Pilipino female students pose for photos in front of hijacked Hong Kong tour bus


Many of you probably already heard the shocking news about the Hong Kong tour bus hostage killings in Manila, Philippines.  On August 23, 2010, a former police officer Rolando Mendoza hijacked a tourist bus carrying 25 Hong Kong tourists.  Mendoza was dismissed from the force for involvement in kidnapping, extortion and stealing confiscated drugs.  But Mendoza said he had been set up and he held  the tourists hostage in order to demand restitution.

The incident ended with a police sniper shot and killing Mendoza hours into the  madness. But 10 of the hostages were already shot dead inside of the bus.

See the set of animated pictures of the news updates and mush more here on ESWN.


Netease has an extensive set of live photos of the entire incident.

When the news broke out and when the media provided live coverage of the Philippine SWAT’s “rescue effort”.  Most reactions on the internet were 1. they will never travel to Philippines. 2. How incompetent the Filipino SWAT were, and the authority should have met the kidnapper’s demands instead of letting the hostages die.

But today this picture found on IFeng raised some eyebrows…


August 24 afternoon, a group of Filipino female students went to where the Hong Kong Tour bus was hijacked and posed for photos using it as the background.

Here are some photos form MOP: Police officers were also posing for photos in front the bus… (thanks Neirda)



  1. @Eason: and you wouldn’t be angry if there were non-Chinese tourists? What sort of value system is that?

  2. And you didn’t even get it, I was saying I wouldn’t care if they WERE Chinese, as opposed to Hong Kongnese.

    1. why don’t u fuckin read ur white news, u white fucking bitch. Can’t wait for the white troops in Iraq to get bomb by the Iranians.

    2. lol. fuckken americans died in twin towers and irak haha and fucking pedo christian priests hoho

    1. CO sign that. They don’t ever deserve to be called Asians. Asians= Beauty. So get them fucking off the list.

  3. total lack of value for human life, now a total lack of respect for the tragedy, what is wrong with them?

  4. 没有被教化的民族,可怜我香港同胞!

  5. As a Filipino-American and a business owner in the Philippines, words are not enough to express how sorry I am for what happened and what is still happening in the Philippines regarding this disaster. I totally understand your anger, and I share that anger with you. I pray that as time heals the horrible wounds, our brothers and sisters of Chinese nationality can forgive us Filipinos for the insensitivity of those involved in this disaster.

    God bless you all,


  6. I am a Filipino, but I have chinese blood for my dad is half chinese. I am truly sorry for what happened, and I am so much ashamed for these people. They are fuckwits insensitive animals. Condolences to all the victims’ families and friends. Again, I am apologizing for what these stupid people did.

    1. “i am so much ashamed for these people?” what are u talking about? you’re not chinese! you’re not filipino either! You’re A FUCKING KISS ASS! try going here in HK. Im pure chinese but i respect other races BITCH ass mofo! This is covered in shit already, dont step on it and make it worse. And btw, your dad is half chinese meaning ur more of filipino than chinese right? LOL! stop kissing our asses okay fag?

      1. what the fuck is going on with u, u need to take some painkillers cause u acting like an idiot. How the hell does he having his father’s chinese blood make him more Filipino, u need to fucking take some biology moron. It’s half half 50/50 u understanding. Go take some math also. Anyways forgot that why bother when u will be getting an F for Fuck U.

      2. Unless you want to be known as a killer of children in kindergartens, or thought poisoning their milk, it is moronic to blame all Filipinos for the actions of a few.

        You are a racist. You always were a racist. Don’t pretend you were anything else before this incident happened but it changed you.

    2. Don’t worry about the ass hole replied. Yes, we are angry at the incompleteness of your government, especially the president who smile at the scene and those who took bus picture with smile. Please help to make things right from now. Please tell your president he is a disgrace of his respected mother.

  7. okay guys!

  8. Pieces of dung that should have been userful for fertilizing pigs and poppies in Burma

  9. We are very sorry, we truly are. We are ashamed. We all wish it didn’t have to end this way. And we wish these people would be more sensitive not to take pictures at the crime scene.

  10. I am a Filipino. In behalf of my country, I would to like apologize to the people of Hong Kong, the rest of China and the whole world for how our officials handled this incident. I express my sincerest condolences to the families victimized by this senseless tragedy. 🙁

  11. Please forgive them. They don’t know what they’re doing.

    police personnel and students —> what is wrong with you?

