16-year-old girl leaped to her death from hotel after being molested, two policemen are involved suspects


(From Netease) September 20, Hunan Fenghuang County Public Security Bureau issued a public notice which revealed the brief course of events about the death of a 16 year old girl in Ancient Phoenix City (Fenghuang), Hunan Province.

September 4, at 7 pm, a 16-year-old girl leaped to her death at the Phoenix Grand hotel. Many spectators were at the scene, for a while, this girl’s jump caused public uproar in the local area. Faced with various speculations, Fenghuang Country police issued “the truth of Fenghuang 9/4 case” article 16 days after the incident:

Truth of Fenghuang 9/4 case

September 4, 2010 at 7 pm, the incident of a young girl leaped to her death occurred at Phoenix Grand hotel Fenghuang County. After the incident, Fenghuang County Public Security Bureau police quickly carried out investigation at the scene and also conducted outside investigation interviews. During the investigation, the police has decided the incident should be handled as a criminal case. September 5, 2010, County Public Security Bureau set up a “9.4 special detective group”. September 8, the case has been successfully cracked, Lin and other four suspects were arrested, and the current development of the case is announced as the following:

September 4, 2010, Qiu (female) and his friends, Hou (female), Lin and Yang came to Fenghuang County for fun from Jishou. After 4 of them arrived to Fenghuang, Lin arranged to have meal with his friends in town. They drank at the meal, after eating, Qiu, Hou, Lin, Yang, Han, Long and Wang, seven of them went to a KTV to sing. After arrived at the KTV private room, Han invited his friends Gong and Xu. During singing, Yang and Long left early. The rest of people remained in the room and kept drinking. After, Lin and others took Qiu and Hou to Phoenix Grand hotel 9th floor and opened 4 hotel rooms. In the room, Mr. Han and others repeatedly molested Qiu and tried to have sexual relations with her. Later Qiu fled from the room and jumped out of the window on the 9th floor hallway and died instantly. The basic information of the deceased: Qiu, female, 16 years old, from Hubei.

People that are involved in the case: Lin (male, 40, from Fenghuang, car repairman), Wang (male, 34, from Fenghuang, bus driver), Han (male, 34, from Fenghuang, bus driver), Gong (male, 32, from Fenghuang, county traffic police), Xu (male, 32, from Fenghuang, county traffic police) are suspects of the crime. September 8, Fenghuang County Public Security Bureau arrested five suspects. Fenghuang County People’s Prosecutor has been involved in the case. The case is being further processed, and Fenhuang County relevant department is handling the aftermath of the incident.

Fenghuang County Public Security Bureau
September 20, 2010

The deceased young girl Qiu was from Futu town, Yangxin County. When the reporter went there, he heard that there is no direct road to go to this particular village. Reporter drove over 10 km to reach the first hill farm, but the road that goes to the village came to an end, it was stopped by a river. Qiu’s father called the reporter and told him that the water was too deep, he couldn’t reach their home. They told the reporter to stay put and the family tread water to cross the river to meet with the reporters.

The family told the reporter that Qiu had 3 older sisters and 1 older brother. The 2 older sisters are already married, the older bother is working in Shenzhen and the third old sister is doing really well in school. Qiu was in 2nd grade middle school last year, but she started working in order to make more money for her 3rd older sister to go to school. Since the beginning of this year she had been working in a clothing factor in Wenzhou.

Qiu called home in August and told her parents she saved up 2000 yuan, and was going to mail it home for her older sister for school. August 24, she told the family that she was going to Hunan with her friend Lili (Hou). On the phone, her mother tried to advise her to not to go, but in the end she still went…

When the reporter went to Fenghuang, insiders revealed some information, Qiu and Lili (Hou) went to Fenghuang County for fun on September 2. Around 2 pm in the afternoon Lili’s friend Yang invited them for lunch.

During lunch, Yang made a phone call and invited a man named Ling. When Lin arrived he also invited two policemen, Gong and Xu, bus driver, Han etc. Then they went to a nearby KTV to sing.

According to the insiders, at the KTV, they gave Qiu and Lili each a cup of alcohol. After that, Qiu passed out and Lili was stronger but was also very drunk.

