Man of Chinese descent in New Zealand wears poster calls Chinese pigs


According to New Zealand’s Chinese website reported on August 25, at local time 4pm on August 24, a man of Chinese descent stood at No. 268 Queen Street, Auckland  “protesting” wearing a poster of English writings. Because the content of the “protest” contained many views of racial discrimination violent conflict almost broke out.

This man’s poster started with “Chinese is pig, do you agree it?” (I wish I could read the entire thing from the photo, but apparently his English isn’t that great.)

His writing also included

90% Chinese girl they support global sexual service

90% Chinese don’t know polite ,don’t recognize Chinese nation,ancestor

this is shit & cheap human

This is pig psychology culture, fucking big pig

This man’s action attracted many passers-by to stop and watch, some even took pictures of him.  In addition to the poster he was wearing, there is a small cardboard next to him, it read

if agree, please give some coin for supporting me stay here everyday. if don’t agree,thanks your for your kindly reading .don’t talk,don’t argument please


The reporter waited about 30 minutes, 3 – 4 westerners donated coins to show support.

Two bystanders called police, but the police never showed and this man’s action was causing some strong dissatisfactions among the passing Chinese people.  Mr. Liu (not his real name) told the reporter that he already call the police 20 minutes ago, but they have not shown up yet.  Then he once again called the police.

One Chinese student went up to talk to him but was stopped by others because the police have not shown up yet.  Another Chinese student came forward, threw his backpack down on the floor and grabbed the man by his collar and pushed him into the wall.  Mr. Liu and the reporter rushed to stop him quickly and advised the student not to fall for (perhaps) this man’s trap.

Afterwards the reporter advised the student to leave the scene to avoid the man from blaming him if the police do show up later.


latest update from SkyKiwi:

The man was captured in a video, saying he is not short of money…

“The Poster Man” was taken away by the police 2 days later

This news reported by SkyKiwi became a hot topic in the New Zealand Chinese Community. Many SkyKiwi internet users expressed great anger towards the “Poster Man’s action.

Today the “poster man” again appeared on Queen Street with the poster and also attracted many Chinese people.  Around 4 pm or so, according to witness accounts, a Chinese man wearing glasses suddenly dashed away his poster.  The “poster man” shouted “Stop him!” and chased after him along the Queen Street.  Two men engaged in a physical fight.

At the time a roadside security guard witnessed the whole thing and thought it was a robbery, so he held the man wearing glasses and told the gathered Chinese people to not take any pictures.

Later someone call the police, the police arrived and took control of the two men at Lorne St. behind Queen St.  The Chinese man wearing glasses was very emotional.  He was questioned by the police at a side.  Witness said the man wearing glasses read the news and actually came here to take such action. 

In the end the police confiscated the poster and finally took the “poster man” away in the police car.



  1. i dont understand how he could even do this stupid thing.
    my opinion is that he really looks like a pig, and indeed.

  2. Hm… looks like someone was looking for attention – in the wrong possible way. If he thought he was invisible before – he is not now. {smirk} If anyone here has seen Die Hard 3 – then hopefully this was the last incident in Auckland for a good long time.

  3. I don’t see much difference between him and a character like Han-Han, except the latter seems to be more literate, more popular and better looking. Still my kind of guy.

  4. I think if one person kicked this guy in balls it would set off a ball kicking chain reaction that makes ow my balls look like a mentos commercial.

    1. excuse me Laoshi…there is freedom of speach in new zealand, that is why the police did not remove the poster man on the first day….he is allowed to express his feelings in public and it was not untill a disturbance of the peace and fear for his personal safety was shown that police action was taken against him. You will notice that it was the chinese community that reacted the most against their fellow countryman and not the ‘foriegners’…or new zealanders, as a new zealander myself who works and lives in china, I cherish the freedom of speech and expression that so many western countries offer, and I cringe with fear at the suppression that exists here in china and the way the chinese have been in indoctrinated to conform to this suppressed regime. Please let the ‘freedom’ of speech and expression exist as it does naturally and do not be too quick to judge new zealand people as not being sympathetic this mans plight.

      1. Bull crap is cheap in NZ.

        If that Big sign was talking about black people, betcha that moron China man will be in a police station before the the cops can finished off a dozen donuts.

        Chinese are nothing in NZ that is the reason.

  5. Interesting. I wonder if the people who attacked him were Chinese nationals or just ethnic Chinese. The student no doubt was a Chinese national. Same students get violent in the U.S. with respect to anything about Tibet. Not sure about NZ hate crime laws but the sign man would have free speech rights in U.S.

