Football juggling? Piece of tofu

The scene took place in a wet market of Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, where an middle age woman showing off her skills in juggling tofu nice and easy.
While the tofu was bouncing up and down her arms, back, chest and knee, she still managed to do a little commentary:
“Come come everybody, see how auntie juggles tofu. “
“Be gentle, and relax thoroughly.”
“Just like shadowboxing, use your strength skillfully.”
“Do not rush, juggling tofu is just like juggling football. See? Controlling the ball is just piece of cake.”
“Not that I am bragging, but if I were a man, I surely am the FIFA World Player.”
The video has been around the Internet since late 2009, but was picked up again by mass media due to the FIFA heat. Netizens admired the woman’s skills with tofu and her lovely personality reflected from her moves and commentary. TV anchors often compared her with C. Ronaldo as a lead-in.
Still, some placed doubts on the material of the tofu, saying it could be dried or frozen tofu; some speculated that computer tricks were involved.

  1. Totally fake…
    You can clearly see the unnatural movement of the ‘tofu’. Everything in the world falls at the same rate due to gravity being equal for all objects, that is at least the clearest proof that its fake amongst other bits of this video that are not possible in the real world.

    not sure why its posted again though..?

  2. some serious myth busting going on in these comments.

    wild…wild stuff

    I think it was posted again cause people like it when ordinary people might be able to do extraordinary things and then find out they cant and then call them fakers.

    hey vegetable ayi, your nothin but a phoney.

  3. It’s old, fake and was on Chinasmack months ago. No worries. Chairman Mao was also a normal person.

  4. Hmmm….why is this on Chinahush? It’s more typical of Chinasmack. Shanghaiist even posted this last week. It’s mildly amusing, glaringly fake and old.

  5. OH no! now i get it!

    its a secret infiltration campaign my smackchina to get ppl to go to their site! And i fell for it!!! aaaaaaaaaaarrgghhhhhh !!!

    (sorry, sometimes the troll inside pops it ugly head out)

  6. it’s old…Chinasmack put this up ages ago.
    also don’t put up the True Iron man video too, because ChinacumSmack put that video up too.

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