Hairstyles that are banned by our school


Legend of Hairstyles banned by our school 

(MOP) School has just started! which reminded me of these tragic photos in our school bulletin board.  Reposted from my classmate’s space to share with you all, let’s together danteng the person who posted these, who in his last life was an angel with broken wings, every student must love him.

 (蛋疼 “danteng”: Chinese Internet slang, “danteng” was a saying form northern China, then was excessively used by the WOWERS on the Internet, also translated has “Ballache” in respect to “headache”. Originally “danteng” means the strange things people do because of being bored, or the state of boredom, like “so bored that I have a Ballache”.  Now  anything that is abnormal, illogical, makes no sense can be described as “danteng”.  “Danteng” can also be used as helpless or cannot be helped, for example after reading someone’s post you can say this person makes me “denteng”.  In general it also means shocking, crazy. stupefied…)



The hairstyle our school encourages:

Male student standard hairstyle: Not blocking the eyes in the front, not blocking the ears on the sides, not touching the collar at the back.

Female student standard hairstyle: Not passing eyebrows in the front, short hair do not pass the collar at the back, long hair do not drop on the shoulder.



Japanese gangster pirate hairstyle
(Or abnormal style)


Not manly style
(imitating woman’s hairstyle, bang in the front style)


Nervous breakdown style


No money to get a hair cut homeless style
(only applies to male students, front back and sides are too long)


Pretending to be “Buddhist nun” style


Younger kids with this style is naive style, others are called retard style
(A tuft of hair in the front of the head )


“no blade of grass growing on it” shiny style


“Sit behind a screen to receive ministerial reports; hold court from behind a screen”  Sinister style


Migraine style
(No face to see people style)


School abnormal style look



Fraud and trickery style
(painting eyebrows and eyes, lip stick, fake eye lashes)


Adult women ageing style
(premed fair,  dyed hair)


Adult women ageing style 2
(hair in disarray style)



inappropriate integrating unfashionable with modern style


Home made “cross-eye” disfigure style

        1. I admire your honesty! It’s ok, perhaps by the time you do have kids you can escape to Singapore, just like Jet Li or Gong Li 😉

    1. that’s funny.
      the Chinese who can afford to leave China, leave China.
      Ever wonder why there’s more people moving away from China than there’s moving to China?

  1. “Female student standard hairstyle: Not passing eyebrows in the front, short hair do not pass the collar at the back, long hair do not drop on the shoulder.”

    If the length can’t pass the collar at the back, how could it ever get to the acceptable long style length? I guess that’s what the summer holiday was for.

  2. That’s hilarious, too much lulz. Got to give props to one who came up with these gems. xD

  3. Lol the descriptions are pretty hilarious but I gotta agree with the school, who wants the students to look like they’ve just come out of a japanese freak show and making the whole school look like a big congregation of “buddhist nun wannabes”, “Japanese pirates”, “nervous breakdowners” and “cross eyed” emos in uniform?

    I’d hate to attend such a school…

    1. Seems to work out fine in every other part of the world
      They just called it a Japanese haircut so people would naturally hate it

      In other Asian countries extremely ridiculous haircuts are banned in schools, but the ones here seem pretty mundane even if they look stupid

  4. Japanese gangster pirate hairstyle = David Beckham mohawk

    Not manly style/Migraine style/“Sit behind a screen to receive ministerial reports; hold court from behind a screen” Sinister style/Home made “cross-eye” disfigure style = emo hairstyle

    Nervous breakdown style = Guido spikes

    “no blade of grass growing on it” shiny style = gangster bald

    The rest are from ancient Chinese swordfight action flicks, but wtf is “School abnormal style look”?????

  5. LOL, i love the name they give em. And what’s that last one.. “others”? What’s others? LMFAO

    Let’s just not have hairs..

    oh wait, that’s banned too..


    yeah.. 蛋疼

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