Rich kid pursues girl with 9999 roses in street of Changsha

The “Rich Second Generation” (富二代) refers to people who mostly were born after 1980s, Children of early China’s first generation of private entrepreneurs “Rich first Generation” after China’s “opening door policy”. Now they are wealthy because of the inheritance.


(Netease) Xiao Xiang Morning Post August 28 reports, holding roses and a diamond ring, standing in front of the a giant heart made of 9999 roses, 24-year-old Liu Hang shouted out the name of his love. Yesterday morning, a massive “offering of love” action was performed at Changsha Wangfujing Department Store entrance. Liu Hang spent over 30,000 yuan and placed nearly 10,000 roses to express his love. Can he win over the girl’s heart?

The extravagantness attracted a vast number of people to gather around. “It is too romantic!” Miss Ma said when crossing the street, if someone expressed love to her like that, she would certainly accept.

“I am not acting on impulse.” Liu Hang said that he was originally from Henan Province, went to university in Changsha and now back to his home town. The lucky girl’s name is Lie Ying who appeared in a TV show called “Stand Out”. “I like her voice and her qualities”, Liu Hang said. He still remembered a public service commercial Lie Ying performed in – “Please speak mandarin” which left him with a deep impression of her. “Not love at first sight, but I liked her more and more.” Once he found out that Lie Ying already lived in Changsha for 5 years, when participating in the show “Stand Out” she expressed that the reason was to show her creative talent and letting the audiences to get to know her better, also to seek a beautiful love, Liu Hang then decided to pursue Lei Ying.

More than 10 days ago, Liu Hang already was thinking about how to offer his love to Lei Ying. “Give her roses, 999 of them”, a friend suggested. But Liu Hang thought more is better, so 9999 roses it is. Liu Hang said his family is quite wealthy, other people called him the “Rich Second Generation” (富二代) so he never considered about money.

Two days ago, Liu Hang found out Lie Ying was going to record her show in Changsha on August 27, and also found out that she was going to go to Wangfujing Department Store in the morning. So he asked his friend to place 9999 roses in front of the department store entrance and drove to Changsha all the way from Henan province, holding a bokay of roses and stood in front the giant heart of roses.

However, Liu’s action did not immediately win Lie Ying over. Lie chose to leave in silence, but left her cell phone number with Liu Hang. At noon, Liu Hang still stood in front the department store, feeling kind of down. “I will not give up, I will think of ways to pursue, I will give up everything to live an ordinary life with her.”

  1. He could have spent the 30K rmb on a lobotomy to enlarge the brain caliber. With a lobotomy surgery, his chance of being accepted might be bigger !

    1. I think you’re just jealous, no way you’re gonna say that or even be here if you were to make a million a month.

      1. yeah I’m jealous of the fact that how did you grow a brain no bigger than your eyeballs and how did you manage to climb on the keyboard and assume people ! ! !

          1. You should have done a better job in comebacks if you could have made your english a bit more presentible .Try harder !

            1. I’m trying to be shallower in my replies to you, but I really cant. I’m sorry, I really am.

  2. At first I was “aww that’s romantic”, but then I saw she was just some celebrity he had a crush on and was like “……”.

  3. hasn’t he just showed us the line between being romantic and creepy? The 30K rmb was well spent I think.

    Hopefully the “rich 2nd generation” will be the last of the nevou rich era in china that starting from the 3rd generation we’ll see more maturity among the rich towards charity and social responsibility that there’ll be chinese bill gates and warrant buffet….

  4. For all you ignorant poor suckers out there: wealth can be quite intimidating. Even rich guys can get pretty desperate. Romance is often the only way out for who those who had plenty of toys, but noone to play with.

  5. Guy proposing to his gf: Romantic.
    Guy stalking a c-list celeb: Creepy and out of touch with reality.

    Halfwit-with-money and publicity-seeking-princess is a match made in heaven.

  6. Why is everybody respecting the effort by standing in an orderly corridor? Are they ALL flower-store employees?
    Why does the red shape look much, but NOT, like a heart?
    What did he do with the unused roses afterwards, does he know they can be used to make tasty rose-petal JAM?