They took Lili and Qiu to Phoenix Grand hotel to rest. According to the hotel surveillance video, at 5:57 pm, Qiu was carried into the elevator, Lili was escorted by another man, total 4 men and 2 women. They opened 4 rooms on the 9th floor.

After they went into the room, Han tried to rape Lili. Lili escaped by using the excuse of going to the restroom. Lili felt the situation was not good, so she found the hotel attendant and asked for help, hoping they can save Qiu. However the surveillance video showed that until the incident occurred, no attendant ever came to the 9th floor.

At 6:43 pm, Qiu ran out of the room but she was followed by two men. Soon they dragged her in the room again.

Soon after, Lili heard loud noises outside of the hotel, when she went there her friend were already lying in a pool of blood.

When the family arrived to Fenghuang, the county public security bureau of criminal investigation accommodated them and prepared money for the funeral , in addition 60,000 yuan as part of the compensation. They told the family to cremate Qiu’s body first then talk more about the compensation. Qiu’s father and brother did not accept.

In order to fight for her daughter, they hired a local lawyer and paid him 20,000 yuan. According to Qiu’s father the money were borrowed.

the family requested an autopsy to examine whether the alcohol she had been drinking that night was tempered. Till September 8, the Police finally send the body for autopsy. Now, the family spent all the money they borrowed, they could only go back to their home town on September 21 and wait for the autopsy result.

  1. fucking hillbillies! why not take the compensation and send your other 15 kids to school? do they think they’ll get JUSTICE in court? never with 2 cops involved

  2. Why would the men be so insecure, that they would try to rape a teenager?
    They were afraid of a real women?

    Poor girl, hope the judges have children of their own. maybe then there could be justice?!


    1. – Aholes get to cushy positions & have a field day – or decades.
      – country folks’ female kin especially, are double disposable. exploit the powerless (p*ssy), way of da world since day 0.

    2. I also hope judges have children and make the best decision (cut those guys’ balls), but if the policemen have good guanxi I’m afraid they won’t have big problems. she was just a poor countryside girl

  3. This is a country ruled by bunches of truculent dictators who cling to power by muffling and trampling the opposition, corrupt scumbags who gobble every possible piece of RMB ordinary people are trying to put away . Now they are degenerating into a whole bunch of pedophiles coveting kids of innocent men and women.

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      How long did it take you to come up with that Black Daddy? hahahahahahahahahhahaha

      1. @Voice of China. China needs to be taught by the Japanese. So ironic, because back in the good old days China use to be the masters of the Japanese. LOL….Look now! What good has come out of China? Poison milk powder? “Tofu”-buildings! Look at the big brother, they made Sony, Panasonic, PS3, Toyota and Lexus, which easily invade the Chinese homes….Learn from the big brother, and perhaps, China can be a “better nation” and use its resources more efficiently!

      2. @Voice of China. Read my replies back in the “mistress” post. By the way, you know I have more respect for Korean Guy than you, because at least in doesn’t use racially deragoatory terms to describe the Chinese, which you have done to by calling the Koreans g**ks. That’s the difference between me and Korean guy, even though we may not agree, at least we show mutual respect, unlike you Voice of China. You’re a CLASSIC EXAMPLE, because I am sure you’re living in US, being educated therepaid by daddy’s money from China. Like I said, money can buy you a a good education, but not etiquette and manners! Thank you Voice of China for being such a CLASSIC EXAMPLE, and validating my previous statements!!!

        1. Chinese/Korean Guy, I’m done with giving you free English lessons. You and gook_guy can go give each other BJs now 🙂

      3. Sorry I should have put the reference behind in case you fumbled your way on google translate !
        BTW, how long did it take you to flip dictinary before you get the point ??????????????????????????????????

        1. Oh I’m sorry nigga, I forgot you got an imagination AND you can laugh at yourself. Good on you.

          1. You know I find it very entertaining in these sites to watch smart asses with too much time on their hands thinking that writing a few words with some adjectives, metaphors makes them a poetic artist. Reality check, get your head out of your ass.

    2. “truculent dictators” Duh?

      What other kind of dictators are there?

      Are you reading the dictionary for pleasure?

      1. Well. some are vitriolic and belligerent. Others are quite malicious and deceiving.
        Most of them are hiding behind a mask, and often they are secretly involved in a smear campaign. All of them are definetely boring.

