Girl enters model contest to chase pop star Andy Lau

Host: “We have the next contestant to go up the stage. This contestant also has a story that people do not know yet. Please walk the runway.”

Host: “There is a great idol in her heart. That is Andy Lau. She kept herself as pure as jade for him, participating in various beauty contests, she decided that she must let Andy Lau see her in order to achieve her dream.”

Contestant: “Hi everyone…”

Host: “Let me adjust the microphone for you. Ok please introduce yourself.”

Contestant: “Hi everyone, I am … Yanghong from Hubei. Appreciate the host giving me this opportunity. I want to tell everyone, I love you Andy Lau. I am in love with you for 20 years. I kept myself pure, I want you to be my man and lover, never get married till old and death, only you. I waited for you for 20 years. Thank you TVS New Silk Road Model Contest, thank you.”

Judge number 1: “From my experience I think her height is about 1.58 meters. I am only interested in people who are taller than 1.68 meters. I am not even going to look at people who are shorter than 1.68 meters.”

Host: “Is Andy Lau interested in people who are shorter than 1.68 meters?”

Judge number 2: “Everyone has their own idols however the idol also does not want his fans to be so far off from him. Andy Lau generally represents ‘sunshine’ kind of products. Right now you want Andy Lau too much, and in a depressed mood. Even if Andy Lau saw you he would not be happy. I hope you can be happier in your life and keep your dream and your idol at the bottom of your heart to encourage yourself. You are very brave that we all can agree…”

Host: “I think your courage is worth everyone to admire. I know Andy Lau watches TVS. If he ever watches this contest and sees you, maybe there is a slight hope. I think everyone is living for this dream and we all admire this contestant. Everyone please applause for encouragement. Thank you for joining us at the TVS New Silk Road Model Cont, thank you.”

  1. There are disturbed fans all over the world. I think Andy Lau is uber cool in a couple of select movies. Sadly he’s completely lost me with his crappier parts and the cheesy “music”.

  2. She needs to get a life. Seriously. She hasn’t even met the guy. How does she know that she would even get along with him in person? Idol worship is for little girls. Buhaoyise is correct: She needs to grow up and move on.

  3. I like what judge 1 said, he/she really lends these contests an air of fairness, innovation and legitimacy. Bless the people who put such people in positions of public exposure as a reflection of a culture’s own irrational prejudices!

  4. i hope shes just saying that to get attention,b/c otherwise that is just sad.
    i mean that can be legit though. kids in asia are so emo and lacks dating experience and really just naive when it comes to love

  5. 女孩确实俗气,但是勇气可嘉。

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