Pedestrian crossing runs through grass and trees, walkway for the blind leads into river


(From QQ) Recently, a netizen from Zhengzhou posted in a forum, “The most awesome zebra crossing in the history found in Zhengzhou”.  This intersection is Nansan Road and  Fengzhuang Road in Zhengzhou.

According to reporter, this pedestrian crossing that runs through grass and trees does exist.  Zhengzhou City traffic police officer Wang Zhiyong said, about a year ago the zebra crossing was added to Fengzhuang Road.  The police has received complains and now is contacting the construction company to correct the zebra crossing as soon as possible.


The same poster also found another more bizarre walkway for the blind.  “The most awesome walkway for the blind” goes straight into Jinshui River, without any rails.  If blind people really go through here using the walkway tiles, consequences can be disastrous!

Later reporter found the bridge, there are walkways for the blind on both side of the road, but it does not go straight into the river anymore.  The bridge had been repaired and added fences made of stones.


Back in early August, netizen already posted this picture exposing the zebra crossing that “drifts” on Toling St. in Anhui. This pedestrian crossing all of sudden breaks in the middle of the road, and the other half is shifted one meter out.

Net users on MOP had their photo shop fun with it…


The other side of the zebra line~~~~ My lover, how do I hold your hand


Heartless zebra crossing, worth a walk!


Give up, this is a lethal zebra crossing that will never be crossed


Heartbroken zebra crossing, Sister is leaving, turning my head for the last time , memory of MOP


Going across is the heartbroken dead end, turning around my head is only missing MOP, Brother is going, brother has no regrets


“Old man, we have gone so far, lets split up.”

“Too late, too late, I already suffer from apoplexy, cant take care of  myself.  Only if we walked here earlier.”


  1. “The most awesome zebra crossing in (the) history…”

    Hardly. These things have been all over China for years!

  2. Unfortunately so many Chinese are inconsiderate drivers and if there weren’t the grassy knolls in the middle of the road or railings everyone most drivers would just plow through pedestrian areas when u-turning, passing, changing lanes for no reason and all the other stuff the stupid morons do here with complete disregard for other people’s safety. I’d say as many as 10 percent of the drivers here are disasters waiting to happen, and that is a very high number considering that it could be you, your girlfriend or your children that get hit.

    Enough of that. Let’s just dwell a moment with yet another proof that everything here is mainly done for the people who own cars. The rest of us bus-taking, cart-wheeling or walking lowlifes have to suffice with the leftovers.

  3. I have to cross a 6 lane highway to get to the bus stop every morning without even a zebra walk, as if anybody slowed for them anyway. I’ve long since resigned to the fact that I’m probably going to die as a pedestrian in a car accident in China.

    1. Do I detect sarcasm? I sure hope so, because that would indicate a horrendous lack of taste on your parts otherwise.

      1. i mean we’ll all be run over crossing a street here in china.
        no reference to the other guy’s comment

  4. The new Road Traffic Safety Law allows for only one case in which drivers are not at fault for hitting a pedestrian: that is, if the pedestrian purposely violates traffic laws. Practically, this understanding emboldens pedestrians to take liberties with cars and trucks, impeding their progress by moving into the flow of traffic under the assumption that larger vehicles will give way. This assumption however, might turn out to be false.

    1. to know that the law is on my side doesn’t make me feel safer when i’m crossing a street. and i guess it wouldn’t bring me back to life either.

      good news anyway, it’s a start

  5. They should have painted the stripes on the landscaping too – that would be classic!

  6. Someone should start having fun with this shit and post “no shoulder check” and “no turn signaling” and maybe “accelerate towards pedestrians” signs. For the retarded pedestrians there should be signs saying “cross on red” and “no standing on sidewalk, loiter in road center only” and “slow, meandering j-walking only.”

    Chinese traffic is awesome, it’s a zoo! No turn signals, no shoulder checks, no regard for lanes, no yielding-ever, and no regard for general traffic flow, it’s every man for himself and every traffic rule must die! If you can cause a traffic jam, you have to cause a traffic jam – Drive Club!

  7. I agree with another poster that these are hardly uncommon and these examples are just a few of the bizarre types that I have seen in my travellings and strollings. I have a theory that all the properly built pedestrian crossings and sidewalks are deemed export quality and receive generous subsidies to be sold out abroad.

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