  4. In WHICH post have you been teaching me ENGLISH? Please be truthful, and don’t say things for the sake of it.

    Hey, put it this way I was born and raised in ENGLAND. Some typos perhaps, but do you think I really need to polish my English when replying to you? In fact I just reply in haste to get my point(s) across. I have a British degree and Masters, and soon a British Doctorate, do you think you can really enlighten me in the areas of English? Perhaps, if you hold a degree in English Lit. That I doubt very much, you’re probably studying some money-making course, like economics right?

    What you write is a reflection of what you are, and looking at what you have just written, “low quality” peasant grade (with a bit of daddy’s money to spend in the US)…If China’s future is to rely on people like you, which it probably would, then 死突 la!

    Hey “Voice-of-80/90-後”, do you know why you’re angry and upset? Because what I have said is TRUE, and you know it too!

    1. I know now exactly where you are from….. I’m 90% sure, you are an Indian. 50% chance part of your family is in Malaysia where Indians are second class.

      Your basic syntax shows that your English is complete trash. Typos? More like poor sentence structure, no grammar, laughable choice of words, you sound like a twelve year old kid. Do yourself a favor and stop embarrassing yourself.

      Do you think I give a f%@# that you’re born in a shit hole country called England. It certainly didn’t help your English. And I assume your ‘British’ masters and doctorate are in some insignificant field since you fail to mention what they are in. Using it to defend criticism shows your insecurity. Trying to use the world “England” and “British” interchangeably in an ostentatious manner also shows your complete unawareness of the insignificance of locality in terms of degrees as opposed to the tier of University and the course.

      I could enlighten you in English, but I don’t have the spare time. Unlike you, I don’t find it necessary to boast of my achievements on a website to be read by a gooks and Malaysians. And I don’t understand why you add random chinese characters with la at the end. Especially the la in pin yin? Wtf?

      You make a lot of assumptions which I’ll leave for you to ponder in your spare time. I find it pathetic how you’re using this forum board as a substitute for normal human interaction. I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to have fun, laugh at people’s stupidity and have a good laugh. Don’t take it too seriously ok? La 🙂

  5. @ Voice of China “Malaysian guys on the other hand are just rejects that can’t make it in Singapore.”

    Well, “national treasure” Jet Li, and actress Gong Li made it to Singapore, guess they are not THE rejects then…Or those who make it to US, Europe and even Japan aren’t rejects either. I love your ignorant logic, because the logic you use to measure others can just be applied to you too, LOL!

    1. A masters and doctorate? You can’t even comprehend basic sentences.

      Re-read “Malaysians are rejects that can’t make it in Singapore”

      Do you understand what this sentence means?

      It means that Malaysians are the rejects that aren’t able to enter Singapore.

      It has nothing to do with Singaporeans being rejects.

      *shakes head* Yes, I am helping your basic English comprehension now and no, I’m not going to make a habit of it.

      1. I understood your point, but it seems your comprehension of my point is somewhat weak. I am using your logic against you. You said the “Malaysians are the rejects that aren’t able to enter Singapore.”

        So I am saying on the same measure, Chinese people are rejects who cannot enter America, Europe, Japan or even Singapore, which they so desperately want to!!!

        Think before you write. By the way, did daddy buy you the porsche, with The People’s money.

        *shakes heard, & tut, tut, tut* Yes, I am helping your BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF ENGLISH now and no, I’m not going to make a habit of it. Perhaps, you don’t need to attend English school anymore, but time to progress to Comprehension and Reasoning. LOL…

        1. It’s ironic that you’re trying to be a smart ass and fail to take your own advice.

          No-one is talking about China, such an argument only exists in your head.

          As far as logic goes, I’m only going to say this once dip shit and then you can make up whatever imaginary defense you think you have. Cause quite frankly, I got better things than to argue with a mental retard. Ok ready for lesson 2 for the night? Here goes.

          1. The point was Malaysians were ugly monkeys who look essentially like Chinese people who were beat by the ugly stick.

          2. The reference of Malaysians being rejects that Singapore don’t want was purely contextual. It is an insiders joke that Malaysia is jungle and Singapore is Metropolis. Both sides may know otherwise, but it has and is always a point of mockery.

