Mistress shows up at the door to beat up the wife

In this video captured in front of a resident home in Chongqing, a mistress showed up at the door to beat up the wife of the man she is having an affair with.  She cursed that the wife had no (pretty) face and no breasts, did not deserve her husband…

“look how ugly you are, no face, no breasts.  Are you even a woman? Your husband said when he saw your face he has no more interests.”

“I beat you, I beat you to death!  What do you have to contend with me? You have no face, no breasts. What do you have to contend with me? What do you have to contend with me?”

“Get back here… get out of there… You Chongqingnese!”

(Note: The mistress called the wife Chongqingnese, which implies herself is a from a “better” city… The mistress spoke perfect mandarin with a northern accent, she is probably from the north. I’d guessed Beijing…)

Ernai: 二奶 [èrnǎi] – kept woman; second wife; mistress
Xiaosan: 小三 [xiǎosān]: Another name for kept woman, mistress. Literally “little three”, three being the third person in the relationship. Interchangeable with Ernai.

  1. My work spouse is American,
    my Xiaosang is Chinese
    My car was built in Italy,
    so 1,2,3 : cheese!!!

    My watch was made in Switzerland
    my hat was made in France
    My dreams were made in heaven – who would like to dance?

      1. I’m definetly not drunk. It’s just that I was transferred to another cell block lately, where it is forbidden to write on the walls. I’m allowed to watch porn, yet the female prison guards refuse to provide any decent services. Life sucks, being caught in the act.

    1. I agree, majority of Chinese don’t have big breast.

      only early borns who are feeding on the processed milk that enlarges breast that was just recently banned in China.

      I just felt slight sorry for the wife because she didn’t fight back, sort of like a gentle woman. It’s her house and she should have ran back inside to bring a knife!

    2. It’s entirely possible that the ‘prettier’ woman (we didnt see face of either of them) was the one who was married. simply judging from this video, there’s no reason why any observer should interfere. At least if I was there I’d just shy away.

  2. Mistresses don’t know they’re place anymore……….

    btw, chongqing women are famous for being the prettiest in china. FUCK you northern cow

  3. what kind of society is China really becoming? you just see way, way too much of this sort of behaviour…aggressiveness, bullying, scare tactics – by being high-handed, you can browbeat someone else (even if that person is right) into submission.
    There really is something to fear about China.

  4. Wooooooooooooah, I’m getting Chongqing mistresses all the way. Double bitch fight over a guy all the way. I think I’ll cry if two girls fight over me. The thought of it is so beautiful

    PS I’m an English teacher

    1. chinese english teachers don’t get cq girls so easily
      sorry man, keep paying 100 kuai for a handjob

  5. What a fucking bitch. What the hell is she hassling the wife for anyway? If the douchebag husband doesn’t want to leave her for the mistress (and I think the video clearly shows us why) then she should be angry with him. He probably dumped her for being crazy and just to prove that she wasn’t she showed up at his home to slap his wife around a bit.

    Never dip in crazy.

  6. This would be funny, if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    And btw. Increase in breast size of western girls we see today is a common side effect of use of the contraceptive pill. 😉

  7. I’m amazed that the wife in the video just took the beating. My wife (from Sichuan) would have kicked the crap out of that mistress, had she been in that position. In fact, my wife would probably have knocked seven shades of shit out of the woman just on principle, if she had been walking past the scene at the time.

    After living with a hot-tempered Sichuan girl for the last few years I had come to think that all girls raised on a diet of hot pot would have short fuses and frighteningly violent tendencies, but I guess this northerner has dumped a bucket of snow on that idea.

    1. hahaha

      that’s why after living a few years in sichuan i found a girlfriend from shandong. sichuan girls are just too spicy

    1. why you hate china and japan so much? you are not real chinese, you are korean or american fake, it know it

      1. I am confused! I just said Japanese women are GOOD, so how can I be against the Japanese? I think Japanese are the best in Asia in terms of culture, technologies, and they have the most Nobel prize winners in their country. So how can you say I dislike Japanese, I love Japanese people! I am not Korean, I am Chinese 華僑!!! That is the truth! In fact Chinese people love Japanese goods, think about the Toyota/Honda/Lexus cars in China, the Sony/Panasonic TVs, Nintendo Wii, PS3, Yonex rackets, where are they all from??? From best country in ASIA! How is that hate, that is a massive compliment to the Japanese people

  8. If you have money and a professional job, get a Japanese wife, they will serve you well in the kitchen and the bedroom! 😉

    1. chinese guy is clearly not chinese.
      he must a korean who tries to spread hate between the chinese and japanese people. you are a sad person and should see a doctor.
      you are not chinese, we all know it

      1. Yeah, he seriously sounds retarded.

        Probably some alias that either Korean_guy, Korean_sentry, Real_Korean or [insert x Korean] made to give some imaginary support after those bang zi got their asses handed to them several comments ago.

        There’s enough of these Korean trolls here to make into a little cyber army. It kind of shows how pathetic these gooks are getting.

  9. There for no need for a mistress, problem solved! “No more fighting” in flat! 😀

    1. why you write so many comments? are you a korean wumao? why not write only one time but clear? somebody pay you to build hate?

  10. Actually, you know why the woman didn’t fight back? Think about it! The husband is not there, and the mistress knows the address to the flat. Basically, the husband sent the mistress there intentionally to expose her husband’s affair with her, and upset the wife so that she would accept a divorce, and even push for it (which is the husband’s goal). The wife is clever, because she sussed it all out, and was too upset or hurt to fight back. She saw her husband’s plan unfold…So sad! I feel sorry for her actually…

    1. are you the husband? how do you know so many details of the story?
      if you put your own story in the internet only to become famous, you are a very sad person. and also speak hate. so sad you

      1. It’s called “method of deduction”….Nah, I’m not the husband FORTUATELY!!!

        Haha, why am I a sad person, and were have I spoken hate? No, I am Chinese (華僑). Why do you assume I am Korean? Korean and Chinese people are friends.

        BUT please tell me where I have spoken hate, I would really like to see that myself.

        Xie Xie! 😀

  11. gurl, the same way you got/snatched him, will be the same way you lose him – B—-. have some MFing morals, $/designer labels be damned. & close yer legs.

  12. I can’t believe the comments in here. Racist Chinese, Racist Korean, and all this hate? YOu know, the Japanese likely look down on all of you. The west most certainly does.

  13. I am shocked at how extremely sallow these comments are, even sallow enough to rival Beverly Hills, California (though I hope these comments are not a good example of the Korean or Chinese culture). The only difference is the blatant use of sexism.

  14. Too bad, recently seen many horrible things happening in China, Government used to hide these things from the public it seams very hard to conceal now.

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