  12. i guess the nice filipino girls were disappointed there are no porn or sex in China, boring country so they flew back.

  13. You cannot expect the “little people” (of the Philippines) to exercise integrity and good taste when their former President Gloria Arroyo gets silicone implants in order to have larger breasts.

    The new clown that is in power will not make a difference. He belongs to the same inept group that has run the country since the Americans made it a colony.

    The Philippines is country run by a corrupt, incompetent, ruling elite. It is no wonder that it is a joke among Asian countries.

    All of America’s colonies from Haiti, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Liberia, etc. are ruled by inept, greedy, officials.

    I have deep sympathy for the victims of this stupid, senseless tragedy. It was totally avoidable.

    1. kai pan is a natural cock sucker.. i saw him in an internet shop awhile ago in HK. He was a janitor in our old company until he got fired because he was caught sucking on his MAGIC broom stick. You naughty cock sucker.

    2. oh yeah, send more Chinese massage ladies in the massage parlors here in North America. Include a bonus with them, send some Chinamen to open up opium dens for your Chinese people in Chinatowns here.

      1. he’s going to hell 50 years later, when u go to hell right now.

    1. jackie chan is a dumbasss ambassador
      deep in his heart, he hates phillipinos
      flips = fake looking islander people!!!!

      i should jump kick weakasss jackie for such a disgrace tweet

    2. Jackie Chan shows his class. An inborn trait no other Hong Kongese or Chinese have. He had been exposed to the world and embraced it, Hong Kongese or Chinese have been exposed to the world and cowered from it after realziing they are so far behind in mannerism.

  14. to all eggheads and stupid people here like KAI PAN, BADABING, etc. who cannot comprehend their little brains, FUCK YOU ALL! I too am saddened by this unfortunate incident that killed 8 HOng Kong people. Trully sorry and my condolences to them. I understand their grief and sorrow. But faggots like KAI PAN or BADABING or any other racists monsters in this blog should shut the fuck up! Insulting and belittleling Filipinos will not help and bring back the dead. Instead should reflect on themselves on how many Hongkongese treat their maids (Filipinos or Indonesiand alike) like shit! For KAI PAN and BADABING this is a taste of your own racism of other poor asians in HK. You think HK is rich now but read your history for you’ll come to realize that HK in the 60’s, 70’s was nothing but a piece of rock for ships to do repairs and many HK local girls are nothing but prostitutes to entertain sailors! Perhaps your grandmas or your mothers were prostiitues back in the day! You and the equally stupid DAB party who kiss the asses of the politburo in Beijing should go together and watch thousands of tourists take their photos there everyday for souvenir shots of the thousands their fellow chinese military massacred! Learn your lessons, m*thaf*ckers and wake up to the real world. You are not helping here but instigate hate! F*ck your egos and pride and your aristocratic shit!

      1. Well said.

        “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone…” (Quoted from Bible, and I am sorta an atheist.)

  15. I’m wondering… shouldn’t the obviously racist and pointless comments be cleared up a little… ?

  16. @BAROKIKIK >HKnese have several ways of thinkin’. The names you mentioned are the maladroit in our society which I hate most. We never criticize on others. Again, in behalf of my people WE DO NOT HATE. Give us time to heal.

    1. Please, stop making us Chinese look stupid.

      Hknese does not exist -> the correct term is Chinese.

  17. @NEIRDA >He had his point, but maybe he could only rephrase his sentence it would be decent to read not to hurt others feelings though. Our both nation are in pain in these moment. We should be strong.

  18. Im a half filipino and chinese, my deepest condolence to the family of the hostage tragedy, i really hate what happened and with this picture circling the web, sometimes i hate to admit im a filipino, but as a filipino I am sorry and condemned this picture. God bless you all

      1. stfu u he’s smart to pick Chinese over filipino. Saying ur chinese means u fucking richer in this century. REad some economics, chinese ppl are the richest ones now.

        1. Chinese people are not rich. Your GDP per capita amounts to about 4K USD a person or less. Although your combined GDP is higher than Japan’s, Japan’s GDP per capital is about 40K per head, 10 times yours. Your high GDP represents a historical first where an enormous country full of billions of poor people collectively makes a bigger number than a smaller country full of less but richer people. The number is symbolic only. China is still relatively a poor country with much more purchasing power than before, but that is all. GDP per capita is the number you should be looking out. Your average income is still 1/10 Japan’s, therefore weaker.