          3. How you somehow find this analogous to person from country x, being unable to enter country y, in your example Chinese being unable to enter America, Europe is completely erroneous not to mention irrelevant. It shows that you are either immature, incapable of rational thought or autistic.

          4. No, I earned it by getting an education and working hard. Oh and no – I’m not here for a pissing contest – I leave that to reality.

          5. I frown at your last sentence – re-read and apply it to yourself – you need to take your own advice.

  6. Shall I help you a bit more…Let’s say your logic is that under-privileged people are trying to emigrate to more affluent countries (like yourself). Question is why? Obvious, because your country is poor! Now everyone knows that there Chinese are all over the world. Point made, enough said! Face the facts and stop talking crap, because you know I am right, but the problem with you is “you can’t handle the TRUTH!”

    1. 1.) Your country? Oh, so you’re not Chinese – Idiot.

      2.) I’m an immigrant now? What? I live in America? What?

      3.) A few good men?

      What exactly are you doing? Did i hit a nerve?

  7. Put is this way, if you are so patriotic, why are you residing ovesea? Exchange your porsche for a Geeley. Support what you say, and maybe I’ll give you ounce of respect for your cause. Otherwise you’re just a hypocrite!

    1. So lets see now? According to you:

      I”m an overseas immigrant in a far away country studying economics using my corrupted dirty government money?”

      – Dude, what are you smoking, you just imagining things?

      And no, I had to work three years to finance my car, why would I exchange it for a Geeley? Never even heard of it.

      I use a Vaio Z (Made in Japan) laptop, which I also wouldn’t exchange for some cheap shanzai version. Why would I? I’ve never expressed any dislike for Italy or Japan.

      Whats wrong with you Bombai?

  8. Sorry mate, I’m not Malaysian sorry, to disappoint you! I can tell you I am Cantonese, and in Cantonese we do use “la” and “ma” etc in the end of the sentence. Don’t attempt to be too smart, you’ll just show yourself up in the end…Don’t take it too serioulsy “LA!” 😉

    1. Well too bad Cantonese isn’t an ethnicity. It’s a language – basic vocabulary and comprehension anyone? I could humiliate you all day but it’s getting late so I might call it a day. Shouldn’t you be in bed already, Korean_guy is waiting for you 😉

      1. Well, the point of telling you I am Cantonese wasn’t really to tell you about my ethnicity, but to answer your query to “la” in the end of my sentence. By the way, like I said, you might have a bit of knowledge, but from what you write it clearly reflects what kind of character you are. Again, validating my point, you have have a porsche, an education, just like the Chinese girl with the LV, but more importantly what you don’t have is etiquette. LOL, as seem is most mainland Chinese, such a shame! I guess you can polish a diamond, but you can never change it’s quality!!!

        1. Hahahaha….

          Poor explanation:

          1. Your la was almost always way out of context. It never fit into your sentence structure.

          2. Not even Singaporians mix la, when trying to sound credible and I certainly wouldn’t expect it from someone with perfect ‘British’ English.

          3. You told me you were ‘Cantonese’ and you still are implying this. As I said, Cantonese refers to a dialect and not an ethnicity. You’re still using it for the latter, which is incorrect. Why are you continuing to exhibit the same stupidity?

          4. I’m not on the internet to make friends. I’ll save my etiquette on people who I think deserve it.

          5. Most mainland Chinese have far superior etiquette than the common Gook or Malaysian, but against kimchibreaths, who needs etiquette? You’re lucky I’m speaking to you at all.

  9. “Most mainland Chinese have far superior etiquette than the common Gook or Malaysian, but against kimchibreaths, who needs etiquette? You’re lucky I’m speaking to you at all.”

    I’m not going to waste anymore time with you. Anyway, with reference to what you wrote, all I have to say is “keep thinking like that and you’ll be ok!” 🙂 (In China anyway)

    BTW, just out of curioustiy, you said you have nothing against the Japanese, but you have something against the Koreas? Hmm…So I’m guess the Nanjing massacre doesn’t count, and the Koreans have done more damage to China than the Japanese have throughout the ages…

  10. So after getting getting ridiculed and your petty explanations defiled, you finally concede? At least you know when to leave.

    To reward what little sensibility you have, I’ll satisfy your curiosity and answer your question. Think of this as a privilege that I’m doing for you.

