Public Security Bureau deputy political commissar drives police car drunk with hookers, crashes and dies


[Picture: The Public Security Bureau deputy political commissar of Wen County, Henan Province, Comrade Fan Yongxiang who loves the opposite sex meimei very much.]

(Taobao Finance) Recently, an “explosive” news which the Public Security Bureau could not lock away spread through the streets of Wen County in Henan Province. About 10 days ago, on August 17, the Public Security Bureau deputy political commissar of Wen County, Henan Province Fan Yongxiang (范永祥) drove his police car and took 4 escort girls (小姐 Xiaojie: sex workers) to go to Xiuwu for fun. He drank a lot of alcohol during dinner, and was hugging a girl on his left and grabbing another with his right arm while driving. In the end the police car crashed into a tree, Fan Yongxiang was killed instantly, and one of the girls was severely injured and later died after failed rescue attempt.

After this ugly incident broke out, the Public Security Bureau tried to block the news from spreading, however in the end it still did, like an earthquake, made so much noise among the people of Wen County. The news even traveled with many versions of the death of the commissar. People are shocked and all are talking about the following..

1. What does the Public Security Bureau really do? Are they fatheads (slang: rice containers) or whoremongers? Police had 5 rules, one of which was forbidden to drink (on the job), but this guy had a lot of alcohol. And now the whole country is “sweeping the yellow” (cracking down on pornography and prostitution), but this brother dare to take 4 hookers out for fun, isn’t this committing the crime “against the wind”? People say this man only had this “hobby” when alive, visiting prostitutes, doing everything…

2. Can police car be used personally? Police car, the name suggests should be used for policing. If Yongxiang did not drive the police car around for his personal use, he probably would not have had such a tragic death.

3. Whom is the law really made to enforce? What a shame for the Public Security Bureau deputy political commissar to committee the crime of drinking and driving.

4. Who is supervising the corrupted officials? As the Public Security Bureau’s senior leader, he should strictly follow the law and regulations to set a good example for the subordinates. How can scum like him help improving the system?

  1. Every time I hear the word ‘law’ used in the general context of Mainland China I feel an urge to correct it to ‘dictate’- essentially regulations created by some to be enforced arbitrarily on the masses and where the enforcers themselves are usually above until the shit comes falling down.

    Outlawing prostitution is pointless- its an occupation known to every bloody country throughout its history. All it does it make those involved in that occupation submit to more risks but why should the CCP care…

  2. death is tragic, hookers and booze are dangerous, police should fight crime.
    theres a lot police in China should do, like not give their friends rides in police cars or run red lights or of course drunk drive with 4 hookers in the car. I bet there were a lot of guys who were drunk driving with 4 hookers in the car last night and really took a good look at their lives after reading this ‘an “explosive” news’.

  3. WOW, this is hard core!! the 五毛党 have nothing to say…..

    I did find this,

    look at the last comment, it is the PSB statement,

    sorry to cut and paste, but its important, and in badly translated english

    leizhige at 2010-8-31 11:16:47
    Reply 3 # Guest from 220.181.65.x

    This matter if the news reports, the sun from the west ah.
    at 2010-8-31 11:17:20
    Recent media reports for issues related to the network, after investigation, the Bureau the following statement:

    1, the identity of Fan Yongxiang

    Fan Yongxiang, male, born in October 1957, Han nationality, college education, who lives southeast of entries in before Wenxian spa town, their former party member Wen County Public Security Bureau, Deputy Political Commissar, discipline secretary. June 2010, any party member Wen County Public Security Bureau, deputy political commissar, not in charge of public security services, allied with the rectification of the county mess.

    2, on the ride with the car’s identity

    August 14, 2010, and Fan Yongxiang Xiuwu with the vehicle to a total of four, are in women, all residents of the town spring Wenxian are at home farming. Three of them were fellow sisters, big 28-year-old, small 21-year-old fellow sisters in the big sister (my husband) is Fan Yongxiang in the Street house neighbors, the other being a fellow sister in big sister’s friend.

    Four women and there was no “Miss” problem.