  19. @JACK200 >Please don’t hate your roots, Our People was there in a wrong time and a wrong place. Even myself I admit that I hate them too, but what can my hatred do? can it bring back to life of the lost? instead I’ll start accepting their warm condolences to us and we’ll be healing soon.

  20. All I can say is – They all know how the Filipino’s are not considered ASIAN by other Asian countries, and because of what happened, they just found a WAY to discriminate the Filipino’s and to employ RACISM! These sort of things happens all the time! The difference is, THE PASSENGERS WERE FOREIGN! Do you guys have the slightest idea how Filipino’s have been mistreated all over the world? How THEY have been brutally murdered? How they were convicted on something they have not done?! ITS JUST NOT FAIR! OKAY OKAY, let’s say the situation was not handled perfectly! Lets say, there was a MISTAKE here. But that doesn’t mean that ALL FILIPINO’s should be judged! If I say that a Chinese or a Korean brutally killed a Filipino/ Hijacked an Airplane. Should I say that China or Korea is a bad place and its citizens are also criminals?! OF COURSE NOT! Lets just leave things to the right people to handle! For those families who were affected I FEEL SORRY FOR THEM. But I am NOT in the right position to JUDGE anyone or ANYBODY. But I hope that I was able to get my point across. FILIPINO’S have also been MISTREATED COUNTLESS OF TIMES in DIFFERENT WAYS – its just that THEY ARE TOO FORGIVING to just let those MISTAKES pass and be forgiven!

    1. actually all the filipino’s that i know here in america are really really nice and friendly. they’re down to earth and very religious. Come to think of it, chinese people are more rude! YOU KNOW THAT!! REMEMBER TIANAMEN SQUARE AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!

      1. u should stfu, i’m from the states too. all the fucking asians in the states are fuckin smart as fuck. Way smarter than u fuckers would ever be.

    1. Sigh… unfortunately, you are right. Some of my best friends here in the States are Filipinos, who are the nicest people I know. Btw, oblivious people, corruption exist everywhere and being “smart” does not equal to being sensitive human beings. Who knows those having photos taken might actually be “smarter” than many of us here.

      Knowing what’s right and having common sense is IMHO more important than being so called smart and rich. I’d choose to live with average IQ and living standards than be a rich know it all.

  21. Last but not less, stopping hating on the chinese b/c all of u guys are just fucking jealous of us being the richeset ppl on earth now. Watch us become millionaires when u fuckers become beggars.

  22. isa lng masasabi koh ….
    mga tanga ang mga pulis …
    misip na koh man…
    common sense namu ita …
    buguk koh ngan …

  23. Don’t be so hypocrites. I agree that it is stupid to pose for pictures at the hostage site, I wouldn’t do it myself, but thousands of tourists regularly also have their photos taken at the Tiananmen Square, a site of mass murder, at the site of 911 terrorist attack in the USA where thousands were also mass murdered, and several other “historical” places…. And many tourists, including those from Hong Kong, also have their photographs taken at Fort Santiago in Intramuros, a site where several Filipino and American soldiers were gas chambered and killed in many other horrendous ways by the Japanese. I could name several more places worldwide where thousands of tourists pay their respects by having their photographs taken while smiling.

    1. Lol well they never went to WTC and took picture right after 9/11, or followed the Japanese Army and took picture right after they gas POWs. Taking picture at that bus was just too soon to be acceptable. I’m disgusted that there are people like you who defend such vulgar behaviour.

  24. Its just so wrong to be posing photos in front of a bus after a fatal hijacking incident. The bus is a graveyard. It should be respected.

    It should be removed and taken in as evidence or locked in a police compound. Some people just have really really sick and disgusting taste or they are just uneducated dumb asses.

  25. Aren’t you guys suspicious of all these unbelievable reactions of this Southeast Asian country? Well, I tend to believe the hijack was an accident. However, the mysterious smile of the President of Philippine, the national flag on the corpse of the gunner, and the girls and policemen taking photos in front of the hijacked bus, cannot convince me that all these subsequent reactions are normal and reasonable. These look more like provocative behaviors to Chinese people. And I don’t believe all Philippine people like to provoke China. Actually, I strongly believe that common Philippine people have no interest in talking about China or provocating Hongkong because they just don’t benefit from such stupid things and they are just common citizens. I mean they don’t care at all.