    1. I think he would be protected by free speech in NZ as well since he (on first glance) isn’t directly encouraging violence or promoting racism. That said this is really weird. Somebody ought to direct him to Chinasmack, Chinahush or thebeijinger where he should be able to find likeminded people without much trouble. If it isn’t some sort of publicity stunt, a scam or a mental illness issue.

  6. Inciting and provoking racial hatred never deserves to be respected. He’ll have the rights to fart alright, but I’ll reserve my rights to bash his heads in. You may say that I just fell into his trap. Oh well. I’ll make sure he learns his lesson.

          1. Is that even debatable in a modern, democratic, secular society? Of course the right to be wrong is a worthy cause. Better weed out in your oh-so-clever-look-at-my-great-wit oneliners Alley. You are losing your edge.

            1. Perhaps my edge is indeed a bit rusty, I haven’t been in this arena for a while. Let’s start off by showing some mutual respect first, before jumping to conclusions. I believe what is obvious for some, may not be so for others. Still I’m not much of a debator myself I’m afraid. My mother was a bitch and my pappa was a rolling stone: in between their endless arguments they never had much time to listen, so I learned to be as concise as possible from early on. Thus vanity is not the issue mate. It is all about shame. Shame is my middle name.

        1. nobody has a “right” to assault someone you retarded nigger. assault is a crime in every nation that i know of, durr, hurrr, i beez a stupid nigger.

  7. freedom of speech is never a restricted right.
    people have the freedom to be non-discriminated against too.
    such a racist act should not be supported even in a democratic country.

    this man is a disgrace.

      1. speak for yourself you retarded chinese bitch. here in the WEST, most of us have un-restricted freedom of speech. if you want to put someone like this in jail, how about YOU fuck off back to your communist, mongoloid shithold country, you scumbag slant eyed slut. if you want to take away our freedoms, and make our nations more like your miserable 3rd world hellhole, i’ll be glad to oppose your ugly arse with a fucking gun and hollow point bullet in your pan face.

        1. Damn dude, what kinda drugs did u take. Your so called freedom is nothing but calling each other names, and posting things like “first” “Gay” “fake” and racist stuff. And third world hellhole? America still isnt bankrupt is because China is feeding you and your oversized cars. If ur just gnna blab about freedom etc. Then do sth about it besides talking. Cuz right now u just sound like a red neck Republican: THEY TOOK OUR JOBSSS.

          1. OK, but then that is a criticism about the moron’s quality of speech. The Right to free speech is the Right to speak one’s mind without government interference. It’s as simple as that. There’s no standard of quality to be met before the Right to free speech comes into effect. It’s not a permission. It’s a Right and “honeymeimei” is wrong. A Right is unrestricted by definition. Perhaps she’s confusing Rights with government entitlements. Hard to say. I don’t know her.

            America has ~long~ been bankrupt. I mean, it was once fueled by savings and investment. Now it is dependent on government stimulus packages, bailouts and artificially set near 0% interest rates to keep the massive and much needed market correction at bay. Once the Chinese and Japanese, realize their debtor has no intention on repaying its debt because it can’t, and that the U.S. currency is worthless, then the sh*t will hit the fan. At the moment, U.S citizens are getting nice Chinese made electronic goods in exchange for an increasingly debased currency along with the inflation it causes. Not an equitable trade at all.

            “Cuz right now u just sound like a red neck Republican: THEY TOOK OUR JOBSSS”

            That’s not a Republican characteristic. The issue over there isn’t about immigrants taking jobs per se, it’s about immigrants entering the U.S. ~illegally~. But that’s OK, I recognize your Right to disseminate erroneous rubbish. It’s free speech. In any case, I’ve known blue collar Labour Party supporters talk the same shit as Angelus88 here in New Zealand. Look at racist skin heads. They’re just as accepting of Marx’s class struggle bullshit as any Socialist. At least they are in New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

    1. I don’t know — words on paper aren’t exactly discrimination. People have the right to think however they want to think and unless he’s turning you down for a job because you’re Chinese, discrimination is a tough sell.

      1. You’re thinking legal discrimination. Discrimination can be a broader term to encompass a wider range of activities, sensibilities and tendencies. However I do agree its tough to support or condone this man’s act by physical or penal retaliation. It is his opinion at the end of the day. He can choose to be racist.

  8. China produced the greatest culture in the world.

    This man should be stopped and placed in a mental institution for insulting the great Chinese nation.

    Chinese are not pigs.

    1. Thanks for clearing things up in the end Captain Obvious.

      On a second note I fxcking hate the internet anno 2010 when I encounter posts where I seriously haven’t got a clue whether the poster is a bit off or just a troll.