    1. I think I might have an answer to the second question: the flower store started out with a slightly flexible frame. It turned out to be a bit too small for 9999 roses.
      By forcing them all in, the frame became expanded, but because of the deadline and their natural inclination to abide to the exact specifics of an assignment, they pursued this idea anyway. Some matters of the heart are hard to calculate.

      1. Thanks.
        1)I think the guys in white shirts/red ties are store employees keeping everyone in place.
        3)They promised to hand them out to the bystanders on the condition that they stand around in an orderly fashion until “””mission complete”””.

  7. “holding a bokay of roses and stood in front the giant heart of roses.”

    I think you meant “a bouquet of roses” bokay is not a word, the last time I checked with Mr. Webster, just saying.

  8. FAIL!

    seriously, if he had known her beforehand, this might be acceptable. even if she says yes, it would only be about the money.

  9. i wish this guy just drowned in his sorrows. 30,000rmb for this and it was some schmuck celebrity. nigga please! the boy is probably being fed on a silver spoon. send him to the gulags

  10. Imagine all the hookers he could’ve bought with that 30,000 RMB…Or maybe spend that money on some balls.

  11. bullshit !!! living in lowlife ,he would never have a chance to say that way hypocrite!!!

  12. Sad! I’d have more respect if he donated the money to charity. The girl gave him her ‘cell’ number, which means she is trying to save face for now, and take advantage of the fool later?? Hmmm…A famous saying “a fool and his money are soon parted.” By the way I am Chinese too, but fortunately, I was born and raised in overseas…PHEW!!!

  13. Korea is doing well, they have DECENT international products from brands like Samsung, LG, Daewoo and Hyundai! China is just mass-producing products for other countries, and I don’t think they have anything on the international stage they can claim as their own…

  14. I think Korean guy is a fake…He is probably of another nationality, trying to stir up trouble, because I know Korean people are GOOD and HONOURABLE, and would not write such despicable things…Note that small k in korean_guy. A real Korean person would write it with pride with a capital K, i.e. Korean_guy. Either he’s not good at english, an imposter or has not pride in his own country? Which is it? You decide, and perhaps “korean_guy” can decide and let us know which he is, or is that SHE??? Hmmm…

  15. I agree to a certain extent (Korean) guy, but aren’t you doing the same as what they are doing, if you make the same “nasty comments”, i.e you are just like them, and no differentl??? Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Confucius 孔丘have a famous saying ““五十部笑百部” 50 Steps Laughing at 100 Steps”
    Korean as well as Japan (and China) are countries deep rooted in the teachings of Confucius 孔丘, no?
    I have many Korean friends, and they do not exhibit behaviour like yours, so it leads me to conclude you are either not Korean, or you are still young. It’s ok, if you are young, you have time to learn, just like the young Chinese mainlanders, when they realise the world is much bigger than they think…

    1. He might have been badly dicked by the gay Chinese men he frequently speaks of, thus the hatred. I don’t blame him if that’s the case. Pity him.

  16. By the way, what does SHE BANG mean anyway? Real achievements are not made here, but what you have done in your life. Take time and reflect on what you have really done laaa. Have you got a degree yet, have you earned cash through your own hard work. Calling yourself “korean_guy” have you been an ambassador for your country? So, are you going to tell me you are a student at SNU, or Youngsei doing Law or Medicine? If not take time to reflect on your life…Or are you at Harvard? (SIGH)….

  17. By the way, I have one last comment – I think both countries China and Japan still have alot to learn from the big brother of Asia – Japan in terms of etiquette, social responsibility and respect. I live in England, and I have met people all over, and it doesn’t matter if the economy is doing well for China or Korean, the big brother is still Japan. Something for Chinese and Korean people to bear in mind. Money can buy you alot (including a certain amounf of respect), but not manners and character…Take time to think about it everyone….

  18. I mean China and Korea have alot to learn from Japan…(sorry typo before)…

  19. At least give us a picture of this celebrity girl so I can judge whether his 30k was well-spent on this fine fine investment. I think he knows the 30k is only the deposit. He’ll need another 270k (rest of the balance of the 10%) before he gets any action.

  20. Wait until korea unites, wish they were smarter and just fucking unite as one so the chinks, japs would STFU. Japs are submissive, their culture is perverted porn addicts, chinks might have more money but most atrocious manner in the world.

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