    So go back. Why should such unreasonable things happen?

    I think these subsequent reactions may be ordered by a third party–possibly a government that has strong impact on Philippine and want to make some more trouble to the relationship between Southeast Asian countries and China. Who is this third party? Use your head. It is never a difficult thing to secretly send money to some poor students and citizens and request them to do some ridiculous things like taking photos besides the hijacked bus. The only goal is to provoke Chinese people, to deteriorate the international relationship between China and these countries, to make things in the South China Sea more complicated, and to delay China’s development and reduce its impact on international affairs.

  26. if i’m in the philippines, i’ll post too, coz china did not make an apology on the death of two filipino tourist in tienanman square five years ago. but i agree that ab-noy aquino should resign coz he just embarassing the filipino nation. i hope that this be a lesson on the part of the catholic church to not to meddle in philippine politics. there’s should be separation between church and state. look what happen here because of the church influence ab-noy aquino was elected as president. if you annalyzed ab-noy aquino’s accomplishment in the senate, you’ll see it’s zero or negative. there’s more candidate that’s better for the presidency__gibo teodoro__richard gordon__manny villar__ but please not aquino. your president aquino is embarassing us people abroad. pacquiao and charice and arnel pineda has made us proud for being a filipino. please wake up my countrymen

    1. i dont think they apologized to anyone since it was an all out riot in beijing and not a hostage of one particular race

  27. Oh Gook Guy!

    You are so cute… I wonder how socially inept you really are, getting your daily dose of Chinese news, checking for my comments, then hypocritically bagging Chinese.

    Next, you make your visit to williamhung.net, listen to She Bang a few times, to cover up the noise of your Korean mom getting banged by her Chinese Boyfriend. After all, you don’t want to get turned on by hearing her scream ‘hajima, apo, shiro’ like most Korean women (pretending to be virgins).

    A few hours later you go past the Korean laundromat to pick up your work clothes, go to the Chinese Restaurant where you work and get spat on a few times for being a dirty gook simida. You take it in and go home, getting read to make your next post here.

    Oh, I must say that I enjoy making fun of you. It’s so easy, since clearly I’m more educated, wealthy and articulate than you.

    Not to mention the obvious, which is of course, that I’m of a superior race than you kimchibreathed dogs.

    You can’t expect to even hold a light to what I am in every aspect and that’s what makes poking fun at you so entertaining and satisfying. It’s like making a bet you know you will win and rubbing it in the other persons face. Especially if the other person is being obnoxious and claiming they will win =)

    You might have ‘some’ bragging rights if you were Japanese since at least they are good at something; or even American, but as a Korean, you are really at the lowest level of the global hierarchy, ranking above most African countries and about on par with Indonesia and Myanmar although Korea a little richer on a per capita basis. I applaud your effort in defending your country but as a gook, i know its hard.

  28. Can we send a billion more Chinese to the Philippines to get whacked?

    China would be a nicer country if you killed 90% of the population…

  29. Are you blind single-eyelid man,

    hahahahhaha… All Chinese know Hong Kong is part of the ugly side of CHINA… No one said it wasn’t.

    Plus Billy, looks more Korean than Chinese, cept he has double eyelids and a higher nose 😉

  30. First of all, I’m with other fellow Filipinos here who would like to apologize for this senseless tragedy and inappropriate display of respect that went over the top because I think many people here have ADD’s who hate to see themselves in the mirror lately.

    Insensitivity?!?! Rude?!?! *face palm*

  31. So where’s the tragedy here? Oh wait, they were from HK which makes them a better quality of Chinese – compared to the mainland scum / dogs…

  32. underdevelopped filipino monkeys, they’re good to be stupid and lacking of intelligence like their shitty police. What a shame to take photo like this with a monkey smile on their monkey faces.

  33. im filipino iknow i should be in the philippine side but after i saw the news i was just shocked that . damn those swats were dumbasses + the picture up top makes me question my self . WTF ARE they doin posing on the bus like they fucking saved the day ppl. didnt ppl died on that bus. who would fucking pose . there !! those kind of ppl are fucking dumbasses. your a shame to ur country . tang ina nyo. nakakahiya kayo.

