Singer from “the first lip synching case in China” attempts suicide


Remember her? I posted a funny video of the singer having her microphone backwards, lip syncing a song a couple of months back. It turned out, this singer named Fang Ziyuan was later charged for lip synching by the authority which makes it “the first lip synching case in China”.  

(Netease) Last night, Beijing star agent A-Long told the reporter that the singer from “the first nation lip synching case” attempted suicide by cutting her wrist in her rental apartment in Beijing. Luckily, her roommate discovered her and sent her to the hospital, currently she is still in a coma. Reporter then tried to confirm the news with Fang’s agent Huang Hong. Huang Hong confirmed that Fang attempted suicide but was unwilling to discuss the reason.

Fang Ziyuan, 21 years old, learning dancing in Chengdu at an early age, graduated from Shanghai Film Academy specializing in performing, in 2009, she went to Beijing. September 19 of last year, during the “I am most popular this year” Huang Shengyi Concert at the Shuangliu International Tennis Center, she was investigated and prosecuted on suspicion of lip synching. Thus she became the first person being prosecuted by the law enforcement for lip synching in Mainland China. April of this year she was fined 50,000 yuan. April 4, CCTV’s “Today Saying” program talked about the case investigation process in details.

A-Long is a famous celebrity star agent in Beijing. “Fang Ziyuan and I are neighbors. At the time I was resting at home. Fang’s roommate suddenly knocked on my door, ‘hurry, help Fang Ziyuan, she attempted suicide!’ I went over immediately and saw Fang Ziyuan lying in the bathroom, blood streaming down from her wrist. I helped her up and wrapped her wrist with a towel, then rushed her into the elevator and sent her to the hospital.” Long said, Fang had 2 cuts on her wrist, one deep and one shallow. Due to excessive blood loss, up till 7pm last night, Fang was still unconscious. A-Long speculated the reasons of suicide maybe because of the brutal competition being a “Beijing vagabond”, plus the lip synching incident also gave her tremendous pressure.

  1. Ummm… why is lip-syncing illegal? I mean… 50,000 yuan is a lot for just being a bad performer.

    1. Embarrassment at the games.
      The little girl who sang at the Olympic games was not actually the one singing the theme song (it was a recording from another girl). The decision was made to give China a perfect image, however it became synonymous with ‘fake’. And since there were quite a few ‘faked’ items in the Olympic opening, it gave China really bad press.

      A new law was introduced to ban lip syncing stars from doing so. … Which is a bit silly since stars do do it even in International waters. Largely this is because the movement of a star on stage during a performance means the mic position is never stable (unless the star is sitting on a stool, standing in one spot, has an attached mic or is very good at keeping the mic up). When this happens the sound quality can get a bit iffy, especially since it’s then amped and boomed out, people will hear discrepancies in sound value if the singer takes the mic too far away for a phrase.

      Madonna, Brian of Placebo etc have all been filmed doing lip syncs.

      However… many live events have attached mics, or are in a studio setting where it really wouldn’t be that bad or that hard to wire up the audio properly. So in a sense some of the people doing this are just trying to be too perfect and are faking it (perfect singing voice despite nerves, perfect performance on camera since they just need to look good).

      She must have been very nervous to hold the mic at its wrong end when she went on stage. … Though I understand the pressure she must’ve got from this, it’s a bit excessive to kill herself over it (though it pretty much guarantees she will never be a famous singer performer in China). The other possibility is that the studio is the one that made the decision to sync, but if she reveals that she will deadend her career on TV forever (even as supporting part or an announcer).

  2. Is being in a comma like having your period or is it more of a problem with your colon?

    I think the writer must mean that she is in a “coma.” And, actually, I find it hard to understand how that would be the result of cutting your wrists. You would need to lose so much blood and become anoxic, in which case I would think she would be dead, rather than just the victim of a punctuation mark.

  3. Hope she will regain consciousness, regain her courage and regain her will to live.
    Life is too precious to be cut short by the wrong end of a cordless microphone.
    Look at the 12 year-old girl who lost her parents in the Gansu mudslide. She picked herself up from there and moved on.

  4. Poor girl. Life is far too precious to take because of something so harmless. If anything at least it made people laugh for a little. I hope she recovers

  5. didnt the little girl in the red dress lip sync’ed at the olympics?? how come she didnt get prosecuted??

  6. China has some of the dumbest laws… Its obsession with regulation will no doubt come back to hurt it in years to come.

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