her backpack… then casually threw the empty plate aside.

  1. Yea, I’ve actually tried to read the 22 pages or so from the story that Rongrong posted on Tianya.

    It all just looks like an over exagerated erotic novel that was wisely formatted to buzz out on a BBS… I really don’t understand how it came to make such a big fuss…

    I’ve seen everyone calling that a “Sister Feng killer”… seriously ? Sister Feng is WAY funnier.

  2. Cool story , whether it is just made up or real one , it appeals to me.. I urge you guys to read it , such an excellent story which you shouldn’t miss (hope the english version will be published soon)

    *The* original one is posted here :O

  3. The story was just proven to be fake via Human Flesh Search. Chinasmack has the details.

    It kinda reduces the feel of everything. The writer is not bad looking though…

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