  34. kung fu, yeah, Chinese are so developed they kill their newborn because of wrong sex, they manufacture and sells fake brand name prescription drugs all over the world, they are into illicit drug smuggling allover the world, they manufacture fake brand name cigarettes and smuggles them in Europe and in North America, they manufacture drywalls that rusted pipes and affected people health in North America, they are into white slavery, they are into massage parlors (maybe u are masseuse yourself), they copy software and movies without respecting copyrights law of all nations, and so many more cheating ways the Chinese are so well know for

  35. I’m very sorry for these stupid photos. BTW I’m half Chinese-half Filipino. Not all Filipinos are like that. A lot of my countrymen are so mad at these students, I heard a news one of those girls was lynched at school.

    Those students are from the Philippine Normal university and Far Eastern University (FEU). Third-tier schools in Manila that are well known for accepting dumb high school students, who were rejected were rejected by Manila’s prestigious colleges and universities. I suggest you bombard their sites with rants (www.pnu.edu.ph and http://www.feu.edu.ph) so they would realize their stupidity.

  36. What I find sad in this already sad and tragic event, the Chinese people are blaming the Filipino people for whta happened. The Filipino people are also victims of the long inept corrupt politicians and are also grieving about thi ssad incident. It should be noted that the Philippines have harboured, accepted, and welcomed unconditionally Chinese refugees fleeing the mainland during your days of killing each other, communists against anyone,, or plainly, Chinese against Chinese. Up until now, there are so many illegal Chinese people staying in the Philippines and are into illicit ways of doing business like illegal drugs, white slavery, cigarette smuggling, …..etc. After Philippines have accepted your homeless people from your war against each other, this is the Chinese way of diplomacy to resolve matters; hurl insults at other nationalities. Well, it is your call but it is your own doing of making yourself look like fools in the eyes of all nations. from Hong Kong or from mainland China, you all look the same, you still are Chinese, don’t discern people from mainland China or Hong Kong, like what I’ve read in the web, I even see hatred between people from Hing Kong and Mainland China. Does it give a clue about what you people are? Bullies!!! Now this tragic event happened in the Philippines, you’ve picked on a nation that is struggling but proud of its heritage and would never back down from your ill educated actions.

    1. Leaving it like that makes you a bigger fool for blaming all Chinese. True, not all are good, not all are bad. your comment about entire chinese as race is making the same poor judgment. Please point out to us : Would there be a Hong Kong citizen illegally in the Philippines? Would there be Hong Kong citizens doing illicit ways of business like illegal drugs, white slavery, cigarette smuggling? (there is none my friend, and even by the fate of human flesh search that you were able to prove one Hong Kong citizen who brought one extra carton of cigarrete into Philippines, you can’t judge everyone) So, by generalizing every Chinese just because ” they all look the same makes all chinese bad ” is that what you’re trying to say? After Hong Kong has accepted countless numbers of Domestic Helpers, Engineers, Care Takers, and Nurses from your jobless people, this is the way we call diplomacy no pun intendend. Think about the treatments Filipinas get from Dubai, UAE and compare that to of Hong Kong, where would they choose? No Hong Kong citizen were in the Philippines during communism, it was the Mainland Chinese who went to Hong Kong and Philippines but not the Hong Kong people going to Philippines, so get your facts straight. Even if the Philippines closed it’s country to Chinese, they would’ve look for another country, so you can say just because they went there it means your country is exclusive and would have to kneel down to you. Kindly remind us what ill-educated actions means, a candle-light prayer for the victims, or taking pictures in front of the bus, or your own comment? Should we also take pictures in front of a dead Filipino’s crime scene and have a good time on doing it? or how about we start a mongering crew to ridicule everyone even Filipinos who all look alike, just because you said all Chinese all look the same? Because if that’s the case, then you look like that policeman who killed our people. And you also look like the person taking pictures on the crime scene. Oh, that’s because you all look the same, you still are Filipinos. Remember, I’m using your own analogy here, I will never blame the entire Filipino, but I would like to make you understand what’s it like to even out the blame game when you put ” all Chinese look the same, so they are all bad ” kind of stupidity. There are Chinese everywhere in the world, Singapore, America, Hawaii, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, England, Canada, New Zealand, the list goes on, and you have Filipinos in these countries too… so why being sarcastic of “homeless” even when there’s no war in Philippines?