    Past events are often a great predictor of future events. It is no surprise that Chinese don’t like Japanese for their war crimes. Yet we cannot deny the advances that they have made to contribute to the electronic, adult and automobile industry. Their economic success has affected the world and increased consumer choice and utility in many endeavors. Praise must be given where it is required and criticism remains where it belongs. The idea is not to let emotion cloud judgment and let reason be the commanding branch of rational decision making. Any hatred that Chinese have of Japanese exist but are latent as most Japanese are smart enough to avoid starting conflict unnecessarily.

    Koreans on the other hand are creators of Lousy Goods (LG) and cheap trash (Samsung) as well as global jokes (Kia, Hyundai, Daewoo). Their citizens are ugly and need plastic surgery and their country is relatively small and insignificant. Yet unlike Japanese, they do not exercise humility. Instead, they boast, they aggressively market themselves as superior to others Asians. This makes them an easy target for jokes and humiliation. Where do you think the word ‘bang zi’ came from?

  11. a bus driver, another nobody and 2 traffic cops?? I know a couple of traffic cops and they make about 2000 a month, so unless the two guys were higher up the food chain that reported this story sounds a bit fishy. Unless the autopsy shows sign of rape or date rape drugs there isn’t much of a case here. I am not saying this is right but the defendants can argue that the girl followed them freely (which she probably did) then under the influence of alcohol jumped (or fell, their argument) to her death. I don’t enjoy playing the Devil’s advocate but unless there is some hard evidence we might never know the truth here.

  12. “SAM” stands for Saya Anak Malaysia!

    What is this about “Malaysians are rejects that can’t make it in Singapore” and “Most … than the common Gook or Malaysian- Can you please explain what you meant by the words “are rejects” and why are you equating GOOK to Malaysian? May I ask what is it that the Malaysian have done or did not do, said or did not say to deserve these name-calling? Thanks.

  13. Hahahahah

    Saya Pikur Kamu Lihat Superti Anjing

    Yes, you Malaysian monkeys, you look like shit and smell like it too.

    Chinese Guy was probably Malaysian or gook.

  14. Police are not above the law. They should face the same consequences as normal laobaixing.

  15. I feel sorry for the girl – I hope the people responsible for the atrocities that drove her to suicide will be held accountable.

  16. There are so many cases of rape and murder of ‘out of city’ young women in China lately, either they are on the rise, or the scarier possibility is that the internet is just making them more public.

    I’m no feminist, but I do think China has a very unbalanced gender issue in its society, and this imbalance especially in the key positions of political power, gives everyone in the nation just cause to be a little sexist if they want to be. It’s a very tight regime. Without criticising it, China’s political system is not the most open to change, this sluggishness has transcended its politics and can be seen in its culture.

    Netizens are stepping up in a bid to modernise and interact with the outside world, taking in the latest fads and ideals as quickly as possible. This also means though, with the good, there is the bad.

    In an older style society where the binding moral code for men included ‘honour’, this sort of case would have had male family members screaming for blood. Yet in the new ‘lawful’ way of things, China has learned the worst of the rule of law from the West. It has the ‘laws’, which make things ‘fair’ and ‘legal’, but these laws are not set equally for all its citizens. It has lawyers, but since it has no unbiased jury for any case and no governing body of any effect to oversee corruption in its judges and jurors, the lawyers in the end can be the most expensive losers you can hire.

    The law system is also ‘guilty till proven innocent’, so people are incarcerated legally for suspicions of crime, then interrogated for information while being held. I don’t believe there is compensation.

    Witnesses don’t like to come forward if there are police involved (and they like to protect their own). This doesn’t mean there aren’t excellent policemen in China, but some of the higher ups get nervous when any bad press hits a public service sector (police are not military). I doubt many people will come forward even if they saw the men taking the girls up to the room (hard to imagine people in the lobby NOT recognising two dosed girls).

    Hard to imagine why also, the hotel chose not to send an attendant, unless this was a spot the men possibly exploited regularly. Lots of problems, no solutions, no justice. It’s true (though a bit vulgar) what Money said above. The family should have taken the compensation and left. Her death would’ve gained the family something at least, since they certainly aren’t going to buy her honour back with 20000.

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