    2. In case you never really looked at China or the Chinese, they are pigs and the country is one big pig sty

    3. Chinese are the most disrespectful, the most deceitful, selfish and greedy creatures I ever met!
      Therefore CHINESE ARE PIGS! Period!

    1. It’s cow milk that’s been watered down and chemically fiddled with. Get your facts straight.

      —TROLL LINE—
      everyone below this line has been trolled

  9. I’m pretty sure it was “korean_guy”, who usually poses as a Korean web warrior, who decided to go to NZ, pose as a Chinese New Zealander, and troll using a cardboard panel and apron.


    inb4 mad replies. do your worst

  10. So he doesn’t like Chinese people, who cares? Is there a law somewhere that says you have to love China? Look, everyone gets freedom of speech, the point of that is to protect the rights of those whose opinions you disagree with. If we lived in a world with no differing opinions, we’d have no powers of critical thought and we’d be even more stupid than we are now (yeah I know, seems impossible, but it isn’t). Let the guy say what he wants, he’s from China and he has a problem with his own people, he has every right to do that. Last I checked, China was not exactly a bastion of freedom and human rights. In any case, if you disagree, just move along, no harm done to you.

    1. I don’t know why you, or other people, have to bring in a whole ‘freedom of speech’ argument here. No one here is denying that, even on the assumption NZ laws have enshrined the principle in its populist version. But everyone who feels offended still sports the urge to pummel his head in or reprimand his ass for doing it.

      Btw you’re treading a fine line by suggesting this is a non-legal issue (no law saying the we have to love China) and then presenting a very legal argument (freedom of speech).

  11. well, i wonder how people would react if it was a white person having a banner saying whites are pigs.

    yea like some of you said, would you just disagree and move on because no physical harm is done to you?

    1. You must not be white. White people don’t care about that, we’ve have too much white-man’s guilt. We let anything slide.

    2. White people never go around with signs proclaiming anything negative about themselves. To be white is to think that your shit does not stink.

  12. Hilarious. I love how all the chinese – that left china because china sucks – got their panties in a bunch for someone saying china sucks.

    What a bunch of hypocrites. If china is so freaking great – why are they in New Zealand?

    1. That’s like saying USA sucks because there are white guys flying to China to teach English. Clearly, Being a English teacher in China beats everything North America has to offer? Not.

    2. To be corrected, the man called all Chinese people “pigs” which matters not where you presently reside or if you chose not to be physically in China. There is no hypocrisy in that.

  13. If you read what he wrote he was actually pro-china, in particularly the traditional Chinese values. From what I can interpret of the few lines written in the article, he was condemning Chinese people losing their traditional values of not recognizing their ancestors and the nation (perhaps in the Confucius sense of country-and-family) causing their descend into the sex trade, rudeness, baseness etc

    He could have got some points but his delivery made him rather pathological, may be caused by the rejection from a chinese girl or the isolation from the Chinese community in Auckland?? who knows.

    1. I initially thought he was out to prove a point about the level of xenophobia here in NZ. Your interpretation is much more plausible, in which case, I think he is barking up the wrong tree.

      Chinese of his age are no more likely to descend into sexual promiscuity, rudeness, and baseness due to a lack of upbringing in traditional Chinese values than others his age. There is no rational basis for prescribing a particular set of values to people by dint of their country of origin or race. Practical, rational values are universal. The problem is some people avail themselves and their children with too little or no moral direction.

      If this is not true then I should now be capturing prisoners and eating them just like my ancestors did on the Maori side of the family tree.

      1. The universality of rationality and morality has not yet been proven. Several centuries of philosophy have yet to conclude on this and most psychological evidence is contrary to it. Though they might be preferable. And to use the words ‘rationality’ and ‘morality’ as a catch-all categorical label for all the shit they actually embody is a trap in itself. Take care.

        1. Uh huh. That would be the seven centuries of philosophy that produced seven centuries of widespread poverty of mind and body for 95 percent of humanity. You stick to what seven centuries of philosophy tells you and I’ll stick to my marriage of fact/value. It works well and it is practical and the motive involves no afterlife nor does it involve sacrificing people on anyone’s altar.


    1. It is just like that in the west, you can bash Chinese all you want on the net, on any site and have a good old time at it.

      But DON’T mention anything bad about blacks or bash somebody in or from Afrika.

      Jail time for racist hatre.

  14. I rightfully agree with this man!
    He was also referring to the Chinese governments, because those fools are the ones controlling China and chinese people do not see it because they are retarded.