      1. Now you know how somebody feels when somebody starts generalizing about a specific nationality. You said it yourself “True, not all are good, not all are bad”.
        What you have read defending the Filipino people are reactions against negative or irrational behavior thrown towards them, they are the innocent victims, of the same tragic incident perpetrated by a deranged person and they are not part of the people taking photos.

        I am from North America and have so many Chinese friends but they don’t reason out like the negative writeups I’ve seen here. I guess my friends have manners like Jackie Chan, very diplomatic even under extreme circumstances.

        And also you felt the sarcasm when i mentioned homeless, what’s the plight of other Filipinos have to do with what the deranged person, and the inept police did? The Filipinos in Hong Kong who are working hard to earn an honest living have felt sarcasm from the generalizing negative reactions by the Chinese people after the incidnet.

        Now, tell your people this. It seems like you people can throw insults and never expected reactions this way, that’s why you people don’t know how to react or reason further with tact. When people play the game you have been playing you get startled.

        In other words, don’t be so arrogant, you will get a strong condemnation across the world.

        Your rebuttal against my two cents piece is so amateurish, it shows the level of intellect that you have. Now I’ve wasted enough time on someone who can’t duduce reality.

        1. “You people” ? again, you are not getting any better by adding more delusions to your so called two cent theory. Like I mentioned, “I will never blame the entire Filipino” so I suggest before you give out another rebuttal, do some reading, it’s for your own good. It is you now who is making the same mistake as what the other sarcastic fools. Let me make it clear, you were the first to say anything about Chinese looking alike, that alone constitutes immaturity. The fact your claims cannot be straight and cannot be proven. And to top it off, you are the one generalizing people by using a great racist term called “You people”. It is a common reaction when another comrade of same roots get hurt, they get hurt too, this is human nature and emotions, there are many here trying to calm the situation and I commend them, unlike you who keeps the fueled tension bigger. Your insult on one, insults everyone. Again, you are no better than those fools. So what now, it seems you have the right to side those sarcastic generalizing fools, and by doing so you think that it is moral and just? Think before you make another delusion. Call me amateur, sure, I don’t care, at least I’m not immature. Rather than being an arrogant and immature, why not help by calming these observers and comments by telling them that one person’s actions cannot be used to judge the entire race’s standards. I’ve done my part, by not being one of those worthless sarcastic racist and generalizing fools. Now, can you do the same? or will you play another blame game like the rest of them?

  37. let us just forget all the chinese milk which contained melamine, the chinese plastic which contained lead, the chinese siopao which was made of cardboard soaked in formaline and then sold to tourists, and the chinese shabu which is distributed to all parts of the world….

    1. another bigotted moron trying to be famous by stating all facts. go home, cry to your mommy and tell her you want breast milk.

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  39. Filipinos sincerely apologized to China. At least Filipinos are honest to admit their mistakes. I don’t know why “most” Chinese are just simply racist.

  40. Those native Filipino secretly holding grudge and resentments towards wealthy Chinese. Lots of Chinoys (Chinese-Filipinos) faced lots of kidnapping and extortations. Many ended killed because couldn’t pay the ransom on time. I had a friend who used to travel to Hong Kong, told me that Filipino women goes to Hong Kong to work as strippers. I don’t understand why those brown skin Filipino are more angry at Chinese than at American. Didn’t the American military presense destroy their social and cultural life. Another thing to add is that many countries surrounding China were fed by anti-China propaganda that China going to invade most part of Asia.

  41. Filipino police and military are racist against light skin color people like Chinese and Vietnamese. Chinese in Filipines are often kidnapped for ranson under collabaration of the police. Often those kidnapped chinese were killed even after the ranson were paid. During the Vietnam War too, Vietnamese girls in refugee camps were raped by Filipino soldiers. The reason those filipinos love to come to work in malaysia is because they believed they can get along with the malays due to common skin color. However most of the pinoys ended up working for Chinese and Indian employers due to religious discriminations.

  42. It is horrible, but natural.

    I took photos of myself at Tienanmen Square for the same reason.

  43. Tourists from China, you have been warned about going to The Phlippines. Understand the meaning of “at your own risk”. Because when something goes wrong, no one’s gonna help you. You’re on your own. But the media will be sure to capture all your photographs, frame by frame, as the tragedy unfolds.

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