    3, the question on the death of two

    August 14, 2010 accident, Fan Yongxiang sent Xiuwu County People’s Hospital where he died from. Four people were sent to the car at public expense Xiuwu County Hospital, where the three sisters minor injuries, was discharged home on August 15 and another seriously injured, go to the Jiaozuo Municipal People’s Hospital, now the injury has stabilized, and soon discharged.

    The accident killed two of the problem does not exist.

    4, on drunken driving and violation of the ban on issue 5

    After the accident, the accident Xiuwu County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Bureau police brigade in time the police, crime scene, rescue the wounded, Xiuwu County People’s Hospital on Fan Yongxiang of the blood collected, fixed, tested, tested, Fan Yongxiang zero blood alcohol content.

    The accident did not exist five drunken driving and violating the ban, but do not leave out there, Gongchesiyong problems.

    5, after the accident, the Bureau in a timely manner to the Urban Council and the county party committee and government made a report of the main leaders, the leaders instructed the rehabilitation works. County bureau party committee held a meeting the same night, in-depth analysis and police management team brought to light the existence of the vulnerability to develop targeted measures to ensure that any problems will not recur. I have Urban Council to make in-depth review committees.

    6, I thank the news media bureau party committee work and team building Wen County police supervision, and sincerely accept all criticism, comments and suggestions on this lesson, focus on promoting team work, management and the effectiveness of the measures to ensure implementation, maintaining the overall stability of the county society, rebuild the image.

    Hereby Description

    Wen County Public Security Bureau

    August 30, 2010


    negative 五毛党

  4. I don’t know why people would be upset.

    China is a one-party police state. In a police state the police can do anything they want.

    So this policeman was drunk; so this policeman liked prostitutes; so he used the police car as his own possession.

    What’s wrong with his behavior? Nothing. He is a policeman in China; he can do no wrong.

  5. When you need the army and the police to back up your system of state you can’t be too hard on them hence they get cars and privileges to not cause trouble. Unless you die or kill someone in a crash the risks for breaking the law while driving in a white-plated car is almost zero. The regular police aren’t even allowed to stop these cars. As long as the system nurtures this kind of behaviour there is no way it’s gonna get better.

    On the other hand I would love to know how widespread the problems are since most foreigners and locals alike seem to think that 99 percent of the police, army, members of government and civil servants do this. I know only one police officer socially (he is married to a friend of my gf) and although he comes off slightly goofy he is a nice guy who spends many hours on the job for 3500 a month. As far as I know he isn’t involved in any criminal activities and when we have been out on the town he never drinks more than a beer or two if he is driving home.

    I assume China has some sort of Internal Affairs department but it’s of course questionable how efficient it is with the rampant corruption and all. One thing is for sure. China needs to deal with the issue of government employees feeling above the law. In the long run a government cannot survive without the support of at least a big part of the public and for the last two decades the public’s trust in the police, the chengguan and corrupt local officials has been in a downward spiral. This reflects back on the CCP hence more transparency, objectivity, fairness and control is needed in it’s ranks if it want’s to lead China in the future.

  6. According to the descriptions and considering how big the Chinese police cruisers are, I think a prostitute must have been sitting on top of the deputy. She could very like have been his favourite and the one killed.

  7. “He drank a lot of alcohol during dinner, and was hugging a girl on his left and grabbing another with his right arm while driving”

    Gotta teach me how to do that. Or maybe it’s his third ‘arm’ that was holding the wheel. Then that makes him a thief according to a Chinese slang. A bad cop anyway.

  8. Its common knowledge some public officials have two wifes or go looking for hookers, nice cars and take long lunches.

    I thought the main point of the article would be don’t drink and drive even for those who are above the law.

    1. “You mean you eat other people’s lunches? STOP IT!!”

      Props for guessing this quote without googling it,

  9. Hm… is it me or does the CCP really need to start reviewing its enforcement wing? Something tells me that if push came to shove (i.e. another major disaster or military conflict), the PSB and/or the PLA would not be as responsive as it is currently being touted.

  10. I saw this sign in one of the blog sites

    sex + alcohol – work / family = party official

    good times!

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