    Chinese people are not just pigs but also dead racist too.

    SO i support this man!

  15. china has a 50/50 image
    50- good music,food places,tea,stories festivals and depending on manner people.
    However they also have 50 for polition,crap goods, cold manner, aweful government and cultural exchanges are limited.
    China grow up and change ya selves

  16. Maverick guy indeed! must be trying to self-criticize his own ethnic group as to bring up discussion about how some Chinese people have degenerated into materialistic world without recognising Confucius values, strong family values and self-respect. He is only attracting anger and not sympathy.

    1. Its a stupid method of communicating a serious social issue. If you really want to be a reformist, do something productive. If he just wants money so he doesn’t have to go back to China then by all means do whatever he wants.

  17. What comes out here is more about how the Chinese in this forum and those in NZ ,who reacted to the sign man view themselves. The general Chinese perspective is that the sign man was hateful and racist. It seems many here equate being Chinese with a rather archaic definition of race. Race in this case being what the Germans would term the “volk” which translates to the “people” and denotes German blood. It seems the Chinese view themselves as not just citizens of a nation but as a distinct racial/ethnic grouping distinct say from their neighbors in say Burma or dare I mention Vietnam or Korea. Not trying to get into a screed about race and Chinese ethnicity but if someone were to hold a sign up saying the French were pigs or the Americans were pigs most readers would not be so quick to accuse the instigator of being racist. Rather, they would interpret it as being political. I doubt anyone would classify anti French feelings or anti Amercanism as a hate crime.

    The other undercurrent I detect is a very primitive form of nationalism which centers around ethnicity rather than law and government. It seems many Chinese who post here are not capable of separating the Chinese “volk” from the state or the individual from the tribe. There seems to be an expectation that a Chinese person will act with the tribe, and that blood trumps truth, common sense or even introspection. Coupled with the educated sense of grievance over European and Japanese colonialism that many Chinese seem to have, this could be a really dangerous point of view.

    1. I am in partial agreement only because I have no idea what your long paragraph is getting at.

      The inability to separate the state and its residents, versus the natives (etc.) is a big problem in most ‘China bashing’. But it equally affects all types of generalist insults. However the problem is that when someone criticizes China, they are usually criticizing the government, the people and the culture albeit not every criticism would apply to all these aspects of China.

    2. You’re dumb, don’t post here anymore, please. We, the French, consider ourselves an unique race and if you say the French are pigs, my countrymen will slaughter you because that is an insult to us as a people, not just as a country!

      1. Unless you are fucking Asterix the French don’t know what it means to be French anymore, and Le Pen is a joke. When you talk about slaughter you sound like another Muslim ghetto boy from Les Cites only you just got off the boat.

  18. that’s the way to affect policy changes or “hearts & minds” of his fellow “pigs”!

    *mentally ill zealot alert*

  19. It appears to me that the “pig poster” man is merely trying to engineer a set of circumstances under which:
    (a) he can whip up a storm on the Chinese Internet, which will have
    (b) fenqing doing a “human flesh search” on him, tracking down his parents’ home and throwing shit outside it – as they did with Grace Wong (
    (c) he can then claim that his life is at risk back home, so he must be offered asylum in New Zealand (which they can’t overlook).

  20. I know this is quite irrelevant but the grammar of the author really threw me off. When I read the words “poster of Chinese writings” followed by the comment the poster wasn’t well written, I thought quite hypocritical aren’t you? Writing is already plural you don’t need to put an “s” at the end!! Gosh, so many fobby Asians love putting “s” at the end of every single word, it’s so bloody annoying! A word is singular, writing is plural!
    As for the dude, get over it, he’s just a loser who wants attention. I just wasted 5 minutes of my time because of this stupid article.

  21. fuck him, fucking bastard totally lost his fucking mind, don’t know what the fuck he’s doing, it comes down to he has no idea how to live like a nomal person, if you’re fucking poor, get a job. get a fucking life.

  22. he is me, the man stood at queen st in new zealand, i come from hong kong, i have a comment at with english, may you check it, i do not do any comment about nz poblic who say i am????, just look like a photo taker, he can take a my photo of handson or ugly, they is controlled by humen hand, for me just come is right ear, and come out lift ear, no any meaning, but i hope we can sit down to thinking,,,a think, and read why i do this, because i am chinese, i love my country and grandfather too, same my life.

  23. Here’s my reading He’s there to identify which people drop coins in his box. The police took him away to prevent more people being identified as approving of racism.

    He however was doing less harm than being a victim of ethnic cleansing like Kong no.79. Eurasian-ness is a luxury for the lower classes to enjoy, not for representatives of pure Han-ness to flout.

