Fast and efficient Chinese factory workers

Yes the video is playing at normal speed…

    1. They are truly exploited. It is time they stop being exploited and start exploiting. Sad that these bright young men and women are packing games cards to sell to white people for a buck that they throw away at their college fraternities parties.

      China should stop exploiting these young men and send them to war to capture land and resource for their own people like white did. China should strive to be like the brutist white people.

  1. Doesn’t it remind you of Charles Chaplin? That was the beginning of the industrial era though, not 2010

    1. ‘Modern times’ was made in 1936; not exactly the beginning of scientific management, and 2010 doesn’t appear to be the end of it. Old habits die hard.

      1. I mean Chaplin was “criticizing” this kind of chain production 75 years ago, and nothing has changed. Old habits are die hard, indeed.

  2. seems like he’s taking pride in doing a good job

    only in china is this news

    we need to understand what drives this specimen, dissect!

    1. Th reason why machines are not used: it’s definitely cheaper and probably as efficient with humans.

        1. Actually, no. There are plenty products produced manually in China at higher cost than what it would cost to have a machine do it. The problem is not people vs machine. The problem is raw materials and the associated regulations and taxes.

          A number of my larger clients are already or seriously considering to move their machinery from US to China. In US their machines are already cheaper than Chinese labor, but in China it will be even more so.

          As long as US taxes and regulations make business significantly more expensive than the overhead of shipping, things will keep coming to China.

  3. Not surprising – watch “Dirty Jobs” in North America and you see folks doing jobs like this around the world. Flipside? Watch a show like “How It’s Made” and see how a machine would do the same job.

  4. Two things to keep in mind: how many hours/months/years has this worker been doing this same, mind-numbing task; is his salary based on how many decks of cards he packs in a day?

    The difference between Chinese and Americans: Chinese are clever and hard-working; Americans are clever and lazy. An American, after doing this stupid, repetitive work, would probably sit down with a cup of coffee and think of designing a machine to sort, pack, and stack the cards.

    That’s why Americans are inventive and innovative. China still has a long way to go.

  5. Um…where’s the video? This is all I see for the post:

    Fast and efficient Chinese factory workers
    October 2nd, 2010 by Key | Posted in Life Style | 11 Comments »

    Yes the video is playing at normal speed…

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  6. today´s win in engineering play story so much easier than it was before, but senior grouping run to difficulties in accepting and savvy specified study

  7. Yay for carpel tunnel! seriously though watching this i have a perplexed feeling of “Wow, amazing” and “exploitation”

  8. origami, abacus, calligraphy, painting on the inside of an eggshell – I’ve seen it all growing up in America – Chinatown Chinese can do this too.

  9. This is the beginning of a revolution. With a big and relatively lowly educated population (in the outskirts and villages), this would be the normal process whereby humans can be used effectively and competitvely to do menial tasks. As the country progresses and people become more educated, there will be a big shift.

    America started out in a similar fashion (but of course it is now way ahead, so they can claim that this is bad and exploitation but they forgot they were once in the very same environment). America has lost its competitve advantage in manufacturing. Will they ever regain it back? Unlikely. They first lost it to Japan (70s, 80s, 90s) and now to China. There is no way they will be able to produce at the same cost as their outsource partners and that is not going to change unless and until they accept a vastly reduced standard of living, which I sincerely doubt they would want to give up. It is something that they have lost and cannot come to terms with and they know deep down that their future is bleak. But being a ‘Super Power,’ they cannot and will not be seen as weak under any circumstances.

    The arguement with the yuan is just a smoke screen, akin to beating an empty barrel. This happens when they have no cause or valid fact to point their fingers to. It is strange that China manipulates, Japan intervene and US and the rest of the Western world conducts an Open Market Operation. Applies to China exploits whilst Western World is productive. Frankly, they are all the same.

  10. this video is not normal speed..normal speed is shot in 24 frame per second (fps) and the video you are watching is faster than the normal fps. watch the video very carefully and pay attention to the motion in the background. you’ll get it… its pretty obvious…

  11. Now you know who to THANK big time. Its those millions of people in the factory producing the ipods, DS, PSP and your new iPhone who toil for jack all wages perfecting the art of assembly line manufacturing.

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