    This guy at least had the guts to play mind games with the whole of NZ, likely in a display of reverse psychology that backfired when a less Machiavellian Chinese students, full of immature patriotism couldn’t figure out his game !

    That or it was the NZ’s who put him up to it… but “Poster Man Liu”, marry a Chinese lady someday and have pure-Han kids, you will been more than Kong no.79 could ever be to the true Chinese people of the world.

    Any mixed race person is automatically closed from the upper classes of insular elite of every race. Just like the white Americans did with the Red-Indians, the top echelon Chinese are now being targeted…you upper classes! Close those legs or take those cold showers or China will end up being called Eurasia by the next generation !

  24. This is a Korean guy disguising as a Chinese. No sane Chinese man would do such a thing to discredit his own people.

  25. he is me, i stand at queen st in Auckland, I come from Hong Kong,
    I use this last chance I want to say below, but I think I write everything with Chinese, it is better.




    he is me, I hope we can sit down to thinking ,,,,a think if you are rich or happy life, and then, may you check out what did I write, including sinister gang, I come4 from Hong Kong, my experience they told to me a true Chinese story, I hope my experience can be to solve a Chinese nation big problem, –nothing stay on their brain–“ab Q”spirit, I must believe many people they will know what am I saying, nobody want or like to agree I am big, including me, but we need to recognize the problems, to solve what happened, and then we can improve the problem, that we need to do, may you understand clearly, on this way I have not choice I am Chinese, only I can say I love my grand father, and other, my aim I hope I can force the Chinese government and embassy to listening the people in china, I must believe I can help so many people in china, this hoping is my thinking since 4 June 1989, forgive the student of 4 June 1989, if I am them, I must do same

    1. Prove you are him. Post a link to a photo of you facing towards the camera and sitting in front of your PC with ChinaHush shown in your web browser.

    2. You sound the same as the rest of Chinese, whether you came from Hong Kong, born and raised in Europe or in North America, or in mainland China. You still sound like a Chinaman even in written format.

    1. You’re so full of shit. Pigs are everywhere, not exclusively mainland. You’re ignorant if you think people belong in exclusive categories

      I saw that poster man when he was on the street. Took one look at the 1st sentence and walked away. Why stand there for 5 minutes reading when you know you’re not going to like what you see?

  26. Stupid fucking gook chink sack of shit, don’t those slice-eyes realize that new zealand doesn’t want them here, why can’t they just fuck of back home and overpopulate their own country? It’s fucked up that we have to deal with the yellow-tb plague over here, at least we’re allowed to shoot pigeons – hopefully those yellow fuckers will be in the cross-hairs soon! Go White!

    1. Hey, tribal boy. Yours is a stillborn ideology. It is so vilified by nearly all New Zealanders and Westerners in general for the irrational and ugly bullshit it is that alleging someone to be a devotee of it is popularly used as a cheap and nasty political device to smear and ruin reputations. Yet you wear it proudly. You not only denigrate your fellow Chinese countrymen but ~all~ countrymen by your very presence here in New Zealand. Are you also a state welfare parasite? Many of your type usually are… you know, stinking little vampires feeding off the backs of the people they claim to represent, and the same self-made losers blame Asian Kiwis for that, too. After all it’s easier to say “Awwww, their stealing all our jobs!” rather than admitting to being an unemployable pussy. Just ditch that stillborn from around your neck, admit you’re a fuck-up and rectify the situation.

  27. pai kan said:
    China produced the greatest culture in the world.

    This man should be stopped and placed in a mental institution for insulting the great Chinese nation.

    Chinese are not pigs.
    chinese did not invent any machine and propose any formula in last 500 years.

    uchinese enter metal age 1500 year later than Europe. when people in europe used metal tool, chinese palyed with mud.

    chinese women sale their bodies around the world.

    chinese do not love china. that;s way u stay in other counties to love china, lol
    china refugee are like rubbish in europe,

  28. pai kan said:
    China produced the greatest culture in the world.

    This man should be stopped and placed in a mental institution for insulting the great Chinese nation.

    Chinese are not pigs.
    chinese did not invent any machine and propose any formula in last 500 years.

    uchinese enter metal age 1500 year later than Europe. when people in europe used metal tool, chinese palyed with mud.

    chinese women sale their bodies around the world.

    chinese do not love china. that;s way u stay in other counties to love china, lol

    in history, chinese were traeted like pigs by Mongol Empire and manchu empire.

    also in your great tang empire, chinese were treat like pig by Tibet.

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